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Group 22 important information thread 
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This post is really just for mine and the groups' reference so will be a locked thread. There is a Group 22 out of character thread for discussion.

Chapter List

    1 - Blackthorn – pages 1 to 21
    2 - Blood and Darkness – pages 21 to 39
    3 - A Perfect Change – pages 39 to 57
    4 - Of Gods and Dice – pages 57 to 101
    5 - Purity – pages 102 to 124
    6 - Kinslayers – pages 125 to 137
    7 - Darkness Rising – pages 137 to 169
    8 - Hell Winter - pages 170 to 197
    9 - Wrath of the Ancients - pages 198 to current

Character List
The game is made up of several Player Characters (PC's) and many Non-Player Characters (NPC's)

The Group

Vryala Naïlo - Female Warrior [Raneth]
Karonath - Female Khainite [Layne]
Phalx Tr’dasr - Male Shade [Dauricha]
Elysian - Male Mage [Drainial]
Casaythe Blackstorm - Male Warrior [Nightcall]
Caraoc the Pilot - Male Mage [Calisson]

Fiat Obsidian - Male Warrior [Kefka] (deceased)
Saldrimek Xenan - Male Khainite [Khel] (deceased)
Vash’nir - Male Shade [Sidorio] (deceased)
Yori Temel - Male Warrior [Akimoto] (deceased)
Thesbe - Female Shade [Silar, Hand of Khaine] (deceased)

At Blackthorns

Varin Blackthorn – A Wealthy Druchii Noble
Sevro – Captain of the Guard
Yurul – Master Apothecary
Morius – Varins’ cousin (deceased)

Important Enemies

Eaun Tvar – Vampiress (deceased)
Ranor Tvar – Trading Merchant (deceased)
Ignar Tvar – Trading Merchant (deceased)
Zukhil Guard – the elite of House Tvar

Darktongue – Criminal Gang Leader, thrall to Eaun Tvar (deceased)
Morthar – warrior twins, thrall to Eaun Tvar (deceased)
Sengal – warrior twins, thrall to Eaun Tvar (deceased)
Lord Frost – Merchant, thrall to Eaun Tvar (deceased)
Ice Guard – the elite of House Frost

Calius Black – Beastmaster Noble
Black Guard – the elite of House Black

Purefeather – Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (banished)
Darkfeather – Daemon Prince of Slaanesh (banished)

Sjaari – Chaos Lord of Slaanesh (deceased)
Ifrit – Sjaaris’ banner bearer (deceased)
Lilia – Sjaaris’ Asrai captain (deceased)

Lord Faulin - A wealthy Druchii Noble
Draco Faulin - Merchant Son of Lord Faulin (deceased)

Lord Kronus - A powerful member of the Council of Vikarh, corrupted by Chaos (captured)
Kirathi - Druchii Sorceress (deceased)

Important Allies

Jarin – human mage (deceased)

Kalius Bane – Captain of the Midnight Guard
Kallihadus the Fearless
Valathorn the Undying
Rhamek the Beastslayer (deceased)
Korathan the Swift (deceased)
Eveling the Torturer (deceased)
Sadhri the Kinslayer (deceased)

Shayla - Druchii rogue

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Vikarh lies on the great road west from Har Ganeth, which passes under the Spiteful Peaks and then comes to a crossroad where travellers can go south for Naggarond, or north for Ghrond and the Chaos Wastes.

Here is a map showing it's exact location, situated below the mountains a couple of weeks ride from Ghrond. There is a small river joining it's harbor to the Sea of Malice which is not shown, but runs south east from the City through the dark forests to the coast.


Here is a map of the areas that surround Vikarh. The great east to west trade road passes by the City, which is situated between the foothills of the Spiteful Peaks and the dark forest that spreads to the coast. The City is surrounded by a ring of twelve watchtowers, the southernmost of which the group visited in Chapter Six of the storyline.


Here is a map of Vikarh itself, showing the major areas loosely defined as the four quarters of the City, despite the commoners quarter being vastly bigger than the rest. It also shows key locations for the group, and the important buildings and areas of the City such as the markets and the Temple of Khaine.


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In Group 22 we play through chapters, and each one usually plays its own distinct story which will end in either a stat or skill increase for every player that was involved. Over time the story has grown rather long, so below is a summary of the key events in each chapter played thus far. This is just a reference to remember when things happened, but will be useful for potential new players to get up to date on their Group 22 history as well.

