What 2nd edition will change in DE AB
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Author:  Calisson [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:55 am ]
Post subject:  What 2nd edition will change in DE AB

... is presented here: DE 2.0 Spoilers

Author:  cultofkhaine [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What 2nd edition will change in DE AB

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Author:  Calisson [ Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What 2nd edition will change in DE AB

Sorry, did not realize it was for forum members only.

Here are the spoilers, written by the DE Army Community Support (ACS), i.e. KiRaHyuU and, recently, noir.
[+] Magic items
As you all know, 2.0 is coming and one of the biggest shake ups is the changes to how magic items will be working. For DE as many of you know there will be 15 items broken down into:

3 Weapon Enchantments (two hand weapons)
2 Armour Enchantments (one magical shield)
7 Trinkets
3 Banners - wahahaha?!?!!

Yes you read right a new banner...spoilers below**

As some of you may have seen in my previous post a few of our favourites are here to stay and will remain unchanged: Headsmen Axe, Crimson Mail, Twilight Cloak, Wandering Familiar and Ring of Shadows.

Now about your least favourites, well their all here to stay...I know some of your are like "you can't be serious man!" but I assure you it's leaps and bounds more useable - well that's what we've designed them to do...some aren't even in the same category as they used to be...Dagger cough**cough**

Now not to bother you further as we all know you want to look at the good stuff so here goes:

So THAT third banner...

While a lot of you have stated that our core is underwhelming we've listened but unfortunately due to the scoop of the changes here's something we've add to make the core a bit more attractive...

So what does it do...?

Essentially the bearers unit gets a boast and their core buddies in nearby units get a boast too, cause who doesn't wanna out do those pompus chaps waving their fancy banner and who doesn't have a bigger ego when their waving a fancy banner

And and and...for you quick thinking DEs who immediately noticed 0-3....

What if two units are carrying fancy banners?! Well you do the maths...both units are gonna have inflated ego from waving their fancy banner and both are gonna try to out do each other as obviously the banner is always greener on the other side

Here's what I've got for you so far...maybe more to come later....?
[+] Dagger
So maybe you spotted the plug maybe you didn't but one of the biggest changes coming down the pipeline for our magic items is my beloved"Dagger of Moreac"...now let's be frank...oh boy was this item the ugly kid on the block...!

What were the biggest concerns? Sacrificing precious elven lives for what...? Maybe get some extra wounds but we didn't have damage significant paths to choose from. So all in all...one of the least used items in the book!

So guess what! We listened!

In the new line up the Dagger of Moreac will now be a Weapon Enchancement (Hand Weapon) cause it's a Dagger obviously

No more will you need to stab your fellow elf but the more you kill with it the more magic you get to play with...and not only that, we made sure you'll get that extra magic by making sure your character will stab better as a bonus!

Now obviously you must be thinking...hang on are you telling us to put our Oracles on the front lines??? Well you could...she'd carve up a few bodies with that bonus we threw on but give it to a Dread Prince your looking at quite a few dominate magic phases..

Make DE magic great again!
[+] Crimson Mail
Alright, so we've talked about something old...so lets talk about something that's new...

How many you loved the Crimson Mail...!!!

Well if you didn't know it's here to stay....and it's exactly the same....fireworks****

Wait hang on that's old news no...!!! #fakenews

No no...hold onto the idea...that awesome-ness and put that into a weapon...WHAAHAHAH!?!?!?

Yeap that's right....the new Weapon Enchantment will be the more you kill...the easier it's gonna get

.....just let that set in for a moment!!!!


Wait wait wait....we only have three Weapon Enchantments right?!?!!

What happened to Beastmaster's Lash?!!?!?

Exactly...what happened..!?!!?

Until next time folks....
[+] Beastmasters Lash
Following on with the previous item review, many of you should have noted that Beastmasters Lash is not a Weapon Enchantment anymore, it's been shuffled into Trinkets.

So let's go down memory lane...if this item wasn't the worse item in the book...it's a close second! It's effect made sense of paper, extra attack extra strength and if u hurt something it wouldn't stomp. Cept in practice it suffered from a lot of problems mainly it helped Infantry but most monsters could simply outmanoeuvre the character and if you mounted the character well stomp was the least of your concerns...

So we toyed with many ideas here as background wise...it had to stay! Many of our ideas centraled on this concept of a ring master and circus lions #wearenotprocrueltyto animals however a lot of us came to the conclusion that this idea would only be going down the same rabbit hole of delivering the character into the monster to protect something that the monster would usually get the drop on...

