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GW seems to be reading our written Battlereports as Underway already mentioned. Get in tons of battlereports in the next few days or support the ones already there by replying (in a sensible manner) to them so they so how much support we have for each other and take our reports seriously.

I submitted one here as mentioned in another post.

http://stormofchaos.ca.games-workshop.c ... ID=3355042

Lord Kroak bit it big time because of the lovely ring of hotek.

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Here it is for those foolish defenders of middenhiem. ;)

Furion could feel the cool sensation of the life serum washing over his body, he hadn't breathed yet, it awaited his will. For a time he had wandered in places unknown to men and elves, inhabited by screaming hordes and denizens of wretched souls until he had found the one he wanted and grasped it's streaking body with conjured talons.
Shrieking the soul withered in his grasp, its eyes dull and fading from a millennia of continuity.
"S'Tarak." Furion whispered. "It is I. Furion."
The soul's eyes started to draw consciousness from the vacuum. Soon Furion was staring into the burning eyes of one of his daughters. Even after so many years, he remembered her hatred as clearly as he saw it now, and yet in that once powerful mind existed a cunning intellect. A deadly intellect.
"It is you. At last my waiting is over, seeing you here before allows me a thin happiness, a brief victory over my eternal wasting." S'Tarak hissed, her wisp taking a vaguely elvish form.
"Tell me of Lord Kroak." Furion demanded.
"Tell me first how you died?" She demanded. Furion could see the greed in her eyes.
"Lord Kroak first."
"Why do you ask?" Her eyes probed and then a thin smile as the realization occurred.
"He's your doom!" She shrieked, her gleeful lips curled into a horrible grin of sharp teeth.
"No." Furion replied. "He's yours."
"You cannot do that. It is unwritten!" She squealed as Furion unleashed the bound spell, and from within the ring about his cruel fingers, a clawed fist grasped the withering form of S'Tarak drawing her soul back into its onyx pearl. Furion clutched the ring tightly and spoke the word.

He burst forth from the blue waters of the life medium, his body older, yet his mind older still. The cavern was silent, dead of all but his rapid breathing and the drip of the media falling from his hairless arms.
Cautiously he removed himself from the casing and looked about the room. Silently he waited for several hours, but heard nothing, and so drew himself from the waters. About him, a repetitive row of casings, a few glowing with a cold blue light as it nourished identical bodies. Many, however, were empty. He would have to act quickly, the one he seeked moved with purpose through the world, it's only mandate the contemplation of magic beyond even Furion’s power. He could feel S'Tarak straining within the bounds of the Ring of Hotek, her soul desperately seeking a return to the void. He drew black robes about his naked body and felt the power seeping into his mind.

Hocath knew he would come at the worst time. It had been many years since she had slept and during those last few months she had reaped the reward of her intricate plan, and had gathered it hungrily into her great maw. She could feel it now, twisting and rattling inside her, as her gullet thrashed the malleable and somewhat foreign prize. A king's ransom in gold, spent with blood and offering no purchase now as it was doomed to lie endlessly in her hold.
Her great wings folded as she landed beside the familiar cave and wrenched apart a giant bolder with one clawed fist. Snakelike and tubular, she squeezed her sinewy bulk between the crack of the rocks and twisting, drew the boulder back in front of the hole.
She writhed, and drew a rapid breath, filling her nostrils with a familiar scent she mixed the air with the noxious chemicals inside her.
"Hocath." Said the voice again, sternly. "I have come for the repayment."
"Whumph." She sighed, a cloud of black froth from her lips. "So tired." She whined. "So tired."
"Do not take me for a fool, Hocath. I have come for repayment. You must pay."
"Come out of the dimness, so I can look upon you, Furion." She croaked, resigned. "I will fulfill the payment."

Dread Lord Grias Thornblood, Knight of Hag Graef, Lord of the Southern Reaches and Commander of Such Armies glared at the carnage about him with a cool and deadly eye. Strewn amongst the dying colours of those lizards that walked like men were dark shadows, the bodies of dead Druchii still clutching their now useless weapons. For a brief moment it reminded him of a time long centuries past when he and his sister would dive for the black pearls that lay amidst the colourful outgrowth of coral in a land long since forgotten. Even for Lord Thornblood, an elf who had known only millennia of slaughter, this war had dragged on long enough. Khaine and slaughter be damned. His elves had fought well, their cold one carriages were brim full of treasure and magic, relics of countless Lizard shrines. It was time for home, to return to the cool clutches of Naggaroth, the long spires of the Homeland, the piercing dark trees and forests, and the mountains that promised a cool breath and a calm evening to ponder a more promising war. A war with purpose, rather than this unending, crawling jungle of filth and sticky things that stank more alive than when dead. It was time to crush the Pretender King, to destroy the Infidels once more, for there was no doubt that while his legions clawed their way through this rubbish, the Infidels were even now stalking within the lands of Naggaroth. Those Asur must die, even the thought of them simmered his blood.

Hocath, sensing his anger, withered her dark bulk beneath him, her tail twitching, an unending snake like thing that turned up the earth beneath it with large plow-share gashes. She was the only good thing that came of Furion’s consistent madness. Hocath; a present for Lord Thornblood that he had not dared refuse.

Indeed the visit from that male witch was a curse more than a blessing. The sorcerer was still speaking his gibberish, a drone that had continued long into the day. More importantly, the sorcerer made his elves nervous with his chanting and stalking about clutching that poisonous looking ring of his. Thornblood had not even seen a Dread Sorceress all morning, and that was unsettling in itself since the only male sorcerer left in Naggaroth usually drew those creatures to him like barnacles to a fleet.

