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"Regiments of Renown" a skirmish rule set from GW 
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I recently stumbled to a skirmish rule-set that GW put together for some tournaments or some such..
Anyway here are the rules:

What do people think about these? Now I know that people will most likely start by comparing these to mordheim, but that would be wrong.
These are (supposed to be) rules for fast games with minimal book-keeping, so not a new mordheim but something that is build to work in this edition.

I just got the people at my local store to play kill-team, but that was after we had brainstormed some weeks about the most broken lists people could come up with.
There was also need to change the rules a bit..
Hoping that we can skip that phase I ask for ye help with the brainstorming and testing.

So I'm asking you to poke holes at this until we find a scared and bleeding rule-set, crying in the corner that we can all play with :)


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Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:12 pm
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I got two games in with a DE force this weekend. I won the first game and suggested swapping forces for the second. DE's went 2-0. My initial thought is that hatred is seriously nasty.

This is the list I made:
2 Warriors: 12pts
3 Corsairs.(2A 5+AS(4+ranged) Gave one the regen cloak: 30pts
1 Harpy. Fly. Gave her always strikes first: 11pts
1 BG. Paid for the extra wound & Attack, took the dragon helm(free) for the extra AS(4+): 28pts
1 Shade. Took the ammo that prevents long range modifier: 16pts

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Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:26 pm
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Much thinking has been done at my local store and most of the rules seem solid.
We decided to remove the "leveling" system, because it is just silly and kills any motivations of new players giving the rules a try. I also detest the idea of leader learning new trick, if the common grunts don't (I'm complicated that way). Have you found any reason to keep the experience gaining system in?

Also: Horrors with magic level. How do you think they should work?
We ruled that wizards count as having ranged weapons, so they are included in the 25% ranged weapons limit. Anyone have any other ideas? Better ideas? I read somewhere that GW had some kind of ruling on the issue, but I haven't found it. I'll post something of my games, when there is something worth posting about..

"If they're better at the game than you are, change the rules."

Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:24 pm
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That's a really nice list xFallenx. I've been thinking about the Shades and BGs as well as solid choices for this.

I was also considering something along the lines of:
- 24 pts - Corsair, Leader, Reaver, Pair of Handbows, Dog of War, 5+ Regen, Dragon Helm... Styled with a pimpin hat
- 11 pts - Harpy, Dog of War, Always Strike First (lovely build!)
- 50 pts - 5 Witch Elves
- 11 pts - (female) Repeater Crossbow, Shield, Dog of War, Handmade ammo

But I doubt the effectiveness of the pair of handbows. It's luring to get 4 shots with it, but the short range basically means you need to be in charge distance. Still, running in and shooting + stand and shooting... It can deliver 8 shots before combat while the character retains 2 attacks with hatred.. which may be upgraded in power as the game progresses.

Another trick might be an Executioner with a club with a nail 'in. At S4, D6 attacks and loosing the ASL could make this an interesting choice. High WS, good initiative, hatred, S4, bring it on!

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Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:45 pm
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The double RHB is a must have!

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Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:00 pm
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