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2K pts. vs. Dwarves, The 9th Age 
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Sorry, text only.

I played my first serious 9th age game this afternoon.

He brought a big block 25ish of kings guard with a character. A long gunline of 25ish dwarf crafted hand guns or some such with another character. A third big block of clansmen 25ish. An anvil of doom, an organ gun, and three gyros.

I brought a Dread prince on a Pegasus, lvl2 oracle of shadows, Captain BSB on raptor. 26 corsairs (oracle), 10 Dread knights (captain), 3x5 Dark riders, Raptor Chariot, 2 Bolt throwers, and Acolytes w/champion.

I picked the wooded side, his was more open, somewhat guaranteeing his typical dwarven deployment clustered in the middle. He dropped everything right away, so he ended up going first, but I got all the deployment advantages. I vanguard my three unit of dark riders up to stir the bombers into action.


It works. All of his bombers come up to clear my chaff, but only succeed in whittling them down, one per unit. His organ gun on the other hand ruins the left most unit of Riders, sending the last one fleeing. His magic phase is uneventful.

Dread Elves:
I have an opening on my left flank. My chariot can reach his bomber on a 9 and does. I make quick work of it with impact hits alone. I feel a lot safer about my acolytes slowly creeping up the left of the board now. My single Rider rallies. My bolt throwers both six shoot the organ gun directly opposed, causing one wound. On the right, my other two DR units go for shots against his gun line. Nothing succeeds. I move my corsairs 5" and just get in range of the Gyro for a handbowin'. I'm hoping to maybe take one wound for the dread prince to clean up on the next turn. I hit with more than half despite the modifiers, but wound with none. I'm hoping I don't regret not marching with them now. The Knights march toward the middle. Everyone on the right starts to close in on the angle. While his left is starting to weaken with threats running amok. My magic phase doom bolted 4 hand gunners off the board.


He continues to clear some chaff, on my right he focuses his energy on my knights. His bomber, a spell and his gunline all attack them, spell didn't do anything. On the rest I rolled more than a few rounds of great armour saves. I'm left with 7 in the unit, pass my panic check. He finishes off my right most unit of Dark Riders. Took two rounds of fire so I'm happy. My chariot took 4 shots from the organ gun, suffering two wounds. He mistakenly faces his kingsguard toward the upcoming acolyte rather than the chariot coming toward the organ gun.

Dread Elves:
I love what's happening on my left right now. My Chariot is an 8 inch charge from his organ gun and I make it. My first solo Rider charges in as well. My acolytes circle beside his kingsguard (which he hasn't moved all game, and failed to turn and protect his organ gun at least), for some spells I'm thinking. I'd like to reduce his gunlines S/T and crash into it with the knights. I'd brought my dread prince way right so I charge him into the clansmen. Along with the corsairs to I should be able to break them, he's got no BSB. My Dread Prince makes it. I try to charge the clansmen with my corsairs but fail (I blame the early move, keep the handbows for charge reactions only and march with them). Now I really need that Knight charge into the gunline. But I fail that too. So I'm feeling like a sitting duck in the middle, and my Dread Prince against 25 clansmen. My rallied Rider turns toward the center gyro for a shot and misses. The bolt throwers take aim for the kingsguard and kill 3. Magic saved my battle this time though. I landed a boosted BS miasma on his gunline and rolled a 5. So they'd be hitting on 6's the next turn. He dispelled the death spell I tried to put on the clansmen to help my poor prince out, spell failed but the aura gave -1LD, hopefully that helps. And my Chariot continues being a superstar, crushing the organ gun crew on impact. And then way out on the right things got interesting. My General kills four of his guys, he does no injuries to the prince. He's still steadfast though and rolls right on his LD9. Only the spell aura made him leadership 8. So he ended up failing with no BSB, and the lone prince runs them down.


He reforms his kings guard to face the battle, but too late and can't charge my chariot now who is staring behind his gun line, licking his chops at the anvil of doom. His gun line fires at my knights and hits next to nothing with his 20 or so shots @BS1. The few that do plink harmlessly off my armour. His anvil bangs out a wound to my chariot that also makes all movement a Dangerous terrain test. Scores no wounds on a lighting type attack on my Prince. His bomber kills two more knights. Four and my Captain left.

