The new book summary, as reported by Milney
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Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:25 pm ]
Post subject:  The new book summary, as reported by Milney

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The book is for sale on 2nd of August and frequently available in stores before that date for free consultation. Previously, I could consider that all the indications below came from rumors that could not be confirmed by open sources (people claiming that they have the book in hand are not open sources, although they are probably reliable sources).
But as the book, covered by copyright, is progressively made widely available, the situation changes.

In order to stay within Druchii.net rules, I removed any pts indication, before the new army book was officially released.
I replaced the previous pts estimates by a rough comparison with the previous book (>, =, <, <<...) or, when no equivalent existed, with a rough estimate (25pts range, >50pts...).

After having bought the Army Book, I made a last edition in order to correct a few small discrepancies (Crone Hellebron, Web of Shadow, harpies).
Overall the information provided here seems 99% accurate at first estimate (and the pts cost previously posted - then later on erased - were 97% accurate as well).

I shall not modify this thread furthermore.
Thank you all the participants that helped me updating it. With 43,500 readers, it seems to have been useful.


As a quick reference, I summarized in the posts below all that Milney said, with edits from those who claim to have seen the book: bernh, Horsehead, Harsan d'Hiss (registered here as Hiss) from the French thread.
http://forum.warhammer-forum.com/index. ... opic=99910
Si vous préférez la version française, prenez-là, elle est aussi bonne ! Merci Harsan d'Hiss .]

Of course, the whole thread will be outdated when the book will arrive in stores. Needless to say, some of the data below will prove incomplete or wrong, and only the book has all the fluff.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:25 pm ]
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Army Specific: General Rules

Eternal Hatred: Dark Elves hate everyone. Against High Elves this hatred continues in subsequent rounds of combat. Only unit that havn't Eternal Hatred is a harpies. BG and War Hydra do have "Eternal Hatred". Actually, BG have EH and will always pursue. "Elite warrior" for BG is reroll missess in every round of combat, against any type of opponent.

Khainite (Replaces Sect enmity): Non-Khainite characters are unable to join Khainite units. Khainite characters are free to join non-Khainite units however. Khainite units are Execs and WE. Khainite characters are Death Hag, Assassin, Crone Hellebron, Tullaris and Shadowblade.

Repeater Crossbows: 24" range, 2x multiple shots, Strength 3, Armour Piercing.

Repeater Handbows: 8” range, 2x Multiple shots, Strength 3. May always stand and shoot, no modifiers for long range or moving. Can take 2 for 4x multiple shots. It does not have the "Pistol" rule, so it doesn't count as a Hand Weapon. So it's a choice between shooting and 2A in combat. Access to Rhb is available to Corsairs, Dreadlord, Masters and Assassins.

Sea Dragon Cloaks have not changed.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:28 pm ]
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Dark Elf Sorceresses are able to use Dark Magic or Lores of Shadow , Death , Fire and Metal.
Dark Elf Sorceresses no longer gain +1 to cast.
Dark Elf Sorceresses can use unlimited number of power dice to cast a spell.

*Power of Darkness FREE SPELL* 4+ to cast, generates D3+1 Power Dice that can only be used by caster. Any dice unused cause Strength 4 hit on the caster.
PoD isn't a spell of Dark Lore, it's a spell that knows each Dark Elf wizard (even Malekith).

Dark Magic:

1 – Chillwind 5+ D6 Strength 4 hits, 24". Any casualties prevent shooting.

2- Doombolt 6+ D6 Strength 5 hits. 18". It's exactly as it is now.

3 – Word of Pain 7+ Same as current except that it lasts one turn, does not remain in play as in previous armybook.

4 – Blade wind 8+ 3D6 WS4 S4 attacks on unit within 24".

5 – Soul Stealer 10+ 12”, Each model from a single unit takes Strength 2 hit, No Armour Saves. Wounds go to caster (no more than double).

