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Author:  Minigrift [ Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Group 39 (Closed)

The city of Everain was well known for it's miserable climate, but this night was particularly vicious. Lashes of rain bounced off the walls and pavements, and cascaded down the roofs of of the buildings in unending rivulets. Dark, foreboding clouds swirled thickly in the night sky and the occasional, yet persistent, rumble of thunder reverberated through the night. The wind howled in morbid song, relentless, unmerciful, battering against the two melancholy guards huddled up against the barred southern gates of the city.

Two guards, dressed in furs, sea dragon cloaks and the medium armour of the city watch, looked out along the South road leading into the country side. Both held halberds close to their chests, as if seeking some small comfort from the unceasing weather. One spotted a figure approaching the city then stared to his companion until he noticed the stranger as well. They waited. When the robed and hooded elf was ten or so foot away the first guard walked out to greet him.

"Traveller, Everain is closed. Don't you know there is a plague sweeping across the countryside? We also have, ah, troubles with restless souls and the Drachau of the city has ordered no one to enter - or leave. What is your business here?" The second guard moved up to stand at the opposite side of the road to the first, he loosened his halberd threateningly but made no other move towards the stranger.

* * * *

In the north-eastern section of Everain a dark portal appears and out stepped a scarred and stylishly dressed elf. Feeling only slightly groggy from his impromptu journey through the magical portal, he looked around to gather his bearings. The messenger stepped from the portal behind him and, looking the mage up and down with, stepped into the portal again. Both he and the portal disappeared in an instant.

The mage could ascertain his whereabouts well enough and, looking up over the garden wall, could see the high-spire of the city hall rising up from the centre of the city like a giants spear. A destitute house with shattered windows stood behind him. There was no signs of any residents, or indeed, any life whatsoever. The garden gate was up ahead, leading out onto a cobbled street which ran in the direction Ignat needed to go.

The subdued sounds of a skirmish were heard over the garden wall, possibly several streets away.

* * * *

A similar occurrence happened just minutes later at the western side of the city, only this time the khainite had the misfortune of arriving with the portal suspended several metres above ground level. He tumbled out with wide-eyed shock as he was propelled towards the ground like an elven missile. Fortunately, the aged elf was dexterous enough to spin in mid-air and land smoothly on his feet. Unfortunately, his rough ride and sudden savage exit from the portal forced him to bend over and unleash a putrid stream of sick onto the cobbled street.

Recovering quickly, he looked up at the portal but it was already gone. The khainite had arrived at the end of a residential street which was empty of life and polluted by the stench of the city sewers. The stench emanated from one direction, Valeth needed to go in the opposite direction were could see the high-spire of the city hall was illuminated by a lively spark of lightning.

At the end of the street three armoured town-guards ran past the opening, the one nearest the Khainite glanced at him but paid the stranger no heed. The guards quickly disappeared again and were obviously in a hurry to get some place.

Taldein is approaching the south gate, he has been stopped and questioned by the guard. How does he respond?

Ignat has landed in a nobles garden in the north-eastern section of the city. There are sounds of a scuffle nearby, he can choose to investigate if he wishes.

Valeth has arrived in style. He's at the end of a residential street in the western part of the city. He has spotted three town guards in a hurry, he may investigate further if he wishes to.

Author:  Jcitalia4 [ Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:13 pm ]
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The rain continued to lash Taldein's cloak as he approached the walled city before him. A bastian in the gloom, Taldein did not know exactly what brought him to this city. It had been not long since his pilgrimage to Har Ganeth was redirected by that fateful, bloody, and all-to-real dream that left him with a face he still had yet to come to recognize. Something spoke within him to head to the city of Everain. He knew it was here that he would take the first steps along the path that Khaine had sent him.

A guard moved to block his path as he approached the city gates. Halbard in hand, he saw his compatriot move to a supporting place around him. They are only doing their jobs. Remember this. Unless they overstep their bounds, the judgement of Khaine is not to be theirs, he reminded himself.

Traveller, Everain is closed. Don't you know there is a plague sweeping across the countryside? We also have, ah, troubles with restless souls and the Drachau of the city has ordered no one to enter - or leave. What is your business here?, he spoke to him.

Taldein didn't want to engage in a battle of words with the guard. Nor did he care to try to explain that it was his dreams that sent him here. He though such an explanation would probably only make things more difficult for him.

So he halted, and extended his mind to the shadows around him. The lights of the gates created plenty from which to draw. Particularly the one cast across his cowled head from his draich in a manner contradictory to placement of the source of light. Concentrating, he gathered the gloom of the shadows and place them into his words, projecting a numbing, muddling force into the minds of the guards so that they would be unwilling to challenge him further.

He raised his head, letting slip some of his long, white hair from the cowl, his bronze eyes flickering from the reflected light as he prepared to speak to the guards. My business is of the bloody-handed god's. Fear not for you or your Drachau, my presence will not burden your city further. Khaine welcomes your understanding and discretion in this manner., he said calmly, projecting the muddling shadows into the guards' minds. With that, he readjusted his draich on his shoulder and made to continue his movement into the city.

Taldein will call upon the shadows to form a spell that will muddle the minds of the guards so they would no longer challenge his entrance into the city and efficiently subdue their curiousities enough to allow him in. He will then continue on his path into the city

Author:  Kensou [ Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:40 pm ]
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Stepping out of the portal, the first thing to irk Ignat was the bagillions of drops of water that fell down upon him. Damned shadowstabber couldn't have told me it would be raining here, could he? He took in his surroundings. The building behind him looked abandonned and the garden he was in, was in no better state. Of all the places I could've been brought, it has to be a forsaken ruin. Not only do I get wet, I also get dirty.

