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Wartales online campaign: the Dragonback tale 
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Video trailer!

The lives and deaths of today are naught but food for tomorrow's tale...

The year is 2520. For over four thousand years, the Dragonback Mountains have sheltered countless goblins. But before then, another master had claimed that region as home. In those ancient days the dwarves built Ekrund, a mining hold away from the World's Edge Mountains, driven by the ambition to achieve greater things than what their homes offered.

For several centuries, the hold thrived. But then came the greenskins, in a tide so great that Ekrund could not resist. The dwarves fought bravely, their resolve in the face of such numbers a testament to their race's courage. But in the end they fell, and to this day the Dragonback mountains are infested with goblins and worse.

But things change, as they always must. Greed has unified the merchant houses of Marienburg, and they have gathered an army of mercenaries to capture the ancient hold. There, they hope to set up a port city, capable of dominating the area's trade- and replace Barak Varr as the Black Gulf's greatest naval presence.

The hubris of Marienburg has rallied the dwarves of Karak Izor, Karak Hirn and Barak Varr to a common cause. Infuriated by mankind's arrogance, they have organized an expedition of their own. No manling shall be suffered to walk the hallowed halls of lost Ekrund, no human king allowed upon its throne. The dwarves are zealous in their dedication to keep the humans from taking what belongs to them- by force, if necessary.

While the humans and dwarves squabble among themselves, a great Waaagh! approaches from the south. Belligerent as ever, the orcs of the badlands are not about to miss out on a scrap between the humies and stunties. They aim to take the harbors of Ekrund for themselves, and construct a great Waaagh!fleet there- but first, they need to kick out the goblins currently occupying the hold, and keep out the humies and stunties long enough to carry out their plan.

As three armies clash over this ancient prize, the scribe sets his quill to parchment, and pens another tale of war...

Wartales is pleased to announce the start of an online Warhammer campaign, and you are all invited! We are scheduled to begin on April 3rd; until then, feel free to register on the forum, read all about the campaign's background and mechanics, and sign up for your favorite faction.

Sign up to the website below for more information!


Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:57 pm
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Interesting project! Will all the games be played online using Universal Battles? That part wasn't clear to me.

I love me a bowl of numbers to crunch for breakfast. If you need anything theoryhammered, I gladly take requests.

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Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:48 pm
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Thank you! You can definitely play games using Universal Battles, I'd love to see the reports and posting them could net you some in-game resources each turn!

However, while in previous campaigns you needed to play a battle each turn in order to reports, that's not the case in Wartales. Instead, you can report once per turn, regardless of whether you've played a battle or not.

I've chosen to do this to prevent excluding anyone from playing- May is coming up, which is a busy month for people in school, and there's sometimes real-life things that get in the way of playing games. So instead, posting a battle report, a story about your character or a model you've painted will be rewarded with gold for your character. Also, there may be contests that reward players with other bonuses for their creative work, like one-time bonuses to reports, special projects and other, story-driven rewards.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, and I hope to see you soon on the Wartales forum :)!

Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:30 am
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With one week to go until turn one starts, here's the pre-game update!

The first blank page
The eve of war
The quill yet to draw ink
The sword yet to draw blood

Beneath the Dragonback mountains, the hordes of goblins skulk in the darkness, continuing their petty games of cruelty and treason as they have for thousands of years. Little do they know that a storm is coming their way- three mighty armies, sparked by greed, honour, and lust for battle. The darkened halls of Ekrund shall soon be lit again with the fires of war, but only time will tell who shall claim the dwarven hold. No matter the outcome, the scribes will pen their tale of war and loss- the stage is set, waiting only for the actors to arrive.

From the north, Marienburg has sent the Dragonback Expansion Effort. Their fleet's flagship is captained by Caspar van Gelding, who has provided no small part of funding for this, Marienburg's latest expedition. With him stands Mathi Todt, the Nordland-born mercenary who made a name for himself among Tilea's mercenary companies. Together, these men lead the Expansion Effort in their ambitions. Great wealth will be theirs should they find victory here, yet they are not the only contenders.

Fueled by their burning desire to see Ekrund restored, the dwarven lords Durak Ironhelm and Freyr Fairhair make their way to Ekrund. They prepare to wipe the mountains clean of goblins and defend their hold against all comers, be they hated greenskin or human hold-stealers. While lord Ironhelm is motivated by honour- the blood of Ekrundfolk running strong in his veins- lord Fairhair is a prime example of a shift in the dwarven race's thinking. Like his High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, lord Fairhair seeks to restore the golden age of the Dawi, in which the dwarven race retakes their lost holds. And since Ekrund was first among those lost, it will make a fine start for what the dwarves are calling the Age of Reclamation. With them stands the border prince Lorenzo Aquila, who fights at the dwarf's side- a reminder for the proud Dawi that not all humans have forgotten their oaths.

In the south, the greenskins Grumsnot Snotbane and Skirgit Crowbait have all but consilidated the Waaagh!. With the slain boss Zagruk's plan still fresh in their minds, the pair would conquer the Dragonback mountains for themselves, subjugate the goblins who make their home there, and drive out the humies and stunties coming their way. Once the hold is secure, the real work will begin- a Waaagh!fleet will be built to carry the greenskins across the seas and into the Old World.

A tale of war will be written, but how will the story end? Only time will tell...

Mon Mar 27, 2017 11:24 am
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