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Ideass on converting some of my DE fic to none warhammer 
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Well if the author of 50 shades can do it with crappy Twilight fan fic, why can't I with crappy Warhammer fan fic?

So takeing some notes on my Ronan stuff, and a previous story I tried to put into Black Library years ago, I have had to come up with my own stuff. I will still use warhammer as a baseis to make things more managable and to change things as needed.

Others are not so much.

I thought I get some ideas on some discerning readers to see how far I can take this and where I can go on. Note most of this will not apear in the first book, but I needed other minds to see if I am not just stroking my own ego (and to help me cover my butt incase GW gets in a rut over this).

Four main factions of elves.

High and Dark elves are a mix of Greek and Roman cultures.

High elves: They live on a small continent the size of Australia that is a peninsula in the shape of an Arrowhead. Weather is largly Mediterranean, but different areas have different weather. Its called Olympia (Oh-limp-ee-uh).

All high elf kingdoms are named after a precious gem, stone or something organic originally such as rubies or amber. While the attitudes of most elves vary from individual and kingdoms, generally stubborn and have an epic superiority complex.

In general, High elves (the Altudo) are typical haughty elves. Built like runners, more efficient metabolism that changes as their needs. They can interbreed with humans, rarer still with dwarvess (largely from the two not getting along all that well as a general rule). They are lith and fast, wuick in reflex but not as robust as other races. They can pack a punch but they are more grey hounds and cheetahs when humans and even dwarves are more jaguaires and labrado retreavers, and ogres are simply Tibetan mastiffs.

They prefer long bows, a Chinese Jian style strait sword, kite shields, scale and plate armor, and pikes. Axes are also a popular weapon. Cavalry tend to enjoy sabers and compound bows.

Most kingdoms have standard archers and spearmen. High elves put a emphases on archers, so they tend to be the most common troops, but if they have crap aim, extremely aggressive, or have spent a number of decades on the front lines they may opt for spear training where they fight in large phalanxes.

Knights are also common, as the sons and daughters of nobility have the same obligation to defend the land. Often called Peacocks for their garish decorations, they are proud warriors just the same. Many of the lesser nobles or younger children of upper nobility choose to stay on in their squadrons as this allowes greater social mobility, progression, and freedom then being stuck in their parents court.

Both comoner and parent alike tend to wear the colors and symbles of their kingdom. A mountainous kingdom would have mountains and dragons and the like on their haraldry, while a more forested kingdom have trees, dryads, and leaves on theirs.

Mages: Mages come from all parts of the land, but Ammarythth is where they all go to train. Generally elvin minds, longevity and natural magical inclinations allow for them to learn all aspects of their favorite lore, but they are also expected to have a grand working knowledge of all schools, which include but not limited to

Inferno: Fire, fire, more fire, something all Smith Preists have.
Metal: The contrle adn molding of metal, something all Smith Preists have.
Water: Controle and summoning of water and ice, something all Smith Preists have.
Nature: Plants and animals and the manipulation of such. There are several sub schools.
Healing: The restorative arts
Alchemy: Chemistry and some magical manipulation of the natural world such as turning lead into gold and iron into lead.
Necromancy: And all around working with death and the dead, and can use this to summon the dead spirits, raise a temporary army of zombies and scelectons, to scout and fight for you, learn secrets, or use your own magical might over death to drag you enemas to an early grave or steal their life force. and add it to your own to heal you and restore some life in you. As the Altudo have strict regulations on what is and not allowed, some of the more gruesome and evil aspects of this are never used, and all spirits and dead raised are willing subjects.
Mists: illusion, mind control, and teleportation. This lore can also control shadows to act as your weapons if needs be.

Other exists, but this is all I can think of at the moment as an well rounded learning. Also all tentative names.

They also enjoy lots of ballistia, giant crossbows that are the bases for the bolt throwers.

There are three main types used by the high elves. Regardless they are all best used in groups to bombard the enemy, and either against cities or large tightly packed enemies to ensure kills or at least maximum damage.

The smallest and most accurate is the Falcon. Usually has a team of three to spot, load, with the third to aim and shoot. They shoot foot long darts, and the part the darts shoot out of are shaped like an open mouthed bird of prey. They can snipe an enemy at hundred paces, and a well oiled team can get up to five darts out in a minute. However they are best for rank and file troops, particularly lightly armored, and can be expected to take out one to three warriors in a single strike. They tend also be taken one every hundred soldiers on most campaigns, and are usually put in groups to focus their damage.

Much larger are the Bear Claw, which can either shoot a single 4 foot long bolts or a 50 pound shaped balls. They have teams of six to load and move it, with the most experienced member or at least the one with the best pair of eyes working as spotter and issuing commands. One in two hundred troops will take this, although even without that number a half dozen to a dozen teams have been known to take to the battle field. While the Falcon may be able to take out the odd knight, this can and will splatter a heavily armored warrior.

The most recent and least accurate of the models is the Stag Horn. Using a moderately rhythm, they one can get a series of ten bolts into the enemy ranks. They have a top loading magazine, and clips that slide bolts into it. Its not as commonly used as they are still working out the kinks, and only the most dexterous and timely of teams use them, but up to a dozen teams of a six have been seen.. The repeating shoots does hamper in the power and accuracy slightly when compared to other kill, but against the enemy, they can be effective against large hordes or masses of the rank and file. Elk antlers are placed on the front and used as a way to help target enemies.

Mounts of choice:
Typicly warhorses. While every kingdom has their preferences, elven horses have speed and power. Basically a combination of the mustang and Arabian.

Griffons are popular as well with lords. Proud and noble beasts, it can be said they are often smarter then their riders. With the body of a large horse, the head and wings of a proud eagle, and the dietary needs and habits of both, they are not easily tamed. However if one finds a worthy rider it is said they are of one soul, and there are plenty of tails of heroic elves, humans, and the odd dwarf that will be inconsolable if their mount is killed in battle, and the beast having an uncontrollable rage against all perceived slayers and threats against its fallen rider.

Dragons are even rarer. Most commonly, its the Flame Heart or Red Dragons or the Flighty and spastic Storm or purple dragons who often follow the warriors of Igknight out of curiosity. Most riders are from this kingdom, and many a proud knight and prince has ended up as canned food for these mighty and hyper intelligent reptiles. However some take a liking to a handful of elves. Their choices of riders varies and is never consistent.

A courageous and ferocious dragon may take a cowardly elf to lead it to battle. A humble dragon might take a meek child to ride it. Another will act like a lamb or kitten with one maiden while simultaneously picking its teach clean of another. Everyone with an ounce of brain knows this relationship is in the giant reptile's favor, with their curiosity and a desire to see interesting sights, meet interesting people, then set them on fire and enjoy some exotic fine dining.

However they know the limits their rider will put up and dare not skirt it for fear of loosing this rare oportunity. They often become so attached to their elf partner should one die, the other goes into a murderous rage. It is said the Hero of all elves, the Winged Goddess of Victory Victa assended to godhood in such a moment durring the First Demon wars.

More arms and units from specific kingdomes.

Peral: A nation that is very at home on the ocian. In its glory days most of the population lived on cities that floated on the waves like islands called Lili Pad Cities. Sadly after many wars against the Elderitch Gods, their Demonic Minions and their half human spawn, and against the Dark elves all but four have sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Of those that remain, only two remain in elf hands. Still coming up with names, but I might try Hindu River gods and Goddess to for three of the names. One is under dark elf hands and is a heaven for pirates, pirates, mercenaries, and slavers. One has been overrun by aquatic race of Goblins called Kappa. The remaining two now serve as the decadent capital city of the ruling families, while the other is more stern and stoic in nature; serving as a place of judgment of criminals and the training of troops.

Now what was origionaly a home of the backwater hillbillies is where the main population live.

The story I am focusing on takes place here.

Most hoses here are bred to like water, and it is a common tactic for shock and aw for them to leap down the ship ramps and run down enemies.

1. Water Pony Knight: A breed of aquatic horse like stallions. Monstrous cavalry that share a psychic bond with their rider, and can even allow their riders to breath underwater so long as they are riding them. They can be on land for a long time but need to be kept moist periodically, and while capable of breathing in fresh water they prefer salt water. They are very picky of their riders so it is a rarity to have them. Most cities probably don't have more then a dozzen, maybe a dozen and a half at most if they have them at all.

2. Sea Trolls: Working idea, probably not for a few books as a unit persay. Small in number, though as large as any troll. They are river and swamp trolls but slightly smarter (slightly mind you) and work with elves simply because they tend to atteract alot of enemies and that means alot of food coming their way.

3. Rouges: These come in two camps.

the first are the duelists who tend to be armed with rapiers, daggers, throwing knives, and armored in leather armor and steel bucklers, if they are not fighting dagger and rapier. They often on the other side of the law, but those that are reformed tend to use their street fighting prowess to good use of their city and kingdom.