6 – Black Horror 11+ Large template, Strength test or take a wound 18" range, no save, panic test if a wound is taken – all models touched by template are affected (so no more rolling on 4+)

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:32 pm ]
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Magic items. Lots of new items! There's about 4 pages of magic items in the book but No soulstone No rubric of dark dimensions No Darksword.

Common Items: Sword of Striking , Sword of Battle , Sword of Might, Biting Blade, Staff of Sorcery :much <<pts. Power Stone: <pts.

Magic Weapons:

Executioner's Axe Same as in 6th Edition - as before, in addition d3 wounds, =pts, "model on foot only".

Blade of Ruin (=pts) Same as in 6th Edition.

Chillblade (>>pts) Back from 6th Edition, and much improved. Each hit makes the target take a toughness test or take a wound with no armour save. If a model takes any wounds they cannot attack that turn.

Web of Shadows (>>pts) Same as in 6th Edition but with a points increase. Seems to be a copy-paste from the 6th edition book, except the hits are now automatic. One use, 2D6 S3 hits on one model in contact without carrying out wounds on other models.

Heartseeker (>pts) rethrow missed "to hit" and "to wound" in HtH.

Hydra Blade (<<pts) Same as in 6th Edition, but with a points decrease from 50pts to 35pts.

Caledor's Bane (=pts) +3 strength on the charge, Ignores Scaly skin saves. (NB. It is not stated as a Lance, so can be used on foot).

Lifetaker (=pts) 30" range, Strength 4, 3x multiple shots. Always hits on a 2+ (no re-roll to wound).

<<Dagger of Hotek[/b]] >> (>25 pts) Magic Dagger which can be combined with normal hand weapons for an additional attack. Grants the bearer the ASF rule.

Crimson Death (<pts) always S6, two handed. Same as in 6th Edition, just with a points decrease from 35pts to 25pts.

Deathpiercer (25pts range), cavalry lance with KB.

Whip of Agony (beastmaster’s scourge) 25pts range 'always Str 5, no matters anything', with AP.

Soulrender, <25pts Great Weapon, AP.

There was no GoP weapon.

Magic Armours:

Armour of Living Death (<<pts) Almost exactly the same as in 6th Edition, but with a points decrease. Added effect that at the start of the battle you roll a dice - on a 1 he is subject to stupidity for the game.

Armour of Eternal Servitude (<<pts) Heavy Armour, Regeneration.

Shield of Ghrond Same as in 6th Edition.

Armour of Darkness (=pts) Gives the bearer a 1+ armour save, that cannot be improved. No Shield component.

Blood Armour Same as in 6th Edition, < pts, only wounds in hth counts.

Sea dragon cloak of hag Graef (25 pts range) is a regular SDC with the addition that any ranged attack hits on the character (including shooting, magic missiles and other spells with a strength value) have their strength halved rolling to wound (rounding up).

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:35 pm ]
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Black Amulet (>50pts) Gives the bearer a 4+ Ward Save. In Close Combat any successful ward saves reflect the attack doing 1 wound with no saves.

<<Pendant of Khaeleth (Reverse Ward Save)>> (>25pts) Gives the wearer a ward save. When wounded roll a dice - if the dice roll is equal or under the strength of the attack the wound is negated. A 6 always fails.

Ring of Hotek (25pts range) Same effect as in 6th Edition, but with a range of 12". The Ring of Hotek now goes off not only on wizards casting spells within it's range, but also when any target - friend or foe - within 12" of the bearer is being targeted by spells as well.

Null Shard (<25pts) Gives the bearer Magic Resistance 1. Multiple Null Shards can be bought (...as with scrolls...) and the effect stacks. So, multiple characters can buy one or more null shards.

Seal of Ghrond (>25pts) Same as in 6th Edition.

Pearl of infinite bleakeness = ItP to the bearer and his unit. 25 pts range and it not one use only! - ItP doesn't prevent stupidity, don't forget.

Ring of Darkness is back - >25pts, it's effect is inbuilt - no bound spell needed to be cast. However the exact effect isn't quite the same: WS and BS when hit bearer is halved with rounding fractions up.