He could hear the sounds of a scuffle nearby. It sounded like two maybe three people. Interesting as a fight may be, I have more important matters to attend to. Unconsciously, Ignat moved his hand to where he put the letter. Like getting out if this blasted rain!!

Ignat will ignore the fight nearby, and make haste towards the city hall.

Author:  Smiler666 [ Tue Oct 02, 2012 5:17 am ]
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The planesmancer disguised as a fellow khainite dropped Valeth several feet into a rain swept street, he barely managed to right hisself before the floor met his face. Hmm, it would appear my old bones still have some life left in them, almost before the though had fully formed in his head Valeth doubled over and emptied his stomach onto the pavement, perhaps not. Valeth gathered up Khaine the cane and picked hisself up off the ground before looking up at the empty air that had momentarily held his method of transport, "damnable whippersnapper," he cursed as he turned toward the end of the street.

As if on cue a troop of what appeared to be the local guard marched past the end of the alley Valeth had been deposited in, the nearest glanced down at him and Valeth flinched, but it appeared that they didn't recognise him. Obviously news of him hadn't reached this far... where is this blasted city anyway? so he decided to indulge his curiosity. Pulling his hood low over his face, hiding his features, and limped heavily but fleetly after the guardselves, the planesmancer's letter for now forgotten in the depths of his robes.

Following the guards for a while, if nothing interesting happens for a while Valeth will lose interest and head for the hall.

Author:  Minigrift [ Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:19 pm ]
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As Taldein spoke he noticed the guards were wearing identical pendants. The first guards' face took on a sombre expression as he stepped to the side to the let the Khainite pass. "You may pass," he mumbled, without much conviction. The other guard stood still, but as Taldein moved passed them both he seemed to blink and come to his senses.

"Did you not hear my colleague?" He asked, taking a single step towards the khainite with a glare in his eyes. "The city is closed. So, unless you have good reason for being here - a better reason than the orders of our Drachau - we cannot let you pass." By this time the first guard had also recovered and remained stood at the opposite side of the road allowing his companion, a far more stalwart fellow than he, to handle the situation.

* * * * *

Ignat opened the gate of the garden and stepped out into the street. Now he could hear the sounds of fighting more clearly and there were many more combatants than he'd first guessed at, perhaps a dozen on one side and many more on the other. However, the scuffle was out of sight and still several streets away. Ignoring the commotion the fire-mage set off down the street.

He had landed in the Nobles quarter of the city and he made his way further towards his destination as the rain water made a river of the street. The sounds of more and more fights were becoming evident. Screams, grunts and the clash of weapons punctuated over the sounds of windswept, lashing rain.

Suddenly an armoured figure wearing a hooded sea dragon cloak appeared to his left and nearly tripped himself up as he spotted Ignat. "Sir, what are you doing out? The curfew is in effect." The elf paused to looked at Ignat more closely. "Well, you can help us fight or go back to your home. You shouldn't be out here anyway."

The guard has obviously mistaken the stylishly dressed and extremely soaked Ignat as one of the city Nobles.

* * * * *

Valeth had entered the city of Everain in the slums district. He recovered quickly from his sudden bout of illness and decided to follow the three guards he had spotted. As he rounded the corner he emerged onto the remains of a market street with all of the stalls dismantled and broken. The street curved upwards and ended at a four-way junction with a single, massive pyre happily burning away in it's centre.

All three guards approached the bonfire, two turned left and the last, who had spotted Valeth, turned right. A second later a loud curse was heard, then the first two guards ran across the junction and joined the third guard once again. The grunts and yells of a melee soon ensued as the guards battled an unknown foe. Curious, Valeth ventured further up the street.

There were subdued sounds of other fights and skirmishes nearby coming from further into the city.

Something shifted in the fire and a burning cadaver tumbled out and rolled a couple of feet towards the cloaked elf. Stark white eyes seemed to stare at him for a second, before popping and dribbling oozing liquid down it's blistered skull. The body steamed and sizzled a little longer as the rain, not quite as heavy on this side of town, slowly put the burning corpse out.

* * * * *

From an undetermined location within the city a loud BOOM echoed forth. It was clearly heard by all of the cities denizens.

Taldein had succeeded in fooling the first guard, but the second quickly came to his senses and has confronted the khainite. What will he do now?

Ignat has been mistaken for one of the city's nobles. How is he going to handle the situation?

Valeth is unnoticed or forgotten by the city guards. He can choose the pursue them again or leave them to it and continue his trek to the city hall.

Author:  Smiler666 [ Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:43 am ]
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Stepping out of the alley he had been projected into and then had projected into Valeth was met with the sight of a market whose stalls were in varying states of destruction, most from violence or rot but some had been taken apart purposefully, the poor district is it? Well that's a dampener. He chuckled quietly at his own joke as he continued onwards, but he knew the situation was becoming serious, he had been requested to come to this Khaine forsaken city by it's unknown Drachau and had materialised amongst the unfortunates where the very walls may well be watching him, it all seemed very suspicious and after his latest misfortune Valeth didn't like suspicious. Almost unconsciously he pulled his hood lower and his cloak tighter. Just in case.

That dark train of thought carried Valeth to a crosspaths where a bonfire of flesh kept vigil and the three guards stopped, perhaps orienting themselves, perhaps paying respects to the burning dead. The former became the much more likely answer as, almost simultaneously, the guards divided with two marching down the left street and the third setting off to the right. Almost immediately the sounds of a clash came from the single guardself and the pair came running back across Valeth's field of view. Curious to what would be so desperate as to pick a fight with the city guard in such an obvious place as this Valeth began moving toward the crosspaths and it's macabre sentinel. Before he got a glimpse in the direction of the fighting the pyre shifted and a single charred corpse fell towards him. It's eyes stared unseeing into his for a no more than a moment before bursting with a grisly pop.