Another are renegade Assassins of the Shade. While they still worship Shade, the god of stealth, assassins, and underground enterprises, they are either chafing under its rules and/or see it as corrupt. If they escape they might live with the wild elves the dark elves hire, ply their trade in in the human kingdoms, or find a patron among the high elves. As they are appropriately distrusted, they find a noted elf that has waged a long and bloody war against the dark elves as proof of their claims. Regardless deserters are hunted down and are given nothing close to mercy, and only the best and the wisest can hold this at bay.

Emeraldis: A heavily forested nation and one that shares a great many traits with the wood elves. All elves trace their ancestors to here. As such many of the more primal traditions still hold true. THe ruler is the Jade Queen, who acts more as a religious figure and a beacon of peace then a true monarch.

Because the strong connection to their fey ansestors, the fey are found a plenty here with pixises and dryads wondrring freely in the groves and settlements constantly.

Horses tend to be leaner and more manuverable for the forest, and their riders more accustom to the bow and spear then heavy armor and lance.

Unique Units

Maiden Guard: A thousand strong, they chosen from among the girls of this land, though those of other lands may join, and act as the will of the Huntress Goddess: Ute. They are protector of the forest, and keep monsters and poachers bay, while maintianting ballence in nature. THey are also the main body guard of the Jade Queen and are well disaplined in formation and loose hit and run attacks with bow, spear, and twin daggers.

They spend at least 5 years training for war, another 5 in the arts of sowing, painting, dance, music, speaking, poetry, wood carving and so on. The minimum service is a century.

Because of their purity, for they must meet a strict criteria and must never have known man biblicly, combined with their proficiency for war they are highly sought after. However no amount of courting will do as the Jade Queen and her circle of Druids choose a husband that is befitting of them. This often ranges from a poor farmer to the greatest of kings. At least one occation the choice in mate was a dwarven warrior and diplamate, and it is said the rare magical gift in some dwarves comes from this odd but happy pairing (she was a brash fire brand, he spoke his mind alot).

However if they have no desires for male company or if they are called for something higher they may/will continue to serve another century or more.

Druids: Spellcasters and warriors well attuned to ature. They are living record keepers, with each one lost in battle taking with them the knowledge of a hundred libraries. Yet they fear not battle, and with their animal companions they increase the furry and survivability of their flock of elves.

Fey: Many a spirit takes a liking here, most of them nature oriented.

One of the most common are the eternally youthful looking dryads. They often choose mates among male elves, occationaly the rare intriging human, but rarly is this anything more then a fling nd usualy for fun, to lure a dangerous tresspasser to their doom, or they want to bear a child with their like spirit. It is not unheard of them to choose affectionate life partners of either gender, but perminent relationships beyond techers, students, or friends are rare, and rarer still in this regard with females.

All their children tend to be female. Normaly they appear as youthful maidens, full of life. In rage or in war they grow bark like skin and their hands become claws.

On rare occation a male is born. The eternally grumpy old man, he is a keeper of knowledge. A sexual, they only get that drive near the end of their life when they spread it to as many dryads, and the rare intriguing elvin lass (all willing) they can.

Stranger still are the Rose Knights. Said to be spirits that refused to give up defending their friends, they someone were warped by the residue of excess magic and became to foot tall knights. Their appearance is said to have inspired the first elvin knights in how to forge their armor.

The largest and strongest are the ents: Ancient beings that are mobile trees in the shape of men and women. They are wise, and treat elves like grandchildren. They can sometimes be fond tending young saplings which end up being their children. As the saplings grow they tend the forest as a shepherd tends sheep and goats.

Normally slow, methodical pacifists they can move with alarming speed and furry to defend their forest home or their squishy elvin friends.

Wild Hunters: Usualy there to hunt monsters and threats, they know every inch of their territory. They tend to be clannish and keep to them selves. Basicly they are hillbilly hicks, complete with moonshine.

Eagle Knights: Few elves can ride the mighty giant eagles that have been the ancient allies of the elves, and fewer still outside this kingdom. Prefering the bow and light armor, they are well versed t flying over enemies and dropping rocks, logs, and drippings on the enemy, while doing hit and run tactics with bows or swoops against cavalry and war machines.

Garneta: A land of volcano and forges, they make the magority of armor and armor for the elvin armies. Because of this long tradition of smithing they have a friendly rivalry with dwarves who they still see as kin. The lands are often techerous and the warsteeds have to often be more like mountain goats then typical horses. Nobility is rare here, so knights are. Most tend to be farmers utalizing the volcanic soil while another sizale population are the jolly smith preists.

Unique Units:

Smith Presits: They are heavy armor, warhammer weildign wizzards that specialize in all things hot, metalic, or the ability to quench such fies. They take pride in their work, with their caloses and burns as marks of pride. THey are also eternaly optamistic and jolly as a rule of thumb.

Pheonixes: These large birds love fire as much as the smith priests and the two have a symbiotic relation. Not really tame, but its rare for a smith in these lands not to provide nesting materia and a home for these magnificent birds who in turn mae a roos and help stoke the fire.

Most of the time they are there for shock and aw, slying over head and dromming waves of fire behind them. Other times they will allow one of these presists to ride them, and use their flames to heal the rider while they burn the enemy.

Magma Hounds: Reptiles the size and temperament of bull dogs (both modern breed of goofballs and their bull fighting ancestors in one package). Can make a slamming shooting attack that is short range and hits like a crossbow. Often led in hunting packs by a comoner, they usualy are theere to deal with pests ( and begin this is elf country this could mean typical vermin or Rodents of Unusual Size). In times of war they are a welcolm sight, but they they have a notoriously bad case of motion sickness to traveling on wooden ship or carriage must be done carfully.

Diamanda: A land of vast plains, dry Savannah, and the birth place of many a great heroes.

Instead of knight, chariots are the choice of transportation. Light chariots are meant for speed, have a team of two smaller horses pull a team of two to three elves who fight with spear and bow. These are done in teams of three to six.

Heavy chariots are pulled by larger stallions, with scythed wheels, heavy spears and bows and teams of three elves to fight.

Amongs the plains people are the Attil horse lords. It is said they are born in the saddle, that they learn to ride before they can walk, and how to use a bow before they can make comlete sentesnes. Their steeds are the fastest horses in the world, and are never tame. Instead they form a bond with the elf and the two become one. As both horse and rider have a wild spirit, known to ride for days on end without rest simply for the sheer joy of it, its a good thing. Always looking for a challenge, these once vicious raiders are now a common sight in every elf arm as scouts, messengers, and as a way to harass the enemy.

They have no strict leadership: THeir leaders simply the greatest shot in the group and their standard bearers the ones with the most kills.

Other proud warrior peoples are of the Herculeen Plains. Elves and woodsmen and hunters, they prefer axes and heavy armor. They always carry a pair of throwing axes and a single great ax. Supurb monster hunters, their favorite prey are the Pewter Lions. Their habit of donning the skinned hides of their monstrous kills, namly these lions, give them the time of Lion Hunters.

As the current Sapphire King of the elves hails from these people, they make up the bulk of new recruits to his kings guards.

Some go to battle not in formation with their brothers and sisters, but with prides of lions they befriends as not all are maneaters to be exterminated, but a welcome barrier protecting villages from other predators. While they know the elf is an elf, they follow his or her lead, though sometimes challenges are made, the elf's will wins out.

Others use the fact these are dire lions, and they are big and their hides are all but impenetrable and take them as mount to war. Yes, they are that big. No they are not common (they do not always like this, and the first elf to try was indeed drunk).

Diamanda elves are noted for being rather large and burly. Even their women are hulking compared to the normal lot.

Amethyth: Land of mages and scholars, and as such sees a frequent influx of elves from every kingdom. Due to the knowledge and magic that permeate this land, they even the most air headed bar maid can match wits with a chess master. Those without magical talent tend to have a bit of a complex and are mercilessly picked on by their more magical potent brethren.

As mages come from all over, the mounts tend to be all over the place, though they have their own unique mount. A happy accident between horse, mage, a bottle of ale, and and some eagle feathers, the hypogriff was born. One of the fastest creatures on earth, it shares both dietary and personality needs of both eagle and horse. They are very loyal to their mage rider, and the occasional knight.

Typical kingdom units:

Mage Acolytes: Most young mages do not go to war until they have graduated, but many often intern in military officers in national guards to help further their skills.

Sword Saints: What they lack in magical prowess they make up for in skill of arm and knowledge. Some of the wisest elves around, they are also deftly skilled, often using two handed hacking blades or two handed jian style strait swords. Their reflexes are so good they have been known to catch arrows out of the sky. They are often employed as a police force and a body guard for the mages, and are tasked with uprooting evil in all elvin lands.

They are often seen in the Bronze Tower (school of magic), Gold Tower (King's plaice) or the SIlver Tower (police headquarters).

Mage Princes: The most powerful spellcasters, even surpassing arch mages, they are the true rulers of Amethyth. Should the ruling king or queen be killed or feel the need to step down a new one is chosen from the most powerful. If they are deemed unworthy, the next power level down. If two or more are equally favored they duel it out with their full magical might. As expected this is far from perfect and a wise politician can manipulate the steer in their favor.

