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Group 35 - the real deal this time! 
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Kailleth striped the armour and cloak from the asur taking some time to examine the items, but he had to look up at the gladiator and kainite exchanging words and trying to bait one another in to a fight. Going back to looking at the items in front of him Kailleth noted a tattoo on her ankle looking at it for a moment Kailleth decided to investigate farther. Ripping the some of the asur robes off he started to see all the scars and kainite marking covering her flesh. Rolling the corps over Kailleth tore the robe off her back and sat back on his hunches deep in thought. Kailleth saw Serenis walk up beside him and stopped when she saw what Kailleth was looking at.

The asur’s back was a network of scare tissue the whips, brands and knives where all used on this girl, but that wasn’t what Kailleth was thinking about, it was the numerous kainite tattoos laid over her flesh and scares that covered her body. Serenis called over to the captain but found she was busy. Kailleth ran his hand over the corpse’s scars and said in a somewhat distant voice “this was done to break her will not for information or some ones pleaser… someone enjoyed their work though… but the runes here… are nothing I’ve ever seen before… whoever they are… ” Kailleth looked up from the corps for the first time and looked at serenis “we haven’t seen the last of them,”

Kailleth turned his head as the captain started barking orders at him and the rest of the convoy. “bring proof?... where’s the trust” Kailleth said out loud. He then took out his thumb knife from under his vanbrase and looked at the kainite and said “you might want to look at the asur’s sword; it might be good to have a lighter and shorter sword for a backup.” Kailleth then started to flay the skin from the corpses back, working methodically and in total silent. After several long minuets of painstaking work Kailleth lifted up the section of flesh admiring his handy work and cleaning and hiding his thumb knife again. Using some of the tattered remains of the asur’s robe to rap the skin in. He then stood and started walking towards the carriage at the front of the convoy.

Kailleth will walk to the carriage and hop in when everyone is ready to get under way

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Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:41 pm
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Sirenis watched as Kailleth flayed the tattooed skin of the Asur from her back, occasionally interrupting him to correct his cutting. After a few minutes, the warrior pulled the flesh from her back, proudly displaying his work to Sirenis before wrapping the hide in the Asur's cloak for safekeeping. Sirenis acknowledged the skill of the cutting as she searched the Asur's body for one of the short, light swords that she had carried. Finding the sword, Sirenis turned to Kailleth and motioned towards the skin.

"May I borrow that?" Sirenis asked. "I have an idea."

Kailleth presented Sirenis with the flayed skin of the Asur. Taking the skin, Sirenis got into the captive's carriage, motioning for Kailleth to follow her. Sitting opposite the prisoner, Sirenis looked long and hard into her eyes.

"Quite a swift attack, Asur scum," Sirenis said. "I almost admire your magic and skill at arms, but then I remember that a Druchii does not admire an Asur, just as a god does not admire a filth-ridden pig.
"But maybe I can admire you. Maybe you are not an Asur, but a Druchii. Do you deny it? We found your bolt thrower; it bore the markings of Malekith's kin. Do you deny it?"

Sirenis paused, giving the prisoner a moment to think (but not respond), before continuing:

"We also found this on the body of one of your fellows."

Sirenis now unwrapped the cloak and skin so that the flayed hide lay flat on the cloak with the markings facing up. Sirenis then placed the package into the lap of the captive.

"This skin was flayed from the back of one of your friends. She was lucky to be dead, for my comrade is not particularly skilled with his knife and made many...painful mistakes. Tell me - why was this so-called Shadow Warrior tattooed with the markings of Khaine and symbols of the cults of the Witch Elves? Do you bear similar markings...Druchii?"

Once again Sirenis gave the prisoner a moment to consider that which had been said before continuing:

"Druchii, you cannot hide the truth of your allegiance from me. I know these markings, and I know who you are. You bow to King Malekith just as readily as any other Druchii, for you know who the true Phoenix King is. Your quarrel is not with our race, but with my masters - with House Vanity. Perhaps you were tortured by the Vanity House, or maybe you hold a vendetta against a member of the House for some vile act that you were forced to suffer. I saw your comrade's scars; I understand what she had been through, and if you bear the same wounds, I understand your pain as well. I don't want to hurt you; I want to help you get away from all that pain and hatred, to help you end your suffering. But if you want to be helped, you need to help me in return. Tell me what you know - who you are, who you serve, what your aim is - and I will guarantee your freedom. Refuse, and I will have to hand you over to my comrade...and I fear that he will not be as lenient as I."

With this last remark, Sirenis motions towards Kailleth, who is hopefully grinning wickedly and/or playing with the knife he used to flay the Shadow Warrior. After retrieving the sword from the "Asur's body", getting into the carriage, and speaking her piece, Sirenis will wait for the captive to respond. She is going to try and play the kindly master. If Kailleth or Karinthia talk to the captive in cruel or potentially violent ways, Sirenis will do everything she can to get them to simmer down so that the prisoner feels safe.

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Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:59 pm
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I'm sorry you guys,I can't cope with the current situation of things. I play in an RPG myself which I can barely maintain lately, I got high demands on my writing, I got high demands on my drawing. My school has high demands as well and I can barely breath with all this work. I haven't written in 9 days now, I just drew a human head on the whiteboard in my room, I'm so sorry for not being able to modpost. :'( So I'll let you go and join a different group. I thought I could handle this during school, but I couldn't so I'm sorry.


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Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:29 pm
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