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Age of Sigmar Errata 
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The Age of Sigmar FB page wants us to proof read the errata they will be making official for AoS following the request for FAQs the other month.

https://www.facebook.com/GWWarhammerAge ... 2163369582

Mod edit: the whole text:


Q: Is an FAQ required when you can discuss things with your opponent before a game?

A: Players should always feel free to discuss the rules before a game, and change things as they see fit if they both want to do so, whatever the printed rules and FAQs may say. The rules and FAQs simply provide a ‘default setting’ for your games
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Q: Is there any kind of facing in Warhammer Age of Sigmar?

A: No.

Q: Are re-rolls allowed based on the original dice roll or the final dice roll (after any modifications)?

A: Re-rolls happen before modifiers to the roll (if any) are applied. See page 1 of the rules sheet.

The Battlefield

Q: How is terrain intended to be used? Simply to block line of sight and/or for the use of warscroll rules?

A: The scenery models from the Citadel range that have warscrolls can use the rules on their warscroll (just as any other model can). Scenery models that do not have a warscroll for use the rules on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules sheet.

Q: Do units on hills benefit from cover?

A: No, hills are not considered to be scenery, they are considered to be part of the battlefield.

The Battle Begins

Q: What is ‘set-up’, exactly?

A: ‘Set-up’ is typically when a unit is placed on the table during deployment, but can also refer to a unit being deployed in a location other than on the battlefield, or being put into play once the game has started (a unit using the Stormcast Eternal Warrior Chamber’s Lightning Strike, the Chameleon Skinks’ Chameleon Ambush, or the Treelord’s Spirit Paths ability, for example).

Q: How do you deploy units in a battalion with special deployment rules (for example the Wood Elves Wanderer Host)?

A: All units in a warscroll battalion can be set up as one deployment or individually. As you set up each unit, declare to your opponent if it is using any special deployment rules.

Q: Do the casualties your opponent inflicts on summoned units count against your casualty total?

A: Yes.

Q: If a unit dies and comes back to life (for example Skarr Bloodwrath, or Stormcast Eternals), are they still counted as casualties?

A: No, they are not.

Q: If a battleplan says ‘do not use any of the victory conditions from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rulesheet’, does this invalidate the sudden death rules?

A: Yes.

Q: Can either player choose to attempt a sudden death victory if they get outnumbered by their opponent during the game, or can they only claim it prior to the start of the game?

A: Sudden death objectives are determined before the first battle round, not during the game.

Q: Can models set up somewhere other than the battlefield (in the Celestial Realm, for example) use abilities or command abilities?

A: No. Only models deployed on the battlefield can use abilities or command abilities.

Movement Phase

Q: Since we measure from the model and not the base, does pivoting count as moving?

A: Yes, pivoting counts as moving. When making a move in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, you have to take into account how far all parts of the model have moved. Or to put that another way, trying to come up with a way of making a move that allows a model to move ‘further’ than its Move characteristic is illegal. It is not allowed for a model to move 5" towards or away from something, and end up more than 5" closer to or further away from it!

Q: A model cannot move through scenery but can move across it or climb it (unless it is stated otherwise on the scenery warscroll, I presume). Are my Drakespawn Chariots allowed to climb a Fortress Wall or move down from a Witchfate Tor or Fortified Manor?

A: For simplicity and ease of play, the core game rules allow any model to climb any piece of scenery. If you wish, you may want to say that models are only allowed to move to places that they could reach ‘in real life’, but you will need to apply a certain amount of common sense and discretion in order to make such a rule work well.

Q: Is it possible to make a unit/model run if it is retreating and/or flying?

A: Yes.

Q: Some scenery pieces allow you to garrison them. Most say they can be garrisoned if the unit begins its movement phase within 6" – does that mean that units that have a Move characteristic of less than 6" can still garrison them?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you allowed to move a unit through another friendly unit that is not engaged in combat?