One of his lesser nobles followed Furion like a dog, skulking about, nodding his head at Furion’s whispered groanings, and generally causing more consternation amongst the ranks. Still the dark mage almost always brought reward to those who survived his maneuverings and thus he was nervously tolerated even by the Dread Lord himself.

Deep in such contemplation, Lord Thornblood almost fell from the back of Hocath when Furion started mumbling Thornblood’s own name from beneath Hocath’s bulk.

“Great victory I promise you, my Lord, but you must heed my words.”

Thornblood nodded slightly at the mage. His cold eyes hiding the nervous tension the mage had built up that morning.

“Yes my Lord.” Furion mumbled and looked deeply into Thornblood’s eyes. “If you follow my will you shall live. If not welll…” His voice died in what sounded like the mixture of a chuckle and a cough.

“Speak your wisdom, Ancient One. I shall listen.” The Dread Lord commanded.

“Ty’Laxthas, your noble, will do my bidding. You must allow him his own will. The rest of your army you shall command. Destroy the long plodding thing before you feast upon the fat one. This you must do.”


Furion had disappeared later that day. Predictably the large army of lizards had appeared soon after that. Skinks swarmed from the edges of the jungle, while three units of Saurus warriors surrounding a unit of Temple Guard, embedded with the fattest, oldest, and most lethargic looking Slaan that Thornblood had yet seen. The plodding thing that Furion had mentioned could only be that Rhinocerous looking creature upon which was perched more of the screeching Skinks.

Thornblood had fought Slaans before, and it was never good. Those fat pigs usually accounted for the deaths of most druchii while they cast their powerful magic almost ubiquitously at will. His convent of sorceresses would more than likely be useless against such powerful magic, and he felt like sneering at them, hidden behind his units. He could feel their tension. They would be responsible for the survival of the army this day, for some time. Them and his Seal of the Tower of Ghrond.

He urged his army forward. Dark Riders sprang from each side of the army, two units a side their repeater crossbows clicking while small numbers of Saurus fell to the earth. His harpies swarmed towards the trees where the Skinks hid like savages amongst the thick vines. Any Skinks charging the Dark Riders would be charged in return by the harpies if the Skinks ventured from the forest.

Meanwhile the contingent of Black Guard, their Banner of Dread burning a hole in the mist, marched calmly toward the two units of Saurus on the left that separated the Temple Guard from the next Saurus unit and the Stegadon. They would hold up that side of the battlefield while he, his knights and a legion of Spears and a chariot would take the right side. Another legion of Spears and chariot would hang back and counterattack any assault on the Black Guard, especially since one of the cold ones on that chariot had bitten the other resulting in a feeble plunge forward from the chariot as its riders tried to regain control over the stupid creatures.

The Slaan easily countered the feeble magic of the Sorceresses, however one spell was able to get past his capable defenses. A chilling wind began to freeze over the skinks hiding in the woods. Some fell to the earth while the others desperately tried to unfreeze their blowpipes.

A rumble of rotten leathery feet and the lizards began to swarm forwards. There were more Saurus seen lately in the Lizard armies. The Dark Elves had punctured too deeply into Lustria, and the spawning pools had begun to creep with more powerful bodies.

Luckily, the sorceresses managed to dispel most of Lord Kroak’s magic, burning many of their scrolls. Still Kroak was able to drain the power of one of the sorceresses. Thornblood could see her weaken, he could hear her cries of dismay and smell her fear.

A giant bow on the back of the howdah lauched an arrow that narrowly missed the legion of Spears to Thornblood’s left. Calmly holding their formation the Legion of the Bloody Thorn marched on.

Stupidly the Skinks charged from the forest at a unit of Dark Riders who easily fled from them. But now it was time for the Druchii.

Lord Thornblood cried to charge, and his elves surged forwards. Into the right unit of Saurus warriors crashed the Cold One Knights and the chariot. Green blood flew, and pieces of colourful skin and scales churned out the back of the chariot as they rode down the unit of Saurus warriors. Meanwhile Hocath feasted upon the remains of the Stegadon as skinks lay torn from the howdah by the gauntlet that Thornblood had aquired from Albion. Hocath’s bulk had easily overpowered the overgrown mud-dweller and now she feasted upon its huge liver, her long delicate tongue flicking within the dark victuals of the beast.

Harpies screeched in at the skinks that fled from them but were still barely run down by the flying creatures. The harpies would not be seen for a while, Thornblood could hear their cawing way into the depths of the forest as they fed. Within the mess of Skinks had fled what appeared to be the feather bonneted form of a Skink Priest, his head last seen dangling from the claws of a blood drenched harpy.

On the left flank the Black Guard crashed into the far left unit of Saurus warriors. Saurus and Dark elf bodies littered the ground but each side held to fight.

The Temple Guard with their Fat Frog had planned a counterattack on the Dark Elven Cold Ones and Chariot should they break the Saurus warriors but fail to chase past the Guard. A unit of Dark Riders moved in front of the Guard, urged forwards by Thornblood. They would sacrifice themselves to draw the Guard away from the Cold One Knights and prevent a counter attack.

Meanwhile Ty’Laxthas, mounted upon a dark Pegasus landed behind the Temple Guard.

The Temple Guard, with no target but the Dark Riders, charged the elves which held. They were easily ripped from their saddles but they had sacrificed themselves well. The Guard was now surrounded by elves and facing the wrong direction.

The second right unit of Saurus, paying no mind to the Dread Banner, flank charged the Black Guard, who held against the horde. More Dark elves died but still the Black Guard held.