Chapter One - Blackthorn

The group started out with Vryala, Karonath, Fiat and Thesbe. They met a Druchii Noble called Varin Blackthorn and quickly took up his offer of work. Their first task saw them deliver a package to a Merchant by the name of Ignar Tvar, which they soon discovered contained the remains of his brother Ranor Tvar. They escaped, and in retaliation to this insult Ignar launched an attack on the Blackthorn Estate. A big fight at the end of it all saw Thesbe killed, the first player character to leave the game. Sevro, Varin Blackthorns' right hand man and Captain of his guard, also Vryalas' love interest, lost a hand in this fight and later had a metal hook attached instead. Ignar was also killed here and what turned out to be an age old family feud between the Blackthorns and the Tvar was seemingly settled in blood.

Chapter Two - Blood & Darkness

Set a few months later, two shades Phalx and Vash'nir joined the group at Blackthorns' request. It soon turned out that there was still one member of the Tvar family left alive (well, sort of!) Ignar and Ranors had a sister called Eaun, who Varin Blackthorn had known about all along but had beleived not to be a threat. Eaun turned out to be more than just a dark and scheming politician however, at some point she had made the transition into unlife and came after Blackthorn and the group with an eternal lust for revenge. At the Tvar mansion the group met Yori, a warrior who had once been in servitude to Tvar but now resented her for what she had become. It ended with the group attacking her in the Tvar mansion, cornering her in her trophy room, and here Garius the Captain of the City Guard was slain by the Vampiress. Fiat, secretly marked by Slaanesh, was drawn to a helmet in the trophy room and at the fightings climax he donned the helmet of Slaanesh, turning their world suddenly inside out.

Chapter Three - A Perfect Change

The group were transported to the realm of Azharakarius, somewhere within the depths of Chaos. Here the group found themselves in the middle of a thousand year old war between two daemonic brothers, Purefeather of Tzeentch and Darkfeather of Slaanesh. Fiat was lured into Darkfeathers palace and sided with him for a time, but when he chose his comrades over eternal servitude to Slaanesh withi the palace of luxuries he was cast from the palace walls. Together with the others he searched a mazelike ravine for the other brother. They found Purefeather and used the helmet of Slaanesh to free him from his magical cage, apparently the whole reason they had been brought there all along. Purefeather freed, he led them out of his maze and assaulted his brothers palace, eventually throwing his golden staff at Darkfeather and impaling him, sending him screaming back to Slaanesh.

Peace settled over Azharakarius once more, Purefeather was finally able to open an artifact he had collected eons ago, the Chest of Forever. From within the Chest each member of the group was able to draw out one item, and these magical gifts came in the form of a sword for Karonath, armour for Vryala, a cloak for Vash'nir, a crossbow for Phalx, an amulet for Yori, and for Fiat the Chest turned the helmet of Slaanesh into a purer gift that would protect him rather than curse him. After receiving their gifts, the group were sent back home to Vikarh and the real world by their newfound daemonic ally.

Chapter Four - Of Gods & Dice

The group reappeared in Vikarh in much the same moment they had left, finding themselves in Eaun Tvars trophy room just as the Vampire fled, leaving Garius of the City Guard dead. With no trace of the Vampiress, Blackthorn began studying her arcane staff, The Kiss of the Serpent, to find a way to destroy it. He uncovered the whereabout of an gemstone, The Serpents Eye, that would neutralise the staff if connected to it, or grant one man immunity to the staff if he carried it on his person. The gemstone resided in the northern wastes, last seen in the hands of a powerful Slaaneshi warlord called Sjaari the Dark. And thus, the group were heading North.

Upon meeting Sjaari and his warband of horselords, the group feined alliegance to him, there meeting two other elves that already fought at his side. Saldrimek, a Khainite horsemaster lost on some quest for Khaine some two years before hand and subdued into servitude, and Lilia, a rare Asrai archer who had willingly given herself over to Chaos. Sjaari had the gem they needed on a ring, but his warband was too vast for them to even hope to survive attacking him. Luckily a Nurgle warband attacked soon after, and although Sjaari triumphed his warband was left vastly depleted. Seizing their oppertunity, the group struck. Under the cover of darkness, they split into pairs and seperated the key members of the group.

Vash'nir slew Lilia and took her Asrai swords as reward. Saldrimek killed Ifrit, the warbands banner bearer, and took his ear as a trophy. The group then regrouped on Sjaari, fighting off his men and his daemonic boobworm, until eventually they were left fighting him and him alone. The killing strike against Sjaari himself could have been from any member of the group, but in the end all that matters is he was brought low. In his defeat, his body and armour crumpled inwards and imploded. All that was left as the Serpents Eye amulet, which Yori volunteered to take, and his ashes, which Saldrimek decided to keep in a pouch. A long ride back to Vikarh awaited them...

