"Pit Fighter"-based Online Arena (Gauging Interest
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Author:  Cenyu [ Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:52 pm ]
Post subject:  "Pit Fighter"-based Online Arena (Gauging Interest

Good evening, D.net!

"Pit Fighter" is a spin-off of Mordheim which was introduced in a Fanatic magazine a couple of years ago. Players control a set of gladiators which move across a hexagonal game grid, fighting each other to the death. The gladiators are selected from different "styles" which differ in armour, damage potential, movement options and special rules - for example, "Chaos" or "Orc" fighters are comparatively well armoured and hard-hitting but less nimble than "Skink" or "Witch Elf" fighters.
The boardgame version of Pit Fighter is played without need for a game master as players write down the instructions for their fighters on paper which is later revealed. However, the online version is better played with an impartial GM who manages the players' movement options and handles the rolling of the dice to maintain fairness.

The Dark Elf society surely maintains a flourishing culture of arena fighting: Highborn families sporting stables of gladiators who fight each other to their masters' pleasure, bets and prestige. As such, I would like to inquire whether a general interest exists to conduct "Pit Fighter" fights in this forum - starting as one-off battles but depending on the interest maybe even as a "league" with duelists gaining skills and experience.
I am looking forward to your opinions.

An example for a successful online bout can be found here: "The Gore Pit" @ Rezephua

The rules (2 PDFs) can be found here: Part 1: The Core Rules and Part 2: The Expanded Rules.

Moderator's note:
I moved this thread to the SAU forum: this is where are all the short-lived RPG (I moved a few ones there, too, for the sake of consistency).


Author:  Calisson [ Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:39 pm ]
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There used to be an RPG system named "Shadow Arena".
The spirit seems close to what you describe.
It ceased its existence due to lack of GM, rather than lack of interest.

If you are interested in reviving it or to adapt the spirit to your "pit fighter", I'm confident it will raise a lot of interest, especially since we haven't ran any short lived RPG for a while (Shadow Arena, SAU, TMRS).
Just keep it simple as a system, the more complex, the less interest it will raise.

Shadow Arena - v2.0
Shadow Arena - Game Mechanics
Shadow Arena - Read This First
Shadow Arena - Creating Your Character
Shadow Arena - Out of Character Discussion

and the game played:
Shadow Arena - Deathmatch I (played till the end)
Shadow Arena - Deathmatch II (played till the end)
Shadow Arena - Orcfest I (played till the end)
Shadow Arena - Goblinfest I - Closed(the GM failed to post)
Shadow Arena - Meat Grinder I - now in session! (the players failed to post)
Shadow Arena - Deathmatch III - Now in Session (ended Jul 12, 2010)

Author:  Dauricha [ Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:55 pm ]
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One of the first to die in SA. Loved it, would enjoy seeing this brought back.

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