Lord Kroak reached into the depths of his mind and drew forth his most powerful spells. Casting them with ease he gazed upon the battlefield with contentment. Suddenly, however, his eyes widened. His magic was draining with each spell! (Miscast caused by the Ring of Hotek carried by Ty’Laxthas.) He had not felt so much danger in so many years. Carefully he cast his magic but the sorceresses were able to fend off his weakened state. (Casting with less dice to prevent doubles that cause miscasts as a result of the Ring). Still Kroak was able to cast the Ruination upon Lord Thornblood himself with an irresistible force. Hocath raged as blood was ripped from the arteries around her neck. Still the Dragon stood powerful. Thornblood shrugged off the powerful blow. Such magic would be devastating without that strange Ring of Hotek.

The chariot and Spears of the Legion of the Bloody Thorn crashed into the flanking unit of Saurus warriors. Black Guard carved into the Saurus and the flanking unit broke and fled while the other unit in front of the Black Guard easily held its ground. Only seven Black Guard remained and yet they fought on while the spears and chariot raged past them running down the previously flanking Saurus warriors.

Meanwhile the other chariot went stupid and moved off into the forest. The Cold One Knights turned to face the flank of the Temple Guard while Thornblood urged the Hocath’s bulk to the rear of the Temple Guard. Barely able to stretch it’s bulk into the sky, the Black Dragon glided ponderously over the ruined forest and crashed to the ground to the rear of the Temple Guard. The second unit of spears moved into charge range of the front of the unit while the dark riders raged about the Temple Guard shooting Guard with their crossbows.

Miscasting again and again, Lord Kroak’s unit faced Thornblood. The Ruination of Cities again went off, but amazingly backfired over Kroaks unit and hit the Dark Elf Spear Legion killing four warriors. Once again the elves held their ground. Amazingly the sorceresses using a scroll and dispel power were able to hold back most of the magic and prevented Life Magic from animating the trees and ripping Cold One Knights apart.

Crashing into the unit of Temple Guard, the Dread Cold One Knight took the challenge and destroyed the Revered Guardian. Thornblood ripped apart lizard guard with his gauntleted fist while Hocath feasted upon any that remained behind the Dread Lord’s rage. Crumpled from three angles, the Guard unit fell apart. Cold ones and the horrible Dragon were too dreadful for even their cold minds.

Grasping Lord Kroak’s head in his gauntlet he felt the vertebrae in the neck of the venerable creature crumple like chalk and snap. Hocath stared into the creature’s eyes as it died and then ripped its head off with a bite so rapid that a loud pop started even the stupid cold ones that were lapping upon the broken bodies of Saurus warriors.

While running a million dollar company, singing at weddings, and his frequent jetting to Spain Elton Jon style, Dark Alliance found the time to stand on the doorstep of Games Workshop like Moses and the Pharoah and calmly state, "Let my people go."

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great job...have always enjoyed ur bat rep...haha...for a moment, thought Hocath was a steed of slaanesh...didn't know dragons have delicate tongues haha...anyway juz curious, how many pts was this battle?

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Meanwhile, there appears to be fighting in the dark tunnels of the Ulricsberg, though who the shadowy combatants may be is unknown to most. There appears to be a gathering number of Chaos ratmen in the depths, converging on a single location deep within the catacombs. What vile scheme they are following is still a mystery, though it appears there are some among their number who wish for it to fail.

Numerous skavens are supporting their fluff. Lets stary getting on board for our own.

While running a million dollar company, singing at weddings, and his frequent jetting to Spain Elton Jon style, Dark Alliance found the time to stand on the doorstep of Games Workshop like Moses and the Pharoah and calmly state, "Let my people go."

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Hey ! I wrote this story ! Hope you like it !
Sorry about it being long.

Vorkas awoke with a scream. His blankets soaked in sweat, he clutched his fist and gritted his teeth. The dream Vorkas was all-too famliar returned.

This was not an uncommon occurrence for Vorkas, it happens to him every night, every night since... the invasion.

Vorkas struggled out of his bed, grabbing his crutches to help balance his legless body. He layed a hand on the stoney balcony of his room, and let his face feel the cool wind coming from the window.

He starred out, his eyes getting used to the dark quickly, accross the Nagaroth landscape. He took a deep breath and stumbeld back to bed.

Vorkas suddenly felt he was not alone in the room, and spun around quickly. His eyes wide in horror, they scanned the room for the intruder. Vorkas then shut his eyes and covered them with his hand. He whiped the sweat off his forhead and layed back to go to sleep.

There was no one there, there was never anyone there. Vorkas always felt these feelings when he was alone, it reminded him... of the time he was alone.. away from home..

"Why me", Vorkas asked himself "Why did I make it.."

Vorkas was soon sound asleap, though he tossed and turned several times in the night, and woke early in the morning.

The city he lived in was up and about, the other Druchii selling items in the market, warriors keeping watch, and hunters returning with Cold One meat. Vorkas grabed his crutches and decided to sit outside.

As he stumbled out of his house he felt the feeling he was being stalked again. He just closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, and carried on.

Vorkas sat down into his chair and observed the bustling city. He was happy to be back, back from his time in the army. He quickly brushed away several memories that ventured back into his mind and smilled, looking around.

He saw somthing that mad his heart sink. A Druchii warrior, dressed in his black plated armour was standing at an open door. A young man and his mother stood in the doorway. The young elf was also dressed in his armour, with a sword on his belt and his helmet at his side.

The older warrior nodded, and the young elf left the home and followed him to the barracks. His mother looked on, and soon closed the door. He was going to war soon. They needed more ..troops.

Vorkas got out of his chair and decided not to think of what he saw, and go back inside. As he rose, he looked to his left and took notice of some bushes and shrubs growing near his house.

He froze and concentrated on them. Sweet started to form on his foorhead. His eyes madly scanned the bushes. Suddenly he dropped to the ground yelling at the top of his lungs,

"Skinks in the bushes ! GET DOWN !!"

