Darkling Covens Army Shift from GH19
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Author:  Rathstar [ Sun Jul 21, 2019 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Darkling Covens Army Shift from GH19


The General's Handbook 2019 was released recently with some points drops for the Darkling Covens. How do you think this will affect the army builds going forward ?

A rough breakdown of the changes are:

Dreadspears & Bleakswords - These dropped to 90/320. I don't think these units are good enough to be used in a decent numbers, especially with the next unit's change
BlackGuard - Dropped to 120/320 (320 for 30). These now compete with Executioners for our most points efficient killer. I can see more Black Guard being used now, probably 2 Black Guard blobs and an Executioner blob
Sorceress on Black Dragon - went down another 20 to 260. A few more will probably be seen, even if they are very fragile. Personally to offset this I'll be giving mine the command trait an artefact to make it -2 to hit.

Other notable changes for Darkling Coven allies are Drakespear Knights went down 20 to 120, Deepkin Morrsarr went up 30 to 170 and Corsair hoard discount make them very tempting at 80/240 (yes the last 10 are effectively free).

Whats your thoughts on the GH19 changes ?

Author:  Darkspear [ Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Darkling Covens Army Shift from GH19

I am actually waiting for the CoS book as there may be new synergies and repointing.

Ever since Daughters of Khaine came out, they are my only dark elves that seen AoS play (with the occasional Darkling coven allies). With the coming CoS book, I hope it is a chance to build a dark elf army again combining the forces of Darkling Covens, Scourge Privateers, Order Serpentis and Shadowblades.

The reduction in the points of cold one knights have improve their feasibility significantly. The rest of the units, the discounts do not mean much to me.

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