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8th Ed: 1500 vs Bretonnia 
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Hi Druchii.net, long time no see. About to dust off the old models for my first game in quite a long time, a 1500 point skirmish against my old Bretonnian foe. Here's what I'm planning:

Supreme Sorceress, Lvl 4, Lore of Metal, Dispel Scroll

Master, BSB, Cold One, Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield

5x Dark Riders, Xbox, Shields, Musician
19x Darkshards, Musician, Standard Bearer (no banner)

5x Cold One Knights, FC, Dread Knight with Biting Blade, Banner of Swiftness
20x Executioners of Har Ganeth, FC, Standard of Discipline
Reaper Bolt Thrower
Reaper Bolt Thrower

5x Doomfire Warlocks

I'm hoping I can force a fight with the Executioners as I am hopeful they can take out some knights and have never run them before, but I worry that my army is a little too focused on two units of infantry with terrible saves. Hoping for some big blasts from the Sorceress and the Doomfire Warlocks to turn the tide, along with good shooting. I think my plan is to bunker up and draw him onto my Executioners with Dark Riders/Warlocks while blasting/shooting away, and hope for a flank charge with the CoK with the Master along for the ride.

Thoughts or concerns?

Fri Jan 04, 2019 6:09 am
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Some thoughts:

- Lore of metal is a bit cheesy against Bretonnia. Could you take something a little less tailored?

- The master build seems weak. If you can find the points, I would put him on a dark pegasus with the Cloak of HG and Dawnstone, along with max mundane armour. Then he becomes a warmachine and small unit killer by himself, while remaining very resilient against incoming missile fire. At 1,500 points you could potentially just not have a BSB (although I'm sure I'll get flamed for suggesting that).
The Cold One Knights are tough enough as they are to not need a Master at the helm.

- Biting blade seems like a bad choice for the Cold One champ - just keep him with a normal lance, as otherwise he becomes weaker on the charge than his buddies and with so few numbers you should not be prepping yourself to fight multi-round battles with the unit such that the biting blade would be useful - they should be hammers not anvils.

- Split the dark shards up into two units of 10 to give you a few more options and avoid them getting smashed by a nasty trebuchet shot.

- Not sure that the standard of discipline is needed on the executioners, unless you don't take a BSB in which case it is a decent buy.

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Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:00 am
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I agree with Red, perhaps consider lore of heavens? Give those shards a reroll of their 1's to hit and wound then try foe a curse of the midnight wind on him. U guys aren't playing a tourney, make if fun, try some cool stuff!


Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:27 pm
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Thanks guys! I broke the Darkshards into two sets and switched some banners around but mostly ran the list above.
The game went really well, a definite victory for the Druchii! It was great to roll some dice again and I had a lot of fun.

We roll random terrain and get 10 pieces so the battlefield was pretty full. I positioned fast cav on the left side, one unit of Darkshards next to Executioners and then Cold One Knights in the middle, the other Darkshards on the right, and one Bolt Thrower on each side of my main army.

Turn 1
He prays so I go first. Ride Warlocks and Dark Riders up the left with Vanguard, don't really move anything else. Use spell to boost Dark Riders shooting--they end up killing 3/5 models in a unit of vanilla Questing Knights! A Doombolt hits a few peasant archers, which unit holds his Level 2 Damsel.
On his turn, his Trebuchet misfires and is destroyed! This is a huge boon as it means I will certainly win the magic and shooting battle, so I'm content to set back and let him come to me to try to get the Execs into combat.

Turn 2
I pick off the rest of the Questing Knights and a good chunk of peasants in the magic and shooting phases. He maneuvers around a bit in the left-center of the board and kills a few models with magic and shooting.

Turn 3
Some good magic back and forth as he dispels my Searing Doom and attempts to Doombolt the rest of the archers + Damsel, who take refuge in a nearby building. I'm still putting out the hurt. He charges my Dark Riders who flee and otherwise moves down the middle. My biggest mistake was here: I have my Level 4 Supreme Sorceress and General in a unit of 10 Darkshards and should have moved her to the safety of the Executioners at this time.

Turn 4
He gets in with 2 Lances of Grail Knights on my Darkshards and sorceress. They get bopped very bad and he reforms in my back line. I rally the Dark Riders and move them to support.

Turn 5
I finally realize the Warlocks are better served in close combat and have them assault the Damsel in the building; they make quick work of her. On the right flank, a unit of Questing Knights meet with the Cold One Knights with my forces emerging victorious. The Executioners manage to get into combat with his remaining knights, and the Dark Riders come in for a flank charge. I lose combat but hold--his General and BSB both are in this unit and it is hard to wound them, with re-rollable 5+ armor saves and a 5+ ward to boot. He charges a Bolt Thrower and it sticks.

Turn 6
He kills the bolt thrower, whittles the Dark Riders down to 2 models, and fails to cut Executioners to less than half. They stick and thus aren't overrun.

In the end, I had a full unit of Executioners, full unit of Cold One Knights+Master BSB, full unit of Darkshards, full unit of Warlocks, one bolt thrower, and half unit of Dark Riders to his General, BSB, and one other knight. We don't bother tallying points and I am declared the victor!

On a personal note, my games with this opponent often got chippy in the past and we'd spend tons of time arguing over the rules. We were on a time constraint during this game and both agreed to move things along quickly and be nicer to each other, and the result was one of the most enjoyable games of Warhammer I've played yet--though winning definitely helps :)

Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:24 am
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cool little report! i've had mates like that. I'm glad u had a great game n enjoyed it! :)


Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:35 am
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