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Assassins Creed List 
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So the idea is to take out the enemy with shooting, inspired by the old Dark Elf assassin + manbane with shade lists. In order to prevent lists like this Assassins with Path of Silent Murder count towards the 25% Raiders cap, but this can be prevented by giving one Assassin the fireball bound spell and the other skullsplitter.

This gives you 3 units of around 500 points with 7 Raven Cloaks and 1 Assassin. Not only are they our best shooters so will likely do a lot of damage in the shooting phase, they can also inflict some damage in combat with the added punch of the Assassins.

Combined this shooting with your 3 Reapers and you will be able to seriously kill a lot of stuff when concentrated. The best thing ofcourse as Dread Elves that instead of a boring Dwarevn gunline you dance around the enemy only choosing combat when you can win. Also the Prince and Captain can inflict the odd wound with their RXB because they do not march with the Chariots.

Two units of Corsairs as chaff, especially with their M6 because of Yema can outmaneuver most enemy chaff on foot and are able to contribute to the shooting phase, defend the Artillery, score secondary objectives or be sacrificed.

Your 4 hammers are all high strength single models difficult to hit in combat while able to do some serious damage. Combine this with your big anvil of 40 spears to pin down enemy units and negate steadfast. Pin - Flank - Repeat.

Because of your superior shooting, difficult to hit hammers and ofcourse advantage of fast and mobile units I expect this can be a fun and competitive list to play with.

Dread Prince, Cult of Yema, Chariot, Bluffers Helm, Duskstone, Charm of Cursed Iron, RXB, GW - 618
Dread Captain, Cult of Yema, BSB, Chariot, Midnight Cloak, RXB, GW - 474
Assassin, Skullsplitter, Paired Weapons - 237
Assassin, Ring of Fire, Paired Weapons - 222
Assassin, Silent Death, Nightshade, Paired Weapons - 292

40 Legionnaires, Spears, Full Command, Veteran Standard Bearer, Banner of Relentless Company - 735
14 Corsairs, Paired Weapons, Handbows, Musician - 316
10 Corsairs, Paired Weapons, Handbows, Musician - 220

7 Raven Cloaks, Champion, Great Weapons - 282
7 Raven Cloaks, Champion, Great Weapons - 282
6 Raven Cloaks, Champion, Great Weapons - 250

3 Dread Reaper - 180 x 3 = 540

Kraken - 360
Kraken - 360


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Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:41 pm
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Interesting to see it in action. As a side note, I haven't followed T9A in a while. Did they double the points or is 5K a normal list nowadays?
It does look like an insane amount of shooting. I'd be afraid of a enemy with a lot of auto-hits, like magic missiles. But then, even without the Shades I think the list is still dangerous.

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