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***Forum Rules and FAQ*** (No excuse not to read!) 
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General Posting Rules: http://www.druchii.net/viewtopic.php?t=2504

So that still means no flaming, no spamming and so forth!

40k Forum Rules:

Make your thread titles clear

Since everything to do with 40k will be in this forum, there is going to be a jumble of discussion, rules questions and army lists. Please try to be as explicit as you can when posting a new thread.

Don't post points values

Only ever post the total points cost of a unit, not the component items such as individual squad member costs, wargear etc. This is technically breaking GW's copyright in doing so.

Be sure to clean up your list if it is copied from army builder - so while you're removing specific points costs, remove any superfluous information while you are at it - we know space marines have bolters!

If that was somehow unclear, watchPosting and You. All the points in said flash animation are still valid, despite being for a different forum. See also this comic if u think u r cool writing like this...

If you have a rules question

Make sure you check the rulebook or codex (or FAQs) before posting a question. The answer could be in an obvious place! (You don't want to look silly, do you?)

Rules FAQ:

Q: My codex mentions rules that I can't find in the rule book, what is wrong?

Most codices were printed for the previous editions - you can find the FAQs for the armies here (pdf format), about half way down the page:


Q: I want free stuff. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

A: Well, that's more of a demand, but you can get the following codices online:
Codex: Blood Angels Replaces the 'mini' codex and does not require Codex: Space Marines.
Codex: Catachans
Imperial Guard Armoured Company
Codex: Harlequins (About as unofficial as you can get)

Q: Isn't it spelt "codexes"?

A: Unlike GW, I can actually spell.

Q: Hahaha. Those silly fantasy players had their SoC book banned from GW UK tournaments.
A: And GW UK 40k tournaments no longer consider the Eye of Terror or Armageddon codices to be tournament legal.

Q: Why are daemonhunters such a terrible army?
A: Some questions have no answer.

Acronyms (in no particular order, and what I can currently think of ;)):

AL: Alpha Legion
ATSKNF: "And They Shall Know No Fear..." rule for Imperial Space Marines
BA: Blood Angels
BGB: The main rulebook ;)
BL: Black Legion
BT: Black Templars OR Biel-Tan
CCW: Close Combat Weapon
CotYK: Court of the Young King (Biel-Tan)
CS/SS/BS: Crisis suits/Stealth suits/Broadside Suits
CSM: Chaos Space Marines
CWE: Craftworld Eldar
DA: Dark Angels
DE: Dark Eldar
DG: Death Guard
DH: Daemonhunters
DP: Daemon Prince
EC: Emperor's Children OR Emperor's Champion (black templars)
EoT: Eye of Terror
FoF: Fish of Fury tactic (mechanised infantry & skimmers) or Fleet of Foot
FW: Fire Warriors
GK: Grey Knights
HH: Hammerhead
IC: Independent Character
IG: Imperial Guard
IW: Iron Warriors
LatD: Lost and the Damned
NL: Night Lords
SC: Special Character
SH: Saim hann
SM: Space Marines
Smurfs: Ultramarines
SoB: Sisters of Battle
SW/Space puppies: Space Wolves
TS/1kS/1ksons: Thousand Sons
USF: Ulthwé Strike Force
WB: Word Bearers
WBB: "We'll Be Back" rule for Necrons.
WE: World Eaters
WH: Witch Hunters

PM me if there is anything obvious I've missed.


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