Spell Knights: Mounted and on foot, these are sword saints that have developed some spell casting ability. Rare, they are also not without side effect as many have horrific paralyzing migraines that come with random visions of the future, and others may have strange growths that need to be trimmed off repeatedly to keep in check.

Ingknight: A mountainous land that is prideful in the extreme.

Their most legendary band of knights, the Dragon Flames, must have ten generations back of noble blood and are fierce in battle. However they are increadible prideful, and if it were not for their love of their land and the common people of the land they would not be tolerated, Their money is where their mouth is at so other kingdoms tolerate them to some degree.

Fire Drake riders: Large tun and half reptiles that live peacefully on the plains, and often eager to fight potential threats. Many a knight has become a fine dinner for these omnivores. however the rare elf that can ride them gets a loyal and ever eager to please war mount. It doesn't matter if they are plowing a field for potatoes or steam rolling enemy ranks, they never wish to disappoint their owners.

The rarity of these mounts are so great that if a commoner is capable of riding one, he is automatically given the title of noble for only a noble soul can hope to achieve their feat, and are given the proper education and training for their station, even if they continue to do farm work.

Dragons: Most of the time they just follow the main armies as they march off to war as this piques their curiosity. They have a friendly rivalry with elves, and see Altudo as part of their territory and if they fighting something it means an enemy has has entered their territory. If anything else, following the elves as they march to battle is a quick vacation and loot and food grab before sleeping it off in their lairs.

Beryll: Known for their mines and their pegasie, this mountainous kingdom tends to be live a rather uneventful lives in their own bubble.

Horses tend to be largely used for said mines or the farms, and most nobles steeds come from work stock.

Nobles are rare, and they often train to build muscle by working in the minds.


Miners: Not troops per say, but their tunneling skills are often used to undermine enemy fortifications.

Scorpi: One of the many experiments of the Twisted Dark Elves, these half elf and half scorpion creatures have a noble heart and chafe under Dark Elf officers they have little love and less respect for. So most ran to the hills or deserted for the high elves.

They have the body of a large scorpion, with an elf torso where the head should be. The elf part tend to be pleasant in outline, but are covered in scales. They prefer to go topless but have taken to wearing cloths to not unnerve the elves. Hard working, and never mean spirited they have taken a liking to the area's weather, and often work pulling mine carts.

They are still potent warriors with a pair of large scorpion claws instead of elvin arms, and well versed in spear and javelin, as well as a powerful stinging tail. They require to eat meat and blood, and often go hunting so as not to be a hindrance on their elvin allies.

Pegasie: Another rare sight outside the kingdom, but common enough in it. These nobles steeds are picky about who rides them. A commoner often acts as a Currier and scout, while a noble born takes their armor and lance and rides to battle. If they go to battle, expect a squadron of ten to twenty at least to follow.

Ambera: A thickly wooded area that is thick with monsters. The local people have taken to monster hunting as a way to deal with boredom, poverty, and the threat of large monsters. The kingdom was once a kingdom of demons, and their warped magic still lingers in the land, thus spawning a great deal of monstrosities over the milenida.

Knights are rare but they are absolutely fearless as they earn their place and their own lands by felling such beasts.

Main troops in this lands are one of three types of monster hunters: Lightly armored crossbow armed rangers; heavily armored maul wielding Armored Brutes; or the fast sword and shield and moderately armored Shield Lords and Shield Maidens. Sword and shield types distract, Crossbows hit the weak spot, and brutes lay down the damage.

Others train them for battle, with a number of beasts entering menageries. These monster Trainers often go to battle with all manner of beast and monster, ranging from wolves and bears to chimera and cockatrice. Swamp hydras, with their poisonous spray and healing abilities are a hyper rare but welcome sight.

Giant scorpions and spiders have been known to follow them.

Others train the sorapod behemoths: elephant sized herbivores with long necks and tails often used in construction, road work, and even farming. They can live for centuries, and they and the elves riding upon the howdahs on their backs tend to have a close bond because of this. Normally placid creatures, they are not avers to a good tail swipe or stomping potential predators to paste.

Giant eagles, though not ridden, are seen as symbols of fortune and luck in this land, and well venerated. In turn, the eagles see the elves as kin and are quick to their defenses.

Citris: The breadbasket of the elves, they are often a target of raiders for this. Because of this they have a higher number of coast guard.

Knights tend to also be farmers, so their war horses are often work horses.

Units unique to this land:

Bramble shamans: Specialists in manipulation of plant life. Normally this is ensuring the land is well and good, and the elves never starve. Most of the time they even have feasts. In times of war they use their skills to entangle enemies in weeds, turn tall grass into blades as sharp as swords, or command trees to club evil doers to death.

Ents: There are a number of ents here, and often watch over the orchards they have a curiosity about, as well as the land. It isn't unheard of for elvin or even human children to play happily in their branches.

Arachnatars: What the Arachne that have deserted the dark elves. Created as frorm of cruel punishment by the Spider Queen, the elf that started the original civil war and currently leads the dark elves after millennia, they have a vague remembrance of their past lives. Like all dark elves they have a cruelty streak. However after many generations of being abused by their dark elf masters, a number have jumped ship and gone here where their skill in textile work, especially silks come in handy. And since they have the abdominal of a giant spider, they produce yards upon yards of spider silk (which is stronger than steel). Seeking the guidance of Spindle, a goddess also built like them, they seek ways to adapt to their new allies.

They still need to feed upon flesh and blood, generally animals or condemned criminals. Because of this they often go to war whenever possible, every two or three days.

Typically that have the lower body of an horse size spider. Females are quite striking, with the sleek of abdomens of a black widow, and the sensuous curves of a voluptuous obsidian skinned elvin woman with multiple sets of red eyes, and a sensuous voice. Males are not as good looking, with lower body of a tarantula, and the upper body of a large bodied humanoid who's face is a twisted amalgamation of spider and elf. They have a wonderful singing voice though.

They tend to wear light to heavy armor to protect their torso as the carpas is light enough to carry them far, they are strong enough to carry heavy loads, and it is resilient enough to resist most spear or sword strikes. They prefer long bows, spears, round shields, saber and mace.

Their saliva has a slight numbing effect, but they also have full control of their venom glands. A drop can make a child pass out and a adult deathly sick. A shot glass will bring an adult to the edge of life and death, and a wine glass will kill. They can apply both to their weapons to ensure they kill their prey.

They can breed sucessflly with each other, or with other elves. Drider on drider action 95& chance of live berth. The other 10 percent is an even split between an healthy normal elf who will have no arachnid traits (other then a craving for red meat and the love of climbing) or still born.

Drider male on elf female 50/50 drider or elf. Live birth. Female drider on male elf, 60/40 chance of drider or elf.


This is a land of warriors and sorcerers that fought bravely for Victa and her sister Nemesa. They are particularly warlike and blood thirsty people, so when the Spider Queen (still haven't thought of a name for her yet, might go with Alexander the great's mother but tentative speaking here) they were easily swayed to darker paths. However some remained loyal and helped drive them off.

Their decedents have since tried to rebuild both their reputation and a land ruined by constant warfare.

Knights tend to be dire and bloodthirsty, and that is how they like it.

Common troops:

Ghost Warriors: They hide in the woods and kill like hellish phantoms. They are descended from the earliest guerrilla fighters that fought against the dark elves, and after centuries of constant warfare no other way of life. Cold, aloof, they are not a welcome sight in most settlements but most have a few int heir armies as they are still good scouts, ambushers, saboteurs, and trap makers. The have the same penchant for cruelty as their most hated dark elf kin.

Shade Knights: the most dire of knights, they act as inquisitors hunting down potential threats. They are masters of the charge, and well versed in psychological warfare. They always get their answers without inflicting psychological or physical harm. While an intimidating sight, they often lean on the side of the accused in many cases as they know the difference between a true traitor and an abused innocent suffering at the hands of an overzealous person of power. They love warhamers with a scythed rear blade and treat Thanatos, the elvin grim reaper, as their model.

Arachnatours: Unlike those of Citra, these ones relish the bloodshed they can inflict and are in a land that will allow them to do so without abusing them.

Furies: The spider queen wanted a race of loyal, powerful warrior women, so she had male offspring of captured amazons greed with common harpies. Enhanced with spell, the Furies were born.

Like Harpies, they are almost all female, with the rare males being androgynous enough that its hard to tell. With Leathery wings sprouting from their backs and raven feathers covering their forearms, they are powerful warrior women. Smarter, more graceful, articulate, with a cruel beauty that matches their strategic minds. They were the perfect warriors. Unfortunately are are very mercurial, and many have joined the Rubians as they treat them better and the men are sexier.

They prefer leather armor that has been enchanted to be feather light and as protective as a breastplate, and go to battle armed with a flanged mace. If they find prey they particularly like they may carry him off to toy with him a bit before finishing him off, but they tend to be good on the job knock such prey out and mark them so they can find them after the battle is over.


