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Word Bearers ”The Host” datasheet 
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Hi guys!
I was working on a "Battle company" datasheet for my Word Bearers the other day and came up with this. I just wanted to get some advice about it's fluffyness and however you think the datasheet is to powerfull or to lame in any way.

As I said earlier, the datasheet is based on the "Battle Company" datasheet for SM, but transfered into CSM and then made (what I hope to be) a little more Word Bearerish :).

So here it is:

Word Bearers ”The Host” datasheet

250pts + models

1+ Dark Apostle (Chaos lord) accompanied by a 11-man Chosen chaos space marine squad, or alternatively a 7-man Chosen chaos space marine squad in which case they must be mounted in Rhino dedicated transport

6+ of the following units:
12-man Chaos space marine squad
7-man Rhino mounted Chaos space marine squad, accompanied by a Chaos sorcerer

5+ of the following units:
12-man Raptors squad
12-man Havocs squad
12-man Possessed squad

Note: All units must be given the Icon of Chaos Glory and no unit or character may be given any other icon or mark.

The Host
In addition to his normal strategic assets the player gains the following three strategic assets:
“Hold at all costs”
“Corrupt and Despoil”
“Chaos Alter”

Also: for every 4 additional squads taken after the compulsory 12, the player gains one additional “Chaos Alter” strategic asset.

The will of the Apostle:
Every Icon of Chaos Glory and Personal Icon in the army grants the “Fearless” special rule and has it’s “teleport homer range” increased to 12”

As you can see all CSM squads are based on the WB's number 12. However old fluff I found on wikipedia said that WB used also used smaller squads that could make use of the Rhino dedicated transport and all these squads were lead by a sorcerer (or a psyker).

The squads you can choose from are much the same as the ones included in the SM company, except for the Possessed who I wanted to include since the new CSM codex states that the WB uses alot of Possessed CSM. Since a WB army follows a structure based on the Apostle's vision, the WB player has got a little bit more freedom in which units he wants to include compared to the SM player.

The reason why the model count isn't consistent is because the fluff says that the Host can wary in size and hasn't got a consistent number like for example the space marine Battle Company.

The strategic assets provided by this formation aren't to powerfull IMHO. I choose them only for fluff reasons and the reason why you get an additional for every 4 extra units chosen is because I want there to be a reason to pick additional units.

The last benefit gained from this formation is improved Icons. Once again, it's all about fluff :lol: ... The fluff states that the WB under the command of a Dark Apostle will fight to the death and without any fear. Personally I think Ld 10 reroll is much better than Fearless, but I found it to be fluffy. The increased range is to justify the use of Deamons (since WB uses alot of Deamons).

So if you're still with me to the very end ;P.. What do you think of this datasheet for the WB? Are there anyways to make it more fluffy or playable? Is it to overpowered?

Do you think terminators (terminator lords) or bikers should be included in the formation or not? 7-man Raptor and Havoc squads lead by sorcerors?

Thank you for your time!


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