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Your Most memorable Dark Elf Moments 
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Cold One Knight
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Joined: Fri Aug 23, 2002 12:58 am
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Some good stories in here!

Probably my most memorable moment was when a single unit of Witch Elves took apart half of my opponents VC army.

I had moved them straight up the middle of the battlefield, and my opponent was reasonably clever in that he put a unit of skellies in front of them and set a unit of zombies up for a flank charge in the next turn. These were both large (30+) units too.

First turn, I charge the skellies and wipe out the entire front rank (and then some) with casualties, and a whole lot more crumble away.

Next turn the zombies charge in, and again I wipe out their entire front rank before they strike, and do the same to the skeletons. Even though I was outflanked, I ended up winning combat by some ridiculous amount and the rest of the skeletons and most of the remaining zombies crumbled away. The next turn the remaining zombies were history.

Seeing this carnage, and fearing that his Necromancer's unit was in for some more "Witch Elf lovin", his Necro left his unit and ran to join another one. Just as well too, as the unit he was in, was charged and destroyed in 2 turns of combat.

This was also my most memorable victory - it was a 1500 point game and I lost only 5 Witch Elves (due to an IF Curse of Years cast on the last turn). In return his army was almost completely destroyed - he only had his Necro and some Black Knights left...

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Wed Oct 16, 2002 6:36 am
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Joined: Thu Jun 13, 2002 7:30 pm
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My sorceress survived a charge by an 8 man unit of Empire Inner Circle Cavalry without a scratch, killed one of them (!), then got taken down the next turn... by the horses. LOL!! Yes, he rolled a 1 for the armor save on the single wound I caused. ROFL!

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Wed Oct 16, 2002 9:18 am
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Once I sent a post asking you guys how to outmagic Highelves.
When I finally fought the battle, I managed to cast 2 Black Horrors. One of them killing 6 of 8 Silver helms, the other one killing 5 of 8. I also got a dominion on White Lions, and soulstealer killing 10 of 15 Swordmasters.
My opponent conceded on turn 3.

Wed Oct 16, 2002 11:25 am
Malekith's Tastetester & Physician
Malekith's Tastetester & Physician
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Joined: Thu Oct 10, 2002 9:41 pm
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Most memorable moment, and I kid you not, you gotta read this:

A friend had taken an assasin, and took it out of a unit to charge an uber unit of 10 black orcs plus back orc general. Challenged the orc general, killed him, ALL FOUR ATTACKS WORKED! Won combat by 1, over-ran the orcs, right into his artillery. Killed the catapult and next the bolt throwers before the guy could do anything. Then charged into the rear of a combat causing enough wounds to send them packing also....

Thats the last time he fielded that particular assasin. I think he mounted him somewhere.

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Thu Oct 17, 2002 6:05 pm
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Joined: Sat Jun 15, 2002 12:26 am
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My best moment I've ever had was when I was playing a mass battle. Wood Elves started coming at me from the right trying to get as many victory points at the end of the game as they could. The WE player had it set up so that he had a small unit of glade riders close to my bolt thrower, above them another unit of glade riders, and behind that unit was a mage. I declared a charge on the upper unit of glade riders with my Dark Riders, then shot the smaller unit to pieces with the bolt thrower. The unit was annihilated, then upper glade riders panicked, and my dark riders persued right into the mage. However, then the mage beat my dark riders in combat and wardancers came in and ripped them up the next turn=p.
My most embarresing moment, was when I played against dwarfs. My manticore moved up to take out their cannon crew, it was already down to one wound. When I came in to kill them I rolled to hit and made ALL ones. His dwarf crew then proceeded to hit twice, and wound. THE DWARF CREW KILLED MY MANTICORE! Then later in that game my cold one knights were run down by ironbreakers.=p Khaine has deserted me.=(

Sat Oct 19, 2002 1:07 pm
Master Assassin
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Joined: Fri Oct 11, 2002 6:36 pm
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mine has got to be killing a giant with 3 wounds allready gone from a bolt thrower then getting charged by a giant (with 3 wounds left) into 4 of my bot thrower crew, him only managing to kill one crew man (i dont know how) then me attacking with 3, 3 hit, 3 wound and a dead giant.

The only problem is that he fell straight on top of my crew killing 2 of them leaving me with one left.

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Sun Oct 20, 2002 10:28 am
Malekith's Best Friend
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Joined: Mon Sep 23, 2002 10:35 pm
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How did you have 4 crew men? 2 reapers?