A: Models can move through the gaps between the models in another unit (if they can fit), but are not allowed to move over other models unless they can fly.

Shooting Phase

Q: Can I shoot into combat, or at visible units inside a forest, where the target is clearly visible to my units?

A: Yes, in both cases.

Q: The rules allow units to use missile weapons, even if the attacking unit is in melee combat. Is this correct?

A: Yes. A model armed with a missile weapon may attack with it in the shooting phase, even if the enemy unit is within 3".

Q: Would an enemy unit of Orcs standing behind a unit of Goblins be visible to a unit of High Elf Archers? What about a cavalry unit behind regular footman? Is it visible or shielded by the unit in front?

A: If models in your attacking unit can see models in the target unit when you stoop down and look then they can see the target and attack it.

Charge Phase

Q: When rolling for a charge move, should you declare who you intend to charge first?

A: No. If you have a unit within 12" of any enemy units, you can declare a charge for that unit. You then roll for the distance the unit may charge, and then see what enemy units, if any, are in range. Note that you don’t have to make the charge even if a unit is in range, unless the charger has an ability that specifically says otherwise.

Combat Phase

Q: How is a pile-in move measured?

A: The pile-in movement is measured in the same way as normal movement – no part of the model may move further than the pile-in distance. In addition, when a model piles in it must finish the pile-in move closer to the nearest enemy model.

Q: Can a model that is piling in move around friendly units in order to reach the closest enemy model?

A: Yes, as long as you finish the pile-in move closer to the nearest enemy, you can move around friendly models or obstacles to do so.

Q: Can a unit break coherency when it piles in?

A: No, a unit must finish any move with all models within 1" of at least one other model from its unit after all the unit’s moves are completed, and this includes piling in.

Q: Can a model ‘pile in’ – i.e. move 3" – in an ongoing combat from a previous round to allow more models to get into melee range as they pile in?

A: Yes, as long as each model that is moved finishes its move nearer to the closest enemy.

Q: If you are already in contact with a model, do you still get to pile in and rotate around the enemy units?

A: No – you must finish the pile-in move closer to the nearest enemy model, otherwise you cannot pile in.

Q: Can a model/unit pile in if there is no line of sight but it is within 3"?

A: Yes.

Q: If a unit, like a High Elf Prince on Griffon, has the ability to pile in 6" rather than the standard 3", can they pile in if their unit is more than 3" from the enemy?

A: No, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Q: If my unit’s pile-in move to one unit brings my guys into pile-in range of another, does that allow that unit to pile in if it hasn’t done so already?

A: Yes.

Battleshock Phase

Q: If the result of a battleshock test results in a number that is higher than the number of models I have left, and I have an ability that allows me to roll a dice to prevent models fleeing (for example, the Grey Seer’s command ability) should I roll a number of dice equal to the battleshock test difference or the number of models I have left?

A: Follow the instructions for the ability in question exactly as they are written. For example, in the case of the ‘Underlings Will not Flee, must Fight-fight!’ rule, you can roll a dice for each model that flees.


Q: What happens if I have two of the same weapon? Do I double the number of attacks made by the weapon?

A: If models are armed with identical weapons they do not double the number of attacks. Instead they will usually gain an extra ability instead.

Q: Do I have to choose the targets for all of the attacks made by a unit before I roll (to hit, etc.) for any of them?

A: Yes.

Q: If a weapon has an Attacks characteristic of more than 1, can I split its attacks amongst different target units?

A: Yes.

Q: Could you please clear up the intention behind allocating damage? Are we intended to allocate damage dealt to a unit to a single model until it's dead and then move on to another, or may we pick a different target for each round of attacks (or even each weapon attack)?

A: Allocate wounds to a model until it is dead (including damage from subsequent attacks). The intention is that a unit will only ever have one wounded model in it at any time.

Q: If a mob of 20 models attack, but only 5 are within weapon range, do you only roll for those 5 whose weapons are in range?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it possible for modifiers to make a hit, wound or save roll automatically successful? For example, a save roll of 3 or more with a +2 modifier.

