Want to sell or trade - Various Blood Bowl
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Author:  direweasel [ Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Want to sell or trade - Various Blood Bowl

I have accumulated some random extra BB figs that I have no conceivable use for. I would like to sell or trade them.

First of all, what I have to offer:
All mini descriptions as per http://www.blood-bowl-miniatures.de/

3rd Ed Morg N Thorg
2nd Ed Skaven "Lineman 8"
2nd Ed Skaven "Thrower 2"
3rd Ed Skaven Storm Vermin 1 (x2)
2004 Chaos Cup Limited Edition "Garak Grigolson"
2004 Chaos Cup Limited Edition "Juergen Demonfeeder"
3rd Ed Chaos Warrior 1
3rd Ed Beastman 2
3rd Ed Beastman 3 (x2)
2nd Ed Wormhowl Greyscar
3rd Ed Wood Elf Catcher 2
3rd Ed Mummy 1 (x2)
3rd Ed Mummy 2
3rd Ed Wight 1 (x2)
3rd Ed Wight 2

Specific BB things I'd be interested in trading for:
4th Ed Amazon Blitzers
5th Ed Hubris Rakarth
3rd Ed Goblins
4th Ed Lizards (Up to 2 Saurus and/or Silibili, up to 4 skinks)
The WH Night Goblin giving the finger (see my avatar, can't have enough copies of that little bugger!)
Pretty much any cheerleader or referee
Willy Dark Elf star players (Witch or Blitzer)

Make me an offer! If no interest in a few weeks, I'll post on eBay.

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