Well, time WOULD be nice...
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Sun Oct 20, 2002 4:51 pm
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Cold One Knight
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Joined: Thu Oct 10, 2002 8:32 pm
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Has to be this one.
My first 6th edition battle with DE:

2 RBT shooting on a unit of 7 white woves plus hero.
12 shots hitting on 4+...8 hits.
8 hits wounding on 3+...7wounds.
He saves on 4...6 knights dead. :D :D :D

Mon Oct 21, 2002 7:23 pm
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Joined: Fri Aug 30, 2002 8:56 pm
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Location: Stockport Near Manchester England
Dark Steed Killing a steam tank :)

Alright the highborn and the 7 COK did help



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Mon Oct 21, 2002 7:28 pm
Malekith's Best Friend
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Joined: Sun Nov 03, 2002 7:46 pm
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the funniest moment for me is when I killed the entire Dwarf horde and lost none in return.
Oh, no, he left none of my men alive and I killed not a single model. Yes, that was it! :mrgreen:

Naja, after a while you don't care about such matters, and I was laughing all the way, µI just couldn't stop.
I had all the bad luck in the world (3+ to hit with 6 knights: 1,1,2,2,4; to wound on3+: 2) and he had the luckiest dice rolls in the world (hit on 6+: 1,2,4,5,6,6,6)

Naja, I got massacred but it was great fun! :lol:

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Sun Feb 23, 2003 9:27 am
Slave on the Altar
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Joined: Mon Feb 17, 2003 7:27 pm
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In a druchii vs druchii game:
In the first round, my 12 crossbowmen shot at a unit of cold one knights (5 of them), and I managed to kill 2 knights, which made the unit panic, and of course run off the table.

Knowledge is no longer power, knowledge is survival...

Sun Feb 23, 2003 4:34 pm
Adept of Khaine
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Joined: Sat Dec 28, 2002 6:21 pm
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2000 pt. game chaos vs. dwarfs:

my khorne lord against his dwarf lord in single combat, both tooled to the max... stray rock from a stone thrower kills them both in one shot. We laughed our asses off and called the game a draw. !lol! !lol! !lol!

Best druchii moment.... Would have to be when my knights killed basically an entire dwarf army (yeah i play vs dwarfs alot). They got the flank on some outer crossbowmen, destroyed them, overran into warriors, destroyed them, overran into longbeards, destroyed them, then ran into stubborn hammerers and after flanking them cut the stunties down to the last man.

The WORDST moment would have to be losing all my 7 knights to shooting in one round vs the same opponent! :(

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Sun Feb 23, 2003 5:28 pm
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Joined: Fri Feb 21, 2003 7:17 pm
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it was a huge battle, druchii vs. imperium =>
my opponent set his general at the front of his army, but i had the first turn...
one shot by the RBT and one dead general... in the first round
i love this feeling...

i like my captain morgan with a half of a cola

Sun Feb 23, 2003 5:56 pm
Slave (off the Altar)
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Joined: Mon Nov 11, 2002 9:50 am
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One of my most memorable moments was back in 5th edition. I charged a witch elf hero armed with the hydra blade and a potion of strength into a unit of 15 chaos knights. She butchered them down to 4 knights then cut down the remaining four as they fled!

Sun Feb 23, 2003 5:57 pm

Joined: Tue Jul 02, 2002 10:11 am
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Location: oxford, pa
it has to be when I charged 24 executioners with a noble (and banner of murder) into a vampire counts unit of 12 grave guard with his carstein lord in it. I challenged his vampire lord with my champion. hit once and then rolled a 6' for wounding..killing blow baby..he immediately conceded the game in the second turn..

got to love it.....

worst moment unit of cold one knights failing stupidity two turns in a row to charge a bunch of skaven...agg how annoying.

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Sun Feb 23, 2003 9:37 pm
My own worst enemy
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Joined: Mon Aug 05, 2002 4:58 am
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I've got two, one of them good, the other not so much.

1. My best moment of warhammer was when after luring Grimgor and 11 black orcs (1000 points or there aboute) after my COKs looking for a flank charge my Executioners (16) with the banner of murder managed to charge into his flank. Out popped my assassin and after 3 turns the only one left was Grimgor and I'd lost 2 executioners. He subsequently ran away.

2. I once rolled 7 ones with 7 dice on the charge with my COKs. I've sealed and removed the dice from my collection, but I keep them as a reminder to the other dice. Good part was the cold ones cause 5 out of 7 wounds.

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Sun Feb 23, 2003 10:44 pm
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Malekith's Best Friend
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Joined: Fri Aug 02, 2002 11:51 pm
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2000 point game V Empire..... He got first turn, by the end of his second turn I had my High Born/BSB/unit of Knights a lvl2 sorceress and 1 Reaper left. All the rest were dead and buried. This last unit took down a steam Tank in one turn (The High Born got rid of 21 hull points on his own!), they then proceeded to run rampant down the whole side of his army, winning me the game. (Only 1 knight left at the end!) Meanwhile the reaper took a charge from a mounted Captain and killed him! Now that's lucky!

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Mon Feb 24, 2003 12:34 am
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Joined: Thu Feb 27, 2003 9:36 am
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My good experience in 5 ed was that my general manage to kill pesky rune lord witch executioner's Axe...damn my opponent was so pissed
mainly because ugly's folk R.Lord had that rune witch gave him 10 T.
:) but in the same battle the same general killd his General again with executioners Axe( I used to love this toy) and he became so angry that he
broke his inch meter by throwing it in to the wall.

on 6 ed my grat succes was against Dwarfs
Witch Elves charged big unit of Iron Breakers wieh general and lot's of runes of defence from front and Cold one Knighst from Rear.
They broke down and rest of his army was a bit easier now to crush but still hard crack.

