4500 Point Tournament List
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Author:  lordkaiser [ Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  4500 Point Tournament List

Heya Everyone!

I'm so sorry for the (literal) years between posting but the discontinuation of WH broke my heart in two and I gave up on the hobby for a while. Reading through Drakon's battle reports (amazing stuff btw) has really given me some new hope and I decided to take back to the table! Analyzing what I thought was the meta from Drakon's posts (and co-opting some of his brilliant choices) I've tried to cobble together something somewhat tournament worthy:

Dread Prince 260
Armour of Destiny 90
Headsmans Axe 110
Raptor Chariot 100

Cult Priest (Nabh) 155
BSB 50
Altar 375
Executioner Blade 40
Ring of Fire

10 Tower Guard 240
+11 308
Standard Bearer 20
Champion 20
Musician 20
Banner of Blood 70
(Attach Altar)
(10x3 Horde)

Assassin 160
Silent Death 40
Nightshade 80
Paired Weapons 12
Midnight Cloak 100

5 Raven Cloaks 170
+1 32
Great Weapons 24
(Attach Assassin)

5 Dark Acolytes 240
Champion 120
Yema 30

5 Dark Raiders 170
Rxb 30

5 Dark Raiders 170
Rxb 30

Dread Reaper

Hunting Chariot

14 Blades of Nabh 352
Champion 20

14 Blades of Nabh 352
Champion 20


I tried to have a decent balance between magic, chaff, ranged, wound dealers and high strength:
Ideally black guard+cauldron could cut thru most low/med toughness enemies and bring down monsters with volume
Blades provide extra drops and flanking potential (volume of attacks will benefit from cauldron bonus)
Mobile Dread prince survivable thx to high toughness and ward save (saw Lord Drakon die too many times due to T3 elf squish!). Used for enemy lord sniping along with shades block
I know the assassin is not chosen much, but they are soo cool! Will scout with the shades to kill enemy monsters (S6 shooting yes please) and harass enemy chaff
One static artillery and one mobile for good ranged pressure on monsters/enemy back line

Any thoughts on this list? I know Yema dancers are thought to be more competitive so perhaps swap out the guard for them? Also what about the utility of the chariot lord, better in a block? Also thoughts on swapping a unit of blades (and hustling some points somewhere) for a hydra, any where near as useful as 8E armybook?

Thank you so much guys for any feedback, its very much appreciated! Hopefully a DE armybook rework will give us some more love and we can see a true resurgence of the Druchii!

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 4500 Point Tournament List

I'm not proficient anymore to discuss the list, but this, I can reply:
lordkaiser wrote:
Hopefully a DE armybook rework will give us some more love and we can see a true resurgence of the Druchii!

The plan at the moment is to release the beta 2nd Edition of the game, we believe it will be done before the end of the year.
Along with it comes a small modification of all AB, including DE. Nothing fundamental, but significant changes already.
Once the beta is released, then work will resume on the DE army book overhaul. WDG and DL should be released within a couple of months and at latest with 2nd Edition Gold, next will come ID and DE, already started, but stalled.

Author:  lordkaiser [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 4500 Point Tournament List

Bloody fantastic stuff, thanks man!

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