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Warscroll Question-War Hydra 
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HAHAHA, sorry for all the question on here lately, but I've just got a new computer, faster internet and have been playing the hell out of AOS every chance I get. So I've been basing army off two sub factions Darkling Covens and Order Serpentis. I like to think it's coming along well, but I still need a War Hydra. So today I was looking at the difference between it and the Kharibdyss. First I want to say I think the War Hydra is a lot better, but I have a question about "Sever One Head, Another Takes Its Place" and "Quick With The Lash" ability.

SOH,ATIP-"A War Hydra heals 3 mounds in each of you hero phases."

QWTL-"Before the War Hydra makes a charge move, its Beastmaster Handlers can apply the lash. If they do so, you can roll three dice and discard the lowest when determining the War Hydra's charge distance. However, if you roll a triple then the whips have driven the monster into a wild frenzy- the charge fails and this model suffers a mortal wound as the Beastmasters are savaged by their charges."

Now my question how do these two work with each other. "Sever The Head" implies that the Hydra regens wounds, while the "Quick With The Lash" implies that one of the Beastmaster are killed if it fails. So my question is are the War Hydra and the Beastmaster in fact two different units like the Skink Handlers and Salamanders or Empire Artillery pieces or are the one? If a both beastmasters die can those wounds be regened? Also in the same line of thought if both are "Dead" does the hydra lose "Quick With the Lash" and its "Handlers' Cruel Goad and Whips" attacks?

I know that it is pretty newbie question, but I was talking with a mate about it and it just doesn't seem right that they are same model or that specifically the beastmasters would be harmed. Mostly because it seem like these wounds would be very easy to regain back and there are not really any downside for the bestmaster dying, where as with the Salamanders if the Skinks died then the salamanders can still attack, but are a lot weaker.

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Tue May 24, 2016 11:18 am
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It's just flavour text, the Beastmasters commanding a War Hydra are represented through the Quick with the lash rule and their cruel goad attacks on the profile; they are not a separate unit and cannot be targeted, shot at or wounded in anyway. Imagine it like any mounted unit, which has attacks for both mount and rider, but neither can be targeted separately.

This does mean the Hydra can regen wounds lost from 'savaged beastmasters', but you can just imagine that there is a spare beastmaster or two waiting in the wings to help corral the savage monster when it gets out of hand. Or just leave the beastmasters off of the model and imagine their attacks as being a couple of extra weak swipes from the tail, or whatever.

Tue May 24, 2016 7:40 pm
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