Valeth watched the blistered once-face for a few more seconds, wondering if the timing was mere coincidence or whether it was a message from the bloody handed. It was no secret to any elf that Khaine doesn't hold favourites when it comes to blood being spilled, even the craven cousins cowering in Ulthuan understood that, but Valeth knew better, knew that sometimes his lord protected his chosen if there was promise of greater glory later. Valeth got less than a minute to ponder whether Khaine wished him to harm or avoid harm before an explosion boomed out over the city. It was obvious Khaine didn't appreciated his indecision and that made one conclusion invalid. With a nod to the sputtering corpse Valeth set off after the sounds of combat, using khaine - his bad leg having suddenly swapped sides - as a vault to cover the ground faster, checking his hood covered his face and loosening the daggers up his sleeve as he went.

Valeth will head after the guards and get ready for a fight.

Author:  Jcitalia4 [ Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:51 pm ]
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A blank look came accross the guard, You may pass. he muttered. He made to step without giving it so much a thought before the other blocked his way. The city is closed. So, unless you have good reason for being here - a better reason than the orders of our Drachau - we cannot let you pass., he stated pointedly.

Taldein's did not adjust from his calm demeanor. He stood before the guard looking him once over. He noticed a pendant hanging about his neck. A sidelong glance at his compatriot revieled he was wearing a twin pendant. Curious..., he thought to himself, Curious indeed.. Those pendants you are wearing, they are both alike in character. Might I ask what purpose do they serve?, he said, his words hung heavy, still ensorcelled with with the shadows he had drawn into them. Might I see one?

Taldein will ask about the pendants and try to convince one of them to let him see theirs to examine it.

The first guard was obviously not so strong-willed as his fellow, as soon as Taldein asked the question he started with an answer. "They are protection against the plague, issued to us by the Drachau herself and -"

The second guard looked hard at the first. "Stop!" He commanded in a harsh voice, his comrade stared at him wide-eyed and shook his head. The first guard then turned to Taldein. "Do not test my patience with your mind games. Have you good reason for being here? If not, you cannot enter. Now, give me a straight answer and, perhaps, I won't kill you for your impertinence."

((OOC: One again, you were successful (rolled a 5) in subduing the first guard and unsuccessful in fooling the second (rolled a 1). I will use your next bit of post in my modpost.))

A great boom was heard over head. This attracted the attention of many around. Seeing an opportunity in the following confusion and the decreased attention from the guards, Taldein redoubled his focus on the shadows, this time drawing them onto himself. He pulled the shadows from the wall over himself like a cloak, darking his own appearance and subdueing his existence in the eyes of those nearby. He slowly and silently moved to the wall near the gate, further encompassing himself in its shadow as the guards mumbled to themselves over the loud report.

Carefully and slick as a cat in the night, he stepped through the gate, everdrawing the darkness to him as he did so. He hoped that he might even be lucky enough that the guards would question that there was ever even somebody standing there previously. It was a risky move, but Khaine had beckoned him to this city. The gods did not offer up information freely and it was a fool who believed the gods would answer their beck and call on demand. It was up to him to discover why he needed to be here and to do so, he believed he needed to see what made such a noise.

Taldein will attempt to use the explosive noise and any following confusion as a distraction while he will attempt to use the power of urgu to make himself blend into the shadows and sneak into the city. (OOC: If he was succesful in convincing one of them to let him examine his pendant, I'll leave it up to you to determine if he had handed it back or not after his examination of it before the explosion)

Author:  Kensou [ Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:25 am ]
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Despite his foul mood, Ignat was humming to himself. Damn this blasted rain. Damn this blasted town. I should go ahead, and burn it all down. Doing so while raining would be hard though. After a bit of a walk, something akin to a city guard encountered him. Sir, what are you doing out? The curfew is in effect. Well, you can help us fight or go back to your home. You shouldn't be out here anyway.

It seems this one is a bit confused. Ignat thought. It matters not. I can use this to my advantage. Ignat looked the guard over. After checking out the fine armour and the decent weaponry, he made his decision. As much as I would love to be in my bed and not this blasted rain, I have an appointment with the Drachau. It is very urgent. I know it is dangerous, therefore I ask you: Would you escort me? You would be doing me and this city a favor.

Ignat will try to bluff being a noble and ask the guard the guard to escort him to the city hall.

Author:  Minigrift [ Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:38 pm ]
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Valeth swapped his bad leg and readied his weapons for the oncoming fight. He jogged around the right corner onto another road leading deeper into the slums, in the opposite direction of the city hall. The three guards had their backs to him and were swiftly, methodically butchering a half dozen humanoid figures. As he stepped closer still to the melee he heard, or thought he heard, a faint feminine whisper. "Help... us..."

The figures were clearly Druchii, two of them were completely nude, a male and a female. The others, though garbed in rotten clothes were clearly stricken with some contagion for their guts and entrails were hanging loose, the blood that flowed from the gaping wounds already congealed. The naked elves also showed signs of the sickness and their faces became an expression of outrage as even they were butchered by the guards.

"You two know what to do," said the first of the guards, "I'll keep watch."

"Yes, sir." The second guard began kicking the scattered limbs and torsos into a pile as the second guard turned around, probably to go get a cart or stretcher to take the corpses to the bonfire to burn. But he stopped when he saw Valeth approaching. "Sir, this is the one I saw. He's healthy by the looks of him... I'll go fetch that cart."

The lead guard turned to face Valeth and he noticed that they each wore an identical pendant. "What are you doing here, citizen? You should be indoors. Would you like an escort home?"

* * * * *

A load BOOM echoed over the city walls, the first was very edgy about the occurrence and looked around with fleeting eyes. The second guard, however, seemed totally unperturbed by the blast and continued to stare at Taldein awaiting and answer.

