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Six years o_O 
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I have to post here to actually see when I registered since I honestly cannot say (add 1 year and ~150 posts for my former account for which I lost the login data).

Let me just say that I really enjoy visiting Druchii.net for the abundance of knowledge and entertainment it provides. Hooray for this site.

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Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:50 pm
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Rork wrote:
The Chat - The Madness Years


One evening (in early 2003, I think) I was bored. So I logged on to the chat to see what that was all about.

May 2003. It was me, Arquin and Falahk up until March 2003, when Nagathi popped in, then april 2003 when Lethalis popped in, and then May when you, Linda and Darkprincess popped in.

Odd how all of us are still around.
Andruillius wrote:
Where are the 10 little dwarf poems now?

I remember mine!

Four little dwarves playing in the sea,
One teased a serpent and then there were three.


Two little dwarves out in the sun,
Down came a griffon and then there was one.

Andruillius wrote:
Hell, in the old days this place even had a text based Druchii MMORPG - the most awesome RPG ever. An insane idea that almost crushed the moderators. Sneaky, you're sorely missed.

Hell yeah. Sneaky was an awesome moderator. And you were great as my "cousin". Good times.

Belial wrote:
And I am very happy, that though others that I would have called "the rockstars of d.net" has left us for their own purposes(Linda, Silas...), the jolly khornate is still here to make this site a better place.

Rockstars? Cool. I'll be the singer then.
I love you still, Belial. You need to come into the chatroom again and hang out like old times.

Nagathi wrote:
Pic here: http://www.druchii.net/album_page.php?pic_id=2165
I think it's the only pic we have of the old chatroom.
And for some reason you left out me in your list of late night chatters. I was "only" the chat mod back in those days.

I miss that chatroom. Such fun was had.
And...chat mod? We had one of those? I dont think I ever noticed!

Also, people may well have moderated, and still may mod the chatrooms. But it was I who built the place! BWA HA HA HA!
Just as I built druchii.net castle.

Kitrik wrote:
Nagathi wrote:
Yeah, I'm an oldie...

*cough* Not as old as me... *cough*

Hey guys!

Kitrik! You old rogue! How've you been?

Lethalis wrote:
Do you know what innuendo is? D.net chatters do.

The irony here being that for some reason, it was mostly D.netters complaining about the name. This being ironic because the majority of innuendo made in the chat (and that was, and still is, disproportionably much :P) was made by same D.net chatters.

I dont remember any complaining. Lots of mocking. Mostly from me. Ok. Lots and lots of mocking of the name from me. Come on, it was like a free buffet!

Lord K wrote:
Alright chaps.

Been a long time since ive logged in here, don't recognise too many names haha :lol:

I kicked about in the chat quite a bit back in the day aswell. Nagathi, Rork, DP, Calapine , Silas et all.

I joined just at the split up if the 5ive. Some funny times, Surreal in particular i remember getting a laugh at. Also, Unholy Hamster's short lived prominence in the humour forum.

Anyway, anyone know what happened to Calapine, i talked to him quite a lot on MSN then he suddenly disappeared,havent heard from him since.

Anyway good to see the site where i spent far too much of my early teen life is still here 8)

Holy cowabunga! Its Lord K!
Long time no see.

You totally neglect to mention me in the humour forum? :( I'm wounded.

Calapine has started to frequent the chatroom again. By frequent, I mean, like once a fortnight. Perhaps you should pop in from time to time?

Hmmm....its 3:30am, and I've just "written" (so its actually mostly just quoting people. MERWURM me or something) this long post. Perhaps I should say hello, and that I'm back. Not that I really left, having always been in the chatroom. I'm an addict you know.
Then again, maybe I shouldnt say hello. I'm not sure if I'm here to stay yet. We'll see.

And since this seems to be a thread down memory lane; for those who have been around long enough, let us commemorate our losses. Our dear friends who, for various reasons, we will not meet until our own journeys into the next world.
You made your mark. You are missed greatly. I hope you are resting well.

ok, now that I've ended it on a low note, I guess I'll hit this wee "submit" button that I havent pressed in a little while. Hello my old friend, the submit button. You are underappreciated I feel.


Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:40 am
Master of the Red Legion
Master of the Red Legion
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Dyvim Tvar wrote:
Here's one for you other old-timers:

How many of you have a Druchii.net T-Shirt?

I still have my two. And they still fit! And they still bring me luck in tournaments. ;) Good times... :) Its a shame I only kept one of the graphics we used to make them.

I don't think I'll ever forgive GW for that BS they pulled and who they used to pull it, though. I mean, it was seriously low...

One of my favourite moments on the site remains how The Buoyancy of Water got his name, though I can't for the life of me remember what it was originally...

The storm is coming...
Are you ready?

Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:54 am
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