So we looped back to our circus idea and noted that it isn't always the pain of the whip that keeps the lions in line but the promise of pain "yes DEdon't threaten we promise"...and again DE are skilled Beast manipulators so ofcourse distance plays a part in that!

So what we've settled upon is an aura effect so multiple units can be covered and also solving the issue of delivery. In terms of the effect it will have on monsters, we have maintained the protection against stomp. We truly feel that this item combined with a few other new changes to the army will make Beast Master themed list not only be able to maximise the potential of our own monsters but exude a high degree of control against enemy monsters too!
[+] Banner of Gar Daecos
So the some have raised that the new item may seem to be grindy and DE players don't wanna do grindy. So where is our First turn punchy punchy thing - maybe some of you have forgetten about the first item i posted about...

BUT more is more right! So fear not we have more items that help out that aspect of the game...

Lets break out one of the old haha "favourites"...the Banner of Gar Daecos!

Hold it....hold it....I know what your thinking...."+1 to wound for Corsairs and DLs" ewww as it wasn't the only units in the book, then there was this Fleet Commander only thing ewww and then we have the within 6' thing which you know if your maxed out a unit was like two units if you horde formation...yeap littered with problems!

Now look what we did was....we threw it out....then we scraped some of it back and repackaged it and BAM! New Banner!! **scary thoughts


So what we decided to keep was the design premise. **relief This Banner is supposed to buff multiple units in close combat so what we've done is reversed the aura effect...never will you have to painstakingly try to make sure all your units are in the bubble...all you need to do is make sure the enemy unit you want to nuke is in range of the banner...and all your units in combat with the enemy unit will say "yes sir, kill that unit sir, got it sir!"


So is there more items that do first turn combat buffs? Ofcourse...stay tuned
[+] rules description
So here we are the long awaited post where we can finally drop the rules and for some of us it's time to see how well you are at de-coding my cryptic language...

Let's quit the small talk and GO GO GO

1. Still un-named
Bearer gains Lethal Strike and Magical Attacks, for every unsaved wound caused by the Bearer in close combat the Bearer gains +1 Strength and +1 AP for the remainder of the game (cap 2)

2. Beast Master's Lash
Trample attacks made by enemy models against friendly units within 12' can never wound on to wound rolls better than a 4+

3. Banner of Blood
Bearer's Unit gains Thunderous Charge (+1 Attack)

4. Medusa Shield
Bearer gains Distracting (sorry nothing else...)

5. Ring of Shadows
The bearer's models and all Standard Sized models (which includes Cav in new rules) in the bearer's unit counts as being in Soft Cover. If affected models already have soft cover, they count as being in Hard Cover. Enemy melee attacks against the Bearer's model and Standard Sized models in the bearer's unit suffer a -1 Offensive Skill.

6. Academy Banner (Dread Legionaries, Repeater Auxiliaries and Corsairs only)
Bearer's unit gains Thunderous Charge -AP(+1). Friendly Dread Legionaries, Repeater Auxiliaries and Corsairs units gain Thunderous Charge - AP(+1) when within 6' of one or more banners. (Capped at +2)

Time to tally up those scores and see how well you did fellow DEs...

***See an item that I teased earlier and isn't up there - well that's cause it's still undergoing discussion...

Hopefully this will sate your blood lust for now
[+] and one more
---- emergency post

Hi guys,

I left off an item on the list....silly me!

Pendant of Disdain
Bearer gains a 4+ ward against attacks with Strength 5 and over.

---- my bad
[+] Banner of Blood
So following the theme of our one hit wonders, lets come into our last Banner....The Banner of Blood....I promise it's not the exclusive Tower Guard only deal anymore....

So...look I could harp on about what it used to be, what it is now and be semi cryptic but I ceebs....It's the Hydra Banner basically

That rounds out all three banners!

Hopefully this is given you all a clear vision on what our expectations of DE are to look like come 2.0

---- End post
[+] Harpoon chariot
Alright so finally we are branching past [lexicon]magic items[/lexicon] (not that we won't be doing magic item updates) BUT here's what most of you have been "politely" "requesting" - look you know who you are

First up, the Hunting [lexicon]Chariot[/lexicon]...the "least infamous of the [lexicon]Bolt Thrower[/lexicon] chariots"...