Crown of Black Iron (COBI) is NOT in the new book anymore.

Enchanted Items:

Deathmask (50pts range) Same as in 6th Edition but moved from Talisman to Enchanted

Hydra's Teeth <50pts. Gives the bearer 5 teeth. Any number of these can be thrown, each one causing D3 WS2 S3 attacks on the target unit.

Black Dragon Egg (>25pts) One use only. Eaten at the start of either player's turn. Gives the user Toughness 6 and a Breath Weapon attack until the end of the turn. It's an enchanted item, one use only. Dragon's Egg is exactly the same Breath attack as the Black Dragon - Strength 4 and any unit suffering casualties has to take a Ld -3 test to charge in the following turn

Potion of Strength >25pts. One use only. Gives the bearer +3 strength until the end of the turn.

Crystal of Midnight - it works automatically, its not bound spell.

Gem of nightmires (25pts range), 1 use, fear to bearer and unit until end of turn.

The Guiding eye (25pts range), 1 use, re-throw missed shooting to hit (not HtH) for whole unit.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:37 pm ]
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Arcane Items:
The Bound PoD spell and the Sacrifical Dagger are both Arcane items, so having both is not an option.

<<Black staff (Bound PoD Staff)>> (>50pts) Contains the "free" Dark Elf spell, PoD. Power Level 4.

<<Focus Familiar>> (<<50pts) At the beginning of the Magic Phase you can mark a point within 6" of the Sorceress and more than 1" away from the enemy. The Sorceress can use this point for the purpose of determining LoS and Range for casting spells and whether she counts as if she is in combat or not.

Darkstar Cloak (<<50pts) Same as in 6th Edition.

Sacrificial Dagger (<<50pts) After rolling the dice to cast a spell, the Sorceress may remove one model from the unit they are with to roll an extra dice after the original dice are rolled but before dispel attempts. May be used once per spell cast. Causes panic test if unit loses more than 25%.

Tome of Furion (<<50pts) Same as in 6th Edition.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:39 pm ]
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Magic Banners:

the new banners are pretty damn impressive. Pretty much everything is covered - extra attacks, fear, ASF, armour piercing attacks. We actually have choice of suitable banners now

Banner of Nagarythe - <pts Same as in 6th Edition, but points cost reduced slightly.

Hydra Banner - <pts. Same as in 6th Edition.

Dread Banner - <<pts Same as in 6th Edition, but points cost reduced.

Standard of Slaughter Same as in 6th Edition except pts cost.

Standard of Hag Graef ASF Banner - >25pts, Grants the unit the Always Strike First rule.

AP Banner of murder - 25pts range. Gives the unit the Armour Piercing special rule.

Cold Blooded - just one use cold blooded effect for stupidity test for cheap pts. Banner gives possibility one time in game to make stupidity test with 'cold blooded' rule (roll 3 dice and take 2 lowest).

Sea serpent standard Corsair only banner just give them frenzy (and +1 attack as one of the frenzy effects).

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:41 pm ]
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Gifts of Khaine :

Assassins and Death Hag have access to the Gifts of Khaine list, which has been expanded and recosted somewhat. Assassins can take up to 75pts from the Gifts of Khaine list. Death Hag can take up to 25pts from the Gifts of Khaine list.
Assassin and Hag can take ONLY Gifts of Khaine, no magical item except the BS for Death Hag. All other characters can take ONLY magic items. I.e. none is able to combine items with gifts.

Magic weapons cannot make poisoned attacks; etc. Like now, Gifts can be taken multiple times in an army with the exception of two which are noted to follow the special rules for magic items.

Venom Sword - =pts (1 per army!) Exactly the same as it is now (but is no longer available as a Magic weapon).

Cloak Steed of Shadows [Name not remembered] - cheap pts, only for assassin (1 per army!).Contains a bound spell Steed of Shadows from the Lore of Shadows. Power Level 3. The item description just says the cloak contains the Bound Spell Cloak of Shadows at Power Level 3. So you can also use your assassin to throw other characters around should the need arise.

