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TAU V Sign Up 
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There has not been an -AU around here for a long time now, too long I say for such an excellent game. In order to rectify this I announce the arrival of TAU V. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept TAUs are games of murder and mystery in which the council (our name for the innocent players of the game) struggle to find the infiltrators (who are hiding in their midst as members of the council themselves) before the later kill them all and take control. Every -AU is a little different so new bloods and veterans alike should take a look at the rules below.


Phases :

There are two phases in a game: Day and Night . At Day, the council convenes and deliberates on what to do, and possibly who to vote off to execution/incarceration. At Night, the “bad guys” use their abilities to the detriment of the council (usually killing someone).

When the Day ends, Night falls, and when the Night ends, Day clears again. Typically, such a phase is between 48 and 96 hours. Deadlines are typically set at the start of a phase.

Voting :

During the Day, everyone can vote for whomever they want (although only one at the same time). If you change your mind and vote someone else, you don't need to unvote; an implicit retraction is understood.

When anyone reaches a majority (50% + 1) of votes against him or her, that person is removed from the game, and the identity revealed. If an overall majority is reached (so that over 50% of the players have voted for one individual) then the day ends immediately.
If no overall majority is reached by a certain time the day will continue into Twilight. To reflect the urgency of time running out in this sub-phase voting is done as normal but a simple majority rather than an overall majority is needed to remove someone.
Votes are put in bold case letters. If you want to vote for Drainial, you write Vote: Drainial . The bold case and format are for me to count votes easily.

If you really, really want to make me happy, put or repeat your vote at the end of your post, on a new line.

Win conditions :

The Council wins when all of the Tzeentchens are defeated.

The Tzeentchens win when they gain a 50% foothold in the Council.

Other rules :

You may not :

Remain silent during the Day.

Contact other players except where explicitly noted.

Reveal OOC / meta-information.

Post more than once at Night.

Edit your posts. Never.

You should always :

Post at least once during the Day. Preferably more, 1 is the absolute minimum.

To sign up simply post your desire to play below, as a minimum we need 10-12 players for the game to work and I will be accepting no more than 16. As anyone who has played before can tell you TAUs are great fun and an interesting way to Role Play, if you have any questions feel free to ask or read some of the old -AU games in the Slaaneshi amongst is forum.

I hope we can rally round to make TAU great once again -Drainial

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