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Saint’s First Age of Sigmar Game Dark Elves vs Orks. Stor 
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Saint’s First Age of Sigmar Game Dark Elves vs Orks.

Story intro:

“Where are those thrice cursed orcs.” Bellowed a rather drunk elvin warlod. His moment wasn’t doing so well either, as it lapped up what whine his rider spilled onto its head.

Unlike him, his father’s elite band of knights followed suit, whie a fat hydra lumbered on past.
Riding on the right flank of the knights a Sorceress trotted forth, with what seemed to be all the harpies in the backwoods city.

“Keep talking.” Said Ronan, as he tossed a piece of spiced jerky to his red coldone. “They might just show up.”

“I should cut thy filthy tongue out.”

“Oh, but that take away half my charm. Besides.” Ronan Rode in closer to the warlord, well beyond the limits of what was allowed. With a stroke of a dagger, he steel stroked against steel. Knights lowered their lances towards Ronan’s neck, the dreadlord brought his blade, engraved in waring hydras. Ronan, simply smiled, his raised dagger revealing a rather deadly scorpion that had crawled on his armor. “Tricky little buggers. Must have crawled up your armor when we stopped to refill our water skins. They have a habit of finding a dark place to hide, and striking you where you least expect it.”

“Like a true dark elf.” The warlord sad as he sheathed his blade. The others holstered their lances on their shoulder.

“He would strike you in fear as he found your armor already inhabited. I doubt I would have the privilege of that if you truly though I was a threat; As would any good dreadlord.”

Before the young lord could smack some respect into Ronan’s head, the bellowing battle cries of orcs were heard through the forest. “Forward, a hundred meters.” The commander commanded. All did so with great haste. Past the forest line a small warband of orcs made short work of an encampment of beast men. Armored brutes began skinning the lesser, while the those armed with bows more refined then what is expected of their ilk counted their arrows.

“What do you see, Asur filth.” The commander bellowed.

Ronan took out his spy glass, holding back a few jabs as we went. “Two dozen archers, about as many orcs, knights or honor guard of some sort. Judging from all the dead pigs, or they are black orcs and that was what the beast men were feasting upon. And I think those are forest trolls over yonder sleeping in the noon sun.”

“Think they know where we are?” Asked the sorceress. She was pleasing to the eye, and she certainly. Had her charms, not all of them magical.

A snap of an arrow and the shrieking of the harpies alerted them to the dangers below. With a hiss any harpy not pinned to a tree flew down to the archers.

The hydra, smelling the aroma of troll flesh, charged down the hill.

“Knights!” Bellowed the dreadlord. “To me!” With that he charged down the hill.

Signing heavily, Ronan pulled out his saber. “Tally hoe.” He said with the enthusiasm whining dog does getting a bath. If the other knights felt the same way, they hid it well.

Me: Dread on Coldone
Sorceress on Coldone
24 Harpes
15 Coldone Knights
1 Hydra
My Opponent: ! warboss on warboar
21 Arrer Boys
21 Black Orks, most of them are blood bowl minies
6 Trolls.

Round 1. He moved his forces up and killed three of my harpies, I moved mine. Only harpies could get the charge in so they did against his archers. Had I thought his Black orcs would have gotten the charge I would have cast shield on my knights. As is I just killed an archer and nothing mor.

Round 2. Trolls can’t charge BUT black orcs can. Granted he said just barley but a successful charge is a successful charge. They kill a knight, I kill an orc. Both have 2 wounds each. FYI for most of the game it’s a giant push he kills 2, I kill 2. He kills 3, I kill 3. Ect, ect.

My turn, chill wind kills an orc.
My hydra gets 2 wounds in on the trolls via his flaming breath, then charges and gets in 3 more that gets spread out. Trolls consolidate. Troll vomit deals a wound,

My cold one general deals a wound via charge (his has an impact hit), then deals 2 more kills. The Bloodbawlers get revend, killing 2 but I kill 3. All in all tis is a push.

More so with the harpies as both units kill 2.

Round 3. The warboss charges my general and a their standard bearer gives the black ors a reroll to wound. Combat is now a little one sided, the warboss deals 3 wounds on my warlord I deal one on his. The bsb joins the fight against harpies.
One more knight is killed and another is wounded, but 3 more orcs are dead.
Trolls mutilate the hydra.
Harpies kill 2, archers kill 2, the bebs kills 2 with his stick of justice.

My turn, y dreadlord deals nothing but the warboss punches him a good times, dealing 2 ounds.
Knights kill 3, and with the sorceres casting shield and me rememebering my shields have reroles, I save more kngihts. Knights kill3, and 2 knights die (one of which was due to that one wound).

Harpies kill 2, edeal 2 to the BSB, and they just kill 3 harpies.

Round 4. Trolls kill dreadlord,

Ironicly the guy with the stick kills nothing that round. My knights kill 3 more orks, the orks kill 1, warboss nothing.

Harpies manage to do better. They get a wound on the BSB but he deals nothing, but they only kill 2. They take 4 and they massively fail their bravery test and the 9 remainder fly away.

My last turn the knights kill one but one more dies and and 3 more runaway.

The following turn the warboss, black orcs and trolls pile in around the remaining dreadknight and with all the imaginable attacks, nothing touches him. 6 trolls, one warboss, about 8 or so bloack orcs, and none of them can touch him. So he elopes with the sorceress and runs the hell awau.

Thoughts so far: I forgot the shields are more then just armor.
The Hydre would have done better supporting the knights, reducing their numbers of the black orcs before takeing on the trolls.

Knights, move in half their full speed, then full, and finaly charge as they are still only good in a charge. Granted if you have a deadlord on a battle cow, and you can get more wounds in from the cold ones, but their ability to do extra damage with lances mean they are most useful on the charge.

Harpies: I think they might be more useful against warmachiens, though they held their own against the orc archers well enough, even dealing quite a few wounds on the battle standard bearer.

Next game: I am going to try a Dreadlord with a great weapon, a Kharibdyss, executioners, and 20 crossbowmen.

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Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:29 am
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I absolutely loved your introduction, might steal that for my own battle reports. It are those characterful little battle stories that made me fall in love with the Druchii. Unit of 24 Harpies awesome! Did you by chance made any picture of your army :D In the 9th age you can field 3 x 15 units of Harpies and I have by far not enough models but I am eager to learn more about your experiences with them in bigger units and other roles than the cheap redirector. What are their rules / stats in Age of Sigmar?

Keep up the battle reports, I am eager to read them. I also read some of your other stories and you surely have the gift of great imagination!

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Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:42 am
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Thank you. I try my best. I will try to find some of the pics I took of them when its daylight/

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Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:46 am
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