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November 17 Orders 
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Lord General Of Khaine
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Dispatch to all Generals of Khaine.

the Fighting here in Ghromd is intensifiying, still and the Cult has a Clear advantage now. i am taking a break from the fighting to write you your orders.

To Generals in the South, Contiune to Harass and Halt any Slannesh forces returning from Lustria, at any cost, use your Undead and Lizard allies well Fresh forces are now on their way.
To all forces around Wraith Gate Contiune to Attack the 6th Gate. any Kills you can get against Cultists shall be welcomed. To all forces of the Bleak Coast contiune to Attack Asur Ships.
To all Generals Within Karond Kar, perpare the City for Seige. The plains outside the city are crawling with enemies, conduct yourselves to hit and run raids against the forces of Slannesh and their Allies. Also you must keep a close watch on the Slaves within there pens should they revolt then the city will be in dire trouble. I am myself However shall not be able to Come to Karond Kar to Aid you as here in Ghrond the Situation has worsened greatly.
To All Generals in the North, hold the Watchtowers, the Chaos wastes are now teeming with enemies, i Still encourage hit and run raids on chaos camps but your main orders are to hold the Watchtowers, at any cost.
To All Generals fighting in the Underway, Contiune to locate and destroy enemy camps, the less resorces that they have the better chance you will have in destroying you foes.
To All Generals Around Ghrond. I have Still had no news on How the Cultists are entering the city fighting is increased Still and Our forces are slowly but Surely are being beaten Back. Your Orders are to destroy any Slannesh Incampments outside the city and find out how the slannesh scum are getting into the city. plus Any forces in the city find the annointed Veloran Erathai and his Devoted Scum For he has an appointment with my Draich.
I Also send out a Call to any Armies of Khaine within the vicenity of Ghrond you are ordered to head for the city at once to aid Us in our defence.

May Khaine Guide your Blade.

Khael Vraneth, Lord General of Khaine, Lord Executioner, Reagent of Har Ganeth, 3rd Son of Kurl Vraneth, Lord of the northen Reaches, Slayer of Asur, etc

"For every victory there is a defeat, for every defeat there is a victory. My victory, my defeat are for all to see..."
Khael Vraneth, Lord-General of Khaine.

Wed Nov 17, 2004 1:44 pm
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lord vraneth, my army will leave karond kar for ghrond if you wish. me and my father will lead it personally. any camps along the way will be dealt with great efficiency.

beastmaster kurlan

Wed Nov 17, 2004 4:55 pm
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I have now arrived at Ghrond (Friday) but never got to Post that I did so.
And Drake is hunting Slaaneshi Scum and is looking in all the homes for Slaanesh Cultists.

Back From Druchii Hiatus

Wed Nov 17, 2004 6:35 pm
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My forces hold Dicator Pass still.

Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:14 pm
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The fluff made mention of Ghrond as the door and other sites as keys. In perticular, it noted the influx of cultists from the south as a problem to us in Ghrond. I therefore suggest we press more forces against those comming from the south.

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Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:50 pm
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My forces are split in two lord, the main force is fighting High Elves and Slaaneshi scum near Arnhelm. The other force, under my brother is helping to defend Ghrond.

Lord Hal Qualleth Ironheart

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Fri Nov 26, 2004 7:53 pm
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