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Author:  Drainial [ Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:00 pm ]
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Yeah just more surprised than anything, damn pesky dark mage. Still my wailing spirit will continue to watch on with interest, maybe she can start a little wager with her fellow deceased.

Author:  Malus99 [ Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:48 pm ]
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Almost nailed both of them! Sorry Drainial but somebody had to go! The wager of your (only other) fellow deceased is betting on Kaladeth as the (dead) death mage has some strange and undescribed affinity for the dark mage which may have something to do with the fact that both were possessed by the Malus! :lol:

Author:  Calisson [ Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:12 pm ]
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Just read Kinslayer's scarecrow. :lol: Laughed to tears.
And trust me, it's not the last LMAO opportunity for that scarecrow.
I wonder if there must be an age limit set, under which the thread would be forbidden...

@ Kinslayer
Let's see what can be found to make it happen.
Trust me, you took the difficult way.

The making of the Scarecrow

Flock of doom (x3).
A.-1 (creation, TBH) B.+1 C.+1 (one handful at a time) D.+2 (touched) E.-1 (long lasting) F.-2 G.+0 H.+1 (for all the spells belonging to the same ritual) I.-2 J.+0 (light concentration afterwards) K.+0 total -1+fluff bonus (so appropriate! ;) ) makes it 4+ to cast.
Let's assume you need three handful of flocks.
Rolled 6, the first one provides more than expected. Side effect 4: it's noisy (the crows don't like to be summoned for that purpose).
Second crow: rolled 6 again. That will provide again more stuffing than expected, so casting twice will be enough instead of 3.
Side effect: rolled 6 => miscast :x for the effect 3: lost one point of Toughness (could have been worse).
Area of the miscast: 3 m. Let's say that it stays within the shack.
The shack is a mess, you have feathers everywhere.

Now you get the slave.
Protection from death spell.
A.+1 (protection) B.-2 (new) C.-2 :shock: (death itself, that must be more severe than chirurgically restoring a limb) D.+2 (touched) E.+0 (till midnight, to be cast again every night at midnight) F.-2 G.+0 (normal) H.+1 (long time) I.-2 (no component) J.+0 (average) K.+2 automiscast :x total -2+fluff, cast on 5+.
Rolled 5, spell cast. :P The slave can't die till midnight. :D
Automiscast due to extreme power of the spell: Loss one pt of D.
Range: ... 30 m (another 6!).
This time, the shack explodes with the magic whirlwind. :!:
A snow of black feathers covers the village. :lol: The good thing is that now, the loud noise has ceased (no longer previous side effect).

You move hastily into Artemii's shack, with your slave who can't die but won't be able to do anything else.
Summon flocks again.
Again, 6 twice for feathers, but this time, 1 and 2 for side effects: hallucination and pestilence. Long lasting.

Let's move on.
Gutting the slave, not difficult. The slave is very surprised not to die. However, he seems not to be any grateful. :(
Stuffing the slave works fine.

Summoning the raven.
A.+0 (let's make that influence) B.+0 (let's be kind) C.+1 D.+0 (visual distance) E.+1 (6 minutes will suffice) F.-2 G.+0 H.+1 (like everything today) I.-2 J.+1 (hard concentration for 6 min) K.+0 total +0.
Cast at second attempt. Side effect negligible because of the short duration.

Removing slaves's memories (litterally).
A.+1 (knowledge removal) B.-2 C.+1 D.+2 E.+0 F.-2 G.+0 H.+1 I.-2 J.+0 K.+0 total -1+fluff. Cast on 4+. Rolled 5, you're still lucky. Side effect 3, puking till midnight (no wonder, the movie is so gore).

Merging the will of the sea raven (shall I remind you that it was a cormorant, actually?).
A.-1 (transformation) B.-2 C.+1 D.+2 E.+0 F.-2 G.+0 H.+1 I.+0 (raven destroyed) J.+0 K+0 total -1+fluff, cast on 4+. Rolled 6, side effect 2, the slave's body will stink too.
The result of 6 is excellent, meaning that a better result is achieved. Let's say that the raven undestands Kairus' general orders and agrees to do it, i.e. bettter than when it was alive.

The trouble is that so far, pretty much everything will last only till midnight.
You want to make the scarecrow stay alive and stay obedient for longer.
Scarecrow re-inpowering for 1 year.
A.+1 (protection from time) B.-2 C.+1 D.+2 E.-1 (1 year) F.-2 G.+0 H.+1 (still the same process) I.-1 (give it something to eat) J.+0 K.+0 total -1.
Spell cast at the second attempt. The two side effects are pestilence and noise. This time, the scarecrow gets the side effects.
The scarecrow will be protected from time elapsing for 1 year. That should prevent him to die and to let the raven's spirit go free.

