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Between Shadow and Light - Battle Scenario 
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As I said it before, I wrote a battle scenario for my friends and I.
Given the size of the text to be translated, it is possible that there is some errors. I apologize to you if there are misunderstanding....


Story :

There is many years, in the term of a Black Crusade, the Chaos Gods roared their frustration has the view of their champion and defeated armies.
This shout materialized in the old world under the shape of a psychic wave which was felt by all those capable of manipulating the winds of magic.
The rare which survived are mirrored to be delirious about a powerful Hero which will bring the victory to his side during the next black crusade which will sadden the Old World.

This one will be discovered by mortal one named as The Traveler, and whose fate is to find and to raise as his child this future hero.

The protagonists of the Forces of Order and Destruction understood well that, to whom will go the allegiance of the Traveler, will possess a huge advantage in this future conflict.

Today The Traveler was discovered and every camps send their armies, to bring back this Mortal and at the same time prevent the opponent from doing the same...

Special rules

* victory Conditions

To complete objectives during the battle brings victory points .
In the term of the battle, the theam which has the largest number of victory points win the battle. In case of a draw, count the victory point as indicated in the GRB for each destroyed units and fleeing units, this will indicated the winner.
The annihilation of the opposite armies will not guaranteed the victory...

* The armies

- 2vs2: Army list at 2700 points
- 3vs3: Army list at 1800 points
- The named Lords from the Army books are not authorized for this scenario.
- Every player can choose a named Hero from his Army book (he will not be necessarily the general of the army). This hero does not cost any point for the calculation of the army value . On the other hand his options (if necessary) are taken into account.
Other Lords and heroes (not named) are normally recorded according to the rules of the GRB.
- Every team can take only 3 war machines maximum and 3 units of "monstrous" type maximum.

* Battlefields

In the center of the table is a tower with the main objective (The Traveler).
3 Terrain defined randomly according to the rules of the GRB, by team are to be placed on the table among forest (of which at least 1 mysterious), swamps and buildings.

1D3+1 secondary objectives markers, distributed fairly on battlefields.

The deployment of the armies will be made according to the rules of the Battleline scenario described in the GRB.

Special Rule :
The scenario follows the rule of the Killbox: from the beginning of the second turn of the team which had the initiative, if a player end its turn with a Lord or a Hero in 14" or less from any edge of table, the opposite team marks immediately 2 victory points.
It is possible to measure these 14" at any time of the active team turn. This rule does not apply in the case of a fleeing hero or Lord or during a turn he rally, or still if he's in the unit which possesses the main objective of the scenario ( the Traveler).

* Magic Phase

During the magic phase, when the players of a team roll each their dices winds of magic, and after dices are rolled, indicate 1 opponent (still in game) who will have then the Dispel Dice.
The channelling power rule works according to rules indicated in the GRB.

If the balance of the strengths is broken (a player is eliminated, for lack of units on the table):
- There is more players who rolls for winds of magic that dispelling players : the surplus of dispell dice is lost
- There are fewer players who rolls for winds of magic that dispelling players : the player who is not indicated for the dispell dice receive 1D for his dispell pool and his wizards can still channelling dispel dice.

Example: the players A, B and C rolls each 2D.
A get 3 and 6
B get 2 and 1
C get 4 and 4

A indicate the player 2, who get 6 dispell dice
B indicate the player 1, who get 2 dispell dice
C indicate the player 3, who get 4 dispell dice

Every player can dispell any spell launched during this phase. It is not necessary to have one of its units taking for target by a spell to try to dispell it.

* Allied rules

Although the scenario brings into conflict Order against Destruction, the scenario follow the Suspicious Allies rules.
The Fragil Alliance rule do not apply either.

* The objectives

The main objective (the character of the Traveler) is placed in the central tower.

The secondary objectives, once their number determined, are alternately placed by every team. No secondary objective can be placed unless 18" of the central tower, or unless 10" of an edge of table.

* Capture an objective

- the secondary objectives markers.
To capture a secondary objective it is necessary to have a "operational" unit (or Scoring Unit) within 3" of the objective.

Are not considered as operational unit the followinf types:
> the Lords / hero who are not in a unit wich is not operational
> monsters
> the monstrous beasts
> beasts
> swarms
> war machines

A fleeing unit is not considered as operational.
A unity which rally, is not considered as operational the turn where it rally.

The capture of an objective can be contested if an opposite unit is within 3" of the same objective. These units are known as units of exclusion.
The following types are not considered as units of exclusion:
> the Lords / hero who are not in a unit wich is not an unit of exclusion
> monsters
> monstrous beasts
> swarms
> war machines

A fleeing unit is not considered as of exclusion.
A unity which rally is not considered as of exclusion the turn where it rally.

We determine the capture of an objective at the end of the last tour of the battle, and thus the allocation of the victory points for their capture.

