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Tyranids questions 
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I want to start a tyranid army but i'have never played 40k yet. My friend has bought some tyranids, now he wants to make a chaos army so i'll maybe buy his minis.

Here is what he has:
1 Carnifex
1 Biovore
3 Spore Mines
1 Rodeur (i don't know the english name for this: it'as a metallic mini with 2 big claws and a devourer)
2 Gargoyles
4 Bases of little shiz (you see what i mean?)
25 Genestealers
22 Hormagaunts
1 Tyranid Guard
3 Tyranid Warriors
18 Termagants

I hope you have understood this with my friggin english.

I want to know what is good and what is not good ( i want a hth army) and also what else i'll have to buy to have a good army

Thank u for helping


Sun Dec 22, 2002 3:14 pm
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the carnifex is always good. it is a living battering ram! and with a venom or barbed strangler is can do some serious ranged damage.

biovores: bad choice. they are not at all good. sure they can hit anything but soon you will have left them outside of your Hive Mind influence and then they have to start testing on the Instinctive behavour also as you rush into hth you can't fire it anymore.

spore mines: ammo for the biovore so see that

rodeur (Ravener). hmm they are soso. a bit fragile but deadly. hard to use and one is way to little ;)

gargoyles: fast flyers. use as dark riders really LOL. rather good.

bases of little shiz (Ripper swarms). exelent as soaking up damage.

genestealers. very deadly in HTH, but very fragile so don' texpect many to survive as they can always be targeted (thank you GW for the tyranid targetting rules)). good but 25 is a bit overkill

Hormagaunts: the stuff! 22 is way to little. you need a horde of these fellas to pour over the battlefield and engage the enemy in bloody HTH. they rock!!!!!! seriously

tyranid guard: he is there to prevent the enemy from vaporising your tyrant. usually 2 or 3 is needed to protect the tyrant. good value for money and points to bad they look like *PEEP*

3 warriors. hmm they are too fragile unless you max out the numbers. then they are ok. expensive but will make sure you don't run out of Hive minds. good troops

termagants: good. they have guns so can soften up the enemy a bit, also some units you don't want to tangle with in HTH (wyches for isntance) so shoot the heck out of em with these guys. you need a TON of em, but a smaller ton the hormaguants

Sun Dec 22, 2002 3:26 pm
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