Chapter Five - Purity

The group returned to Vikarh to find most of the Nobles district in ruins, many of the Nobles themselves missing and a strange eerie silence covering the City. Soon learning what had happened, it was rumoured that a Chaos Tower had appeared at the heart of the City and that daemons had been taking the Nobles captive. The group found a way to reveal the whereabouts of this magical tower, and infiltrated inside to find the Nobles' imprisoned and all manner of daemonic enemies in their way. They fought their way to the top and there they were confronted by Purefeather, the Tzeentchian Daemon Prince having been driven insane by the infinite futures he had gazed upon inside the Chest of Forever they had helped him open. His mind all but lost to him, he sought vengeance on the group and all of Druchii kind. In a brief fight that followed, one of his animated statue-guards slew Fiat, the second player character to be removed from the game.

In showing themselves the group played on Purefeathers biggest weakness, and in his desire for revenge he unleashed in daemonic army on Vikarh. His minions poured forth from the up until now invisible tower, but the City Guard and Temple of Khaine met them in battle all across the City. The group got back inside the emptied out tower and managed to free the Cities Nobles, as well as destroying the arcane machine their lives' were going to be used to fuel, which would have engulfed the City in a new portal to the realm of Chaos. The group then found a way to make contact with Darkfeather, burning the ashes of Sjaari in an arcane ritual and binding the immortal spirit of the daemon prince back to his mortal form. In the end, the two brothers ended up fighting outside the Temple of Khaine, while the group helped the Executioners slaughter the last of his army.

Blackthorn himself fought here and was almost killed, but he survived. Darkfeather ended the fight by shattering his brothers staff and then stabbing him through before beheading him. Purefeather was undone, and Darkfeather, eternally grateful that the group had bound him back to his body, promised never to return to the lands of the Druchii, and with that he vanished. Saldrimek found a shard of Purefeathers staff here, which gave off magic resistance, thus also gaining a magical item. However, the group were quickly arrested by the Khainites for their dealings with the daemonic brothers and put on trial for treachery. Quite how Blackthorn bribed and black mailed them free they will never know.

Chapter Six - Kinslayers

As the City rebuilt itself, and life got back somewhat to normal, Varin was called upon by another Noble for aid. Perhaps out of respect or some unknown debt that need be repaid, Varin agreed to have some of his men man a watch tower to the South of the City, where a number of mysterious events had occurred, namely three separate City Guard divisions posted there disappearing without a trace. The role fell to the shoulders of the group, who quickly found an Asur scout at the abandoned watch tower. They captured him and dragged him back to the City, where the Midnight Guardians, the Drach and ruler of the City's elite warriors, took charge of the investigation and went to the watch tower, where the group were still stationed and also had to return.

Upon their return, the group were attacked again by the high elf invaders, and along with the Midnight Guard they led a counter attack deep into the nearby forests where the attacks were coming from. They discovered a high elf camp and, partially thanks to upsetting a wild Hydra they briefly had to fight but managed to goad into the enemy, destroyed the camp. What was left of the high elves did battle against them, and even though they were outnumbered the group just about survived. Three of the six midnight guardians were slain, but their captain Kalius Bane took the Asur Commander prisoner after breaking his legs. Two Mages also fought for his army, one of which was killed by Vash'nir. The other was captured at the end of the fight and taken back to Vikarh by Bane. The group were allowed to return to house Blackthorn.

Chapter Seven - Darkness Rising

This chapter started with two big changes. A new player character was introduced, a mage thief Elysian who snuck into the estate but was captured by Sevro and brought before Varin and the group. Fortunately Varin deemed his arcane abilities might have their uses and let him live, joining the group. Also Varin had been awarded for their discovery of the Asur threat with a seat on the Council of Vikarh. They were sent to assassinate the merchant son of a rival highborn, Draco Faulin. They infiltrated his estate and chased Draco down into the sewers, where they found he had already been killed by someone else. Soon they were attacked by Skaven, and after fighting their way free of the sewers returned to Blackthorn to tell him what they had discovered.

