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Katons MSU Musings (Game 1 up) 
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Ive been missing MSU a lot. I tried the idea a while ago, threw some battle reports together and played around with it. Found the concept of the army fun but always felt in some matchups I was a bit lacking. After a break from Elves and building up a Skaven army I find myself bored of blocks so ive some back to see what remains of 8th out with my MSU Elves.

A nice intro back into MSU playing against an army that I always struggle with while using small units. Skinks always feel like they could remove a unit alone with concentrated fire and fighting large blocks of Sarus has never ended well for my poor elves.

I ended up with a 2400 game vs a mate of mine.

Dark Elves: lvl 4: Glittering Robes, Gold Hounds, Transmutation of Lead, Final Transmutation
Lvl 2 : Doom Bolt, Word of Pain

Lizardmen: lvl 4:Shems Burning Gaze, Speed of Light, Banishment, Time Warp
Lvl 1:Harmonic Convergence
Lvl 1:Wild form


Shades were deployed out to give the Terradon Vanguard less room, i then won the roll off and shot the DR unit out to support the Shades, the Terradons still moved forward as far as they could. Last DR pushed up to threaten the castled Lizards left flank.

Lizard Turn 1


Terradons waste no time on fly over and drop rocks killing all 5 Shades. All panics are passed while Skinks move to the building looking for cover.
The other skink unit and salamander move ready to shoot the DR unit.
On the far left flank skinks jump in the building and with the other unit on that flank manage to kill one DR.

Magic is a 4-2 and sees me dispel harmonic on the right DR and he stores the last PD.

Dark Elves Turn 1


Wasting no time the Corsairs charge the Terradons who hold. Corsairs and BSB managed to bring down 2 flyers but the third flees away and the Corsairs don't catch.Left DR charge the skinks in the open losing 1 to S+S but 3 get in. The combat wasn't so favourable as the DR kill 4 skinks and get wiped out in return. Not wanting to be outdone the unit on the right charges the exposed skinks and they lose 2 to S+S. The remaining 3 kill the priest and another skink but lose 2 in return. Winning combat the lone DR gives chase and catches the unit. This panics the salamander who moves back to the safety of his own lines.
RxB jump in the building with the levels 2
The central units move from the safety of the battleline while the remaining Executioner unit is penned in behind Corsairs. The Pegasus flies up to hunt down the salamander and work his way across the Lizards flanks.

Magic is still weak with a 5-4 phase, a 5 dice doom bolt on the skinks in the building fails to cast.
To make matters worse Elven shooting proves ineffective as no wounds are caused across the Lizards army. Even RBT drift wide of the Bastiladon.

Lizards Turn 2


With the Terradon and Salamader rallied the Lizards tighten their line and consolidate to protect their blocks. This puts all their shooting out of range but the Slann knows better.
Magic turns into a 12-5 phase and i feel it could be a rough one.
Shems in cast on the BG, i ride the damage and lose 1 guy
Banishments next on the BG and i drop all 5 of my dice to stop it knowing he can only buff his units from here on.
The Skink/Krox units gets Timewarped and speed of light on them is failed.
The last few dice are put on the Bastiladons shooting attack which does 1 wound to the Kharibdyss.
The last dice is stored away.
It could have been a much worse phase than it was, my scroll was always in the back of my mind.

Dark Elves Turn 2


The peg charges the Salamander, the beast flees but rolles low and is caught.
Corsairs charge the Terradon who isn't swift enough and is caught too. The unit reforms to face off against the skinks on Sarus hiding behind. I moved the Medusa out here too in a hope to find some gaps and get her behind the Lizard lines or to tie up some skinks.

The BG push up looking to draw the Kroxigor unit into a long charge. Even buffed up i was I6 along with Hatred and ITP. The BG were my best unit to put up for a 1 on 1 fight.

The rest of the army moves up trying to keep a coherent spread of units with support.

Magic sees a 6-8 phase. Being up against it again i throw 6 dice doombolt into the skinks in the building but it’s dispelled.
This time shooting sees the Bastiladon hit by RBT fire but no wounds.
The rest of the army shooting kills a few skinks on the right.

Lizard Turn 3


Skink + Krox unit takes the bait and completes a long charge
The rest of the army moves up and gets into shooting range while the left sarus block face off vs the peg hero.

Magic is 6-4 and he opens with shems on the kharibdyss which i left through for 0 wounds. I dispell time warp on the krox and his bound spell fails to cast leaving 1 dice which is stored.
His shooting does nothing to me.

In combat i kill 9 skins and lose 5 BG, i hold the breaktest.,

Dark Elves Turn 3


The picture in this turn isnt 100% clear so i’ll try and add some clarity.
The Medusa charges the Skinks
The DR charges the left skinks annd the Kharibdyss charges the Bastiladon.

The way we worked this out was that the Medusa would complete 1st, this would contract the skinks allowing the DR to compete which contracted the skinks to allow the Kharibdyss to complete.
It took some working but in the end me and my opponent agreed that it was within the rules and all 3 charges would happen.