The crowd in the street stopped and looked in his direction. They saw an old man on the ground, sobbing to himself. They stopped watching and moved on. Several children gathered and laughed at him.

Vorkas looked up, realizing it was just a flashback and stumbled back into his house.
He slumped into his chair, holding his head.

He then starred deep into his wall, remembering times long past... The sound of the ocean reached his ears... he felt the bright sun on his young, proud face... and he felt the weight of his armour on his back and a sword in his hands...

He remembered what happned in Lustria....

Part 2- Invasion

The waves crashed endlessly on the sun-kissed beaches of Lustria. It was midnight, and the full moon shown bright ahead, casting odd shadows on the jungles edge.

The jungle was silent, except for the occasional sound of a cawing tropical bird. The tall palm trees seemded to reach up to the sky, and on one a silent creature stood poised.

It stood watching, all night. It was waiting, waiting for somthing to happen. Hours passed, and the sky grew brighter as the sun peaked over the ocean horizon.

As the sun filled the sky, the creature saw what he was looking for. Three dozen black dots, formed in a long line, spread along the horizon.

The creature, as fast as an insect, crawled head first down the palm tree. It then leaped into the jungle undergrowth and vanished, its colors shifting to match the green plants.

The back dots grew larger by the minute, and sails were soon visible, black as the night.
Symbols of evil, curved and sleek, were displayed upon these sails.

The Druchii have come to make their war...

The black arcs sliced through the clear blue waters, approaching the beach.

Rows upon rows of dark warriors stood with weapon in hand above deck, watching the approaching beach. Vorkas was one of them, the captain of his unit. He wore his armor proudly, and brandished a cruel, curved sword.

He knew his orders well, secure the beach with speed. His troops were expendable for him, and he did not care if they were put in danger. His troops new this as well, and would proudly die for Vorkas to complete their mission.

The beach spread before Vorkas's eyes, the jungle then came into view. It's trees shooting many feet into the air.

Vorkas scanned the beach. No sign of the enemy. He knew the enemy would keep themselves hidden, he had been told by his superiors. Such cowards, Vorkas thought, to fight this way.

The back arcs approached the beach-head, and grounded themselves. Ramps were layed, and warriors quickly deployed on the beach in perfect formation. The front stood with their spears ready, and those in the back carried their lethal crossbows.

This army was small, but it fulfilled its mission.

Vorkas was the last to jump out, his boots sinking inot the damp sand. He trudged behind his battle ready warriors, and barked, "Scout unit ! Forward !" Five elves, with lgiht armour and their deadly crossbows, sprinted into the jungle.

"Second unit !" A second unit branched off from his army and vanished into the deep jungle.
The army waited.

Vorkas soon took notice of how hot it was. he had never expirienced anything this hot in his life, due to the fact Nagaroth is a forzen wasteland. He did not let it trouble him though, and stood waiting.

A full hour went by. Vorkas noticed his troops starting to shuffel. "Keep steady you maggots !" Vorkas shouted, although he himself was hopping the scouts would get back soon.

Suddenly he heard a voice. He turned and saw a group of dark riders galloping toward his army.
It was the captian of the 2nd unit, Jerith. "Voraks !" he called.

"Steady", Vorkas commanded his army, and left began to trudge toward the riders.

"Jerith, what news? We are waiting for our scouts to return after searching the perimeter."

Just then both scout units sprinted out of the jungle and reported to Vorkas.
The unit leader spoke, "Nothing sir, we did not find any army waiting."

Before Vorkas could tell them to go and search some more Jerith said, "They are right Voraks, the Lizardmen arent offering any resisitance for the beach, our unit landed 20 miles south, and have been searching for many hours."

Vorkas wondered why the Lizardmen would not put up a fight for letting the Druchii into their lands.

"What are the orders ?" Vorkas asked.

"The other five units reported nothing as well, and the four legions, and Morathi and the Cult began marching into the jungle. They ordered us to make camp, and meet in the morning."

"In the meantime I am ordering the scouts to search for the enemy again, come back in the morning", Vorkas said, turning to the scouts. "I will meet you at sunrise."

The scouts, after grabbing their supplies, vanished into the forest once again. Jerith and his riders galloped south.

"Make camp, and get the supplies on the beach !" Voraks ordered. His warriors, happy to get moving again, got to their tasks.

As the camp gained shape, Vorkas stepped into his tent to sleep.

He hoped his army would see action soon, they have been waiting for it.

Voraks would live to eat those words...

The camp was being watched, monitored. The Druchii were being counted, and their supplies as well. The chamleon skink stood upon his palm tree perch, his eyes moving around individually, being able to see everything without moving its head. It managed to smile, at these invaiders efforts.

"Xiarx karlu iiq mutikki..." The chamleon skink thought. The translation described where the Druchii would meet their doom. "Meet you in the jungle..."

Day Four:

The night was living hell for the Druchii. As a few rays of light pierced the jungle canopy, the soaking wet Druchii strggled to stand. They were covered in mud, and their boots were filled with sludge.

Vorkas grabbed the nearest tree trunk and lifted himself. He scanned the disorganized army infront of him, and wore a face of anger. Jerith stumbled over to him, wearing a simliar face.

"We obviously cant go through much more of this Vorkas, we must split up, cover more ground." Jerith mutterd.

"Agreed, but we need to find water soon."
As if on que the dark riders galloped into sight.

Jerith motioned for them.

"We found water sir, and plenty of it. It is a half days march north east." the rider said.

"Any sign of the enemy ?" Vorkas asked.

"None at all, sir."

Vorkas shook his head slowly.
"We both should march to the water, and then split up" Vorkas said.