A: Yes. In this example, the save would be made automatically.

Q: With war machines and crew, how should you allocate wounds?

A: A war machine and its crew are two separate units, and so must be targeted separately.

Q: If a model has several characters on a single base with different characteristics (such as an Empire Knight, or the spirits circling around Nagash) that grant different types of attack, do I have to choose which weapon I use or can I attack with all listed attacks?

A: You may attack with the all melee weapons listed in the description for each model, including models such as you describe. So, for example, both the Empire Knight and his Warhorse are allowed to attack.

Q: If you have a save vs suffered wounds and mortal wounds, do you make those saves after your normal save?

A: These saves are taken when the damage is inflicted, after all attacks by the attacking unit have been carried out.

Q: Does a unit with a Save of ‘-’ get a save for being in cover or from an ability that gives +1?

A: No. See ‘Save of ‘-’’ in the Hints & Tips section for warscrolls.

Q: When a model/unit makes a save to ignore a wound, do you make it before or after the wound multiplier?

A: After.

Q: When a model on a mount is killed does the whole model die or can the rider (if you have a model for it) still be used?

A: The whole model is slain.


Q: Are the effects of multiple duplicate spells and abilities stackable against the target?

A: Yes, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Q: Several abilities trigger when you roll a 6 or more – will a positive or negative modifier from a spell or ability affect this?

A: Yes. A 6 with a -1 modifier would become a 5, for example.

Q: What happens if two abilities affect the same dice roll? For example, if Screamers of Tzeentch – which near any Daemon Heroes of Tzeentch treat all hit rolls of 6 as hit rolls of 1 – were hit by a unit for which a hit roll of 6 produces a mortal wound.

A: The player whose turn is taking place uses their abilities first – see ‘When to use abilities’ in the Hints & Tips section for warscrolls.

Q: Two rules allow my model to ignore wounds or mortal wounds when it suffers them. Do I roll twice to avoid them as two rules allow it, or only once as both rules trigger the same action at the same time?

A: Roll twice, once for each ability.

Q: Is a model within X" of itself – i.e. if Arkhan the Black uses his ability that increases the range of spells cast by Death Wizards within 18", will this mean that Arkhan’s spells also have an increased range?

A: Yes, as long as they meet any other qualifiers for the spell or ability. This means that Arkhan the Black is affected by his own command ability.

Q: If a unit leaves the battlefield for whatever reason and comes back, do they lose any bonuses they had from abilities or spells? Also, if they had a ‘once per game’ ability, does it reset?

A: If it is the same unit, no to both questions. If the models have been slain and are being used to represent a different unit of the same type, then yes to both questions.

Q: There are abilities that come into effect when a roll is made of more than 6 (for example, a Lord-Castellant healing one wound on a target Stormcast Eternal unit on a save roll of 7 or more). Does Warhammer Age of Sigmar use the same ‘roll a 6 then roll a 4+/5+/6+ for 7+/8+/9+ saves respectively’ that Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition used?

A: In Warhammer Age of Sigmar you can only roll 7 or more on a single dice if modifiers are applied to the original roll. A roll of 6 with a +1 modifier becomes a 7. If no positive modifiers apply, then you can’t roll a 7 or more.


Q: If I have several wizards, can I cast Mystic Shield multiple times on the same unit?

A: Yes.

Q: Can the summoning spells on some warscrolls be used by the appropriate caster even if none of the models from the warscroll are in my army?

A: Yes.

Q: If I summon a wizard, can that wizard use his magic abilities in the same hero phase?

A: Yes, in your hero phase you can cast spells and use abilities that your models have, in any order you chose to. As such, a newly summoned wizard may cast spells.

Q: When models are slain and removed from play, can they be brought back into play using abilities or spells that allow you to summon new models?

A: Yes.