Try though he might to use the explosion as a distraction the guard's unwavering gaze never left Taldein even for an instant. The khainites repeated attempts at misleading the stubborn guard had each ended in failure, the guard seemed impervious to his mind tricks and it was becoming increasingly difficult to fool him.

* * * * *

The guard listened to Ignat with the proper civility accorded one of his noble stature. At the mention of the Drachua, however, the guards face took on a slightly troubled expression and, when the mage had finished speaking, he slowly shook his head and was about to speak. Just at that moment the loud BOOM reverberated around the city.

"Khaine's bloody balls!" The guard exclaimed looking in the direction of the explosions source. "Could this night get any worse?" The shocked guard quickly came to his sense and returned his attention to Ignat.

"Even if I did believe you had an appointment with the Drachua, I have no time to escort you there. I can escort you home but there is nothing else I can do. If not, you can come with me and help us, or follow this road to the city's centre yourself. Beware though, for as you are no doubt well aware, there are many dangers afoot this night."

Valeth has been noticed by the guards. He can play it however he likes. If he doesn't wish for an escort 'home' the guards will leave him alone for the time being but will suggest he stays away from anyone not wearing one of the pendants.

Taldein is still expected to answer the guard whose patience is wearing very, very thin.

Ignat is not to get an escort but the guard still believes him to be a noble. He can accompany him, get an escort 'home' or make his own way to the city centre.

((OOC - Please check the OOC thread if you haven't already!

JC - please check your last post for the guards response!))

Author:  Smiler666 [ Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:26 pm ]
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Valeth pulled up short as he took in the scene unfolding before him, the guards were massacring a pitiful group of druchii civilians most obviously deep in the grip of some horrific pox, so that he had returned to his hobbling gait before anyone living noticed him. As soon as the butchery was complete the elf who appeared to be leading the patrol gave an order and the other two divided, one moving toward the dismembered corpses and kicking them into a vaguely organised pile while the other turned back up the street to where Valeth stood, watching curiously from the shadows of his hood, "Sir, this is the one I saw. He's healthy by the looks of him... I'll go fetch that cart." The leader turned away from overseeing his subordinates parts-gathering and took in the old man looking over their work, "What are you doing here, citizen? You should be indoors. Would you like an escort home?"

Valeth looked the guardself up and down, it seemed a pity to kill such a helpful young fellow but Khaine had demanded blood and it was unlikely the slow-flowing muck still dribbling from the veins of the diseased would count for much. Valeth staggered towards the the guard captain, wheezing and reaching for the elf's shoulder, "oh deary me, all this excitement! I'm too old for all this. Might an old man beg a moment's rest from the noble guard before he must move on?" As soon as Valeth's hand touched the guardself's shoulder he swung khaine up and clouted the unprepared guard in the side of the head then switched to a two-handed grip and jabbed it's pointed tip into the guard'd sternum, while the guard staggered backwards probably as much from surprise as the heavy blows from the stave Valeth flicked his right wrist as if to backhand the guard and a small knife zipped from his sleeve and settled itself in the guard's eye.

With the leader dead Valeth planted khaine in the dirt and ripped an aged but well cared for longsword from amongst the folds of his robes, followed by a small punch dagger appearing from his other sleeve. Valeth rounded on the guard who had been gathering body parts and began sprinting towards him.

Valeth will enact Khaine's will by beating an unsuspecting guard to death

Author:  Jcitalia4 [ Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:32 pm ]
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Taldein, almost limitless in patience, calmly turned his head towards the flustered guard. He removed the hood of his travelling cloak from his head, letting his white hair fall out over his shoulders. It would never be wise press a devotee of Khaine. Lucky for you, I am a very patient man. That said, however, you won't be killing anyone tonight., he said, taking a moment to stare his bronze eyes into the guard's to let him know his implication. I expect, as well, that unless given cause, I will not be either. Khaine alone directs my hand. My reasons for being here are unknown even to me as yet. The lord of murder sent me on this path. It is up to me to discover my way on the path and what it leads to.

Finished addressing the flustered guard, he turned back to his compatriot, You have been quite helpful, thank you. What is this plague you speak of? I would like to know more of it. I am assuming that there is much trouble of it for the Drachua to ward her militia and close her gates., Taldein said while adjusting the resting position of his Draich, its shadow ever present. Even uncowled, Taldein's features appeared heavily masked.

Author:  Minigrift [ Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:15 pm ]
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Valeth, thirsty for blood in the name of Khaine, was mildly vexed at the meagre offerings the disease ridden citizens offered and chose to kill the guards to appease his deity. Feigning the bumbling nature of a decrepit old man he stumbled towards the guard. As soon as Valeth's hand touched the guardself's shoulder he swung khaine up and clouted the unprepared guard in the side of the head then switched to a two-handed grip and jabbed it's pointed tip into the guard'd sternum, while the guard staggered backwards probably as much from surprise as the heavy blows from the stave Valeth flicked his right wrist as if to backhand the guard and a small knife zipped from his sleeve and settled itself in the guard's eye.

The guard was completely defenceless against the 'old man's' vicious outburst, his only solace being that his pain was extremely short lived. The other guard, currently kicking rotting limbs into some semblance of a pile, only noticed something was amiss when his sergeant clattered to the ground in a jumbled heap. He jumped to his feet and prepared to defend himself.

* * * * *

Both guards still wielded their halberds with ease, ready to defend themselves should the traveller decide to attack them. The first guard, the weak-willed one, remained entirely silent during the exchange. The other guard spoke to Taldein in answer.