Jerith nodded and blew into his long horn. The army started to rise and form a lose regiment.

Vorkas noticed many of the army limping to their position. Must be the boots, Vorkas thought. Vorkas then eyed some laggers. Several Druchii sat leaned against a tree.

"Get up soldier, and get into your position !" Vorkas screamed at the soldiers.
They did not respond.

Vorkas kicked the nearest one in the side, and he just slumped over dead. The rest wre dead too. They all had an odd color to the their skin.

"What happned to them" Jerith asked

"Looks like disease, leave them" Vorkas mutterd.

As Voraks left to join the army he saw one of the soldiers coverd in large red insects. He ingored it and continued on.

As the army began to once again move through the jungle Jerith sent a rider to report to the main battalion further south.

The troops started muttering when rain started to fall once again.

The army followed the riders, who were leading them to the water source. This gave he army motivation to carry on.

The ground some became mud, and then started to flood.

Suddenly the army heard a loud screech, and a scream.
Everyone turned to see an elf being pulled into the air by a large reptilian bird.

Before the crossbows could be aimed the creature and its catch were far gone.

The army began moving once again, with the crossbowmen nervously scanning the canopy.

Screeches from the large creatures could be heard far above.

Voraks and Jerith kept a close watch all around.

Vorkas scanned the undergrowth to his left, and suddenly caught a glimpse of a green shape dart quickly into some undergrowth.

Several of his men saw it too, but continued marching. Voraks continued, but with his eyes fixed in that area.

The rain suddenly stopped, and the army looked up to see the sunrays shinning down.
The Druchii slowed down to wipe the rain off their face.

Voraks also wiped the water and grime off his helemt.

With out warning, a loud bird cawed to his left.

"Thats no bird.." Voraks thought.

Suddenly several other caws sounded all around the army.

Before the men could lift their weapons the outside of the army was pelted with a volly of poison tipped darts.

A full ring of troops dropped gasping.

"Get down low ! Crossbowmen return fire !" Vorkas and Jeroth yelled to their armies.

The spearmen crouched with their shields pointing into the jungle, while the crossbowmen formed up behind them.

As the crossbowmen pulled their trigger, a second volly of darts was launched into the army. Few dropped this time around. The crossbowmen fired blindly into the jungle. The arrows flew into the forest, many hitting trees.

There was no indication that any found their mark.

The whole time Vorkas looked for the enemy, but even his elvish eyes couldnt see anything but jungle. Suddenly he came across a pair of yellow eyes reflecting in a small sun ray. His eyes moved to its body, and it was exactly the color of the undergrowth, and on its back it carried a small bundle of undergrowth. It was reptilian.

It must have noticed that Voraks saw it, as it quickly lifted its blowpipe at him. Vorkas acted with elvish speed and drew the crossbows strings and fired. Two arrows were flung into the target, and the skink hissed and fell dead.

The rest of the Druchii army had no success, and only a few skinks were hit. Vorkas noticed a dozen or mroe of the enemy hiding behind a rotten log.

Vorkas stood and shouted "CHARGE !"

The entire army stood and surged into the jungle in all directions, spears pointing forward.
The skinks were then seen, as they stood and fled into the jungle.

Frustrated, the Druchii continued forward. Suddenly a massive shape burst into view, and charged the army with a large ax. Several other creatures followed. These massive reptilain beasts roared as they charged, causing the charging Druchii to form into a defensive wall.

The first creature swung its ax in a large arc, splintering several shields and cleaving into bodies.

Vorkas leaped up to one of the creatures, swining his large curved blade at its head. The blade slid through the creatures neck, spraying blood everywhere. The beast fell forward, crushing a warrior. Another beast fell to the ground with arrows stuck everywhere around its body.

Jerith ran his spear into one of the beasts, killing it. As the last brute was killed, the silence returned. The Druchii looked around at the dead. Vorkas counted 25 killed by the skinks, and 17 killed by the large beasts. There were no sign of the skinks.

"Cowards !" Voraks yelled loudly into the jungle, and turned to regroup his army.

As the army marched off into the jungle, Tizunkai stood with his keen eyes fixed on the Druchii army trudging away.

He held his hand out above him in a clenched fist, signaling not to engage. The skinks behind him sunk low to the ground, becoming once again just another shrub.

Tizunkai turned, and spoke in his language "The interlopers are aproaching the well of Murtikiliki. They wish to drink. Move to intercept them."

The skinks behind him motioned to seven Kroxigor behing them, and then speed into the jungle.
Tizunkai followed. There were only 16 skinks who engaged the Druchii.

As the afternoon fell into night, Voraks, Jerith and the rest of the army proceded into the dark jungle, thirsty and tired.

Vorkas stood motionless in front of the clearing, his elvish ears listing closely to every sound around him.

It was morning, and the Druchii marched all through the long night with the promise of water. A number of Druchii did not make it, most collapsed of exhaustion or diseases, while others just vanished out of thin air.

All through the night the Druchii battalion heard massive hulks moving in the darkness, crushing the undergrowth with their heavy feet. Long quaking roars were heard in the night, silencing all the insects that buzzed around the Druchii.

The Druchii now stood on the verge of collapse, awaiting their two commanders to make an important decision.
Voraks and Jerith stood infront of the clearing, staring at a crystal blue spring. Vorkas new this would be the perfect time for an ambush, and sent scouts to seek out any enemy in the area. They reported in with no signs of an ambush.
“I know they are here, they would not pass this chance to launch an attack.” growled Jerith.
“Agreed, we should send one more search of the area.” Voraks responded, holding back is great thirst.
As Voraks finished sending more Druchii to search the perimeter one elf broke from his formation and dashed toward the water. He threw his spear to his side and crouched to drink the cool water.