- The main objective:
this particular objective does not follow the rules of capture of objective described above.
The validation of the capture of this objective, and thus the allocation of points, is made only when he was brought in the deploiement zone of the army which get him.
The battle ends and capture point are attributed if at the beginning of the turn of the player which tries to capture him, the objective is in its zone of deployment AND under its control.
To capture the Traveler it is necessary to follow the following stages:
> a scoring unit must be brought to the contact of the model (or enter the building if he's still inside), and can't do anything else during this turn. If the unit which tries to capture this objective make an action (charge, attack, fire, cast) during the same turn, the capture is cancelled.
> At the end of his turn the player captures the objective. This one is integrated into the unit by following the rules of the GRB concerning the independent characters who join a unit.
> The Traveler has a Movement of 4
> He must be placed in the 1st Row of the unit in the same way as the Fielding Command Group and will remain there always.
> He cannot be indicated as targets whether he's in close combat, the unit take shots, he's in a zone of damages, a vortex or take a magic effect.
> If the unit in which is the Traveler is flee or is destroyed, the model is randomly placed within 1D6" of its original position (before the flee movement if necessary). Use the scatter dice for the direction.

The Traveler cannot be moved in an obstacle, impassable terrain, or a unit. Move the model within 1" minimum of the these terrains.

* Calculation of the victory points

- first blood: 1
- kill a general / Lord / opposite heroin: 1
- capture a Battle Standard: 1 (the unit's banners, even magic, does'nt count)
- capture a secondary objective: 1
- capture the main objective: 2 (for Order)/ 1 (for Destruction)

A general / Lord / hero / Battle Standard Beaer which leaves the table is counted as a loss.

Adjustments of the victory point calculation for the main objective:
At the end of the Battle, we discover the Traveler's alignment. Every player rolls 1d6, add the results.

> 3v3
6-13: destruction
14-28: neutral
29-36: order

> 2v2
4-10: destruction
11-18: neutral
19-24: order

If the Traveler is Neutral, no adjustment is made.

If the Traveler follows the rules of the Destruction, we adjust the points which he brings back in the following way:
> +0 if he is captured by the Team Order
> +1 if he is captured by the Team Destruction

If the Traveler follows the rules of the Order, we adjust the points which he brings back in the following way:
> +1 if he is captured by the Team Orders
> +0 if he is captured by the Team Destruction

* The Number of the Beast

Whatever the alignment of the Traveler at the end of the Battle, Chaos weaves his web for centuries and it can have influenced on the heart of this man.
So, the result of the units of the adjustement roll, which determines the alignment of the Traveler (see above), will indicate which God of Chaos (or not) will have the hand put on the Traveler:
- 6: Slaneesh
- 7: Nurgle
- 8: Khorne
- 9: Tzeentch

In every case, if a Chaos God influences the Traveler, the Destruction Team win 1 additional victory point, no matter is the team which captures the main objective.

You are not the center of the Universe. We are. - Disciple of Khaine Manifesto. Line 9


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The first battle is planned by April 19th.

I shall play Druchii with by my side Daemons of Chaos.
Our opponents will be the High Elves and Bretonnia.

What we can expect from these opposite armies:

High Elfs:
- A sorcerer level 4 in a unit of Swordmasters of Hoeth
- Elyrian Reavers
- Dragon Prince of Caledor
- Sisters of Avelorn
- Flamespyre Phoenix
- Bolt Thrower
- Named Character: Caradryan

- Many many knights
- No Infantery
- Damsel or Prophetess with de lore of the Beast or lore of the Life.
- Field Trebuchet
- A deathball with lord or Hero with HKB
- The Fay Enchantress (it is not a named Hero, but as far as Bretonnia has no named Hero, we agreed to grant a reduction on the price of a named Lord.)

My first sketch of army is the following one (2700pt + Named Hero).
I really admit not to have looked for a complete optimization, but rather things funny to play (like the dragon ;) ) :


I don't know if this link will work. If not :

- Dread Lord
* Black Dragon
* heavy armor
* shield
* sea dragon cloak
* Magic Item : Cloak of Twilight + Chillblade
(Question : The Sea Dragon Cloak work as an armor, the Cloak of Twilight as an enchanted Item. But they're both cloak. May I take them both together ?)

- Sorceress (with the Black Guards)
* lvl 2 Lore of Metal
* Item : Scroll of Dispell

- Kouran Darkhand (with the Black Guards of course :) )

- Death Hag (with the Witch Elves)
* Cauldron of Blood
* Witchbrew
* Obsidian Blade

- Dreadspears x20
* Musician
* SB

- Darkshards x14
* Musician

- Witch Elves x30
* Hag
* Musician
* SB : Razor Strandard

- Black Guards x16
* Tower Master
* Musician
* SB : Banner of Swiftness

- Cold One Knights x10
* Dread Knight
° Magic Weapon : Bitting Blade
* Musician
* SB : War Banner

- War Hydra
* Spit Fire

You are not the center of the Universe. We are. - Disciple of Khaine Manifesto. Line 9


Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:37 am
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