"It would be even less wise for us to ignore our Drachau's orders. Now that you've decided to be sensible, perhaps we can have a reasonable conversation. The plague is just a plague, we know not were it originated and it's been going on for a number of days now."

The first guard spoke then, seemingly out of turn for he garnered an angry glare from his comrade. "Perhaps we should just let him in? He'll probably kill us if we don't and he is on some kind of religious pilgrimage which means he isn't going to leave..."

"Trust me, khainite, you do not want to enter that city. But... since your deluded into thinking your God has sent you here you won't listen to my advice, will you?" The guard sighed, heavily. "Fine! You can enter the city, chances are you will die in there anyway."

Valeth has killed the sergeant without so much as a gasp of surprise! The other guard is ready for him, though!

Taldein has permission to enter the city.

Author:  Smiler666 [ Fri Oct 05, 2012 6:11 am ]
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Valeth waited patiently for the guard to recover from his surprise and fumble for his sword with Valeth's own blade held vertically in front of him, after all there would be no honour in killing the elf unprepared now the odds were squarer. The guard approached carefully, he had obviously noticed at least some of Valeth's display so Valeth waited patiently for the guardself to strike. As soon as the guard lashed out Valeth flicked the attack aside and stabbed into the guard's sword arm, leaving the appendage bleeding and near useless. Valeth reversed his sword and cut a riposte across the guard's stomach, which the guard swung almost his whole body around to block, leaving hisself open for Valeth's third slash, tearing open the guards throat.

Before the guard had even hit the ground Valeth span around to look back the way he had come, checking the third guard hadn't returned from his quest for a cart, then once he was sure he was alone but for the dead he sheathed his weapons and retrieved khaine from where it stood in the mire. Valeth covered the lower half of his face with the front of his robes and leaned over the diseased corpses, giving the closest one a cursory poke with khaine trying to discern how an elf with their guts hanging out avoided the grave let alone walked the streets. Once he was done with his impromptu autopsy Valeth fetched one of the guards' pendants, assuming it was either a the guards' badge of office or an icon to show the bearer was free of whatever this plague was, either way it seemed useful to have one around.

Valeth put his weight back onto khaine and hobbled back to the crosspaths, checking his hood had remained set over his face during the fight. Valeth wondered whether he should have put the plague victims to the torch as he peered out into the crossroads to make sure the guard wasn't coming back with the cart, but just shrugged and assumed once the elf returned he would do the dirty work, then set off toward city hall, whistling a happy, if tuneless, melody.

Valeth will kill the second guard, see what he can see with the corpses, then take one the guard's pendants.

Author:  Jcitalia4 [ Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:24 am ]
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My senses are always with me. Thank you for the passage. May the rest of your vigil be uneventful, Taldein spoke to the guard, his words empty of sincerity, an almost practiced phrase. Having been granted passage, Taldein relaxed his mind from the shadows around him, he might need to call upon them again and he knew not when. Like a muscle, it is good to keep his gift trained but not to over work it. The shadow of his draich still rested over him though. It seemed he could not change this, whether he liked it or not.

Walking through the portucullis he was met with derelict streets, the echoes of anguished cries bouncing through the alleys towards his ears. He though he heard a faint clash of steel on steel but he dismissed this, such noises could be heard many times in the night in a Druchii stronghold. He was, however, put off by the absolute lack of activity on the road he now walked. This reminds me of death night, but that is not for some time yet., Taldein thought to himself. Normally, such a festival would exhilirate the khainite, but the fact was that this was merely an echo of that great holy day, similar only in appearance. This disturbed him.

Knowing not exactly where he should be going, he proceeded warily through the streets. The temple would probably be the best thing for him to investigate first. It was, afterall, Khaine's message that brought him here. Perhaps his acolytes would know more of Khaine's actions in the city presently.

Taldein will enter the city and try to find his way to the Temple of Khaine

Author:  Kensou [ Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:25 pm ]
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BOOOOOM! sounded over pretty much the entire city. That definitely trumps anything I could come up with this night. Ignat thought, even though he was visibly shaken. Khaine's bloody balls! the guard exclaimed, which brought Ignat back to his senses. It seemed he was not the only one as the guard spoke up, more sensible this time. Even if I did believe you had an appointment with the Drachua, I have no time to escort you there. I can escort you home but there is nothing else I can do. If not, you can come with me and help us, or follow this road to the city's centre yourself. Beware though, for as you are no doubt well aware, there are many dangers afoot this night.

Khaine's balls be bloody indeed. It seems I must continue on my own then. I would help, were it not that my talent lies more in politics and less in savage combat. Go on, and bring victory to your Drachau. Ignat spoke with all the charm he could muster to inspire the guard. Maybe I shouldn't have told him I suck at combat. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on my rear. Ignat continued towards the city hall.

Ignat try to inspire the guard a bit with his words, then walk on, keeping his guard up at all times.

Author:  Minigrift [ Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:41 pm ]
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The guard was unhappy to have his sergeant slain in such a callous manner and quickly attacked the bold Khainite. He scored a slash with his first sudden attack which cut through the dark hood that Valeth wore, missing his face by barely an inch. The old man was quick to counter the attack, however, and the guard grunted in agony as Valeth's sword cut deep into his arm rendering it all but useless. Valeth reversed his blade and slashed it across the guards chest, an attack which the guard narrowly missed and, as he spun from the attack, his throat was ripped by Valeth's last vicious strike.

Looking around the khainite could see the other guard was not within sight and set about investigating the pile of corpses. He cautiously poked one with his cane, his prod left an indent in elf's dead flesh but there was no other movement. The guards had decapitated all of them, he noted, and they had severed all the limbs from the torsos.

Checking the still convulsing body of the recently deceased guard, Valeth relieved him of the pendant he wore, guessing that the item may be of some importance against the plague or as an aid with future encounters with the city guard. That done, he left the scene, presumably to head to the city's hall.