He then turned back toward his comrades, and yelled “See! There is no enemy! Come and drink the water!”

Several other warriors looked around and then joined the elf in the water. Vorkas growled but understood what the elves were going through.
He turned to Jerith who nodded, and said “You may drink, but keep your guard up”
As the elves mad with thirst ran toward the water they all suddenly stopped.

Before them was the Druchii who drank the water, all floating dead in the spring. One last Druchii who drank struggled to his feet and looked up. He had a sickly color to his skin, then he doubled over and vomited. He finally collapsed into a dead heap.

“Poison! The water is poisoned!” cried the elves near the water. Vorkas scowled and cursed.

Many of the Druchii warriors started mumbling to themselves with dazed looks in their faces.
Jerith and Vorkas did not know what to do, there was no water and time was running out to find more.
Just then a group of three weakened dark riders galloped into the clearing. The leader dismounted and motioned for Jerith.

“Morathi has met up with the other columns, and marched inland yesterday.” The rider paused to take a breath. “They have met the enemy at a large bridge, and Morathi could not take it. She ordered a retreat and more forces are regrouping for the next assault.”

Jerith nodded his head, and said “Thank you for getting to us with the information, what are our order-“ Jerith stopped in mid-sentence, as he noticed a small shape carrying a short spear duck into the undergrowth as his eyes came across it.

“Get down! Enemy in the jungle!” Vorkas screamed as he pointed frantically in the direction of the skink he saw.
The Druchii reacted slowly in exhaustion, and dropped low to the ground. The spearmen formed a lose line around the crossbowmen.
Vorkas and Jerith drew their swords and stumbled to the front of the line.

A high-pitched caw was heard from the jungle, followed by several others calls from all around the Druchii. The warriors turned in every direction waiting for the attack.
But it did not come. A dry voice was heard loudly from the forest. It was a skink, and he was speaking in the Druchii tongue.
“You Druchii are in the wrong place, you belong in your lands.”
Vorkas squinted.

The Skink continued.

“If you wish to enter our sacred lands, then you must pay the prices for your actions.”
The skink continued “Why are you here evil-elf-kin? Why do you come to our lands?”

Vorkas stood boldly, and yelled loudly into the jungle “We are here to take from the weak and give to our leader Morathi, pathetic coward”

“You come here to steal from us evil-elf-kin? You come here to die in our swamps to make your rich leaders richer?”

Vorkas gritted his teeth.

“They do not care about you, they will leave you here. Abandon your hope now evil-elf-kin, or you will die. Your forces are surrounded by a force greater than any you have seen.”
Vorkas gave the signal to prepare for battle. The spearmen raised their spears higher.
“Drop your weapons, and we will show you Lord Soteks anger.”
“Never you coward! We will fight you with every bit of strength we have left!”
“So be it evil-elf-kin, may your false gods have mercy on you…”
With that drums began to thunder through the jungle, all around the Druchii army.
They came closer, playing louder and louder.
The Druchii began to tremble, and nervously glanced all around them, awaiting the enemy.
The ground began to shake.
The Druchii eyes winded as they saw the trees begin to fall around the clearing.
Several huge objects were charging through the jungle toward them.

Suddenly Vorkas saw the tree in front of him fall down flat, and gasped to see what was behind it.
A hulking reptilian beast with three huge horns protruding from its beaked head broke into a thundering charge toward his forces. On its back swayed a fortress overloaded with skinks manning a large bow.
Six other of the beasts burst through the jungle, and charged the elves,
They surrounded the army, and the Druchii turned even more pail in horror. The beasts all hit the army at once, smashing aside the spears like twigs, and ignored the hail of bolts launched by the crossbows.
The dark riders fled in terror, only to be cut down by several huge arrows launched from the backs of the beasts.
The Druchii army was in mass chaos, and the Druchii began to flee in every direction.
The beasts ran in circles, trampling countless Druchii in huge strides.
“Hold and FIGHT!!” Voraks screamed. His army ignored him, and he too decided to run once he saw Jerith galloping away into the jungle on his dark stead.
Skinks began to pour into the clearing from all sides, avoiding the rampaging beasts. The skinks began to pelt the survivors with darts and javelins, as well as pursuing the Druchii into the jungle.

Vorkas grabbed a hold of Jerith’s stead and jumped on.
They heard screams in terror as the skinks pursued the Druchii into the jungle behind them, but it seemed Voraks and Jerith escaped the enemy.

They did not stop riding nor speak until they were miles away from the battle. The horse collapsed on its side and Jerith and Vorkas stumbled to the ground. They found a small puddle of water nearby and drank.
“What are we to do?” Jerith asked.
“We are to continue our duty until we die, let us rest and find the nearest allied force.” Vorkas responded agitated.

Although Jerith new there were no forces nearby, he nodded. He new their time would be up soon.
They both climbed a tree and soon were asleep.

It was midnight, and the jungle once again vibrated from the constant roars that sounded in the night.

Tizunkai the skink stood in the clearing here many Druchii lost their lives earlier. He looked around slowly, staring at the mangled mounds of Druchii corpses. He shook his head in disgust. “What is their motive, why do they choose to die a meaningless death” Tizunkai thought to himself.

All around him his skink unit was engaged in many tasks. Some were dragging the corpses and making great piles next to a huge flesh-eating ant nest, which would reduce the Druchii to skeletons by the next day.

Others were feeding the seven Stegadons that were being readied for battle once again.
One skink hopped over to the spring, reached his arm in and pulled out two brightly colored frogs, which caused the Druchii to die when their poison diffused into the water.

The skink let the frogs go into the forest, and drank from the spring. He and his kin were unaffected from the poison.