Overall, with lots of efforts, the scarecrow is made, a slow witted yet strong and able scarecrow slave! :D
The scarecrow has the slave's body, the ability to do, the ability to serve.
It has no longer the slave's free will, the memories.
It has the trust of a befriended bird. The instinct of a cormorant.
It stinks and makes real strange noises.
And it cannot die.
What's his little name? :D

Result for Kairus: lost one point of T and one point of D (permanent).
Long lasting side effects: hallucinations (you see features everywhere), and pestilence (you won't ever wash the entrails on your armour).

You can do anything with magic. At a price.

Author:  Smiler666 [ Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:19 pm ]
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I'd like to have a go at coming up with the values for myself if that's fine with you bossman, so here goes:

A - 0
B - 0 (+1 for subsequent castings?)
C - -1
D - +2
E - 0
F - -2
G - +1
H - 0
I - -1 (then -2 for subsequent castings)
J - 0/-1
total - 0/-1, so K would be 0 and detrimental correct?

A - -1
B - -2
C - +1
D - +2
E - -1
F - -2
G - +2 (consecrated place and day stack now don't they?)
H - +1
I - 0
J - 0
total - 0, so K would be 0 and detrimental as well

I think that's about right, but you're the boss so *shrug*

Author:  Dalamar [ Sat Nov 26, 2011 6:39 am ]
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I'm late, I'm writing now. I will also be late tomorrow. This weekend seems to be painfully busy.

Author:  Calisson [ Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:05 pm ]
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@ Smiler666
Harpies hallucinations ceased at midnight, IIRC.

Good evaluation of characteristics of the spells.
Anyway, there is always some room for arguing.

Karl the zombie.

Slave pale cauterization.
B.+1 (well known, even if in reduced strength) J.+0 (using whole body, little concentration) K.+0 correct. New total +0, fluff added, cast on 2+.
Rolled 4, side effect 4: the slave keeps whining loudly, wonder why?

Voodooing a zombie.
G.+1: they don't stack: +1 for either one or for both. You needed not to come to your dedicated place that day, actually.
However, as you're not using the place for "G.", you can use it for "I.".
If the spell fails, for subsequent tries, you will gain in familiarity "B" but lose your component "I". However, "I" will remain at -1 thanks to the "magic" in the place.
K is still 0, final is -1, + fluff, cast on 3+.
Rolled 5. Cast. Side effect 2: pestilence. No wonder with a zombie.
Of course, it speaks only hoarse groans in zombie language.
What's in your head, in your head, za-ombie, za-ombie, za-ombie? Hey, hey?


@ Red...

Love is stronger than Death

If ever Metarchis happens to marry that girl, be sure she will remind him every day that during their first meeting, he kept throwing daggers at her, and severely wounded her by doing so. :lol: Imagine she would eventually get the mood of a Witch Elf? :roll:
By the way, what's her name? You could introduce her! :D
Oh, before you consider any vengeance, do you remember what is Silverjaw's job?

Summon harpy
A.-1 (command or creation) B.-2 C.+1 D.+2 E.+0 F.-2 G.+1 (it does not stack) H.+0 I.+0 J.+1 (you'll do hardly anything but walk afterwards) K.+0 total +0+fluff.
Cast (rolled 4). Side effect 6, you're tired by the idea of walking back.
I test rolled successfully, you realize that the harpy can fly you back. You're flown back to the village. That's even quicker, just 10 min instead of 1 hour.

Bloody rejuvenation
Excellent fluff! Interesting description of aboriginal ceremony of Khaine. I miss my camera. ;)
A.+0 (healing) B.-1 (fluff) C.-1 (that much to heal) D.+2 E.-1 (don't forget to heal her again every year - as long as she is a good wife) F.-2 G.+1 (don't stack) H.+1 I.+0 (precious component) J.+0 K.+0 (for a year) total -1+fluff, cast on 3+.
Rolled 5. Success! :D Detrimental rolled 4. She keeps talking all the time. Especially when it is inappropriate/embarassing/funny. What did you expect?

The harpy flew away as soon as Metarchis concentrated on the spell. He did not notice nor did he care the slightest.

OK for the components. I believe that one too many skulls has been licked but who cares, they are gone.


@ Dalamar

AFAIK, only one mundane component has been used so far by Vaelreth.