The rest of the Gifts of Khaine are similar to the current list, with changes and additions listed below:

Rending Star "Shuriken" - Average pts. Gives the bearer ranged attacks with the following profile; Thrown 8" or 12" range, Strength As user +1, 3x Multiple shots.

Rune of Khaine - =pts Gives the model +D3 attacks each round of combat.

Black Lotus - <pts Allows the model to re-roll 1s rolled to wound

Dark Venom - =pts If the model kills an opponent in a challenge, all wounds inflicted are doubled for combat resolution.

Manbane (=pts, same as current)

Hand of Khaine (<pts) one less attack received in challenges.

N.B. Manbane, Black Lotus and Dark Venom replace the models base Poisoned Attacks

Dance of doom, touch of death, witchbrew, cry of war are still there.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:42 pm ]
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Unique characters (Lords)

Costing <<<pts on foot. T4. Absolute power = must be general, all panic tests within 12" succeed.
Malekith can be either on foot, mounted on a Cold One, in a Cold One Chariot (his CoC save is 2+ rather than 3+) or on a Black Dragon (takes up a hero slot).
He's strength 5 basic.
The Claw is gone. With Destroyer (Malekith's weapon), if you wound, on a 4+ you destroy some magic. Randomize between magic levels and magic items if enemy has both. Then randomize the items themselves (all categories affected). If looses 1 magic level, looses 1 spell as well.
Midnight armor: heavy armor 2+WS against non-magic attacks. Can still only take 1 wound per hit. Spell eater shield boosting his normal armour save to 4+. Shieldmagic resistance(2), if a spell is dispelled by it, the caster takes one hit S6 per die he has cast.
Circlet of Iron provides 1 PD and 1 DD.
Level 4 sorcerer, selects randomly in Dark Lore. ItP, eternal hatred.

Only mounted. <pts for whole model.
4+WS, S3, must choose between 2 following weapons: Heartenderer, S+2, KB; or a sword that reduces S,T and att of victim for each wound until end of battle. She can take one arcane or enchanted item (similar to Manfred in VC). She still gets the old +1 to all her casts and knows all 6 Dark Magic spells, as well as her old special rules.

Crone Hellebron If taken, Witch Elves count as Core.
You can still mount her on a manticore, she can be on foot. She cannot ride a CoB.
Equipped with two magic weapons (which do combine for +1 attack). The Parrying blade just lowers the enemies attacks by one now, she can't use it multiple times like she used to do. Her other sword gives her attacks strength 10. She does have some Gifts of Khaine, one of which I think is Hand of Khaine for a potential -2 attacks.
4 attacks + 2 weapons + frenzy = 6, she has the potential to have 10 s10 attacks! Downside is she doesn't have any save.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:46 pm ]
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Unique characters (Heroes)

Malus Darkblade: <<pts. Malus is pretty much the same statline as before except -1W, -1A, -LD. Spites ability really does negate COK"s stupidity in the unit.

Shadowblade <<pts! Shadowblade is still the same as before, same Magic Items (potion of strength and Hearth of Woe=Str3 hit in 5"). He can hide in any unit /warmachine with 20 or 25mm base. He can scout. In addition, has rending star shuriken. The shadowblade rule is you are required to roll a d6 on your opponents turn and if "discovered" you immediately replace a model and he cannot attack in that turn. He is not immediately killed so depending on where you place him, he may live to fight himself out of jam.

Tullaris <<<<pt Tullaris replaces the draich-master (champion) in a unit of execs. He comes with the Blade of Har Ganeth and heavy armour. He has the same stat line as the draich-master except he has 2 additional rules sacred slaughterer and Tullaris the dreaded. He can throw again his failed wound dice. Executioner character makes his unit cause Fear. He is 'champion in all regards' (including stats) and very similiar to Regiments of Renown commanders. He doesn't take a slot, can't leave unit and can't be a general. He cannot be given magic items.