Tizunkai sat down and began to tip his many darts with poison. Two skinks came before him and spoke quickly, “The enemy leaders are not found among the bodies. There are witnesses that report two riders were seen fleeing.” The skink next to him nodded and said “They fled into the jungle toward the Amatizinki constellation. They were on a beast that was very fast, and they must be long gone by now.”

Tizunkai nodded and dismissed the skinks. He new exactly what to do.
He hopped over to the edge of the jungle and began to speak to the jungle itself.
“I have a bounty for you and your kin.”

“What would it be, cousin” came a voice from the tree.

“The two Druchii commanders fled the battle on their fast-mounts. I want them dead before they cause any trouble.” Tizunkai spoke.

The tree suddenly opened a toothy mouth and grinned.

“Consider the task finished, the chameleons never return without their prey. We will move out immediately” spoke the voice.

The tree suddenly moved as a mossy object crawled into the jungle like an insect.

Tizunkai walked slowly away like nothing ever happened. He felt sorry for the two Druchii commanders.

Deep in the thick jungle a deadly team was being assembled.

There were six creatures covered in moss formed in a circle. They all pulled out a long blowpipe and began to load it. Others took several frogs out of a leafy pouch and rubbed their darts onto them.

The mossy creature in the middle lifted his fist into the air, and eyed all his brothers with his separate-moving eyes. His brothers copied his action and nodded.

The leader then made a series of clicks and whistles, matching the sound of the insects and birds exactly. It was a language, one spoken so others wouldn’t notice it. Another responded in this strange language. The leader nodded and leapt silently into the tree.

His kin followed, and they began to leap quickly from tree to tree in the darkness of the night.

The hunt was on…

Vorkas woke to a stabbing pain. He stumbled to his feet and found a large ant sticking its pinchers into his flesh. With a grunt he tigged it out and turned his head.

It was morning, and the sun barely made it through the dense foliage. Vorkas turned to Jerith who sat staring into oblivion in a tree. Vorkas walked over to him, and his whole body felt sore.

"Jerith, get up. We need to decide what we are to do."

Jerith slowly climbed down the jungle tree and got to his feet with a sigh.

"What can we do, we lost our entire unit to the enemy, face it Vorkas, we dont have a chance."
Vorkas spoke with eyes moving rapidly.

It began to rain.

"Jerith, before we were ambushed our riders reported Morathi's army not far off. We could try and find them. We still have a chance to get our revenge on these reptilian scum."

"How are we to know where to go, the jungle is endless." Jerith spoke waving his hands.

"It is much better trying to find them than to sit here and get killed by the cowards."

Jerith nodded slowly, and bent down to grab his scabbard. Vorkas could tell he was also very sore due to his stiff movements.

As Vorkas turned to head into the jungle the insects started up their familiar racket. Vorkas and Jerith continued to move into the deep jungle, stumbling over rotten logs and mud pits.

The rain continued to fall more heavily. The insects were getting on Vorkas's nerves, as they were starting to become more loud. He noticed how they sounded in short clicks, almost like sentences...

Vorkas stopped, and so did the insects.

Jerith got low to the ground, sensing that somthing was wrong.

"What is it Vorkas ? What do you see ?"

Vorkas held his finger to his ear.

The insects began again, and seemed to come from all around them in a circle, but nowhere else in the jungle.

"What is it, I only hear the inse-"

Vorkas heard a sharp exhalation of breath, and saw a dart shoot from the jungle canopy and lodge itself in Jerith's muddy chainmail, not breaking his skin.

Vorkas and Jerith slowly turned their heads at once and stared at the dart, and then at themselves.

They reacted as one, bolting into the jungle ahead of them.

Jerith heard many more darts being fired behind him, as well as the darts whizzing by his face and landing in the bushes.

He felt small impacts on his back, but no dart seemed to break his armour and pierce his skin.

Vorkas heard no movement behind him, but continued to run.

The rain picked up, and sent rain drops pouring into the jungle, and filling the air with the noise of thunder.

After running more than a mile, Vorkas and Jerith stopped to catch their breath.

"I did not see the enemy" Jerith said through his gasps. "Even though I was starring straight at it."

"Neither did I, those cowards have no sense in showing themselves and offering a target" Vorkas said in rage.

"At least they are gone, but we should continue" Jerith muttered.

The second Vorkas turned to the jungle he heard the same insect sound start up again, along with a grunt from Jerith.

He turned quickly. Jerith stood motionless, with an odd expression on his face.
His jaw slowly dropped open, with a long string of salavia dripping down.

“Jerith ?” Vorkas spoke.

He feel over head first with a grunt. His back was covered with more than two dozen darts.
He heard the insect noise start up again, and turned to its location. There was nothing to be seen but jungle undergrowth.

Vorkas decided to meet death head on, and stared into the deep jungle with a face of anger.
He slowly drew his sword and held it in front of him.

“I challenge you faceless coward, come out and fight where I can see you! Do not hide from me!”

There was no response other than a few quick clicks.

Vorkas looked in its direction, but could not see anything.

Suddenly, Vorkas heard a low, harsh voice emit from the undergrowth.

“You are in our lands Elf, we have advantage,. We use fight method and you Elf kin die, not learn to fight us correct way.”

“Then I will learn to fight your way.”Vorkas hissed.

With that he bolted into the jungle away from the hidden attackers.

He did not hear them pursuing, but he knew they were close behind.
Vorkas looked behind him, and was shocked at what he saw out of the corner of his eye.

Above him, he saw several small groups of foliage leaping from trunk to trunk. Their shape was obviously lizard, and they blinded in perfectly with their surroundings.

One of the creatures lifted a moss covered blowpipe, and fired in mid air.