Dread Elves:
From my left to right, the acolytes march test and circle around the kingsguard but just out of his arc, my Chariot charges into the anvil, the lone Rider that was with the chariot charges into the flank of the gunline, it's a bit of a long shot, but if he can somehow win or survive/hold the dwarves are completely done, I'd consider it the nail in the coffin. Because wouldn't you know it, the knights and the corsairs failed their charges again... The Lone Rider looks across the battle field at his captain, winks, says "I got this". The Lone Rider, who took on the gun line flank, caused a wound, and he didn't take one. His gun line won't be firing on the charge deficient right flank. Between magic and shooting the last two bombers are gone. The Chariot stomps out the anvil on impact again. The Prince circles around to face the battlefield after his clansmen run down, watching with pleasure as his charioteers win him glory.


He tries to charge his kingsguard into my hero Rider who held the gunline, and fails. His hand gunners kill the rider in combat however, but his sacrifice will be remembered. I'm sure he made it into the book of grudges. But that's like the HoF if you ask me. He is completely out of options now.

Dread Elves:
I put the Acolytes into the gunline flank, the original single rider that still remains goes into his front as do the knights, the right flank gets the corsairs, and the rear gets the prince and chariot. While his Kingsguard look on in horror, my entire remaining army descends on his gunline, as I exorcise more than my fair share of vengeance. I killed all but two sending them reeling, caught and run down by the other single horse. Bolts and magic take another 5 from the kingsguard.


The Guard charge and obliterate the warlocks. Now he realizes how wrong it was to give them any attention with the kings guard.

Dread Elves:
Everything goes into the Guard that can fit. Ends up being the chariot and remaining knights. To my delight we kill them to a man.


I don't know how scoring points works in 9th yet, but in 8th he would have gotten points for nothing but the two dark rider units and the acolytes. An absolute dismantling.

MVP is the Chariot. Complete beast mode the entire game. Laid waste to everything it touched.

Key moments: Holding the gunline with the lone dark rider, the -3BS Miasma spell, the -1LD break from combat on the clansmen. Big big things that went wrong for the dwarves.

Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:31 pm
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Seems that the Gods of dice were behind you.
Good work!

For scoring in 9th Age, you get half of the unit points for units below 25%, and half for units fleeing.
There are secondary objectives too, which are capture by pennant bearers.

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Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:50 pm
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Thanks for the report and good job! :)

Just one rules comment. By the -1 Ld spell, do you mean the attribute? That is cast and dispelled together with the original spell - if I understand it correctly that your death magic hex was dispelled, the attribute should have not been in effect.

And maybe one strategic comment. :) The text gives the impression that you were shooting the kingsguard even though some bombers and shooters were still alive. Usually, I shoot in the other priority order because a big fighty unit can be redirected most of the time but shooters bring the pain every turn. In addition, a dead bomber is an important difference that does not take that much to score while it usually takes quite a few dead infantrymen to change how the unit works in a significant way. On the other hand, sometimes even a handful of dead guys can shift the odds a lot and sometimes bombers are in cover so I am really not saying you did anything wrong. :)

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Mon Apr 18, 2016 6:27 pm

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Marchosias wrote:
Thanks for the report and good job! :)Just one rules comment. By the -1 Ld spell, do you mean the attribute? That is cast and dispelled together with the original spell - if I understand it correctly that your death magic hex was dispelled, the attribute should have not been in effect.

I've never heard that. We play (and have played since 8th) that the lore attributes are triggered upon any successfully cast spell. And that dispelling the spell has no effect on the lore attribute. After checking the rules books though, I see that 9th is clear about when the lore attribute is supposed to be applied.

Marchosias wrote:
The text gives the impression that you were shooting the kingsguard even though some bombers and shooters were still alive.

The Chariot killed one, a bolt thrower killed one, and doombolt and bolt thrower killed the last. I think after turn three they were gone. I might have mixed up the turns on a few actions.

Mon Apr 18, 2016 7:04 pm
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