Kouran <<<<pts Black Guard character has Crimson Death, and makes his unit unbreakable. He has the crimson death and the armour of grief. Same stats as the Tower Master. Opponent must pass a strenght test or loose all attacks. He is 'champion in all regards' (including stats) and very similiar to Regiments of Renown comanders. He doesn't take a slot, can't leave unit and can't be a general.

Lokhir Fellheart, ws6, str4,w2, i7, at3, ld9. The same stat line as a master.
Lokhir Fellheart, Captain of the Tower of Blessed Dread (or Admiral Squidface). He wears a Sea Dragon Cloak, has two red blades, giving him + atk for each ranks (or rows) the unit he is fighting has, he regens, he wears the helm of the kraken which makes him cause terror. He can leap in beginning of combat phase only in contact with enemy inside same unit. He can't leap if in challenge. When his unit runs an enemy down you are awarded 2x VPs (taken as slaves) and keep them even if Lokhir is killed.
He is a hero and can be a general. There is a lot of fluff about him in the book. The special character is not anyone you have heard of before, in any previously published GW material.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:46 pm ]
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Lords: • Malekith • Morathi • Crone Hellebron • Dreadlord • High Sorceress

Dreadlord. >pts. Now pretty impressive selection of mundane and mount options available to the Dreadlord and Master characters. additional weapon, heavy weapon, cav lance, halberd. Crossbow, rhb, 2rhb. Armor: light or heavy, shield, seaDragonCloak. Mounts DS, CO, Peg, Manti, dragon, CoC; dragon takes 1 hero slot.

High Sorceress: has also seen a slight price hike
>=pts. Same mounts as Dreadlord (dragon included!) except CoC

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:48 pm ]
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Heroes: • Malus • Shadowblade • Lokhir Fellheart • Sorceress • “Master” • Hag Queen

The Master >pts. ws6, str4,w2, i7, at3, ld9 can ride the manticore, think of it as the noble - only able to get weird and wonderful weapons like twin Repeater Handbows, the funky Beastermaster's Bane (handweapon that is armour piercing) etc. Although Hag Queen can be BSB and still have gifts of Khaine, it is not the case for Master, that can be BSB but as such CANNOT take any magic item. The Beastmaster is gone. No longer there as either a character or an upgrade. Instead the new "Master" is the new generic Hero with more upgrades than you can shake a stick at. Now pretty impressive selection of mundane and mount options available to the Dreadlord and Master characters. Able to make effectively a "cheap" Beastmaster. Can ride anything except a dragon: manticore, dark pegasus, cold one, dark steed, and cold one chariot. The cold one chariot is listed as one of his mounts for slightly cheaper and it says in the mounts section that it replaces 1 crew, it does not count as a special option.
Same equipment than Dreadlord, except "beastmaster's scourge" that the Dreadlord cannot have. Mounts: no dragon, Manti takes 1 hero slot.

Sorceress: As for the points costs of our Sorceresses, they've gone up. > pts. Our level upgrades have in turn however gone down to the usual 35pts a level sort of offsetting the minor price hike. Can mount DS, CO and DPegasus.

Assassin: Neither Core, nor Hero. <<pts. ASF always. He can be challenged. Has poisoned attacks, 75pts allowed from Gifts of Khaine, Additional Hand Weapon 6pts, Repeater handbow 10pts. And yes, the Assassins are still WS9 S4. The stat-line is exactly the same, they just got cheaper! It's possible to get an Assassin running around with 3x BS9 S7.
Always hidden in unit (pretty much any DE infantry save harpies). Scout (so he can join shades). 1 per unit. There's pretty much no infantry unit which he can't be in now - they've expanded the list extensively. They just have to be assigned to hide in a unit before the game (and only one can hide in each unit) which is why people were referring to them as a "Unit Upgrade" as effectively you have to have 1 unit for each assassin. The rules for the Assassins don't go into detail about it other than saying that they can hide in a unit of Shades, and seeing as they are not "deployed" I see no reason why it would stop the unit from scouting. Once revealed however they are free to act as characters and can run around to their hearts content. They can leave the unit they were hidden in. Calling them an "Upgrade" is a bit of a misnomer - they still counts as "Characters" in the rules. They take up neither Core nor Hero slots, the only "limitation" is that they must start the game hidden in a friendly Dark Elf infantry unit (a list of units is provided in the entry), and that no more than one assassin can be hidden in any one unit. (they have to be hidden in a unit, hence why people say they are 'upgrades', but have their own separate army list entry which they are bought from. Which means that in a tournament or other formalised list situation you could change the unit they are hiding in between games - unlike goblin fanatics which are fixed). shots a turn with the right load out (depending on target).