Pale of shade

1. Consecration of the place
A.-1 B.-1 C.+1 D.+2 E.+0 F.-2 G.+0 H.+1 (for all spells as they are part of the same ceremony) I.+0 (precious component seems enough) J.+0 K.+0 total +0+fluff.
Rolled 3, cast. Side effect 4, noisy (sinister cracks?) till midnight.

2. Magic infusion + Spit of Shade
I'll merge the two spells, not seeing the use of the intermediate step.
The slave will be used as a component and will provide the generic shape of the shade.
A.-1 (creation) B.-1 (let's pretend it is within the fluff) C.+1 D.+2 E.-1 (last 1 week) F.-2 G.+1 (the place is now consecrated) H.+1 I.+1 (unnatural component used) J.+0 K.+0 total +1+fluff.
Rolled 4, cast. Side effect 5, aggressive. If ever you discuss with Kaladeth, that might clash...

As a result, you now have a shade summoned, with the general traits of the slave. It will obey your orders.
As it is a shade, don't expect any talk, and it will have difficulty to bear heavy items.
Does it have a little name?


@ Malus99
Another exceptional description of a Dark Magic ceremony. :P

Short span zombie.

A to I: OK. J: +0, you probably want to spend your next year other than in near cataplexy.
pre-total= -2, therefore K.+1 terrible, lasting 7 years for a total -1+fluff (well deserved).
Rolled 1, miss. Side effect 6: childish for the next 7 years.
Tried again with no component. Rolled 1 again. Side effect 6 again (they don't stack).
Tried again with no component. This time, rolled 4, cast. Side effect 4, near-deafness for the next 7 days (these drops of "rain" in the ears were not a wise thing to let in).

Kaladeth gets a corpse which obeys her orders till midnight. Of course, it cannot talk, it is very slow, it has trouble to understand, well that's a zombie.
It might learn eventually his name - but does he have any?

Kaladeth has used one component. She has become childish and has trouble to hear now.

@ Malus99
The bag was blasted away by the same chillwind as Kairus and Artemii.
It did not float.
But no wonder, there will be more bags in the future pits, so you'll get another chance.

Author:  Malus99 [ Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:50 pm ]
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So I do still end up with my zombie for a year and a day? Huzzah! If I ever stop sucking my thumb I may get round to curing myself.

Author:  Calisson [ Sat Nov 26, 2011 9:17 pm ]
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I did what you asked for.
Malus99 wrote:
if this fails then Kala will retry the spell but have it last only till midnight and only with a 5-minute casting and no components used, she will then keep recasting the spell until it succeeds
This is why the zombie will last only 1 day.
Calisson wrote:
Short span zombie.
Kaladeth gets a corpse which obeys her orders till midnight.
As you asked, the first attempt was for 1 year. The side effect was for 7 years. Side effect is effective, even if the spell fails.
For the second attempt, it was cast as you required, till midnight (I had no real reason not to do it). The side effect was the same, so it has no consequence.
Third attempt was finally a cast. That made another side effect. My mistake for the deafness, it'll last only 7 days (no practical difference for TMRS).

Author:  Dalamar [ Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:15 am ]
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So I managed to perform the whole ritual, got the shade (wasn't expecting it even to be able to carry any loads, shades are for snuffing out life force, not carrying luggage ;) ) and I'll I got for it was a lousy aggressiveness? sweet :D

Of course she'll be more aggressive now, she has a bloody powerful undead at her commands.

And looking at the votes, I think it's a visit to the pit for me again <.<

Author:  Calisson [ Sun Nov 27, 2011 8:59 am ]
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@ Dalamar
Either the shade could carry light items, or I had to change my plot.
I proved to be lazier than your shade...

Author:  Malus99 [ Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:47 am ]
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ah I see, I understand now Calisson cos before I thought since two side effects were lasting 7 years that meant I had cast all those times on one-year contracts instead of just the first.

Author:  Kinslayer [ Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:51 pm ]
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In anticipation of a need for the night, he had his ingredients at hand (3 common, 1 unnatural) and his weapons.

I didn't think I used my hydra tooth yet? (precious) - I was saving that.

I thought I had 2 feathers, 1 cold one claw and 1 hydra tooth left.

Author:  Malus99 [ Sun Nov 27, 2011 7:00 pm ]
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Huzzah! First time I haven't been thrown in the pit!!!!

Author:  Dalamar [ Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:22 pm ]
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Good luck with the fight Kairus!
I'm just wondering how he's shouting with a gag on ;)

Author:  Kinslayer [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:53 am ]
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Oops - I thought it was just a bag on the head. Well I'm sure even if I think / mumble the words Kurnous will hear my plee either way.

