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Antelioch Makshoui's Civil War Journal 
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This is in conjunction with my replies on Kala's journal, www.druchii.net/viewtopic.php?t=28018&p ... &start=125

November 18:

Today I grow weary of Lord Korelon. He is getting to cocky for his own good. He ordered Druchii to die for no avail, so he is a traitor. If I had it my way and not Kala's, he would be burning at the stake.

Each day, my daughter screams from her roost, crucified to my battle standard. It is a sight that inspires my troops. Also, these threats the petty Asur give me are most hilarious. They sent a sort of assissin against me! How shrewd! I beheaded him, and later cooked him to feed upon! This war has been much to my liking, with the whole city marching to war.

That grey-beard that healed me is a great medic. It took him 3 days, when in other's hands I would be dead.

Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:01 am
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Blasphemer and Heretic
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To Lord General Antelioch Maksoui
Ruined Falls

Greetings and Salutations Lord General

I am relieved to hear that your poisoning was countered. Fethrer is a brilliant Assassin, Temple trained. Your absence at Dictator Pass would have been disastrous if your daughter were left in charge. She obviously deserved her fate.

For the greater glory of the Druchii and your House I have conceived a plan that only you can be entrusted to carry out. It is a secret plan that no other General has been informed of.

First, you must acquire several months’ worth of supplies. I have sent orders to the Wrath Gate to have carts loaded with food and drink for you and your troops. No rations! Only the finest stocks shall be delivered as a reward for your loyal service. The Gate fortifications must be sealed, I am afraid. There is intelligence that indicates an Asur attempt to rescue a captured Prince. However I have made an exception for your carts due to the importance of this mission.

Once your supplies are acquired, make your way down the Dictator Pass and out onto the plains of Arnheim. There you must take the fight to the enemy. My spies in the Asur camp have indicted that the hated cousins have overlooked some defensive positions in the northeast quadrant of their construction site. I am counting on you to attack and overwhelm these positions. It will likely take more than a week for my current force to arrive at the southern front. Karelon Lengoth of House Melphular is a weak and incompetent buffoon. Lady Lelith Vraneth is a pathetic little girl. A Shade clan could better carry out my orders. Only you are worthy of this mission.

May the weak fall before you like wheat at harvest,
General Kala Kodai Velari
Commander, Black Lotus Brigade

Because anyone vicious enough to shoot down her own battlecruiser because there might be a traitor at the helm deserves to have a Druchii namesake.

Fri Nov 19, 2004 2:53 am
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