Death Hag=Hag Queen >pts as Master. 2 hw's, up to 50 pts of gifts of khaine. Stat line is the almost the same as the master, ws 6, str4, t3, I8, at3, ld9. Death Hags DON'T have ASF. They have 4 special rules: eternal hatred, frenzy, khainite, and poison attacks. She can lose her frenzy. That's it.
Both Masters and Hag Queens can be BSB, she's the only BSB who can join Khainite units and still carry Gifts of Khaine. She can't wear armour afaik, but then again she can take Gifts of Khaine for Dance of Doom. She doesn't have to buy a Cauldron - you can buy her without the cauldron if you want a BSB. There's no 0-1 limitation on Death Hags. Have one as a BSB and one on a Cauldron.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:50 pm ]
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Cauldron of Blood (character mount)
Hag Queen can take it as mount for total 200pts. All Khainite units within 12” are stubborn. Each turn 1 unit within 24" can gain an ability from the following: • +1 Attack • 5+ Ward Save • Killing Blow.
The effects of the Cauldron are determined at the start of the turn, after the psychology part of the movement phase, so before you declare charges. CoB effects work automatically and cannot be stopped/dispelled and lasts until the start of the next DE players turn. States so explicitly in the book. No tests needed. Just pick a unit in range and off you go. No longer do Witch Elves gain a 5+ Ward from being in proximity. Those rules have been replaced with the 1 choice of power a turn, and the Stubborn for Khainite units within 12".As for the Cauldron of Blood, yes the Death Hag (Hag hero character) has to join it as it is her 'mount'. She forms a War Machine unit with it and cannot leave (as far as I could see in the rules). The Hag and Cauldron form a unit of their own, and counts as a War Machine so is unable to join units. It still has the 4+ ward save though and any hits randomised onto the cauldron are still discounted so it's a hardy contraption to say the least. The Cauldron still has it's old rules of goodness (Terror, 4+ ward, etc.), there was no explicit rule stating the ward save was still only against shooting - though I may have omitted that. And it still comes with its crew, though it no longer has an upgradeable Hag (but it comes with a Death Hag). The Cauldron of Blood is a "War Machine" (it even has the War Machine special rule in its bestiary section). As such it may move as fast as its crew (so 5") is unable to march, and cannot join units.
Bonuses from CoB do not affect 'mounts and creatures pulling a chariot' and harpies. 'spirit' of the rule: "Khaine loves only Druchii, not slimmy (or not very slimmy) monsters".

Other Character Mounts:

The Dragon is pretty much as it is now, same statline. The breath attack is now Strength 3, but the Ld test taken in order to charge next turn is now taken at -3. 3+ Scaly Skin Save.

Manticore: >pts. Still a mount option. KB. Each turn has to pass a Ld test or becomes frenzied. If rider is killed it automatically suffers the “Raaargh” result giving him frenzy and hatred – no test needed. The Manticore is not a rare choice, it's still just a mount which takes up an additional Hero slot ...when taken by a Master, not by a Dreadlord.

Dark Pegasus: Sorceresses can now be mounted on Dark Pegasus. Dark Pegasus does still get +1s on the charge.