This [lexicon]unit[/lexicon] showed some popularity once upon a time, the move 9 opened up interesting angles but with the loss of [lexicon]Penetrating[/lexicon] and the combination with the Destroyers cap meant...look it was either 3 Reapers or 2 Hunting Chariots and we know how that cookie crumbled...

So what we did was go back to it's roots - the Hunting [lexicon]Chariot[/lexicon] is meant to be a "Hunting" [lexicon]Chariot[/lexicon]...it's meant to hunt monsters and maybe "politely request" their undying devotion to join the [lexicon]DE[/lexicon] ranks and if there's non compliance, well leave it easy prey for other DEs to put it down as the [lexicon]chariot[/lexicon] goes and finds other new "friends"

Looking at the [lexicon]Harpoon Launcher[/lexicon] of today...clearly we needed to find a new Beastmaster...and our new hire has installed this:

The "upgraded" [lexicon]Harpoon Launcher[/lexicon] - (nothing motivates like throwing the predecessor into a cage with a hungry [lexicon]manticore[/lexicon] - cackles***)

Range 18", Shots: 1, Strength 7, Armour Penetration 3, Lethal Strike​, Fire on the Move, Accurate​, Reload!, Devastating Blow (D3, Clipped Wings), Anchored.


So effectively, the range has gone down...but between that 13-18' sweet spot we've actually become more [lexicon]accurate[/lexicon]...due to "[lexicon]Accurate[/lexicon]"

[lexicon]Lethal Strike[/lexicon]...just in case you get a [lexicon]monster[/lexicon] in the eye...

And Clipped Wings...cause we hate a certain flier....as it gives us a bad rep and we'd kindly like to have the chance to one shot it...


Now what is Anchored and it's in bold it must be good right...?

Anchored - Attack Attribute​
A model​ with Towering Presence​ that has lost one or more Health Points from an attack with this Attack Attribute​ suffers -2 Advance Rate, -4 March Rate and cannot use Fly​ until the end of the next Player Turn.

So while it won't bugger out certain hated flier...since it ain't got [lexicon]Towering Presence[/lexicon]....we believe that this new rule exemplifies what a Hunting [lexicon]Chariot[/lexicon]/[lexicon]Harpoon Launcher[/lexicon] should do....hurt, debilitate and abuse...to monsters obviously!


So there we go, we believe this is the first step in helping those that want to justify a [lexicon]Beast Master[/lexicon] themed list along with also separating it from the [lexicon]Reaper[/lexicon] as two very distinct units each with their own specialty...

Oh and as a bonus we stripped off some of the dead weight from the Hunting [lexicon]Chariot[/lexicon], since we had to make room for the up-ed gun and well no one wants to pay for stuff they ain't gonna use right...so we threw off the +1 [lexicon]impact hits[/lexicon] and the crew's Repeaters cause, points

[+] Medusa
The next under loved [lexicon]model[/lexicon] we are turning our attention too is: The [lexicon]Medusa[/lexicon] "the you might of become a [lexicon]Daemon Prince[/lexicon] but [lexicon]Yema[/lexicon] rolled out of the wrong side of the bed that morning...I jest"

This [lexicon]model[/lexicon] was so underused that we literally just threw it out and started from scratch...a simple stat change was really not gonna cut it...so we turned to the background team for inspiration...

So according to the background this [lexicon]model[/lexicon] is loosely the mixture of divinity and an elfs "devotion"...[lexicon]stupidity[/lexicon] to give up their own free will to become the vessel of an [lexicon]otherworldly[/lexicon] being...genius***

Now with that guiding nugget of knowledge we set off redesigning the [lexicon]Medusa[/lexicon]....



So as an elite army it goes beyond saying that numbers have always been a problem...aka "how do we break steadfast?", cause we never have enough ranks too but we can't make our models cheaper as it breaks concepts...and so around we go.

So we aimed to fill that void in our army with the [lexicon]Medusa[/lexicon].

The [lexicon]Medusa[/lexicon] will now be a force multiplier via making supporting charges...its job is to provide just that extra ooomph to help flanking units get cause that disruption you need to break steadfast via [lexicon]Petrifying Stare[/lexicon]. We felt that being such a fast [lexicon]model[/lexicon] it wouldn't be too hard for players to utilise into their existing builds.