Q: Wizards that can cast multiple spells have the wording that they ‘can attempt to cast X different spells’ per turn. Does this mean that they cannot cast the same spell more than once in a turn?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you keep summoning slain models (dice permitting) for ever and ever and ever?

A: Yes.


Q: If a monster heals wounds, does it still count as having taken those wounds for the purpose of making its attacks and abilities weaker?

A: No. You use the line that corresponds to the monster’s current number of wounds, so a monster will get better if it can heal wounds.

Warscrolls and warscroll battalions

Q: Will warscrolls for models that are being discontinued be maintained?

A: Yes. You can find these by clicking on ‘Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules’ in the Here to Help menu on games-workshop.com.

Q: If I have two different warscrolls for the same unit, can I choose which to use, or must I use the most recently published version?

A: You can choose which warscroll to use, but it may be more convenient for your opponent if you use the most recently published version, especially if the earlier version is no longer readily available.

Q: Some units can carry different weapons, like spears or swords – can I build my unit (and my models) with different weapons? For example, 8 spears and 12 swords?

A: It depends on the description; if the description says that the unit is armed with spears or swords, you can only use one. If the description specifically states that the unit can use spears and swords, you can choose both.

Q: How do things like horn blowers and standard bearers work? Do you lose attacks for them or do you just get the benefits for having a model with a standard?

A: You just gain the benefits unless specifically stated otherwise.

Q: Can the leader of the unit take special weapons, like a Grandhammer?

A: Yes.

Q: When selecting models for a warscroll battalion, do named characters count towards the requirements? For example, in order to take a Great Moonclan, I need to take a Night Goblin Warboss. Does Skarsnik fulfil this requirement as he has the ‘Night Goblin Warboss’ keyword?

A: Yes, they can be taken if they have the appropriate keywords on their warscroll. Thus Skarsnik can be used as the Night Goblin Warboss of a Great Moonclan.

Q: Empire Archers and Bretonnian Mounted Yeomen have a similar ability to make a move as if in the movement phase after set-up. The Mounted Yeomen specify that they may also run. Are these two abilities different, or do they mean the same thing despite the different wording?

A: Although worded differently, the two abilities have the same effect. The wording of one ability should not be used to confer any meaning on the wording of another ability.


Q: How large are games meant to be? What number of units or heroes should be on each side?

A: Games can be of any size – the larger the game, the longer it will take. We find it best to discuss the size of game you want to play with your opponent.

Q: Can you take more than one of a named (special) character (along the lines of Nagash or Archaon) in your army?

A: Yes, unless specifically noted otherwise. Players can always agree to use only one of each ‘named character’ or other model that represents a unique unit of which only one can be found in the Mortal Realms if they wish.

Q: If casualties split a unit into two groups, is it forced to reform the next time it can possibly make a move?

A: No, the unit can choose to remain stationary. However, if it does move, it must reform. If it is impossible for a unit to reform for any reason, then it is not allowed to move.

Q: Can I choose to inflict wounds on a unit in such a way that the removal of any casualties will cause the unit to be split into two or more groups?

A: Yes. If you do so, the next time the unit moves it must reform (see above).


Q: Can you explain the healing ability of the Lord-Castellant?

A: If the Lord-Castellant targets a Stormcast Eternal unit with his Warding Lantern, each save roll of 7 or more made by that unit until the next hero phase immediately heals one wound on one model, and does so with a +1 modifier to its save rolls. If you are making several attacks at the same time (rolling all of the hit, wound and save rolls simultaneously), this means you must first heal wounds for saves of 7 or more, and then apply the damage inflicted by attacks that were not saved.

Q: The Thunderstrike Brotherhood warscroll. Can only 1 unit be placed in the Celestial Realm or are you able to put all units from the scroll in ‘reserve’?

A: When using the Thunderstrike Brotherhood, as many units as you like may be deployed in the Celestial Realm.

Q: Does the Stormcast Eternal Knight-Azyros’ ability ‘Leader of the Way’ mean that the whole unit has to be within 5" of the model?