Varin sent them back after the Drach ignored his claims about the Skaven without evidence. They were to find what they could, and their search led them to an underground warpstone mine inside what appeared to be ancient ruins of dwarven origins, with statues depicting a gradual decline into Chaos. No doubt the warpstone buried there had devolved the race that had dwelled there in ages past, and now the Skaven sought to unearth it for their own nefarious means. During their underground skirmishes, the group heard the Skaven mention their 'dark master' and soon encountered skeleton warriors underground as well. It could only mean one thing, and before long they encountered Eaun Tvar, in league with the ratmen in trying to seize the warpstone to fuel her necromancy.

In a chamber with a sealed stone chest, the Vampiress almost killed Vryala as the others thought off her undead host, until the warriors blood dripped onto the chest. The blood activated ancient wards, and the chest opened to reveal a daemonic portal. Fiat, thought lost to the group since his demise inside the Chaos Tower which disappeared once the daemons were dead, was still fighting in the realm beyond and only now was a connection made in which he could return. Seeing the twice born warrior of Chaos fight his way out of the claws of the abyss, Eaun Tvar fled to instead attack Varin directly at the estate now that her underground plans had been foiled.

The group, now reunited with their friend Fiat, rushed back to the estate and prepared the defenders to meet the Vampiress when she arrived. Sevro told them about a potent magical dagger known as the Blackthorn Dagger, which had been stolen generations ago by the Tvar family and had started their age old feud. The group went to the Tvar burial grounds to find it after discovering it was buried with Ranor and Ignar Tvar. There they were attacked by a banshee, and Vash'nir was killed, the third player character to leave the game. The group got the dagger and made it back to the estate in time before Eaun Tvar attacked.

Varin had not returned from the Council when she struck, leading an army of undead citizens to the estate and launching a full scale attack. Giant undead bats attacked them from the air while ghostly wights charged through the gate and did battle in the courtyard. Here Yori was slain by a fell bat, the fourth player character leaving the game. At the end of the fight, Varin returned atop his Dark Pegasus and impaled the Vampiress on its horn, before the group all cut her to ribbons. It was the Blackthorn Dagger that caused the last fatal wound, and she turned to ash once and for all.

Chapter Eight - Hell Winter

In the next chapter, Vikarh is now free of its hidden undead threat but the populace as a whole are becoming more and more aware of the ratmen that lurk beneath their streets. The group begin the chapter by launching a practice raid on their own estate, none of the guards alerted to this attack. Their aim is to infiltrate inside the main house, which they almost succeed at doing. They make it into the estate, but Sevro and his best men cut them off before they get to the house. Later, Varin returns from the Council with word that a counter offensive is being launched against the ratmen. Every Noble is given a point at which his mercenaries are to go below ground and draw the Skaven into the City centre, where the Midnight Guard wait to ambush them when they emerge.

Varin also tells them of a rival council member called Kronus, and where he will be underground at the appointed time. He asks the group to assassinate this highborn and make it look like the Skaven did it, so he can advance through the ranks of the Council in Kronus' stead. When they go there they discover Kronus' mercenaries, including a Sorceress called Kirathi, dealing with the Skaven underground. They kill everyone but the Sorceress who gets away, and find Chaos marks on the dead which they dump into the sewer. They return to the estate to tell Varin of Lord Kronus' treachery, but when they get to the estate Kalius Bane is already there giving Varin new orders direct from the Drach.

After she leaves they tell him what they have discovered, and he tells them that Kronus had petitioned to be stationed at the north gate to help defend the City against a new threat that was amassing in the east, an army of beastmen and monsters. With most of the City Guard below ground fighting the Skaven, and the Midnight Guard and Executioners of the Temple waiting in ambush to kill the ratmen, the rest of the Cities defenses were sent to the east to guard against this army. With Kronus for some reason offering to watch the north, Varin tries to get a warning to the Drach and leads the group to his infamous tower in the middle of the City. Here they attack his guards to get his attention, a bold move which almost costs them all their lives.

Kalius Bane arrives and her guards apprehend the group, and she almost kills Varin for his foolish action but based on their previous allegiance agrees to hear him out. She takes word to the Drach on their behalf, who insists that although Varin and the group will be punished for their insult, the City is in dire need of defenders and they are sent to the north gate to check if Kronus is up to anything. Together with Varin; Vryala, Elysian, Phalx and Karonath go to the north gate as Fiat and Saldrimek are left to defend the estate with Sevro. Upon drawing near, they ascend a tall tower and look out over the north. They notice a third large army approaching from the north, shielded by a magical blizzard. Attacked from below by the Skaven, from the east by the Beastmen, and now the north, Vikarh is in dire trouble. Varin calls for his Pegasus and leaves to bring warning to the Drach once more. The group are left to try and stop Lord Kronus from opening the gate.

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