May the beast wizard win!

Author:  Calisson [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:57 am ]
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OK, let's sort this out.

@ Kinslayer.
Kairus transformation into a dragon.
A.+0 (self transform) B.+0 (GW spell cast with >9+) C.+1 (1 man) D.+2 (touched) E.+1 (6 min) F.-2 G.+0 H.+0 (let's make it 5 min preparation + 1 min casting) I.+1 (I understand the hydra tooth is used in the process) J.-2 (gagged) K.+0 total +1
Rolled 4, side effect 3 (vomit). Consumed the unnatural item in the process.

The process took only 1 minute, because "They started nevertheless to think about their first spell", i.e. the preparation started as soon as they left the village.
As the spells requires no vision, there is no reason for not casting it.

Meanwhile, Vaelreth unties franctically her bounds.
There was no preparation possible for that, as the guards checked regularly the bounds.
Rolled 5, it takes (d6 – Dex + 5) = (5-5+5) = 5 min.

That leaves more than time enough to eat poor Vaerleth alive. :x
Bye bye Vaerleth.

See you in TMRS2. :D

The dragon tried to pass its head though the pit, but it failed with a dice roll.

Author:  Red... [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:33 am ]
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@Calisson - what's the deadline for posts this week? I am going to struggle to post before Wednesday afternoon/evening (although will def try if absolutely needed), so would really appreciate if I could be allowed to post at that stage, rather than today or tomorrow.

Author:  Calisson [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:36 am ]
Post subject: 

There is one post for the preparation of the fight.
Then, there will be some RP for the fight itself.

If you're the last one to post, no big deal: two gamers will be able to RP their fight. The other two will wait until you're ready to RP, i.e. Wednesday.

Author:  Kinslayer [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:04 pm ]
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I must say I wasn't expecting that! I thought I'd chomp down on an illusion and be left hungry, only to transform back to Kairus in the pit alone.

Well played Vaerleth, but Kurnous protects me yet!

C'mon guys, I started with lower I than all of you, and I've lost one point of S, one point of T and one point of D... And you still can't kill me? :twisted:

Author:  Calisson [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:31 pm ]
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The result of the pit was just that it took longer to get bonds off than to cast a transformation spell.
Kairus shows a happy face only because the hood was torned off before he vomited... :roll:

Kinslayer wrote:
It stood ready in the arena for an opponent to accept their challenge.
- Which arena? I assume East?
Being the first to show up, you can choose the arena, not the opponent.
The second one to show up will be able to select to fight the scarecrow - or not. If he selects the scarecrow (assumed in the East arena), then the last two will have no other choice than fight each other.
If he selects the empty arena (assumed West), he will not know who he will fight. It will be the third comer who will have to select his opponent among those two already present.

Kinslayer wrote:
What Kairus did inside his shack would be a mystery to all
Fair game.
In addition to the time of post/edit, I will use the time of the last PM.

Inbox - Message
From:   Kinslayer
To:   Calisson
Posted:   Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:52 pm
Subject:   Kairus' spells

Also, the other participants will know if ever the shack explodes like the previous one...

- What's the name of your champion?

Author:  Kinslayer [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

I will go East once more, Aye.

My scarecrow can be called... Ghurk ;)

Author:  Drainial [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:25 pm ]
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And there was me hoping for Mr Featherguts.

Author:  Dalamar [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:26 am ]
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Well, all my bets go to Kairus now.

Sadly if he can turn into a dragon within a minute of being dropped into a pit, there is very little that can challenge him.

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:33 am ]
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Dalamar wrote:
Well, all my bets go to Kairus now.
Sadly if he can turn into a dragon within a minute of being dropped into a pit, there is very little that can challenge him.
Calisson wrote:
Kairus transformation into a dragon.
I.+1 K.+0 total +1 Consumed the unnatural item in the process.
He can't, per lack of unnatural objects. Next time, he will be at I-1 or I-2, so the new total will be -1, he will cast at 5+, and suffer the side effect even for failed casting.

Author:  Kinslayer [ Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:40 pm ]
Post subject: 

I would have thought the transformation itself would take several precious seconds, even if the spell was cast relatively quickly and succeeded - so plenty of time for a Doombolt snipe or something. I think I just got lucky, I was honestly expecting not to win when I read your intended action.

I have to ask, did you think of that when you thought up the crown? (using it to escape the pit)

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