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Flee behind friendly unit 
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At page 58 of the rulebook it states that if a unit after the resolution of a combat flee and is meeting a friendly unit the fleeing unit pass over the friendly unit while the enemy can charge the new unit. can this happen if a charge is declared and a flee reaction is determined?
I make it more clear with an example:




there is a unit of knights charging a unit of executioners. Behind these executioners at 1" there is a unit of corsairs. The Executioners decide to flee and their results is 7. do they flee behind the corsairs and the knights can charge the corsairs?
let assume the knight result is 8 and movement is 8. with 16 movement, can they go around the corsairs and pursue the exec?
what if the exec results is 2 are they placed 1" behind the corsairs or they charge the corsairs itself?
can the corsairs stand and shoot at the knights?

Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:54 pm
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OK. That's a lot of questions. It's important to keep the proper order of the turn in mind here. You declare a charge and resolve charge reactions first, before moving the chargers. This is important, because it means the situation could still change throughout the charge declaration subphase.

  1. Knights declare charge on Executioners.
  2. Executioners chose charge reaction.
  3. They flee, roll 2D6 yielding 7 inches.
  4. They flee away from the Knights (middle to middle), running over the Corsair unit. The land at least 1" behind the Corsair unit. This means that, if they had rolled a 2" on the flee, they still would land 1" behind the Corsair unit.
  5. The Corsairs have to take a panic test, because a friendly fleeing unit just ran over them. This is part of resolving the flee reaction. If the Corsairs flee, it could well be that they flee over the Executioners again, making the Executioners reachable.
  6. Whether the Corsairs pass their test or not, the Knights can attempt to (but do not have to) redirect their charge. If they wish to redirect, they have to pass a leadership test.
    • If they pass the leadership test, they can redirect the charge on the Corsairs (if they are a valid chargable target). The Corsairs can choose to hold, flee or stand and shoot.
    • If they do not pass the leadership test, then they still count as charging the Executioners.
    Now.. it's not over yet. There's an important step here, still. You can still declare other charges and charge reactions at this point. For example, if there would be another enemy unit in this scenario, it could also declare charges and cause charge reactions that may jumble the situation.

When all charge declarations and charge reactions have been resolved, only then are charge distances measured and rolled for.

Let's consider a few possible situations:
  • The Executioners fled 'behind' the Corsairs. The Knights did not redirect, and so still have to charge the Executioners. Even if they roll the distance for the charge, it is probably a failed charge because you are allowed only 1 wheel during the charge, though that wheel can be up to 90 degrees. If they can not complete that movement with a single wheel, then they fail the charge regardless of what dice they roll. They roll 3 dice and move forward the highest score (as per swiftstride rules) towards the Executioners. They can not charge the Corsairs any longer at this point. Even IF this failed charge distance would bring into contact with the Corsairs, they stop 1" from the Corsairs because they can not charge that unit.
  • Suppose the Knights were not looking straight at the Corsairs, but in an angle, such that a straight line could carry them around the Corsairs. In this case, it is possible they could reach the executioners and so they might make the charge if they roll the distance, running around the Corsairs.
  • If the Executioners fled behind the Corsairs, and the Knights redirected into the Corsairs, and the Corsairs "held", then the Knights can roll for a straight charge to the Corsairs.
  • If the Executioners fled behind the Corsairs, and the Knights redirected into the Corsairs, and the Corsairs fled behind the Executioners, then the Knights count as charging the Corsairs. If the executioners stand in their way, and prevent them from reaching the Corsairs with a single wheel, then it is a failed charge. Even if their (failed) charge roll would have them run into the Executioners they would stop at 1" because they do not count as charging that unit.

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Wed Jun 03, 2015 2:05 pm
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I'm not sure it's possible to provide anything beyond that thorough and concise reply. If there's something obvious he didn't cover, I'm not sure what it would be.

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thank you very much, very clear :)

Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:33 am
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