Zeth wrote:
sorc on a highborn is not a good unit option

Thu Feb 27, 2003 10:29 am
Cold One Knight
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Joined: Tue Dec 17, 2002 7:43 pm
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Location: Bristol, England
Mine has to be killing a bloodthirster with chillwind, and then watching as my high sorceress failed to do anything for the fest of the battle :oops:

- The Black Host (Druchii) - 47/17/5
- Shamblin' Horde (VC) - 9/2/2

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Thu Feb 27, 2003 5:15 pm
Dark Rider

Joined: Fri Sep 20, 2002 9:23 pm
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Hmmm. Probably when my unit of five cold one knights annihilated a huge block of thiry five goblins--then overran them and destroyed a Doom Diver catapult.

Another instance could be when my unit of twenty corsairs (with a war banner) held up a charging unit of fifteen HE Dragon Princes for three turns. God was my opponent peeved! He spent a fortune in points for those dragon princes (not to mention his hero in them). My corsairs came through.

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Sun Mar 02, 2003 9:12 pm
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Joined: Mon Nov 04, 2002 1:39 pm
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Most memorable moment? well, I have some fun ones :)

Before I became the real big time rule studying kid, I didn't know that u made overruns and pursuits into fresh enemy charges the following turn.

Here I stand, my cold ones in the middle of a pals bros great swords and whitewolves, I take the hard desicion (spelled wrong, miscast) and charge his greatswords, total annihilation, next is a detachment for his halbardiers, 1 handgunner :) ran on, and remember, all this in one turn, into his halbardiers, autobreaks, his other detachment of 5 handgunners, ended up with in the end killing a cannon too, and being shot afterwards by the helblaster :) where did that battle line go... :D hehe... we're still to play that game again.

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Mon Mar 03, 2003 1:48 pm
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Joined: Mon Nov 04, 2002 7:08 pm
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My most memorable was when i played against High elves, my spearman unit with assasin in it the only thing i had left at turn 4 (We played 7 turns). Then i placed them right infront of his last remaining models, 4 RBTs and an archmage. In his turn 5 he kills everyone in the unit exept the command group and one rank-and-file troop. In my turn, i reveal the assasin and move towards the RBT:s, hoping for a miracle. Then he took up his 24 shooting dices (Magic miscasted and killed the mage !lol! .) and rolled the largest number off ones i have EVER seen in one throw, 18 ones!. The others killed the command group, and my assasin sped forward and killed one machine, overran, killed another. Next turn about 4 shoots hit and one wounded and then the assasin charged, killed overrann. The end result was i had that assasin and one lonely hydra handler hiding in the woods left, and he had a units champion trying to make it to the beastmaster.

Long time no see.

Mon Mar 03, 2003 2:35 pm
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Joined: Sun Nov 24, 2002 1:19 pm
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Number one: A unit of 19 corsairs and a hero with greatweapon charge a unit of 20 ironbreakers. I kill one he kills... nada! "Of course" it ended with him fleeing, and me running him over. ohh that was sweet.

But the best ever must be when I fought against a tcench chaoswarrior army.
And my opponent tried to charge my cok that was looked in battle with 2 units of warrior. The unit he tried to charge with was chosen chaos knights. And for the luck of Khaine he failed his fear test, hehe I ran over the two units with warriors and smashed his chosen knights :D

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Mon Mar 03, 2003 8:59 pm
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Sydney GT last year 1st game - Whole army lined up for charge on a Dwarf army. Multiple charges, COKs outnumbering units etc. Stupidity tests on 10 - 1st test Generals unit 11 -fail! !conf! 2nd test BSBs unit 11 - fail! :x 3rd Test Chariot 12 - fail ! :evil:
Infantry charge in unsupported while the nobility sit scratching their collective asses. Needless to say next turn most of my army was fleeing off the board and my COK/COCs were all charged by Dwarf units that had pursued my defeated infantry. By the end of turn 4 it was all over bar the shouting.

This game pretty much set the tone for the whole tourney. The only game I won was against DE. Then again I've only ever lost to DE's once :) .

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Fri Mar 07, 2003 9:29 pm
Dark Rider
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This is not Dark Elves but it is so ace I had to say it:

Once my friend had a Khorne greater daemon against my Orc and Goblins army. Part-way through his greater daemon charged a night goblin unit of mine. He caused a few wounds, below average. Then I attacked back...one hit...won wound...and one failed ward save! My run-of-the-mill cowardly night goblin managed to wound a greater daemon of Khorne! And that meant I won the combat! The model in question is now retired and called Bob the Khorne Daemon Slayer!

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Fri Mar 07, 2003 9:51 pm
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