He reached the crossroads and still saw no signs of the last guard. Moving by the heat of the bonfire he headed deeper into the city, the sounds of several more skirmishes were becoming evident. He sensed movement behind him and instinctively whirled round with his staff which, entirely by chance, connected with the butt-end of a halberd as it was hurtling towards the back of his skull.

The elf recovered from his surprise quickly and brought in the axe-head of his weapon at Valeth's shoulder. The khainites staff whirled around again and blocked the attack and both combatants pushed each other away ready to begin the assault anew.

* * * * *

Both guards breathed a sigh of relief once the khainite had entered the city gates. The stubborn one locked the gate behind their 'guest' with a loud click - there was no way out for the khainite now!

Taldein walked the derelict street that lead from the south gate. At the end, still some distance away, a large bonfire was burning and as the traveller drew closer the sounds of several skirmishes were becoming apparent. He passed a large building with all it's doors and windows boarded up and, looking to his right, he could see an expansive graveyard leading all the way back to the southern and south-eastern walls of the city. Many of the graves looked as if they'd been disturbed, some even looked freshly dug or empty all together.

The khainite had no time to ponder this curiosity, however, as a groaning sound was escalating from up the road, between him and the distant bonfire. The noise reached it's crescendo with a loud crash followed by the sound of gushing water. Taldein looked on, unsure of what to make of this freak occurrence and then... the chittering came.

Dozens, if not hundreds of rats erupted from the sewer cover, spreading out into the street in all directions like a sea of vermin. They looked rotted, with pallid skin hanging on to their tiny skeletal frames in wispy strands. There seemed no end to the swarm, multitudes of them ran like a river down the street towards Taldein, leaving nought but defecation and festering sewage in their wake.

* * * * *

The guard seemed much distracted by the explosive commotion but still managed to give the 'noble' the majority of his attention. Ignats humour, or perhaps his inspiring comment, seemed to trigger something in the guard and he reconsidered his prior statement.

"Well, sir, I suppose the barricade can do without my presence for a while longer. I will escort you to the outer courtyard, but we will have to pass through several guard posts along the way. They'll not give you any trouble so long as you're with me." The guard nodded respectfully at Ignat, half turned in the direction of the city hall and unsheathed two long-swords from their scabbards. "This way, then"

The guard jogged off down the street and Ignat followed him. The mages apparent good fortune was short-lived, for they got barely a dozen strides down the street before the two of them were ambushed. A barricaded door shattered out into the streets, planks pinging in all directions. Two druchii, dressed in pyjamas, clattered out into the street between Ignat and his guide. Moments later, three children fell from the upper floor windows, similarly dressed. The guard issued another fruity curse as he stepped up to the nearest child.

The guard swiftly decapitated the little terror before moving onto the next...

Valeth is being attacked by the third guard.

+ Rune pendant

Taldein is being charged at by a swarm of zombie rats.

Ignat has an escort but you've both been ambushed. One male adult and a child have turned on the guard, the female and the other child are turning to attack Ignat.

Author:  Kensou [ Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:58 am ]
Post subject: 

Well, sir, I suppose the barricade can do without my presence for a while longer. The guard told him, going back on his earlier statement. It seems luck is on my side. Ignat was glad. Still, he had mixed feelings. It wouldn't be the first time his powers had been seen as magic and the rain was going to be a serious damper on it.

As they moved on down the street, a door burst open. A few druchii came out. A moment later, three druchii children fell from a window. I guess luck never lasts. The guard he was with swung his sword down on one of the children, killing it instantly. Ignat unsheathed his short sword, as he will probably be needing it. Two opponents for me. Then let them shield me.. Ignat is ready for combat.

Ignat will move in such a way that his attackers bumb into each other and ,eventually, they arrive at him one by one. When attacked, Ignat will try to defend himself and move so that he and his attackers form a straight line. When an opening presents itself, Ignat will try to go for decapitation, like the guard did.

Author:  Jcitalia4 [ Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:54 am ]
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The sea of vermin raced at Taldein. The rats themselves didn't cause much concern for him, ever lurking in the shadows in his former home, rats were a familiar creature. What did alert his mind and cause his pulse to quicken was their maddened state and gross evidence of disease they carried. Knowing a plague stalked the city, he wasn't willing to so quickly test his constitution.

He knew he had to act quickly, lest he be overwhelmed or surrounded. And so he ran. Looking back, he knew he had to keep moving. Keep moving until he could figure something out about the madness of this city.

Taldein will run.

Author:  Smiler666 [ Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

Valeth hobbled further into the city, using the towering city hall as a marker to guide him. He was a dozen or so feet past the pyre-lit junction when he thought Valeth sensed as much as heard footsteps behind him, his mind flashed to the slit hood that no longer quite hid his face and the prolific ability to rapidly find and deliver information. Valeth whirled around with a snarl on his face and almost jumped out of his skin when khaine connected with the blunt end of a halberd coming to meet his face, from the looks of his face the guard was just as surprised as Valeth. Recovering quickly Valeth stepped back to give hisself room and held khaine across his body like a quarterstaff, as soon as the guard lashed out aiming for Valeth's shoulder he swung back, khaine connecting with the halberd just below the head and knocking it aside and both the guard and Valeth back a step. Valeth launched hisself back toward the guard knocking his halberd aside with the tip of khaine before spinning the stave end over end so that it's gnarled top connected with the guard's chin, snapping the elf's head back and making him unaware of the punch-dagger-wrapped fist untill it connected and sunk into his throat.