The peg hero charges the sarus block too, knowing he will be challenged i hoped he would hold the unit for a few turns.

The rest of the army moves up and gets into positions. And i do some character shuffling.
BSB joins the Executioners the Sorceress was in and the Sorceress joins the Executioner unit behind.

Magic sees a decent 8-6 phase. I use the lvl 2 and put 4 dice on boosted WOP onto the krox, failing to cast needing 9 on 4 dice. So i opt for a 4 dice trans to try and draw a scroll. I don't even cast needing 11 on 4 dice.

Shooting takes off a few of the Slanns sarus.

The Medusa wins her combat and Overruns into the DR combat, that is then won but he unit of skinks get away.
The remaining Bg kill the rest of the skinks but cant direct any hits on the krox. All but the BG champ die, and he holds the line for another round.
In the monster fight the Kharibdyss loses a wound and the bastiladon loses 2 and the bastildon holds.
The hero gets challenged by the sarus champ, i do 0 wounds and he does 0 but pings my charm shield. I hold.

Lizards Turn 4


The Slann and the Sarus unit side charge the Kharidyss.

The skinks priest jumps out the rear of the building and hides while the fleeing unit managed to rally and the other skinks jump out of the tower to threaten the RBT .

Magic sees 6-5.
The slann drops 2 dice on shems on the sorceresses unit, and i take the hit taking 2 wounds and saving them both. MR3 rules.
The last 3 dice go on a boosted speed of light. He gets a total of 14 on the dice and his lvl 4 so bang on the nose. I want to keep my scroll for the crucial elf combats so i use 5 dice. And fail to dispel.

With a boost in speed the Kharibdyss is fighting last. The Bastildaon does a wound and the Sarus unit managed 2 S4 wounds. If i can save 1 the Kharibdyss is still alive and i’ll get to fight back. I fail both saves and take my monster off.
Sarus reform just in time to see the BG champ squashed after putting 2 wounds on a krox.

This round the hero kills the Sarus champion so I hold.

Dark Elves Turn 4


The Medusa passes her frenzy and moved to shoot the Bastiladon.
With the game end in sight the elves move to preform a double flee, DR and Corsairs set the move in motion. While Executioners ready to beat the Krox and try to envelop the Slanns unit.

Magic sees 8-6, i open with 6 dice Final Trans on the Slanns unit and he burns the Scroll as expected,. Gold hounds on the Scar Vet is dispelled.

Shooting kills a few Sarus off the Slanns unit, both RBT miss the Bastiladon.

The peg heros fights the Scar Vet on foot, loses 2 wounds but holds.

Lizard Turn 5


The Slann moves his unit to charge the DR who flee and then the Corsair who also flee.
Krox charge the Executioner but are all cut down before they can attack. And the unit reforms.

Peg hero breaks and is caught and the Sarus block reforms.

Magic sees 7-3.
I scroll bubbled Speed of Light but fail to dispel a Banishment on the Executioner block. Luckily i only lose 1 model after MR3 from the Character.
1 dice is stored.

Dark Elves Turn 5


The DR fails to rally, the Corsairs rally.
The BSB and the Executioners preform another daring double flee
The rest of the army moves to try and survive the last turns.

Magic is 7-6 and i 6 dice Trans again and he uses the cube of darkness.
Shooting kills the skinks near the RBT and the RBTs finally kill the Bastiladon.

Lizard Turn 6


The Slanns unit charged the BSB, he flees. This doesnt go to plan as the Executioners panic and run before he can make it through the unit. Leaving him rolling a 6 and the Slanns unit only needing a 4 on 2D6 to catch. The roll comes up, 1,2. The BSB gets away luckily.

The other unit of Sarus make a long charge but both Executioners and Corsairs withdraw as well.
The mounted Scar Vet charged the Medusa, she stands and shoots and turns the Scar Vet to stone mid charge.

4 skinks shoot down the Meduas for killing the Scar Vet

Magic sees 12-5 phase and between shems and banishment 9 executioners die but can still rally.

Dark Elves Turn 6


All the units bar the DR rally.

I skip to magic, i cant Trans the Slanns unit so settle for a Scar Vet but i dont roll the wound.
Shooting kill the 4 skinks as an act of revenge for the Medusa and we call it.

I did feel a bit bad for all the double fleeing and basically refusing to play Warhammer towards the end, I was desperately holding onto my small win.

After the game we ranked back up and we played again. I played aggressive and pushed every turn. Lost 20-0 when I did that but it was good to see that my conservative play got me a small win and it showed my opponent that its like bouncing off a brick wall when small units of elves charge Sarus unsupported. Both games were great and we always have a good game.

Hope you all enjoyed the report. Ive got Bretonians next week so I’ll try and get a report there too.

Thu Apr 23, 2015 7:51 am
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Thanks for the report, enjoyed indeed.
Nice to see a Medusa doing her job!
Compliments for the win, and nice from you to replay in your opponent's strength.

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Thu Apr 23, 2015 3:57 pm
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