Cold One: no change mentioned
Dark Steed: no change mentioned
Cold One Chariot: Only change mentioned is that it does NOT anymore take up a special slot if taken by Malekith, Dreadlord or Master.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:52 pm ]
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Core troops

Warriors <pts basic, Shields (1pt), can have magic banner (25pts). the changes in cost to warriors, and most importantly the option to give them a magic banner (which we lacked previously) means that for a pretty decent price we can get a unit capable of throwing out a +6 SCR (3 ranks, Banner, Warbanner, Outnumber). command much cheaper.

Multi-Crossbowmen: <pts basic, Shields (1pt). AP for Repeater Crossbows. Only mundane banner. command =.

Corsairs: =pts basic, with 2 hand weapons. 1 hand weapon can be exchanged for a handbow for free. only the unit champion can get a 2nd Handbow at 3pts. no shield option. When enemies are fleeing, the DE player can make the person re-roll the higher dice (i.e. if they roll 5 and 4, the DE player can elect to have them re-roll the 5). All corsairs units can have magic banner (25pts). command =.

Dark Riders: <pts basic, Repeater crossbows (<pts), Shields (1pt – no fast cavalry). Herald has BS5 and A2! command =.

Harpies <pts. Harpies as mentioned have no limitation on the number of units that can be taken, and are a Core choice (though do not count towards minimum Core). The unit size has also decreased to 5-10. Stat-lines remain the same (2 Str3 attacks and Ld6) but now can use the general's Ld and do not cause panic in Dark Elves (Do NOT even panic Harpies).

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:55 pm ]
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Special Choice (all minimum unit: 5+)

Shades: >pts, WS and BS5, can be upgraded to have 2 hand weapons or a great weapon. Can also take light armour (1pt). Shades have gone up in price, but remember they are now WS and BS5, with the Bloodshade being BS6. GW for +2 pts, 2nd HW +1 pts, these options allow them to keep their crossbow.

Cold One Chariots >pts, T5 3+ Armour Save, Ld 9. Cold Ones still have just 1 attack. S4 and I6 for charioteers. RxBs are free. S5 for chariot impact

Witch Elves: Khainites <<pts, WS4, I6. 2 hand weapons, frenzied, poisoned attacks. their magic banner cap is 25pts. unit size 5+. Champion can take 25pts of Gifts of Khaine.

Executioners: Khainites >pts, S4, Great Weapons, Killing Blow. The stat-line for the Executioners has remained the same, with the exception of Strength, which has increased to 4 basic. They are equipped with Great Weapons in their Unit Entry (the term Driach doesn't make an appearance apart from for fluff). They also have the following special rules: Eternal Hatred and Killing Blow. So they are universally S6 with Killing Blow - but strike last. However the unit is allowed to take a Magic Banner up to 25pts. Unfortunately, the ASF banner cost is too high so execs need the BSB to take it. Unit size 5+. Exec champ cannot take magic items. Can take Tullaris as champ, he makes his unit cause Fear. He is 'champion in all regards' (including stats) and very similar to Regiments of Renown commanders. He doesn't take a slot, can't leave unit and can't be a general.

Executioners are kind of Diet-Elites. They have all the flavour of elite infantry, but only half the calories. They are closing the gap with Corsairs who are like Vitamined-Core.

Black Guard <pts, Stubborn, ItP, Ld 9. Black Guard do have 2 Attacks. Tower master (Unit Champions from Black Guard) can take Magic items up to 25pts (as well as the units Magic Banner allowance 50pt). Unit size 5-20. The Warrior-Elite rule comes with the addition of Eternal Hatred. The new rule however is just a straight up re-roll for all misses EVERY round. Strength 3, with Halberds - but 2A each. With Re-rolls to hit (every round of combat for being Warrior-Elite rather than Eternal Hatred). Can take Kouran as champ, with Crimson Death, he makes his unit unbreakable. He is 'champion in all regards' (including stats) and very similar to Regiments of Renown commanders. He doesn't take a slot, can't leave unit and can't be a general.

