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Druchii Army returns in AOS 
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This post is more of a public service announcement to those who have not been active in AoS.

With the release of Cities of Sigmar, which is a hybrid book of Empire, Dwarves and Elven races, it is now possible to field a pure Druchii force that is largely the same as 8th ed WHFB days. Here are the warscrolls that are usable in Cities of Sigmar

Dreadlord on Dragon
Sorcerous on Dragon
Sorcerous on Foot
Black Ark Fleetmaster (effectively all melee foot heroes of the past)

Units almost everything from the past
Scourgerunner Chariot
Cold One knights
Cold One chariots

Allies which must not exceed 20% of total pointage
Cauldron of Blood
Bloodrack Shrine
Sisters of Slaughter
Witch Elves

As we can see here, the Druchii army is largely intact. We lost the heros on cold ones, special characters, shades and bolt throwers. We also lost some synergy but i think that are still some combos yet to be fully explored.

I have not played much, having only 1 game so far. but as i play further, i will write more of my ideas on combos and tactics in this thread. I appreciate it is other players who have more games contribute to this thread or as another topic as well.

Let us bring the Druchii back to the GW mainstream fantasy scene.

In my land, everyone calls me the darkspear. The most famous spearmen commander of all.

Sun Oct 20, 2019 3:13 am
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So in order to facilitate discussion, I will start the ball rolling by commenting on my experience with some of the units. I had wanted to give a in depth analysis of the units with different combinations of city states but due to my poor eloquency and given the lack of time to play many games I can only share my experience on what i have tried rather than cover all aspects. Today I will be talking about Dreadspears and Darkshards.

First, let us talk about what changed. Dreadspears lost the reroll saves on a 1's, and 1's and 2's in cc ability but they gain a better armor save and more importantly the ability to do rend -1 for a hit roll of a 6. I think this is a buff in general as the reroll 1's for saves ability can be easily obtainable now with command abilities and mystic shield. The rending ability is great in my opinion. I always feel that the weakness of the old WHFB warscrolls is the lack of rending and this ability give us better chance to deal wounds a not simply take. For Darkshards, they lost the rerollable saves ability but gain a better to hit in shooting. When combined with allegiance abilities (below) they are actually a lot better shooters now.

From my experience, our units still die like flies. Fortunately dreadspears, and to a lesser extend, darkshards are cheap enough to take blocks from 20 or 40 for spears and 20 or 30 for shards. If you combine with "immune of battleshock abilities" like that of hallowheart and to some extend tempest eye, your guys will not flee and can absorb damange. The masses of 2inch range spears in the case of dreadspears also give us the chance to do damage coupled with the new rending ability. Generally I do not recommend using darkshards to tank as their 2A per model in shooting are very useful if combined with Anvilguard's vitriolic spray (remove target unit's saves with "-", this kills many previously unkillable stuff like the stardrake), and tempest eye's hawk eye command trait (+1 to wound for missile weapons wholly within 12 inches of general).

A small point on cities allegiance abilities: IMO generally the cities hallowheart and tempest eye are the best. Hallowheart gives us a blanket defence vs all enemy spells, have the immune to battleshock ability with the largest radius and many useful spells. Tempests eye is generally good in buffing attacks =+1 to wound for shooting and +1A for cc (it is a spell). Now for the dark elf city of anvilguard. personally i feel it is best used for a dragon intensive army supported by hydra. A quick look at the list reveals that Anvilguard have very powerful spells however 2 out of 3 have short range, in particularly the vitriolic spray i mentioned earlier. This meant risking our sorcerous into the front. Therefore it is more advisable to have a sorc on dragon to do the casting. Having more dragons also give us more drakeblood curses buffs.

In my land, everyone calls me the darkspear. The most famous spearmen commander of all.

Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:53 pm
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