Not so much a kingdom as it is a large caste for the Sapphire King to rule all of elves, a town to house his castle staff and soldiers, another town like barracks to house the royal guard not on duty, and a few vast farms to feed all of them. The entire kingdom is there so he can rule in peace, and is far in heavily forested areas patrolled by predatory beasts and monsters, as well as some of the best trackers the 10 kingdoms have to offer.

Kings are elected to a lifelong position, though most don't make even a typical human's lifespan in worse conditions in office. They are expected to lead the grand armies, and a few excursions every few years. While the Jade Queen is one that professes peace, he is one that professes war and the two hearts of the high elves are often at odds. The few times both parties have been on pleasant terms can be counted on one hand, and one finger when one pair was wed (a three hundred long years of peace and prosperity between an invasion of dark elves and an invasion of goblins). Popular vote wins every time.

Royal Guard: Infantry and palace and royal guard. They are typically armed with halberds, but some may have land specific arms such as the current Lion Hunters Great Axes from the king's homeland. They stay in for life or retirement, and while in the king's service are there to protect him and his interests with their lives. By tradition all new recruits come from the birth kingdom the king belongs to. Despite the differences in attitudes and loyalties, they learn to work as a unified force as if the king falls anarchy rules.

Royal Chargers: The best knights in all the land. They make up an elite shock troops for when he goes to war, and his own guard if he is a horse born warlord. Unless they are going to be his main form of protection on the battlefield, new recruits are simply scouted from the best of the best of the knights.

I'll go into gods next post.

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Wow, lots of development in this post!

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THanks. I initialy was writin a story based in Ulthuane with characters from many kingdomes, so if I wanted to make this in my own setting I had to spend a day or so making my own world.

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Time to briefly talk about 4 factions of elves, gods, and a more in depth look at dark elves.

Along time ago there was but one, and they all lived in 11 main kingdoms (Sapphire King's Castle is a kingdom in it self, other elves just go with it), with hundreds of colonies world wide.

Then a schism broke out that went from idealistic differences to full on wars.

The main two i am focusing on is ALtudo (high elves, who have the most fleshed out characteristics so far),.

The next most develop are the Ferox'vol or Ferox for Shot (Dark Elves, with traits of Roman, Druchii, and Drow, with at least one cultish faction being spartans). I have units, basic religion, some gods, but otherwise their leader is a mystery, onl know that she is thousands of years old, very hot, and goes through lovers like fat men like me go through doritos.

Wood Elves or Mel Melis (I thought I give them the latin words for both Honey and Badger). Flighty and nature heavy, they see themselves as protectors of their woodland realms but they are not fanatical about it. Different tribes have different views, some being truly savage, while others have humans in their territory for a good time (if that means participants in a fertility festival dedicated to the mother goddess, the goddess of the earth and harvest, and the goddess of 'Lets Get It On" respectfully or hunting them down as they would any outlaw or outside the laws protection is tricky at best. Expect more half elves with them. I am literally making this up as I go, but more or less they take a more celtic and druidic approach to things. Expect it to be lots of Legolas and treebeard clones like our woodelves.

The Sea Elves or Squalus are a mysterious group that have severed most ties. Most are not entirely all elvin any more as generations of interbreeding with the humans of the far east has made all but a select few blue blooded royals half or quarter elvin in their far east counterparts. Decedents of Amaryth and the Attill have often forged what will be this world's Japanese Population (the Amuratsu) and the other kingdoms in the Chin Empire area. Not all humans or elves in this area have each other ancestry, with over 60 ethnic groups that are spread out through a large territory, its not unlikely to find lots of different cultures working together or fighting each other for dominance.

Main gods of the high elves.

Olfen: The Wise Old Man, the All Father, Keeper of Fire, Keeper of Knowledge.

Said to have been the driving force in creating the world and the elvin people, he is also the one that fought hardest against the elderitch dark gods that simply thought to steel his work for their own unfathomable desires.

A wise old man, he often lets his children do what they will till it comes into conflict with his grand schemes or the damage they cause may be irreversable. If one seeks his wisdom he freely gives it, though the message he chooses to reply with may not be the message his follower wanted or expected, or if they are only a casual beleiver, be aware he is hitting them in the back of the head with a basball bat called the point.

Jenevee: THe Mother Goddess, Mother Of Fire, Jealous Guardian, The Shield Mother, the Wise and Furious Judge
Olfen's wife, who protects his interests. She often takes a personal attachment to her mortal followers, jealously protects marriage, and is quick to pass judgment. She tempers her rage with wisdom, but beware those that anger her.

Argon: THe King of Rage, The Bloody Warmonger, the Sword Lord
A Brutal wargod in it for his own glory and amusement. Most high elves steer clear of him, though Rubala says he sired their kingdom. He cares not why a war must be fought or if it is a good war or a righteous war, or even a justified war. He is in it for the thrill of it. This said any warrior said to best him will earn his continual aid (such as the Goddess of Victory), and he is easily impressed by those that have mastered a skill he has not such as smiting, genealogy, archiving, music, dance, or black jack.

Vivic: The Laughing Crow, the Dancing Coyote, the Prancing Trickster: A trickster god that enjoys doing things to liven up a situation, it is he who tends to make the first parents laugh when they need it most, and he who taught the arts of comedy, satire, dance, and music to the elves.

Olivia: Goddess of Wisdom, Strategy, and war. She is the war goddess most elves turn to in need of aid. It is said after their victory over the Demon hordes, she cemented the occasion by bringing to the mortal world the Olive tree, and teaching elves of its use in food, oil, and medicine. It is said if she ever found a husband, she would take Olfen's place as head of the gods. She has yet to find a man worthy of her affections as more then a sisterly or motherly figure at best. She often goes to battle on a chariot driven by 4 of the noblest steeds of legend.

Belonia: Wargoddess and fraternal twin to Olivia. SHe is the master of siege craft, and as such is called upon when attacking cities and defending them. Like her brother Argon, she often seeks war for the thrill of it. Like her beloved sister Olivia, she is smart enough to bide her time to find the one that will be more then a momentary distraction. She has had many a lover, such as with champions of Argon and Olivia, though she fears what would happen is such unions produce a child. Olivia would chastise her, and never let her live it down, but fears Argon would turn the child into a living weapon despite what said child would desire (even if it is something as dreaded as pacifism). She has a keen connection to monsters, and is said to go to battle on the mightiest Chimera that ever lived for the two found each other on the field of battle and found kindred spirits in one another.

Chuch'rem: Olfen's overworked older brother and Lord of the underworld. Despite rulership rights should have been his, he instead chose this as he thought it would be less stressful. He was dead wrong. Finds any excuse to get those spirits that enter his realm into elvin paradise, or shove them towards the three fates for rebirth. He's a bit of a shy nerdy type.

Gema: Wife of Church'rem, and goddess of the plenty of the earth (be it precious metals, gemstones, or a good harvest). She is a kind goddess and married Church'rem after he found her lost in a snow storm. After spending a week in his realm waiting for the Blizzard of Legends to subside, she found him to have an awkward charm, and fell in love with his kind heard despite his hard outer shell.

Okan: God of Wisdom, Teaching, and knowledge; patron of Elvin mages.

Scorch: God of warmth and fire. He is said to be quick to both anger and joy, and often rides to battle on a chariot pulled by flaming horses.

Uta: Scorche's twin sister, She is a skilled hunter and protector of the wild places, often prayed to to keep travalers safe or though for when Knowledge on a problem animals is needed. It took her centuries but she did find a husband she could call her own, and she is a jealous lover.

Orion: A robust hunter that was once an elf. He has a natural affinity for monsters, and all monster hunters and tamers etch his symbol of the ax and bow on their flesh to pay omog and have his protection. It is said while playfully wrestling with a cockatrice, he earned the curiotsity of Ute. After centuries of acting as her guardian, attempting to save her from parils she easily dealt with but nearly got himself killed for, she made him her first and only lover. After centuries longer, she made him a god and her husband. He guards and loves her this day, and though he can be found in the company of other women, he is happily married to the only woman he has ever wanted to love: Ute. SO much so he easily forgives the odd arrows the hits him with when she gets jealous. In battle, re runs along side a giant scorpion to battle, sent to kill him by scorch. When neither could defeat the other, they settle their differences over a bottle of centuries old wine instead. This irritated scorch who feared Orion was making his beloved sister soft.

Crone, Plogria, and Anoos: Three fates found in nearly every culture. They are they serve as watchers of fate, often keeping a keen map of where one's path will take them, and where the thread freys to different divergent possibilities.

Tsunam: Father of the Mer, Lord of Storms, King of Tides, Hoste of the Sea's Grandure.
A temperamental god, he has so much power it is said when he stomps his foot earthquakes are formed. He can be kind and generous, or cruel and bitter. It depends on his ennui (or however you say that french word). He is the Patron of all elvin sailors, and the one the people of Peral call Father or brother. When they think of one of the powerful gods to pray to, it is usually he.