A: No – the unit must be within 5" of the Knight-Azyros. If a rule says you need to measure the range to a ‘unit’, then you can measure the range to the closest model in the unit.

Q: On the warscroll for the Lord-Celestant on Dracoth, there isn't any description about the shield he carries.

A: The ability for his Sigmarite Thundershield, if he has one, is exactly the same as the Lord-Celestant on Stardrake’s shield. We’ve added this to the version of the warscroll on the website and in the app.

Q: As a proud owner of a Stardrake, I have a question. Say for example a Bloodthirster was in combat with a unit of Paladins and they knock it down to 4 wounds remaining and then a Stardrake piles in – does the Cavernous Jaws ability then work on a roll of 5 or more to eat the Bloodthirster, or is it rolled against the warscroll’s Wounds characteristic?

A: The Cavernous Jaws roll must be greater than the model’s Wounds – the number shown on the model’s warscroll.

Q: Seraphon units, specifically Terradon Riders and Ripperdactyl Riders. Does the Swooping Dive ability mean that they are flying high up and hence unreachable by melee attacks unless they swoop down to the ground?

A: No. It means you must measure the range to and from the model at the position it occupies on top of its flying stand, unless it makes a Swooping Dive, in which case you measure the range to and from the model as if it were on the ground.

Q: The Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur is the only Saurus that cannot ‘bite’. Is this a mistake? Has he gotten so old he no longer has teeth?

A: He is just too old to jump down from the Carnosaur to bite people. He’s called an Oldblood for a reason
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Q: If the Wood Elf Eternal Guard unit uses the Fortress of Boughs ability, does it lose the effects of this ability if it makes a pile-in move during the combat phase?

A: If the Eternal Guard uses the Fortress of Boughs ability they cannot make any kind of move until their next hero phase – this includes piling in.

Q: Can a Branchwraith summon Dryads without any Sylvaneth Wyldwoods?

A: No.

Q: I'd like to know how charge and pile-in moves work across the stakes set up by Bretonnian Peasant Bowmen.

A: The stakes are treated as a piece of scenery upon which the charging unit can stand (although at some risk!).

Q: Can an Empire Master Engineer give his bonus to multiple war machines during the same turn, provided they are all within 1" of him?

A: Yes.

Q: I have a human cannon. Must I play it as an Empire Cannon, or can I play it as an Ironweld Arsenal Cannon?

A: It is an Empire Cannon (the Ironweld Arsenal Cannon has a duardin crew).

Q: If I have 2 Bloodwrack Shrines, would I roll twice for each model in the targeted unit for Aura of Agony? Would I roll for both Bloodwrack Stares simultaneously?

A: Yes to both questions.


Q: For a Great Moonclan, when you roll a 6 or more to hit you get an extra attack with that weapon. Is that a flat extra attack, or do you use the weapon’s Attacks characteristic (for example, when Fanatics roll a 6 or more to hit, would they get an additional D6 attacks for each such roll)?

A: It is a flat +1 attack.

Q: Stonehorns. Do you halve the number of wounds done (i.e. before rolling for D3/D6 damage, etc.) or the amount of damage done?

A: Halve the damage inflicted after all of the attacks made by the attacking unit have been carried out.

Q: I'd like clarification on the Trolls’ 'Too Dumb to Die' rule. Do you start allocating wounds to Troll 1 and then make a Too Dumb to Die check when he would die, continuing until he fails and then move on to Troll 2?

A: Yes.


Q: If Righteous Smiting is cast twice (or more) on the same unit, do the effects stack in any way (i.e. would the unit generate an additional two (or more) attacks every time a 6 or more is rolled to hit)?

A: No.


Q: Archaon has two attacks with a 1" range, but the base he comes with has more than an inch of empty space between the edge of the base and Dorghar's tails. Measuring model to model, it should be impossible for him to actually hit anything – are we supposed to measure from the base edge, or is he only capable of smacking things that are as huge as he is?