So here's what we came up with:

[lexicon]Petrifying Stare[/lexicon]:
Friendly standard sized units with at least one full rank engaged in the same combat as one or more Medusas count as if having one additional rank for the purpose of steadfast and disruption.

Yes the [lexicon]Medusa[/lexicon] still has five attacks - six with [lexicon]Paired Weapons[/lexicon] :)

Also throw in...because the more the better if it's complimentary!

This [lexicon]model[/lexicon] can cast [lexicon]Deceptive Glamour[/lexicon] [lexicon]bound spell[/lexicon] cause again its also another supporting spell that will become important with the new to hit charts.

Oh and due to the fluff...it comes with Otherwordly too! (That's a 5+ [lexicon]ward[/lexicon])

Unfortunately all this has come at a cost as many not so physically appealing offerings were offered to [lexicon]Yema[/lexicon] to grant this next evolution...we may have slightly disfigured the [lexicon]Medusa[/lexicon] so it lost [lexicon]Distracting[/lexicon]...

We expect to see the [lexicon]Medusa[/lexicon] beyond just that [lexicon]chaff[/lexicon] [lexicon]model[/lexicon] or [lexicon]Wizard[/lexicon] is [lexicon]Assassin[/lexicon] [lexicon]model[/lexicon]...but as a real asset to an [lexicon]MSU[/lexicon] army or merely just working alongside a [lexicon]unit[/lexicon] of [lexicon]Raptor[/lexicon] Knights to become a real flanking threat...of even just adding in that extra rank to front engagements so you can breakthrough the old fashion way!!

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?

Next spoilers come from your other Army Community Support: noir.
[+] Beast Master
Okay Guys its spoiler time again! And I'm more than happy to present you my first spoiler as your new ACS​!

Before we get to it I have to remind you that everything @KiRaHyuU​ and I present you here is still subject to change until 2.0 is released.

Sooo the next thing the Task Team addressed was the Beast Master​ Upgrade. Not particularly the best rule in our beloved​ 1.3 army book. Just to remind you the rule gave us an additional D6 for Stupidity​ and Frenzy​ tests in a 12" bubble.. (wuuhuu.. A way to bypass a rule nobody needs anyway) and it gave us in 6" the possibility for Hatred​...only in the first round of combat...in 6 inch.... yeah! and that only for 80 points!

Well so the TT saw the need of a redesign here. At first the Task Team looked at the possibility to bypass stupidity​ again.. Meanwhile though - and I'm really excited to announce this - Stupidity​ was removed from our beloved​ Dread Knights! They still got a fluffy Special Rule for being Raptors after all.. but this time the rule is really fluffy and not just random!

Okay so there was no need for a Beast Master​ that bypasses Stupidity​.. but you know whats really annoying? Panicing monsters.. I'm sure you've been there..

So the Task Team thought actually there is nothing wrong with Monsters that have a better leadership, is there? Well it then noticed the leadership is quite high already with ld8 on our monsters. But what could be really useful is coldblooded on our monsters! They won't panic as easy of the board they can stick in combat a bit even when loosing. Guess what! We got it!

But of course thats not everything. We still need some kind of offensive part for our monsters. And please don't let it be hatred​ in 6" again. Well the Task Team thought about removing hatred​ and giving something else to our monsters for that. While thinking about another rule the Task Team quite fast decided that rerolling to hit is actually pretty cool on our monsters, but this time it doesn't matter in what combat phase it'll be! first, second, third the Beast Master​ doesn't care! And to make sure this Rule will really become handy the range a Beast Master​ can grant rerolls is increased to 12"!!

So the Beastmaster Upgrade in its current form is:

When taking Discipline Tests, all friendly Hydras and Kraken within 12" of a Beast Master​ roll one additional D6 and remove the highest D6 rolled.
At the beginning of each Close Combat Phase​, choose one friendly Hydra​, Kraken or Manticore​ within 12" of the Beast Master​. This model​must reroll failed to-hit rolls with Melee Attacks until the end of that Phase (riders are not affected).

I know you guys became a bit sceptical over the time but if this doesn't excite you I don't know what does! Still though always remember this still could change before release, so don't get toooo hyped (I know its tough :P)

So tell me what you think??


Noir out!

Author:  cultofkhaine [ Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:29 pm ]
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Thanks - found them after I logged in.

Sorry to make you post them again.

Author:  Calisson [ Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:03 am ]
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No problem,
not everyone has a T9A account, and you made me realize that some of the forum's content is not accessible for those who don't.

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