Amora: The Goddess of Love and Lust, and good hard sex. She is Venus. Look her up on Wikipedia and you get an idea what she is like.

Valcan: Jovial Smith god. He taught elves the joys of hard work, and it is why the Smith Priests have a jovial manner as they literally whistle while they work.

Thanata: Winged grim reaper of the elves. He often has the spirits of children surround him as they only grow in curiosity while with him. After a while they grow and he finds a way to convince the Fates to have them reborn as heroes. He takes his job very seriously, and is often as curious of the dealings of elves and other mortals as he is in his work. He thought this one elf he raised after his family were killed by demons as an infant, who then became the god of doctors.

Victoa: Winged Goddess of Victory. Once a peasant girl, She, along with her sister Nemesia, were captured by demons of a war like disposition. One day, they decided to toy with their captives in a makeshift arena. After seeing their entire family butchered left and right, Victa was chosen next to the wails of her sister. Victa's defiant stare gave the demons enough pause t impress Argon, who is said to have put in her hands the first sword, and into her sister's the first war ax. The two slaughtered their way through the demons till there were none left in the land. Leading the elves and their new monstrous allies of dragons, griffons, giant eagles, and other creatures to their cause, they struck the heart of the demon horde. When her dragon fell she was infused with such a rage she sprouted wings and became a goddess, finishing half the great elderitch gods her self, before driving the others away. She is still prayed to for hope, courage, and victory.

Nemesa: Winged Goddess of vengeance, luck, and long overdue justice. She wields twin axes which she used to take on the demonic hordes while her beloved sister took on the main threat. She does not mind being overshadowed by her sister, as she feels she deserves all the glory for giving them hope.

Ragnork: Father of dragons, and lord of the honorable duel. Often turned to oversee sporting events along with Nemesa.

Pana├║cla the Plague Sower: The elves are not sure if he is demon or god. All they know is more diseases they suffer from come from him, as well as a number of cures for them as he sees his work as the strengthening of elvin kind and weeding out the weaker elements. Also a patron of tinkerers and alchemists as he is always toying with new concoctions and methods to inflict them on others.

Hypacron: Patron of all healers and doctors, adopted son the Grim Reaper.

Heketate: Goddess of Black Magic and curses.

Shade: God of the unseen. Assassins and saboteurs pray to him so they may work in the shadows and do their work undetected. Refugees pray to him to not be found by cruel persecutes. Hunters and rangers pray to him to aid in their own stealth when they feel they are not doing a good enough job.

Bront: Lord of horses, all cavalry pray to him even if they do not ride a horse per say.

Spindle: Said to have been born when the last remaining Elderitch God, the Goddess Helecon experimented on a captured elf maiden, the resulting child was a spider centaur like girl. As the girl grew, she heard of stories of the hero Twins Vikta and Nemesia and join their cause. She has since become the goddess of gossip, spies, rumors, truth seekers, and textile workers. Because how she looks, she is seen as a mother figure to the Archne and Arachnatar.

Typhos: Demon said to have fathered much of the world's monsters. He does have a following elves that employ his help from time to time, and he does protect his flockk mostly out of curiostiy over anything else.

Ferox Gods.
They often pay lip service to Spindle (created by their patron God, Bellonia and Argon (vicoous war gods), Bront (cavalry), Plague Sower (alcemists), Hecketate (Dark Knowledge and magic), Shade (exclusivly Shade Assasssins), Tyhon (Demon and monster master), Amora (look at some of the art deiscovered in the family kitchens in Pompaii much less in the rest of the city and then ask why a roman esk civiliation would turn to her).

Their main goddess is Helcon:

An elderitch being that bide her time, she chose her champion well in the Spider Queen. She has many forms but her true form is like a spider like creature that dives all who look upon to madness. She is spindle's true mother, implanting her in an elf to see what the fusion would do like a parasite. Had the elf maiden not been a pure being and taught her daughter well and the daughter instinctual protective of her mother, Spindle would have not been the more idealized being she is now.

Sexist and sexually liberating; sexual and sexually restrictive; bringer of enough chaos and dictatorship levels of control to keep things interesting she is far from pure or honorable. Necromancers ply their trade through her secrets, and her chosen champion, the Spider Queen, was chosen from one of Victa's own great grand children to further hurt the hero goddess. She has had many a lover, male and female; elf, demon, and Arachne, and most are quickly devoured after the act, with others intrigued her for a decade or more but nothing more. She only hates one being with a burning passion: The Demon God Pazuzu, who is both brother and rival. All others are mere playthings or stumbling blocks to her take over of the world.

Dark elf forces.
On the top of the food chain is the Spider Queen. She appears as a drop dead gorgeous woman in her prime, but is millennia old due to horrid rituals and pacts she has made and done over the years. She is jealusly protective of her position and ofen kills anyone that comes within yards of reaching her power level. Like her goddess, she has had many a lover of all sorts, but most do not amuse her more then a the life expectancy of a human in terrifying conditions of the medieval period. Some have lasted a few centuries, but only one champion has ever truly had her love and he died defending her on the last true war against the high elves to her eternal rage.

She has had many children, but most turn out to be monsters as the dark magic swarming in her as warped her insides beyond recognition. She can hardly be called mortal, though she has a mother's lover for all she calls children, and even has adopted a few children to raise as her own.

Next down in power the list are various lovers who have had the title of scorpion king. Really just the leader of her main armies, they tend to flame out quickly either because they die in battle or they now bore her and its time to get a new toy.

Below that are the Dark Sorceresses and Blood Maiden.

Starting out as vestals of the Spider Temple, they are chosen as orphans, captive elf girls, or the first born daughters of nobles. When they come of age, can walk and talk, they are split between those with fighting spirit and the more prominent magical casters. Those that fail or are show no signs for either or are quickly sacrificed to make p for the time and money wasted in raising them.

Between now and when they finish much of their basic training they are to remain chase in a period of a hundred fifty years. If they break this vow, they are often chastised ranging form being turned into arachne (sorceresses) or Scorpi (Blood Maidens) or severely beaten and disfigured and must wait an additional fifty years. This is mostly for the practicality for getting them to learn as much as they can.

There is some leeway as some sorcerers rituals of Helecron can force the issue, and the berserk furry of the blood maidens on the battlefield may go from blood lust to lust, and as such are forgiven for their indiscretion while god touched, and only get an additional ten years added.

However after this period, things are much different. Sorceresses are taken to a graduating ceremony to honor surviving their first steps into adult hood via a amorous celebration where they choose from the greatest male champions to bed in a three night celebration of blood and excess. A lottery is drawn with the best students getting first pick, and the last one usually stuck with the weedy nerdy type.

From here they continue to train, going through a series of thirteen trials till they attain the rank of Queens of the Web or die trying. Along the way they are much more sexually liberated, but everyone knows they are the true rulers of the elves and they feel the need to put everyone under heal to prove it

Male sorcerers are not unheard of, but as they are denied the secrets of the temple they often turn to other souses either posing as members of other elvin races, or races of human to learn, hire a sorceress tutor, get chosen to be one of their "pets," or have a sister or mother in the temple that sees their potential.

Many become black paladins, choosing the arts of warrior and augmenting it with magical might, and serving the temple in this regard.

Crimson Maidens or Blood Maidens:
They are in charge of the secrets of poisons and potions, and such have a strong grasp of alchemy, chemistry, medicine, poisons, and doses.
Unlike the sexually liberated sorceresses of the same temple, they are flatly forbidden to have sex until they have faithfully served for 200 hundred years, at which point they can leave and be forced to take on the role of mistress and protector of a powerful male lord, or stay on forbidden to lay with a lesser being (though they have been known to reward heroes and skilled warriors once a year on a night called Bloody Bliss.

This causes alot of jealousy of those dedicated to Bellonia with the sorceress covens, and there is no shortage of rage over this. Many take this out on the enemy, helped by drugs that further their speed, strength, immunity to pain, and rage. If they are taken advantage of by a stronger male enemy, or their blood lust turns to plain old lust they are chastised but otherwise not seen as too bad a thing as these moments are to be expected on the battlefield.

Most go to battle in little more then a loin cloth and a sports bra, if that. Older, wiser, and more skilled in dosage of the rage drink, may go to battle n scale armor.

All things considered, all this keeps the Spider Queen amused and she is more then happy to poke both parties into conflict.

Cult of Shade: Mostly male, but some females are in the mix. War orphans and kidnapped babies are taken into their order, as well as the occasional spawn between lovers. They are the spies and assassins of the Ferox, and take their duties very seriously. Masters of deception and poison, they are more then happy to kill whoever for a price. Their weaponry are basically anything seen in a kung fu or ninja flick.

Stickinee: Wild elves that take on the aspect of Ute's wild side, as well as following the Savage mother of beasts' (no name for her yet). They are cannibals and well versed in cruelty. They often kidnap babies to raise as their own.