A: The base is ignored – models can be placed upon it when either they or Archaon make a move.

Q: Archaon can allow other Chaos units to use their command abilities. Can the Lord of Plagues use Grandfather’s Gift to grant Nurgle’s Rot to a unit?

A: Yes, Warlord Without Equal allows each of your Chaos units to use their command abilities as if they were your general, in any order you choose.

Q: Does a hero – as a single model – count as a unit to fulfil the requirement to have 8 units for a Bloodmarked Warband?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I take Archaon and Varanguard as part of a Bloodmarked Warband?

A: You can take Archaon but not the Varanguard.

Q: Does the Chaos Hellcannon do D6 mortal wounds per hit, or just 1D6 total?

A: Each attack the Hellcannon makes with its Doomfire attack that hits and wounds will deal D6 damage.

Q: How many spells can a Mighty Lord of Khorne attempt to unbind in one turn?

A: He may attempt to unbind all spells that are cast within range.

Q: Kairos Fateweaver’s warscroll says you can change the result of any dice roll to whatever you want. So if you roll 35 dice, can you change it to 35 6s?

A: You may alter the result of a single (1) dice roll to a result of your choosing. Just one dice!

Q: The Herald of Slaanesh on Seeker Chariot has 1 fewer wounds than the regular Seeker Chariot, which just seems weird especially considering the Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot has the same number of wounds as the regular Exalted Seeker Chariot. Is this intended?

A: No. This has been corrected in Grand Alliance: Chaos and the Warhammer Age of Sigmar app.

Q: Is it correct that Skavenslaves have 2 attacks with Rusty Blades?

A: Yes.

Q: For skaven, if I use a Gautfyre Skorch Enginecoven, can I use the Warp-grinder Weapon Team’s Tunnel Skulkers ability and bring an additional unit – for example Stomvermin – along?

A: No.

Q: On the Plague Monks warscroll, the option is given for models to be Icon Bearers with standards, or Plague Harbingers with instruments. The warscroll states that any model in the unit can be an Icon Bearer or a Plague Harbinger. Does that mean I can equip my unit of Plague Monks with both options from both categories?

A: Yes, you may take multiple standards and instruments in a unit if the warscroll allows it.


Q: If Righteous Smiting is cast twice (or more) on the same unit, do the effects stack in any way (i.e. would the unit generate an additional two (or more) attacks every time a 6 or more is rolled to hit)?

A: No.

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Miscellaneous wrote:
Q: Brown or red sauce on a bacon sandwich?

A: Red you fool, always red. Brown sauce is for sausage sandwiches...

Is it a rule, or is it how they maintain the Beer&Pretzel spirit?

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That could be a whole thread by itself.
Bacon sanies only need a runny egg yolk as sauce.

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A lot of the beer and pretzels rules have been removed, btw, or trigger without silly action.

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Amboadine wrote:
That could be a whole thread by itself.
Bacon sanies only need a runny egg yolk as sauce.

Fun fact: Privateer Press's codename for their new edition of Warmahordes was Egg Roll o_O.

Makes you wonder if all wargaming is converging on a fried breakfast, one snack at a time.


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It should have been followed up with mild or hot.

But I want to know who the heck put it in you can have multple named heres of the same name less the both players agree to one of each thought it was a great idea. Having one archon the ever chosen is bad enough, or any number of other over powered characters, but holy cow this could get dangerous. On the other hand...

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Malekeith 1: Oh, him? Yeah, the player couldn't afford any more Dark Eldar Archons or classic us so he had to grab one of his action figures from the attic. Star Saga, War Stars, some goofy thing like that. The cape is awesome though.
Malekeith 2 and Malekeith 3: Agreed.
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I added the text of the FAQ in the OP. This is still not the "final" version.

I love me a bowl of numbers to crunch for breakfast. If you need anything theoryhammered, I gladly take requests.

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These are now live on GW Direct.

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