Several darts found their mark, but could not get through Vorkas’s muddy armor.

Voraks suddenly hit a tree root and tripped. He quickly did a summersault and regained his balance, but the ground beneath him gave away.

He fell backwards, down a muddy-sided hill.
Vorkas attempted to grab at several roots and foliage, but could not stop himself.

He then came into a clearing, with a raging river below.
He fell into the rushing waters, and managed to grab onto a rock before the current could wash him away.

Vorkas was heavily bruised, and collapsed on the rock.

Several splashes behind him made Vorkas open his eyes wide, and he quickly rolled onto the other side of the rock.

He heard the language of his assailants once again, coming from behind the rock.

Vorkas watched in wonder as one of the creatures crawled onto the rock in front of him.
It was a deep green, and its very skin had the same texture of the forest trees. Its eyes could be seen underneath a wreath of moss and leaves, each moving separately, scanning its environment.

Its eyes came upon Vorkas, and its head quickly jerked in one swift movement toward him.
A slow grin came upon its face.

Vorkas watched as the creature instantly changed the same color as the grey rock, and its rough skin suddenly changed into a smooth form.
Even by starring straight at it, it was hard to make it as something alive.

Vorkas reached for his sword, but it was lost when he fell. He was beyond weak, and could not fight.

He noticed a small shadow form in front of him, one of creatures came up behind him.
Several others crawled on all fours onto the rocks around Vorkas.

He starred stubbornly as they all lifted their blowpipes at once.
Vorkas spat at the creature in front of him, and in a blink an eye it dodged it. A vile grin came across its face.

Suddenly, the creature in front him spoke in his language, and his kin lowered to blowpipes, and next took out a cruel saw-toothed knife. He slowly approached Vorkas, clinking loudly.

Vorkas saw his chance, and ducked under the water. He swam swiftly with the current, and saw the creature with the knife plummet after him.

Vorkas struck a rock, and fell unconscious, The current dragged him many miles from where he was, and finally came to a stop along a jungle bank.

Vorkas laid there for many hours, but then a figure came to Vorkas. His features were elvish, and he bent to pick up Vorkas and place him on his back.

The elf turned toward the jungle, and eyed the creatures who change color. They stood there in plain view, with their blowpipes to their sides.

The Elf then spoke, “He is one of us now, he will not cause any harm.”

The chameleon skinks nodded, and turned to walk into the jungle.

The Elf then carried Vorkas into the foliage.

Latter that night, Tizunkai stood inside his command quarters, underneath the ground hidden in a network of tunnels. His fellow skinks rushed around him in every direction, busy with tasks.

Several high ranking skink chieftains stood surrounding a large map of the jungles of Lustria, talking quickly and making motions with their hands across the map. The map was marked with small stones, representing the Druchii forces. The skinks were planning future ambushes.

Tizunkai loved the feel of war, especially against an enemy who refuses to adapt to his guerilla warfare tactics.

Tizunkai suddenly felt a tap upon his shoulder, and turned to see the chameleon stalker standing with his team. He held up a severed elf head and spoke “One enemy commander has been killed.”

“What of the other?” Vorkas asked.

“He made it to the pacifist camp. They took him in.”

Tizunkai nodded, and dismissed the chameleons to their next mission.

For the Light !
For the Old Ones !!

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Sat Aug 28, 2004 3:48 pm
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Malekith's Tastetester & Physician
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Its good, not quite Dark Elf fluffy, but good anyway even if it is about lizards. Post it on the SoC Forum so they can read it.

While running a million dollar company, singing at weddings, and his frequent jetting to Spain Elton Jon style, Dark Alliance found the time to stand on the doorstep of Games Workshop like Moses and the Pharoah and calmly state, "Let my people go."

Sat Aug 28, 2004 4:33 pm

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Thank you langmann,

For the Light !
For the Old Ones !!

Sat Aug 28, 2004 7:20 pm
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i liked the story, but i saw sum mistakes tactically-wise, u treated dark elves as chaos warriors or summit like that, but druchii r also trained in ambush & sneaky tactics, due to their low T3 & low AS they can't be full frontal combat units, the druchii aren't as dumb or undisciplined as u put them in ur story, but under them jungle conditions i'll give u the benefit of doubt (by the way, it was obvious the water was gonna be poisoned, i bet any druchii would've seen that from miles).
Well, if that story was anywhere close to the truth the campaign wouldn't be 50/50. But it gladdens me to see ur hatred 4 the druchii, that will only envigourate our troops & keep raiding ur temples!! :twisted:

DiscipleOfKhaine said:
Im not saying that makes them unworthy of a model, Im just saying...that Malekith is the greatest elven king in the history of the world and I will never concede otherwise.

Sat Aug 28, 2004 8:37 pm

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You are right, Druchii can be sneaky and agile and very cunning, but when they are in a steaming jungle riden with diseases and waist deep swamp, and fighting an enemy who hits and runs away, their ability will greatly diminish.

Your also right, that the Druchii should test the water first. But... they were on the edge of dropping dead from thirst, and that can do things to your head...

Your welcome back into our lands if you want, but dont expect to do so whithout a fight !

For the Light !
For the Old Ones !!

Sat Aug 28, 2004 11:39 pm
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Don't worry, next time i come to your stinking jungles i won't forget my mosquito repelent, then thou shalt know of the druchii wrath!........and maybe they drank the water coz they had the mark of slaanesh & being inmune to psychology they didn't worry of them stupid colourful frogs in the water............?

DiscipleOfKhaine said:
Im not saying that makes them unworthy of a model, Im just saying...that Malekith is the greatest elven king in the history of the world and I will never concede otherwise.

Sun Aug 29, 2004 8:47 pm
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