ColdOnes Knights: <pts, Strenght 4 base and I6, 1A, Stupidity. Cold Ones still have just 1 attack. Dread knight (unit Champions from Cold One Knights) can take Magic items up to 25pts (as well as the units Magic Banner allowance up to 50pts).

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:55 pm ]
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Reaper Bolt Thrower. =pts, 2-for-1, no longer suffers -1 for multiple shots. Under the old rules the Bolt Thrower technically still suffered -1 for multiple shots (though many RAW players debated this). The new rules however specify that the Reaper Bolt Throwers are accurate and as such don't suffer a -1 for firing multiple bolts.

War Hydra: <<pts, 5 wounds, Regeneration. The Hydra is still T5 and has a 4+ Scaly Skin save. 7 attacks. Eternal hatred, no one can join the unit. Breath weapon has strength equal to number of wounds left. As for the nature of the regen save - it's just a normal regen save. The rumours of the extra head for each save made was false.
Beastmasters have hand weapon and beastmasters scourge. Beastmasters scourge is hand weapon, which also makes all beastmasters attacks AP. So beastmasters got 3 AP attacks (2 in profile). If both killed, hydra reacts as monster.
The Handlers are pretty much the same. However the rules for randomising the hits changed significantly. Basically if a shot randomises, it auto-hits the Hydra.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:02 pm ]
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That was all that I could find from Milney on the Rumor Discussion Thread.
Milney has posted some other facts in other threads, however I cannot roam all of them.

I was wondering if anyone has collected the information as I did tonight, and if it was the case, why would they keep it for themselves. Now that I did it (a couple of hours), I believe that probably not too many people may have undertaken it. So now I feel committed to share with fellow D.net readers, as my modest contribution to the usefulness of this site.

Author:  Bernh [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:13 pm ]
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It's an old info and there are some mistakes:
- Only corsair champion can take 2nd handbow.
- CoKs and CoCs gain S4 for riders/drivers. Also 6I and 9LD both units.
- BG and CoKs can take 50pt banner.
- ASF banner - 35 pt.
- Hydra banner - 75pt.

Author:  Silverheimdall [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:27 pm ]
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bernh do you mean milney's info had some mistakes or what you listed has some? o:

Author:  Brentrb [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:37 pm ]
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Has anyone confirmed yet the strength and range of the Bladewind spell? It's pretty poor at 3/12, but pretty good at 4/24.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:41 pm ]
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The information IS old, more than a week.
It may have been updated since and I will be more than happy to receeive and share up-to-date information.

This thread is meant to be as reliable as possible.
Before I change my posts, I need you to quote accurately what is your source (please provide link): was it Milney himself on a more recent post? Someone else as reliable?

Indeed I noticed some people talking about the 2nd handbow for champ only, but as Milney was very positive about the option being available for all corsairs, I choose to stick on Milney. By the way, this is the reason why I did all this work, because I felt the original view was getting lost and people were reverting to previous rumors and would spend no time reviewing the original thread to check. Possibly Milney was tired to repeat 2 or 3 times what he said already so he quitted and left the wrong rumors live.

Author:  Moonblade [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 11:05 pm ]
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Gj, Calisson. I got a lot of trouble until reading all the 45 pages of rumors in order to extract "the lost knowledge of new edition druchii imbaness" :P

So, I sincerely thank you, even though I, for instance have already bookmarked all the pages that contain info ;)

Author:  Faulkynn grom [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 11:42 pm ]
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brentrb wrote:
Has anyone confirmed yet the strength and range of the Bladewind spell? It's pretty poor at 3/12, but pretty good at 4/24.

Bladewind is 3D6 WS4 S4 attacks on one unit with 18" or 24", definately not 12". One attack may be directed against each character/champion in the unit.


Author:  Brentrb [ Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:07 am ]
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Well that's some good new then... despite the fact that I still think the mechanic is kind of silly. I would have preferred to retain Dominion, for sure.

Author:  Drakfien venomblade [ Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:32 am ]
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Calisson thanks for compiling this all in one place. Much appreciated.

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