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Author:  Gnosis [ Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Total War series

So, your favourite in the series? Favourite factions? Favourite units?

I prefer Medieval 2 single-player wise, but only a little bit more than Rome. It just offers more options, and the papacy and crusades make for some interesting twists. Then again, Rome is the better multiplayer game; much more variety between factions, and few definitive winner combinations (not like Medieval 2 where you just take a mass of knights and win against all balanced armies).

Sadly I can't run Empire very well on my laptop, so I have little to say about it. I played Prussia for a while, and I remember Line Infantry beating most other troops.

If any of you want to play a Rome: Total War multiplayer battle, I suggest you download Hamachi.

Author:  Desert icon [ Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Total War series

Gnosis wrote:
So, your favourite in the series?

Empire, with a close second of the original Medieval. Empire TW just reminds me so much of warhammer, except with the Empire as every army. The naval battles are also a very nice touch that should have been added long ago, in my opinion.

Gnosis wrote:
Favourite factions?

In Empire, it's the Russians or the Prussians. Prussians are my favorites.

Gnosis wrote:
Favourite units?

Snipers would have to be my favorites. The ability to set stakes is useful seeing as how these guys tend to hang around the flanks (since they can't handle anything stronger than a light breeze), and can save your flanks from a devastating cavalry charge. Close second would be typical line infantry though. Good firepower, decent melee capability, and can soak up a lot of fire. They're also very flexible, can take on cavalry in the square formation, and can build defenses. This versatility means I always have at least 1/3rd of my army composed of line infantry.

Gnosis wrote:
Sadly I can't run Empire very well on my laptop, so I have little to say about it. I played Prussia for a while, and I remember Line Infantry beating most other troops.

Prussian Line infantry are about as good as any other line infantry, it's the Jaegers that really pack the punch. Have a unit of snipers hiding in the woods, and they'll ravage any unit at range. Household guards are also solid choices for elites if you can afford them/have the technology to get them, and can turn a line if you commit them at the right time and in the right place. Think of them as having a similar role to Black Guards, they're useful for holding a line long enough for a cavalry flank charge. They're absolutely brutal inside buildings and are a real pain to dislodge, just be careful you don't get a cannonball in the face!

Author:  Mr. anderson [ Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:28 pm ]
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Favourite game, I have to agree with Desert Icon is Empire by far. It's the most in-depth they've done, it has beautiful graphics and with version 1.5 most bugs and glitches are removed (although my land armies still yell "enemy sails in sight" when they get attacked by something. I don't know whether that's just the prussians, though).

Favourite faction would be the prussions by far. I love the quote saying "While most states posess an army, the Prussian army possesses a state". Although Great Britain is a close second because with them you can actually fight naval battles (as prussia I only used a fleet once, and that was to take Denmark. No naval research done whatsoever), and I love fighting naval battles and the graphics they have.

Favourite unit... line infantry by far. And Howitzers using incendiary rounds.

Prussian Line infantry are about as good as any other line infantry

From the get-go, yes. But they tend to become an awful lot better than other armies because most other nations can't focus on military advancement to the exclusion of everything else. I had fire by rank by 1710, socket bayonets in 1706 etc., Whereas most other armies have a mighty navy, but their infantry still fights with plug bayonets and doesn't fire by ranks.

Medieval II is a close second when it comes to my favourites, although at the moment I prefer playing empire (haven't played anything else for weeks). Favourite faction there is france, and oddly enough my favourite unit are dismounted nobles.

I also love the Scotts (purely because of their accent, though) so I never wipe them out, I just conquer England and let the Scotts be.

What bugs me about MTW II is how easy the pope can be bought... he threatens to excommunicate you if you don't leave someone alone, you kick them anyway and give mister pope some money, and vĂ³ila, faction reconciled. It's fun trying to get your own pope into office, though. I've assassinated 4 popes in a row until my cardinal finally got into position. And I love the little movies that come up when my assassins try to kill someone, especially when something goes wrong (the one where the snake goes straight out of the room chasing mice instead of biting the target is gold).


Author:  Vesidel [ Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:14 pm ]
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I have to say that Empire is my favorite atm, but I never did play Shogun so I can't speak for all of the series. I just love hearing those drums go while watching my men march in formation!

Author:  Rabidnid [ Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:57 am ]
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empire with darthmod

Russians and Maratha are my favourites.

my fav unit is dragoons, they garrison, they sack towns, they besiege by themselves and destroy armies 10 times their size, and they hide in a house when real cavalry picks on them.


I have just started playing Imperial Splendour.

Its very hard, but much more accurate than DM. Battler are faster as well.

Edit: Moved on to APE.TI now. What a game! Its by far the best mod for Empire and has lifted empire above the original medieval as my favourite game. Very different playing style though, so expect a few false starts before you get the hang of the totally different economy.

I have deleted my files for the Darthmod and Imperial splendor, as I won't be playing those games anymore.

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