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Question about Dark Elf Spells 
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Recently me and a few friends started up a mordhiem campaign. The group consisting of Lizardmen, Witch Hunters, Chaos Dwarves and finally me as the Dark Elves. Having a few practice rounds and realizing that they have their strength and weaknesses I chose the Druchii revisions as they felt the most tone down and fair version of the game.
In our actual campaign game, I managed to score the Jack Pot and rolled Doombolt for my spell. I personally felt the spell is still a very dangerous spell so fudged it slightly by taking away the 4+ for the spell to jump and made it so the model had to be taken out of action for the spell to jump, so instead a 5-6 for the spell to jump.
In that specific game I managed to roll well beyond my normal bad luckish results and managed to have the spell jump 3 times. Since then the Chaos Dwarf player has insisted the spell is too powerful compared to anything most people have access to, but at the same time he's on many occasions been able to wipe out almost my entire warband with just two blunderbusses.
Is Doombolt too powerful compared to many of the other lores and ranged abilities or is it just a case of envy?

Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:46 pm
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if you're inquiring about doombolt in the main battle games then it's not as powerful as other spells available. D6 hits isn't going to cause too much grief, it's good for hurting a monster or giant a bit, but usually you can't kill them with just doombolt alone. There's too many models in a battle for a single D6 to cause any massive impact to the game.

In terms of mordheim then yes it is a dangerous and powerful spell since it is quite easy to knock foes out or kill them outright. Once again, on large scaled games the spell isn't going to be too powerful, in small scaled games where there's only fifteen infantry models then it's a formidable spell to unleash.

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Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:46 pm
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I'm talking about Mordhiem :P

I know the spell is dangerous, as most magic should be, but what I'm asking is it game breaking dangerous and unfair?
The spell it's self basicly gets cast on 8+ and has strength 5 and each jump to a model within 6" loses -1 strength
But lets compare it to say the Blunderbuss which shoots anything in a straight line 1" wide cover is ignored and auto hits
granted you can get only one shot per Blunderbuss, but the fact is you can easily wipe out a warband with just one shot

Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:45 am
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The fact that it loses 1 point of strength between jumps... to do anything better than mild concussion to dwarfs you need to be extremely lucky.

Definitely not overpowered.

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Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:55 pm
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Thanks for the feedback, but he is steadfast in claiming that the spell is overpowered. I've been just browsing through his spell list and it seems he has some pretty nasty spells himself that although initially are not as strong, have a nice 18" range and everything in that 18" suffer a str 4 hit. Not to mention the engine of Chaos being able to sacrifice anybody captured in battle and his Sorc being able to cast the Sacrificial Ritual which gives him d3 experience points each time he casts it (take in mind that I doubt he would be able to cast it more than one per game).

Sorry if it seems that we are arguing the same point. Really want to make sure the next time he brings it up I can put him in his place :)

Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:49 am
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