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WoC double disclords 
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Ajattaro wrote:
Hugging him and taking the punch is most reliable way indeed, and its win for us if you can tie him, but I really want to kill him if I engage, because tying him does not have high reward and it can end up badly easier for us than him.

I also want to take overall tournament viable builds. Sure unkillable dreadlord is immortal, but otherwose he is super expensive pegmaster who sucks in grinds.

Also you should consider Beasts magic. It has 4 spells that affect outcome. If you get Savage beast off you have honestly good chances of killing that douchebaglord in one round, especially in two rounds.

RBTs are relly not good answer like anglais said. WoC has so many threats so you have to kill what you can and dont waste turns of good shooting. About multiple threats too, I wouldn't count on flanking and breaking him. WoC has lots of mobile threats that our units are occupied dealing with. We control movement and the game early turns, but late might be in WoC players hand when he has advanced and chaff is pretty much dead from both sides. With multiple mobile units he can flank us as well in long fights, and thats bad since we are on loosing side without stubborn.

"honestly good chances" - mate, get your calculator and work it out!!! actually, hang on...

dreadlord now has: halberd, OTS, black amulet, and dragon helm!!! 1+ save, 4++ ward, reflecting wounds.

savage beasts:
DE: 1.77 (inc. reflected wounds, as per before)
CW: 0.926

and that means we have a winner!!!!! BLITZKRIEG!!!! congrats to Ajatarro. two combat rounds and discman is probably dead, which is exactly how many combat rounds that spell will last. but it's high risk as we'll be receiving two wounds per turn...

just bear in mind the variance is quite high on these numbers. for fluff reasons i don't really like my dark elves to use beasts, light, life magic. heavens is a bit iffy too. i've used light in the past though.

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Mon Mar 16, 2015 6:51 pm

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Thank you for doing calculations, I calculated in my head less than 2 wounds with attacks and maybe one reflected back that could go through. There is a chance for win, and as I said I prefer trying to kill him and use all-around DL builds.

I dont know much of fluffiness of light of life if take them literally, but I think that Beasts if totally fluffy for us. We dont have be beastmen (my second army) to have rights to use it. DE is guite beastly army, even malign eelves are. light and life could be explained easily too and being tight ass with the fluff is just bit stupid since we can all see what kind crap GW is publishing nowdays.

Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:34 am
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In my game the other day, my black amulet toting DL managed to kill a DP :D This was even more unlikely due to him having OTS, and yet I proceeded to make 8 4+ ward saves and he failed all of his (OTS of my own!). That was glorious! :D

Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:18 pm
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