As the guard crumpled and Valeth turned back to his path he wondered why the guard had come after him, Valeth had only just passed the crosspaths so there was no way he had walked all the way back to where the two others lay and caught up with Valeth in the meantime, perhaps he had just assumed that since Valeth was leaving without an escort something bad must have happened and that Valeth would be the most likely cause, or most worryingly Valeth's forbidden knowledge may have made it's way to... wherever this city was, he really should ask someone where in Khaine's name he was.

Valeth will kill the guard then head onwards toward the city hall again.

Author:  Minigrift [ Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

"Plague victims, sir, best kill 'em quick" The guard warned as he swiftly dispatched the second child, the male seemed to be giving him some trouble, though.

The woman and her child turned to face Ignat, still ten or so paces up the street. Falling onto her hands and knees, the woman began to convulse with an almost seizure like intensity. "Help... us..." she gurgled, weakly, before ejecting a putrid stream of blood red bile onto the pavement before struggling to her feet.

There was nothing even remotely bordering intelligence in the child's eyes, all that filled them was ravenous lust as the poor little mite charged at Ignat with all the ferocity of a mindless beast, hungry for his brains.

The child is almost upon Ignat and, short of killing him, the child will not be stopped. The female is struggling to her feet, still 7 or 8 paces away.

((OOC: Kensou, Ignat should attack or defend himself, in either case you are expected to describe your characters actions as he fights for his life - if you've any questions please ask in the OOC thread.))

* * * * *

Taldein was in a panic at the site of hundreds of disease-ridden-undead-rats, they filled the street like a miasmic cloud of foul-smelling... vermin. Wading through them would be suicide and fighting them was equally futile. He turned to flee as several thoughts clashed in his mind. He could go through the graveyard, but given the circumstances and the evident state of the city that was an extremely dicey proposition. Down another street could potentially lead to more problems than solutions.

One feasible solution was to gain higher ground, looking around there were plenty of houses and buildings for him to get up on the roof of, and he carefully selected one that was adjoined to more buildings leading up the street to the bonfire. He hopped and skipped over a few of the venomous rats before jumping and grabbing an arched doorway. He pulled himself up and, grunting with the effort, pulled himself to safety.

From the safety of the roof he made his way steadily closer to the bonfire and kept a watchful eye on the tide of rats. They gradually thinned and several large groups went in various directions - the largest poured into the graveyard, another, much smaller group headed to the city gates and another large group was headed to the bonfire up ahead.

From his vantage point he could see the high-spire of the city hall some distance ahead of him, it stood in the centre of a large courtyard. Many other buildings were situated on the perimeter, but as far as he could determine, none of them was a Temple of Khaine - it had to be around there somewhere, though.

Now, perhaps, fifty metres from the crossroads were the bonfire happily burned away, he could see a half dozen guards keeping vigil. This was the last house in the row, taking one last look around for any signs of the rats, he was relieved to see none in sight.

Taldein has successfully evaded the rats - for now. There is a guard post up ahead but they haven't spotted him. At the moment he can really do whatever he likes.

* * * * *

Both combatants recovered quickly and Valeth launched an assault aiming to bat the guards halberd aside, the guard reigned his weapon in even as the nimble old khainite spun his staff at his neck, the guard stepped back causing Valeth to miss. Because of his quick-witted-ness the guard saw the punch dagger coming for him and easily dodged the blow, as he recovered he lashed out a poke with his halberd and, though Valeth jumped back to dodge the blow, the end of it still scored a solid hit on his stomach, just enough to wind him but not cause any serious harm. The guard did not pause and moved in to finish the old geezer off...

Valeth was unsuccessful in slaying the guard, who has renewed his assault.

Author:  Smiler666 [ Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:20 am ]
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Valeth's snarl turned to a look of cold fury as the guard deflected or avoided Valeth's attacks and swung back with his halberd nearly gutting the old elf, sending Valeth stumbling backwards as the guard pushed forward. Valeth dropped the punch dagger to grab khaine with both hands in time to jab it downwards and block the guard's sweep to his legs, flicking the base of the stave across the ground to open the guard's guard and clout him on the side of the head with khaine before stepping quickly away, he knew this fellow had bit more gumption about him than the other guards.

While the guard was still reeling Valeth dug khaine into the ground and used it to vault hisself into the air, kicked off the wall several feet above the guard's head to right hisself in the air and came down feet first onto the guard, kicking off the guard's back and somersaulting away to land behind the guard. Unsheathing his sword once more Valeth slapped the flat of it against the top of the guard's head to get his attention, "come now lad, caught out by an old thing like me? Tsk tsk, what would your sergeant say... I'd guess not much any more," Valeth prepared to deflect the wild attack that would result from his mocking, which it did, a jab aimed at his face, Valeth swung his sword up to push the halberd up while ducking under it to move inside the weapon's reach and punch the guard in his face before running him through. As the guard breathed his last Valeth leant close to him and whispered in his ear, "a fair performance son, I'm sure Khaine will find a place for you in the hereafter." He let the guard fall to the floor and moved on, doing his best to position his hood in such a way that it covered his face despite the large tear.

As Valeth turned back to his path he wondered why the guard had come after him, Valeth had only just passed the crosspaths so there was no way he had walked all the way back to where the two others lay and caught up with Valeth in the meantime, perhaps he had just assumed that since Valeth was leaving without an escort something bad must have happened and that Valeth would be the most likely cause, or most worryingly Valeth's forbidden knowledge may have made it's way to... wherever this city was, he really should ask someone where in Khaine's name he was.

Valeth will kill the guard then head onwards toward the city hall again... again.

Author:  Kensou [ Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:04 am ]
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It seems my little dance isn't necesary. I guess I will have to kill the child first. Ignat got ready for when the child came in melee with him. Plague victims, sir, best kill'em quick. Ignat always thought it was best to kill quick. Unfortunately, his best weapon right now lacks decent range. Still the child approached him fast. Ignat swung his blade in a horizontal slash, aiming for the neck. For security's sake, he also made a backswing while stepping back and turning aside. This time, he aimed at it's chest. That should do the trick. Now for the woman.

