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Author:  Calisson [ Sun Dec 25, 2011 4:07 pm ]
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Metarchis khainite spells.

Universal confusion: A.+0 B.-1 C.+0 (all) D.+0 E.+1 F.-2 G.-1 H.-1 I.-2 J.+0 K.+2 (automiscast) total -4+fluff; cast on 5+. Rolled 6! Miscast 4, lost D, range 1m. Result: Everyone stunned with severe wound for 6 min. But it can be resisted (I test): Strangely, only Helleryia resisted (rolled 1 for Helleryia, 6 for Kaladeth).
That was probably the "killing" spell, with a 6 rolled before too many miscasts happened.

Uncaring dismissal: A.+1 (movement) B.-1 C.+0 D.+0 E.+2 (6 sec) F.-2 G.-1 H.-1 I.-2. J.+1 K.+1 total -2+fluff, cast on 3+. Rolled 2, side effect 3, aging (mental), roll again 3, side effect 1 near blind for 1 minute, third time rolled 6, same side effect. Result: Everyone blown. D test to resist (if not already unconscious). Helleryia missed and was thrown in the pound, like Rast and Helleryia.
In the water, Kaladeth could float on her front (and drown) or her back (and breathe). Rolled: it’s on her back (thanks to the lucky horseshoe ;) ), so she could breathe.

Metarchis swam to the spur: it took 4 minutes (1 minute lost for blindness).

Rampaging Siphon: A.+0 B.+0 C.+0 D.+0 E.+2 F.-2 G.+0 H.-1 I.-2 J.+0 K.+1 total -2. Rolled 6, cast, side effect 4, near deaf during a minute. Result: for 6 seconds, more wounds, but due to the very short duration of the “death”, it did not matter at all.

With an “I” test successfully passed, Metarchis realized that so short a “death” was insufficient to finish his foe.
He decided to cast a spell slightly longer than initially considered. There was still one minute left before she should recover.

Steal life, for 6 min rather than 6 sec.
A.+0 B.+0 C.+1 D.+0 E.+1 F.-2 G.+0 H.-1 I.-2 J.+1 K.+1 total -1. Rolled 6, cast, side effect 2, spasms (no immediate consequence).
Result: Kaladeth “died” during 6 minutes. Still floating. I'll see the consequences of the lack of breath for that long, if applicable.

Meanwhile, Helleryia-zombie had reached the spur and attacked her former savior.
Metarchis: WS4, S2, T3, D2, I5. In addition, many spells cast during the day were still active.
Helleryia: WS1, S4, T2, D1, I1. Nothing specific. Because of Dance of Doom, she could not reach Metarchis at all.
Result of the combat was easy: Helleryia died another time.

Compliments indeed for the spell search.
By the way, the cave is 10 m radius, i.e. 30 feet.
As the cave descriptionwas made many times, I did not rephrase it again once more.

Author:  Red... [ Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:14 am ]
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Wow, I was really not expecting for that to work! Awesome :D

Ah yeah, sorry, got the description now, many thanks :)

Made my killing post now...

Author:  Calisson [ Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:02 am ]
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The end.

Compliments guys for the epic final fight. :D
Great fighting spirit shown on both sides. :twisted:
Red... had been really lucky with his casting, overcoming unexpectedly Kaladeth's resistance.
Malus99 did not get the same luck, as Metarchis' resistance was a matter of 50%.
Someone had to win, someone had to lose.
Ultimately, I had to rewrite the end which I had already prepared with a wording adapted to a female winner. So be it!


Thanks to every player for these awesome two months of Magic Reality Show.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, players and non-playing readers alike.


Author:  Malus99 [ Mon Dec 26, 2011 7:41 pm ]
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Thanks everyone for a great game and congrats red... a magnificent final fight, in the end you proved superior

Author:  Red... [ Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:28 pm ]
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Wow, that was mighty close.

Many thanks to you Calisson for running a very enjoyable game :) and thanks Malus99 for the excellent final fight (way too close for my liking...and you killed my character's precious lov...oh what the heck, I wasn't sure what to do with her if I won anyway, so you probably did me a favour there) and to everyone else too :)

Calisson, in answer to your earlier question, I think that I will stick with Snibbly for TMRS2 (stat sheet coming soon), as I am looking forward to roleplaying a mischevious goblin with access to lots of silly explode in my own face spells... I think I may take up the idea suggested by either Kinslayer or Drainiai about putting Metarchis into the general RPG character pool (that also has the advantage of not risking him in another probably lethal magical death match).

Thanks again all for a top notch game!

Author:  Calisson [ Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:31 am ]
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Red... wrote:
I think I may take up the idea suggested by either Kinslayer or Drainiai about putting Metarchis into the general RPG character pool
Just copy/paste your character exactly as he started, with the following differences:
- Power of Khaine (2) instead of (1)
- starting equipment, one Sulephet horseshoe (counts as a lucky magic object).
Explain that Metarchis has won TMRS1, which explains why he has access to Power of Khaine and to one magic object.
I would suggest he took the path to become ultimately an assassin.
The most difficult might be to find an RPG mod to accept him...

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