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It has finally ended. I can't leave without saying that this was a nice idea and a funny project to develop, however, I have to complain in some aspect.
But first things first:
The campaign as a blast. People participated and even during the crash they kept playing and reporting. Kala and Voodoomaster on the on side and DP on the other side were great in calling players in and I believe that the 3 should be rewarded. But that's up to you, not me. Anyways, congratulations on making the whole thing work and on making GW again notice us.

Now, to the bad side of the campaign, in my opinion.

First, as I said since the beggining, there was a total lack of comunication between ini leaders and the campaign managers. I was asked to make scenarios, a list and a character.
I made them all, except the list that was during my absence and that was a total wreck. I admit I screwed that up. But it was made afterall.
You then took one scenario or two from the ones we had and nothing else. I have now a couple of scenarios and one character in playtest. What for? Well, I can use them for the M, sure, but I can't avoid thinking you just forgot them.

As for the campaign itself, I understand it was probably below a certain status at some points, namely VC and TK and so, that the character wasn't that important. However, I do think that you could have said something. I spent time, brains and space on that project. Not to mention workforce that could have been directed over other more important projects. Also, the fluff was kinda good until the end. The end though, was the lousiest end I could read, sorry. It was almost like SoC. And you killed Lonicera. She was an important character, and yet you killed her. You could have make her fled or something but no, you just killed her. I'd like to know if you actually used any of the characters you asked from us in the beggining.
Also, what do we owe to Gav Thorpe? Do we owe him the revision? Is that a bill we have to pay? Why then, did he decided OUR campaign? I mean, it's just stupid. We did OUR campaign, WE organised it, WE mantained it, WE advertised it, well yes, he put a notice in the Loremaster's Journal, hurray, but is that enough to let him decide OUR campaign? In my opinion, that was just lowering our pants to him and flash our pinky bottoms. Sorry for the image but I really feel "raped". If you have a reason why to have done so, I'd appreciate you'd explain it or, if it is top secret, only available to a couple Iluminati, just say "there was a reason" and I'll accept it. Though, I won't understand it.

All in all, and to conclude, I feel that at least I was left apart, including my Initiative. I felt that, despite being a nice campaign, it had major flaws and that it could have been way better. Next time you want to organize such a thing, ask first, don't go over the other guys forums and start "requesting" stuff that will probably be left aside.


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Sat Feb 12, 2005 12:01 am
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Yeah I have to agree with Anaryin on some of those points, although the death of Lonicera, though disappointing (especially given the amount of time and effort Anaryin and his team put in to develop her rules - I may have created the character but without the 7th Convent guys she wouldn't have any playable rules - I owe a lkot of gratitude to those guys), isn't my main gripe with it - characters can always be resurrected, possibly as a pleasure-seeking vampire or maybe a daemon princess, as Langmann already suggested.

No, my main gripe is that the concluding fluff gave no consideration to the fact that there was no way that the CoP forces were ever going to leave so significant a location as Ghrond without desecrating the temple.

Other than that, it's been a good campaign - flawed perhaps, but still enjoyable. Let's not forget the undeniable effect that the crash had on the players - since the site came back on line in late december, the number of Team Slaanesh players fell through the floor - some appear to have given up after the site crash and never came back :(

If they had, then the final result may well have been closer. Of course it's possible that Team Khaine may have experienced the same problem, though they had at least 3 times as many players to start with...

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Sat Feb 12, 2005 12:10 am
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