Ignat will deal with the child and after that, move on to slay the woman.

Author:  Minigrift [ Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:37 pm ]
Post subject: 

The guard deftly dodged all of Valeths attacks and winded him with a poke to the stomach. His assault did not relent but Valeth had already recovered, so when he swept at the old man's feet the Khainite easily blocked the strike and brought his staff down and round to strike the helmeted guard on the side of the head. Though he was horribly out of position, he did manage to duck under the quick strike and he stumbled forward as Valeth used his staff to vault himself into the air.

Valeth came down on the guards back and pushed him away, mocking the guard as he did so. The guard recovered, his pride hurt more than anything else, and in a burst of anger lashed out with his halberd. Valeth attempted to deflect the strike but the guards iron-grip was too powerful for him, as the blade of his sword connected with the halberd, Valeth was shocked to find his sword no longer in his hand - a clatter from down the street sounded a few moments later.

Annoyed at the loss of his weapon, the old khainite ducked under the overcast swing and solidly punched the guard in his face as he struggled to bring his heavy weapon back into his control. The punch-dagger swung up and impaled the guard in the heart and, as he fell to the ground, Valeth gave him a congratulatory death comment.

The khainite waited to see if the noise of the fight attracted anyone to come and investigate, nobody did. Aside from the few skirmishes sounding far off and the relentless pounding of the rain, the night was still. He retrieved his sword then continued on his merry way.

He walked past several houses before spotting another street joining this one, leading to the left. But further up along the street he was traversing he could see a tide of brown funnelling towards him, curiously he stopped to to discern what it was before realising, with a shudder, that it was a giant swarm of rats. He could see the spire of the city hall still a fair distance away at the end of the long street he was situated on.

The rats are now approaching Valeth, they are still 100 metres or so up the road. The road on the left is about 20 metres ahead of him. The bonfire which he passed is about 70 metres behind him.

* * * * *

The child lurched towards Ignat totally oblivious of it's own safety. The mage set himself up with a slash across the child's neck and, almost effortlessly, decapitated the poor little creature. The mage twisted with the strike and deftly pushed his sword through it's tiny heart as it's momentum made it carry on forward. Sidestepping and guiding the headless horror safely out of his path the mage quickly moved up the finish off the woman struggling to her feet.

His second kill was just as easy, it seemed, for the female, in a fit of plague-ridden lunacy, could not even manage the basic skill of standing and she stumbled to the ground yet again. Ignat's short sword came down and swiftly decapitated her.

His new found friend had also dealt with the elven male, swiftly decapitating him and severing off all of his limbs. He stepped up to Ignat again. "Well, sir, not so useless after all, eh?" He set about severing the limbs of the female and the couples children. "There's a guard post down the next street, safest place in this part of town. I can escort you there and our commanding officer may get one of the recruits to escort you to the city hall - that is, if you do truly have an appointment with our mysterious Drachua."

The elf looked Ignat in the eye. "The names Seth, newly instated member of the watch." Without waiting for a response he ran off and, turning right, headed down the first street he came to.

The guard has offered to take Ignat to the next guard post, but hasn't waited around for Ignat to accept.

Author:  Smiler666 [ Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:07 am ]
Post subject: 

Valeth kept his head down and was vary careful to make his stumbling progress convincing, the guard's seemingly prescient attack had disturbed him, as such he didn't notice when the dirt ahead of him rose up in a wave or when the brown tide resolved itself into the individual shapes of hundreds of rats. It wasn't untill the living tide had closed to only a hundred meters that Valeth caught a glimpse of the stinking horde in his peripheral and his head snapped up, quickly he took in his surroundings. A short ways ahead a path turned off to the left, but that meant running towards the vermin, behind the path ran straight back to the pyre and then either on to Valeth's killing grounds or across and away from where he wanted to be and he doubted he could outrun the rats for long. Making up his mind Valeth steeled hisself and charged the rats, making hisself as large and as loud as he could hoping to appeal to the little beasts baser instincts and at least convince them to approach him more cautiously even if it was unlikely to scare them off. The second he came level with it Valeth bolted down the left-hand avenue and began looking for a way to turn back towards the city hall.


Author:  Jcitalia4 [ Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

Taldein grunted as he leapt for the door's archway. His finger's nearly lost their purchase at the momentum of his leap swung his legs out underneath him. The instinctual knowledge that falling meant laying on the ground amongst hundrends of disease, chittering rodents gave his grip added strength and purpose. White knuckled, he began to pull himself up, hearing the odd gnashes of teeth as a few rodents attempt to nip at his flailing feet.

A cautious climb later and he stood atop the roof of the hovel. Through the rain, he was able to make out a few landmarks of the city. The gate he had come through, the graveyard nearby and the bonfire. Further along, he saw masses of buildings that seemed to designate the center of civic activity. While he didn't see the temple outright through the gloom, he gathered that it would be a good guess it's location would be near there.

Looking down to check the status of the rats, he also noticed further along were several guards. Already being hassled once this night by this city's watch, he decided it would be best not to bother them in their vigil. In an act that almost seemed second nature to him, he began to pull the shadows closer to him. Wearing them like a cloak of blackness, he began to move along the rooftops towards the city center.

Khaine guide me. If there ever was a city that needed of your culling hand, this would be it.

Taldein will try to shroud himself and pass the guards unnoticed. He will then try to move over the rooftops towards the city centre. If there isnt a pass over the roofs, he'll naturally climb back down (should there be nothing that would advise against) and proceed in the same direction

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