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40K Escalation 
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Hi All; I'm making the jump into a GK Army after extensive reading, not to mention how few troops I need to paint, and am leaning towards an inquisition with GK support.

I believe that the Escalation is going to start at 200/300pts, I found a 500 point list that I liked and purchased around it. I believe that we'll end up around the 2K-2.5K range, so I'll have lots of room to grow. These are my initial lists:

200pt Army:
Inquisitor Coteaz 100pts
5 Warrior Acolytes 2 with plasma, 5 Psykers: 90pts
300pt Army:
Inquisitor Coteaz 100pts
5 Warrior Acolytes 2 with plasma, 5 Psykers: 90pts
5 Warrior Acolytes 2 with plasma, 5 Psykers: 90pts

500pt Army:
Inquisitor Coteaz 100pts
5 Warrior Acolytes 2 with plasma, 5 Psykers: 90pts
5 Warrior Acolytes 2 with plasma, 5 Psykers: 90pts
4 Paladin’s: 220pts

I also got a second box of Terminators for the future, I'm thinking of keeping them as Paladins, but would having 10 be too many for a 2.5K list? Or should I just go ahead and turn them into regular Terminators?

Would Purifiers fit in an inquisitor army? Assassins look like they would fit quite well within the inquisition, and at 700pts I was thinking of:5 Warrior Acolytes 1 plasma, 4 Death Cult Assassins, Inquisitorial Chimera(With Flamers):145pts & a fifth Paladin. What other Henchmen should I be looking at? Flagellants? I want a balance between feeling fluffy & remaining competative on the tabletop.

I know that I'll start to need some heavy firepower & fast attack in the future, but I'm not sure at what point level that'll be. Will Purgation squads work within the inquisition?

I may not keep the psykers after the first escalation, I've yet to play a game of 40K so I have absolutely no idea how they'll perform. I am curious about the psyker shooting phase as in theory (flawed?) it sounds pretty exciting, practice may be something else entirely. I'll be sure to paint up sufficient death cult assassins to take over the role if they underwhelm.
Regardless I'll be sure to post photo's of everything as I paint what I have as well as pick up in the future.

Last night I flashed/assembled/based the Kasrkin's for my warrior acolytes. I need to replace the two heavy's with regular R'n'F's, I'm hoping there is a blister at the brick & mortar I can use. Suggestions?

I've also carved out most of the arms in my Paladin's in order to magnetize, I'm thinking I may actually need to do the hands instead. Does anyone else have exp with this? I have magnets I believe will work, I'm just not confident with the weight on the shoulder magnets.

Once I move onto the base coat of my army I'll take photo's, for now this is my plan for the paint scheme:
Corteaz: Black Armour (blue highlights), Red Robes, White Icons(Light Blue Highlights)Grey Fur, White Loin Cloth.
GK HQ: Black & White Marbled Armour, Red/white two-tone Robes, Gold(text) & Steel(metals), parchment Icons, Blue/black/purple force weapons.
GK Terminators: Black & White marbled armour, White Robes, Steel & Parchment icons, Blue Black force weapons.
GK: Black & White Marbled armour, Red robes, Steel & Parchment icons.
Acolytes: White Dirty armour, Red cloth, black weapons & gear.
Psykers: Black Armour (Blue Highlights), Red secondary armour(plates), Pale white skin, Red cloth.
Death Cult assassins: Black Armour(Purple Highlights), black fabric(boots: blue highlights, Pants/shirt:Grey Highlights) Red/Purple Hi-Gloss weapons.
Inquisitor Chimera/Transports/Dreadknight’s/noughts: Black Armour, Red secondary. Well worn.
Paladins: Yellow base with white washes till it glows. White Icons (blue highlights).

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