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1600P 8th tourny list (CHANGED) Thoughts? 
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Hello guys! Me and friends of mine are putting together a tournamet.
We are all newbies to warhammer but we chose to play wh 8th ed.
we will consist of 7 teams. WoC, 2x skavens, High elves, wood elves and vampires.

This was my old list i came up with
(thinking Malekith would climb down he´s throne to help me, but u guys avoided me from bringing him !lol!
Thanks alot for the response and help btw :)!

Lord: Malekith, on fot. (510p)

Hero: Master - sea cloak,BSB,heavy armor,AHW (107p)

Core: 16× darkshards, musician, shields (218p)
20× dreadspears, full command (210p)

Special: 15× executioners, full command (210p)
1× reaper bolt thrower (70p)
5× shades, light armor, great weapons (95p)
1x war hydra, fiery breath (180p)
Here's my new list! ive been studying alot on the rules and researched tactics on this forum
since last time, what are youre thoughts now :)?

Lord: Supreme Sorceress lvl4, (Sacrificial Dagger, Ironcurse Icon, Talisman of Preservation) (295P)

Hero: Death Hag (Witchbrew, Biting Blade) (125P)

Hero: Master ( SdC and shield, BSB with Gleaming Pennant, Armour Of Fortune, Ogre blade,
Dawnstone. Dark Steed) (220P)

Core: 5x Dark Riders, Musician, crossbows and shields. (110P)

10x Dark Shards, Musician, Shields. (140P)

20x Witch Elves, full command (250P)

Special: 15x Executioners, full command (210P)

1x Reaper Bolt Thrower (70P)

1x Hydra, Fiery Breath (180P)
My tactics!

My General will be the sorcererss joined up with the 10x Dark Shards.
She have a +4 wardsave and option to sacrifice them. Might change the dagger for a dispellscroll?

DeathHag will be bosting my Witches with witchbrew. Since my opponents don't know my strenghts or weakness,
i dont think its necessary to bring a cauldron with them. I'll will try to sneak them in without to much attention
and just wreck!!

Master, BSB on darksteed with +1 armor save, rerollable! 5+ ward save and a 2+ strenght weapon!
This Fellah will do whats necessary on the battlefield. Maybe join up with the executioners or dark riders?
or go alone and stay close to the witches, help them reroll LD test due too double Frenzy.

My Dark Riders will try to harrass and draw atention so my killing units can get in close combat.
Hydra and executioners will attack from flank or help witches sneak in!

So... Have i managed to make a decent list or is it even more bad then my first :D?

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Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:41 am
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:shock: wow, you summon Malekith for a mere 1600 pts army?
I have no idea how good he is, though.

Your army is not very mobile either. Not playing DE's strengths, but why not?

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Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:46 pm

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I'd be wary of having almost 1/3rd of your points tied up in one model, there are so many ways to kill a Lord, even one as powerful as Malekith, and then your army loses a ton of oomph. Generally I favor having more dudes instead of more powerful dudes, but that's maybe a personal preference. If I were you, I'd replace Malekith with a Supreme Sorceress and make up the difference in Dark Riders.

Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:32 pm
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If you end up facing high elves then those 15 executioners are going to be a risky proposition - those high-elf ASF strikes are going to slice that unit to ribbons before they even get a look in. Maybe take blackguard (could be too expensive though) or witch elves with a cauldron as a more all-rounder choice.

I agree with the others - Malekith in an army that size is going to be a major fail. Either, he's going to get one-shotted and die, devastating your army, or he's going to be insanely good and rip everything asunder. So, the games are either going to be miserable for you or for your opponent - I'd sack him and get something less extreme personally.

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