They are skilled in sword, ax, spear, hit and run, bow, crossbow, and repeating crossbow, with their model being the one proven most popular to all elves.

The Owl Kin, the most patient and experienced of their lot, go in teams that act as snipers and trackers.

Carnafexes: Sacred Killers they are the one group keeping order among the dark elves. Dedicated to the art of the kill, they master their execution blades be it ax or sword with deft skill.

Knights: Like high elves, the dark elves have a long history of horsemanship with these children of nobility taking murder to new heights. They often decorate their saddles with grisly trophies like severed heads.

Sorian knights: After centuries of fighting with the lizardmen, they have captured many of their large monitor lizard mounts. Think a komodo dragon as large as a stallion. Most do not take to the rider and instead feast upon the prideful knight. Most get around this by drinking a concoction every few months that raddled the mind and dulls the senses like a bad acid trip or drunken stupor to get the beast to accept them. This works, but over time they become psychological wrecks, which in a predatory society makes them easy targets. A select few can ride the beasts without this, with sheer animal magnetism or force of will.

Black Heralds: Black cloaked riders and messengers that never gave up their raiding heritage of the Attill. They are a common sight in all dark elf armies as scouts, messengers, and harassers.

Common soldiers: Most are armed with long spears and a pair of javelins with a kite shield, while some elite units use the more protective and also harder to maneuver tower shields called a siege shield.

Others use stabbing and chopping sword and shield formation, with javelins, and the siege shield which can be dropped for a normal one.

The javelin of choice is called a pillum which has a long metal rod designed to get stuck in the enemy's shields, making it cumbersome and forced to discard,. To keep them from being pulled out and used against the dark elves the bars are meant to break under the force to pull them out.

Elves armed with siege shields can enter something called the tortoise formation, where the shields completely cover the front, top, and sides while they march forward, keeping them safe from all but the occupational ballista, bolder, or cannon shot.

Axes and flanges aces are popular, as is mail and segmented plate armor all around.

Spears tend to be just taller then the user and meant for good thrusts. Many have a hook on the back to pull off cavalry, another others forgo the shield for a heavy chopping glaive.

Others use the bow, crossbow, and repeating crossbow. Right now the most common style is based on the Chinese style, but a more accurate one with a shotgun pump preferred by the Stickinee are growing in popularity. Much like the real world crossbow, it is used because while slower then a bow, it can be given to an idiot and let him work some magic with it.

The repeating model is not anywhere as strong as the normal crossbow, but all dark elves add poisons on their bolts and arrows, often getting them enchanting to absorb poison then secrete it in the enemy flesh.

Arachnee: Like the high elf varieties, generally sorceresses and sorcerers that have failed in some horrendous manner and survived, and must be made an example of. With the exception of one dark elf city, most arachne are treated lower then slaves; ironic as they are often fed such beings.

Scorpi: Even rarer sight, they are like above. Proud warriors, most head to the hills or defect to the high elves as they have little patience with incompetent or cruel dark elf generals.

Harpies: Often captured from the wild and used as scouts and attack enemies. Not tame enough to truly take commands, they often do their own things. Feral, cunning, they usually attack weak prey as the are smart enough to know they lack the skill and arms to attack stronger prey. They often find male elves and humans that have an intriguing smell to mate with then consume. Noted for having disgusting hygiene despite an otherwise pretty appearance.

Furies: AN experiment to make a cunning race of warrior women, it was successful but furies have a mercurial streak that puts them at odds with the the end goal for them. They are intelligent, prone to preening and bathing, and effective shock troops.

Chariots: Often pulled to battle by a pair of horses that have been enchanted to have a carnivorous streak or even sourians, these heavy chariots are expensive to survive both the rigors of war, and to ensure they are free from sabotage and to the knights liking. As such, only the most skilled knights get one, and ones that have survived numerous battles. Usualy in groupings of 3 or four

Balista: Like the high elves, they have three main varieies.

Scorpions: Small two man large crossbows where one loads a dart and spots, and the other aims, ratchets it back, and shoots.

Thanatos Fist: Named after the grim reaper for a reason, they can shoot six foot long spears or shaped stone balls that can range between ten pounds to 250 pounds depending if they are dealing with peasants, knights, king's guard, or a castle wall.

Grave Fillers: A recent additions, and an improved design from the high elf stag horn. It can switch between either a powerful single shot of four foot long bolt or a a group of eight that fire in semi automatic fashion. Top loaded.

Oniger: Catapults named after elven breeds of donkey for the kick it has. Not very accurate outside of a castle wall, but nothing can survive a boulder or a more incendiary armament.

Typical Mounts: Elvin horses, SOurians, with some lords riding manticore they try to tame themselves to mixed results (the beasts are never truly tame and most nobles end up as lunch).

A rare few can find swamp dragons that spew acid and have a wickied streak. Sometimes these dragons serve their Rubian kin, but like all dragons they are serving themselves first and foremost. Also like all dragons, their favorite tactic is to strait the enemy with their breath attack.

Cities and their armies:

Tarata: Capital city, the first and largest. All the most prominent families are here, as is the Temple of the web.
City Ruler: Car Rel: A genius tactician who deals with the day to day running of the city. The rare chances he has to go earn glory on the feild of battle he rides Bad Apple, an apple addicted black dragon that is a more fun loving jocksters, but enjoys a good fight as any self respecting dragon.

Death Guard: An all male order made up of war orphans and first born sons of nobles, they are armed with axes, halberders, glaives, and swords, and act as the secret police protecting the spider queens interests. They take out all threats perceived and real with extreme prejudice.

An underground city that has a open demon gate to the elderich abyss. The city is actually a large barracks meant to glean what secrets they can get but keep what comes out from causing too much havick. Many elves here have demonic heritage because of this.

The ruler: A first generation spawn of a elf and demon pairing named Jhad (Jad) Hateheart. She looks good in a full set of plate armor, well skilled in close combat and a better with magic. On the outside she is a ridged authority figure. In the few private moments, she can be gentle, and lets her lover, a high elf slave, take control so she can relax without the struggles of the day to think of.

City Specialist:

Demon Spawn: First generation have the strongest presence to the void, and have a terrifyingly alluring form they present to others and a more potent devastating one.

After the third generation they are more elfin, though more magically adept and physically robust. After the fifth generation you cannot tell the difference between them and a normal elf.

Dark Paladins: Magically inclined warriors, mostly male but a few females that slipped through the cracks. They specialize in anti magic and fighting demons.

Harak: Pleasure capital of the dark elves. Think an even more sinful version of Los Vegas. This includes a thriving pleasure industry, often in places called "Dens of Wolves," but the city also has dozens of lesser arenas and master arena. All cities have them, but this city thrives on gladiator schools, and getting monsters and other sentient creatures to fight in them.
The city leaders change regularly as they have a mafia and mercurial attitude, and different factions assassinate and fight in the streets for dominance. It changes too often for most people to care.

Troops: Gladiators are a common sight. Most are in it for ten years (humans, orcs, goblins, and other relatively short lived races) or fifty (Dwarves, demons, ogres, and elves). Most fights do not end in death as its expensive to train good fighters, but a large number end up as such and accidents and fatal injuries do happen (thankfully ferox have the best treatments for flesh and bone injuries, and use opiates for pain medication).

Half of all elvin gladiators are free elves who chose to earn a living and give up their freedom for a time to either pay off debts, sharpen skills, or for the sheer joy of violence.

They can be found on the front lines, training warriors or even fighting monsters or elite troops. They are not cheap rentals.

Regardless of race, they are seen as superstars, as the hunts and fights in the arena are there to promote Ferox Ideals of blood lust and dominance.

Many a high ranking woman seek them out for flings as it is believed a night with a powerful gladiator will revitalize them. In turn the gladiators enjoy having a night of power over their masters. For those that earn their freedom, this might even lead to marriage with said mistress.

There are two main guilds of permanent warriors, an all female and and all male one, and death and mayhem will always occur to the joy of the spectators.

Brides of Doom fight with spear, net, buckler, and whip and dance upon the field of battle with excticy. They are war touched, and seek battle in the way a drunkard seeks the bottle. They often are called upon to fight monsters and eleite warriors, and this prooves vital if they choose to go off to war. Back in camp or in their private training grounds, they are more then willing to train any willing to be taught in their grueling methods of war. Every now and again they may take a break, and raise a child of a prominent warrior, with sons going to that warrior and daughters raised in the arena with them, but the call of battle is a lover that they cannot leave forever. Many a warlord see these encounters as a badge of pride

Devil Blooded are an all male only guild that specialize in great weapons and pumping themselves with rage. They go to war and specialize in dealing with the hordes. The shellf life for those of this school is very short, so they are often taken from the short lived races that are berzerkers.

Neither group are cheap, but are a welcome sight as they go in for the battle (they have to pay for slaves to butcher somehow).

Hydras: there are two main groups used in the swamp: Swamp, marsh, and occasional river dwelling Swamp hydras, and desert and plains dwelling Tortoise hydras.

Of the former most are used in the arena as they are too aggressive and belligerent to make for reliable war beasts. After years of breeding, a few do and can take to the field by being goaded by two life long trainers.

Particularly smart ones are used to act as body guards or support of the rank and file. With the ability to heal wounds and even severed heads almost instantly, and the ability to spray a skin burning and paralyzing poison on their enemies, they are are good way to break enemy formation. Completely carnivorous

Tortoise hydras are omnivorous, much more intelligent, and tend to be more easy going. More defensive then aggressive, this is used in full effect defending castles, seige engines, important figures, elite troops, and officers. They have the same healing capabilities, but also have a heavy shell that protects them better, and can shoot briefly gout of flame out of their many mouths.

Ruled by the twins of house Totar, Jesil and her brother Julius.
They are master tacticians and have faced and defeated many threats both on the feild of battle and in the court.

The city is noted for its knights and its flow of gold, silver, and iron and they ensure all keep flowing.

More City orientated knights:

Carnafex Chivics: Made up exclusively of elves that can bend their beasts to their will on their own, they are small but this allows for Julious to spend more time drilling them and getting them battle ready. Few are as prepared as he and his knights for battle, and so he is constantly on call to deal with threats to the empire by the Spider Queen.

Also in general, while most cities have a large number of knights tat ride upon these large monitor and heavily muscled lizards, this is the first city to do it and have made it their mainstay troop.

Suba Calig

An underground city that masters the art of subterfuge and more shadowy arts, Both Shade and Spindle are held in high regard. The Leader the city is unknown, and they always send out envoys. We know not if its a he or she, elf, half elf, demon, demon spawn, or even a Arachne. As arachne are seen as emissaries of Spindle, this is the only city where they get any love and respect, and unions between elf and arachne are often encouraged and praised.

Shade Assassins and Stickinee are also common sights here as their trade is in the shadows.

City Specific:

Panzer Arachne: Arachne already have hard shells and enjoy light armor, but now they go to battle dressed like knights and train with lances and great swords.

Spider Cavalry: Knights that ride giant Tarantulas, need I say more?

Scilla: A island with volcanic soil that provides grand amounts of fertile soil, making it the breadbasket of the dark elves with lots of wheat fields and fruit orchards. Unique to the dark elf territories its run by a high elf bramble mage as he's the only one in fifty miles that knows anything about agriculture worth a damn. This means he treats the slaves nicer, but he's an elf and still a pain in the butt for it.

Their military with normal stuff.

Latro: Pirate capital of the world. Once a Lili Pad City, it defected and moved a large number of the traitor elves to the new lands. They are often at odds with lizardmen who wage wars with them. As of now the city is a heaven for smugglers, drug producers, slavers, mercenaries, priates, and all many of of there low lifes.
Their ruler is the most prominent admaral in the fleet. As long as he keeps the city rich, they do not care. They have a few land settlements, including a superb on land to oversee mining, logging operations. Currently that means Debuta Felina, a sorceress and pirate queen of the area who uses cruel intellect and her drop dead gorgeous body to get what she wants

Their main forces are Prado Raiders that serve as navy, clashing with Altudo Wave and Coast guards periodically, and Lizaardmen for the thrill of it. Its an easy way to make a fortune but one that can easily kill yu if you are not careful. They often wear the cloaks of sea creatures or monsters they have slain, with Lizardmen and Pygme drake being popular chooses as they add a layer of protection from both the elements or the enemy arrows and bolts (javelins at close range, explosives, some musket shots at half range, long bows at half range, and ordinance weapons still pose a problem). They prefer buckler on one hand and a sword or ax in the other, with loading hooks, harpoons, javelins, and judges make a good use.

many also have lacquered armor to aid in their protection without being weighted down too heavily.

Crossbows are also fun, as they can be easily taught to the sailors, and provide stability as they grow closer to enemy ships.

They often act as vanguard troops, and usually accompany a good raid.

Drake Riders: Pygme drakes may not be able to breath fire and lightning, but the make up for it with size and tenacity. They are good for scouting ahead or taking out cannons and other long range threats. They can also deliver deadly payloads themselves, dropping stones with exploding runes, or enchantments that summon sea monsters or unleash barrels of venomous and swarming animals.

Sea Hydras: Amphibious, able to stay for prolonged periods on land or in sea where they can hunt. Their many faces have octopus like tendrils, and they are rather intelligent and robust creatures, capable of surviving crushing depths. In the darkness of the sea, they can use bioluminescence to draw prey to them. On land or dealing with rivals and other dangers, they use it to intimidate would be threats. They may lacking venom and fire spitting capabilities (though they have envenoming fangs), they can echo locate and even stun some underwater prey with their pricing howls. In more peaceful moods its almost like singing. In a rage, it can break eardrums, which can easily disorient and paralyze with pain land dwelling prey.

Often brutal and territorial, they can swallow elf size prey howl with their very loose set of grasping jaws. Larger Prey they combine swinging their heads back and forth while the jaws rake the flesh till chunks come off.

They are easy to train, and often become the mascots for any Prado regiments or Latro ships.

Imprium Fanatacome: CMain headquarters of the Carnafex. Here to lies a sealed Demon gate which when it breaks open, they make sure what comes out goes back in in pieces. Every city has dedicated Carnafexes, but this one swarms with them. The city leader is the Captain Supreme of this order, Dimeeos Head Taker, who is also in charge of training of some of the more promising warriors.

However the main reason they are here is the Order of Argon, which takes military to cultish levels.

Their possessions are their arms and armor which consist of a helmet, a brass breastplate, grieves, forearm guards, a spear, a pair of javelins, a short sword, spear, and a signature round shield that can withstand an ogre's repeated strikes with the club. Every one is a soldier, with the men and women dedicated to it. Men who die in battle are haled as heroes, as are women who die in childbirth. Said children are then taken and examined. If they are too sickly or deformed they are left in the wilds to die, where Stickinee and Shade assassins often take this opportunity to gain new members of the family if wild harpies don't get a free snack first. Those that survive live an idealistic youth life, but are grilled hard for war. At age forty they are taken away to train.

Training is hard, and Argons train as hard as they fight, with death and injury just things that happen. After words they must fight, unarmed, against a captured orc or beastman, or occasional human barbarian. If the savage wins, he is free (he's earned it). If the Argon wins, he must come back with proof of the skill, either carrying the corpse back, with others finding ways to decapitate or skin it with what they find. The former is welcome for it is a strong and powerful elf. The latter two are also welcome as at least they are smart.

The Carnafexes spend most of the time keeping them in line, and to not bully the slaves to death as that would force them to actually do some "menial labor" or slave work. Its a never ending battle, and since this cult removed the gates tot he city, it makes keeping the saner denizens safe even harder.

Still, they are often a welcome sight in other armies. THey see themselves as such, but its more of a special forces unit in size. But despite their attitude, which makes even the most prideful of elves think they need to turn it back a notch, they value in only a show of strength and never take payment outside of the occupational slave and food. As they feel only women of their order are worth breeding with, if a cunning warlord wants to make a fortune selling virgin maidens on the slave market, they the Argons watch them.

Carnafex Supreme: An eleite order of Carnaafesxes, they act as field commanders for the order. Most of them live here in this city, and they are numerous enough here to take troops to battle. Every city has one for every five hundred individuals per city, here almost all the noble born are this and they didn't get to their position by being wimps

Sacro Tyre:
City of Tinkerers and alchemists. A busted Demon gate is here. It is unable to open fully, but a crack is open. The elves here take advantage of this and use it for enchantments, the manufacture of goloms, as well as other magical experiments. The leader here is a heavily scared and burned sorceress with a clockwork prosthetic arm named Dulcin Vinum. She has sever burns over seventy percent of her body. Her lover is the captain of the guard, the bastard son of a prominent family in the capital originally sent here to ensure their investments were coming along. He has proven so instrumental in production and safety, he was made General of the army and captain of the guard. This has also allowed him protection as his family is now not as prominent as they once were, and the once ostracized boy is a wealthier man then ten of his cousins put together.

Another promnet member that is incharge of the day to day operations of manufacture is a sorceress in the process of changing her body to btter reflect the gender she feels she should have been. While this would be a sign of weakness elsewhere, here Barbara the CHanged is just another spellcaster, and one does not keep her position by being weak. Currently using alchemy and magic to do it, still post.

Another prominent polaticin with schemes of leadership is a weasil of a man named Beror Blackheart who is as schemeing as a goblin.

As the city has the largest blast furnaice, it is often a haven for renegade smith preists, and the metal is always flowing.

City Troops:

Alchemist Bombardiers: Not as proficient with magic as other elves, they make up for it with chemical know how and a penchant for blowing things up. They can whip up concoction that can heal allies, give them temporary stone scales to withstand enemy blows, or throw concoctions on the enemy to melt armor and flesh, spread fire, or simply explode. They have good throwing arms, and been areound the chemicals a little too much.

Goloms: Goloms are statues brought to life by magic. It was a science the high elves gave up trying to copy from the dwarves, and what the Ferox crudely came up with an approximation.

Because of the high amount of magic needed to maintain and fuel them they are taxing to make and expensive to maintain. Only the dwarves seem to have mastered this, and they are rare even for them.
Only because of the magic being siphoned off they are anything near what is needed to keep them going.

The easiest to produce is the clay golom. The Clay must be kept moist and carefully bathed in magic, which helps keep it moist. It still takes a decade to produce one, and once its brought to life it comes up with magic keeps it moist. It still packs quite a punch, and enemies have been known to get their weapons stuck in its body. However if enough of its body is hacked off it can fall apart, adn if it dries off too much it can loose its ability to move. They only last about a month of constant fighting without a recharge.

Stone golomes are more robust but take a full century to produce, and kept "asleep" to maintain its magic as it takes a day of constant magic flowing on it to recharge. It can still keep fighting for months

Iron goloms are the easiest to recharge as they have a port that can take in special enchanted canisters to work as batteries. They are made for specific tasks and given weapons appropriate for it. One built for dealing with masses of hordes may have cannons that shoot forth alchemical flames or a spinning blade to reduce them to pulp. Ones more for heavily armored units or fir laying seiges may be armed with twin warhammers, or a retractable ball and chain. Als easier to maintain, and their canisters can be removed so they do not waste magic. However generals often forget this and hen wonder why it eats batteries like a pokemaniac with the gist generation of red and blue Pokemon.

Other armies: Beastmen, orcs, and goblins are often rounded up, their leaders slain, then used as spear fodder.

Other mounts: Dire geckos are often used as transportation. As they feed on the giant insect that swarm below ground, they have a readily available food source, but they make lousy war mounts as they are not aggressive at all. Even when they fight for mates its more of an elaborate dance, and if the female is impressed, she runs off with the victor.

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Criky - you have been busy! A lot of reading here will take me a night to get through it - at first glance looks great!


PLOGS by CultofKhaine
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Cult of Khaine
Drow Themed Dark Elf Warhammer Army
Armies on Parade Board

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I think I'm going to use this as an idea area to bounce off ideas. When it comes to playtesting, I will be useing a system either like Warhammer 8th eddition or the Ravenhost 9th edd that seems popular as a way to help me visualize battles, and to add in some randomness to help me decide the fates of charecters and flow (though I will do lots of rerolls if I don't think a character should die yet).

In any case, I thought I get some ideas on dragons. Let me know if they are too over kill as while they should be the best mount in the story I am writing, they should not be Archon the Everchosen (who I will say even at over 1000 points is underprised for what he does).

As mentioned above, they tend to be large, capricious, hyper intelligent winged reptiles that appear as lizards with bat wings coming out of their backs. Most common are the Flame Heart or red dragons in the mountains of Igknight, though Blue Storm Dragons also roost there and coastal cliffs. Black Swamp dragons live in the swamps and everglades of Rubala (Where dark elves hail from origionaly). Each dragon has their own personalities. Red tend to be hot tempered and always looking for a fight or a challenge. Blacks are cruel in intelect, and often toy with their prey like a killer whale does to a seal or a cat does to a mouse. Blues a flighty, and tend to seek speed. It isn't unheard of the latter to race a scooner or a race horse simply to see how fast it is (though only it sees it as a fun race, while the other is going: Oh crap, oh crap! Its going to eat me!).

In general, they may follow elvin armies to war. Partialy because they have learned that if elves in their area fighting something it means it will be a threat to them, so they have a bit of symbiotic relationship. Other times it triggers their curriosity, alllowing them to see other parts of the world, work our pent up energy, and taste the local cruine (which largley ends up as whoever the elves are fighting). Some on their way back may choose to tarry in one of the other elf kingdoms and learn of their local world, often developing the same rutine with the elves there as they did elsewhere. Even rarer, they may take a rider. The ultimate show of power, many nobles try to get their hands on such a warmount. Needless to say, a fairly common sight around dragon dens are the discard armor or the remains of arrogant lords that tried their luck only to be in the beast's belly for their efforts.

How a dragon chooses their rider differs from dragon to dragon, rider to rider but the two tend to compliment their personalities or at least the elf intrigues the dragon. A brave dragon might take a liking to a cowardly elf. A ferocious and blood thirsty one may take a great warlord that is always on campaign to lead it to battle. A humble dragon may take a meek child as their partner. Another may act like a kitten in the hands of a maiden that rides it while it picks its teeth clean of another maiden it had as a late night snack.

Either way, most assume its in the dragon's favor, which the dragons never deny, but the dragons do their part to ensure the elf still wants them around. After all, its most assured they are going to get in a good scrap while getting the choice cuts of the enemy with an elf on their back. Regardless the two becomes inseparable, and their are many tales of how if one falls in battle the other will enter a murderous rage to avenge their fallen friend.

All dragons have large target (i am big, I can see over stuff, just about everyone can see mee) they cause terror (I am the size of most people's houses, and I am hungry, what is not terrafying about me) and fly (the wings, baby)

Each dragon has their own unique breath weapon. Breath attacks in my world tend to be used three times per battle for an adult dragon like these guys.
Reds have a S4 flaming breath attack that can cause panic if it kills five or more. Blues have an S3 lightnin breath attack that ignores armor, but gains +1 strength for every 2 layers of armor the target has (max 6). The Balacks spray acid like a spitting cobra, which is S4 and goes though an additional layer of armor. If it causes at least 1 wound the unit has to take a toughness test or summer a -2 to weapon skill and initiative till the dragon's next turn. THere is a -1 to toughness if the unit suffers 5 wounds.

Breath attacks can be deployed in one of three ways. Standard teardrop shaped template. 2D6 attacks at initiative in close combat. Or a third unique to flyers called straifing where the dragon once per game can fly over a single enemy unit and Straif them (why this wasn't implemented before I know not). But for every minimum full rank of troops (5 normal, 3 monsterous and chariot), Per rank, the unit suffers D6 hits. If its a skimishing unit or they have less then that number, only one D6.

Cost wise, a typical (fire breather) is a rare choice or a lord mount at 300 points, may go higher. Thunder dragons are a another 20 points, and Swamp are another 25 points.
Flavor wise everyone can take a fire breather or a thunder dragon (with coastal cities or areas that face lots of heavy armor loving the thunders), but typically the people of Rubala like the Swamp Dragons with any regularity.

Any thoughts on the matter?

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Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:08 am
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OK, so I think I have some ideas on where to go. Right now I am just worried that GW will have a claime on something, so I wnt to pass a few ideas through you guys first.

As of now:

The focus will on Peral, which is a sea faring state. Before the elves were split 4 ways, most of its population lived on floating cities called liipad cities. Now only three remain. One is the captial and known for its party animal ways. One is practicly a garrison now, where soldiers are trained and justice is met out. THe last was captured by Water Goblins known as Kappa and all attempts to drive the vermin out has met with decimation of the elvin attackers.

Standard troops seen thus far in book one:

High Elves:

Spearmen armed with long spears, some even with pikes. THey make up land and sea forces.
Archers: Main unit of high elves, like long bows.
Knights: Horse rideing chivics
Baron's Guard: Eleite troops, if they get the charge in.
Bear Claw Bolt Balista: Its a crossbow that shoots a big spear. One of three used by the high elves.
Jianway: Two handed sword masters, the eleite warriors of the land of mages, and often work as secret police for the high elves.
Mages: Wizzards who practice a great many schools of magic.
Shade Assassin Turn Coats: Assassins that were rasied in the cult of Shade, now seeking their freedom as sell swords or even working for high elf officials to gain a new sense of freedom.

Dark Elves:
Carnafexes: Eleite group meant to keep law and order among the dark elves, and have perfected the act of killing to a high art.
Assassins: Eleite killers raised from young children to splay for the highest bidder, the highest being of cousse the Spider Queen.
Mage: The magical arts are not forbidden to males, but only the high arts of magic is tought to females, as the Spider Queen sees the males practicioners as inferior to her own.

None Elf units:
Dwarf Rage Born: Berzerkers looking for a glorious moment that transends life and meaning in battle or a good time.
Ogre ell Swords: Subspecies of human. It dosn't take much to get an ogre willing and able to fight and so many sell their services to anyone that can offer them a "good time" on the front lines. THey are also some of the best cooks in the world so two for one deal.

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I'm really liking this so far. You've put a huge amount of work into this and it really shows!

I really wish we'd had more stuff like this when I was running the CoP forum for the d.net magazine...
(oh god I feel old now :D)

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Darkprincess wrote:
I'm really liking this so far. You've put a huge amount of work into this and it really shows!

I really wish we'd had more stuff like this when I was running the CoP forum for the d.net magazine...
(oh god I feel old now :D)

Don't worry, I probably have more grey hair and I;ve had most of them since I was 14.

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