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I just bought SWTOR right before patch 1.1 rolled a Inquisitor Healer on Master Ghost Dural server but the server seems to be rather dead only 70ish people on Imperial Fleet at peak times. I was thinking of rerolling on a different server but since bioware refuses to allow a server forum on their website i have no way to find a well populated server(what it says on the server screen is crap mine always says heavy. So I was wondering if anyone could suggest a server they use or if they think Bioware will merge servers because they seem to have way to many.

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Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:20 am
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I'm playing on Shien.

First of all, just because there's 70ish people on the fleet doesn't mean the server has low population.

The Fleet is a place where people go when they have nothing to do to hang out... Or just before embarking to tackle a flashpoint. 70 people is a pretty busy fleet. Remember that on top of the fleet you have two factions, a dozen different planets (some cross faction, some not) and a bunch of flashpoints and operation. The population is pretty spread out.

As for the number of servers, it looks like a lot. It was the downfall of WAR, but WAR was heavily PvP based and centered on large sieges... so it needed large population. As long as you can find a nice guild and be able to explore content with friends on a regular basis... I'd say the population is healthy.

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Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:20 am
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When you go to select a server, it says how heavy or light the population on the server is. I am on a medium server, and on the fleet I will see MAYBE 40 people max, and I can almost always find a group for what I need to run.

Dalamar has the best point, finding a good guild. I am guilding with my friends and playing casually, but if you are a bit more "hardcore" into it, I suggest playing a few heroics and other group missions. You will find common guild names popping up that stand out more, then find if they are recruiting. I never check the SWTOR forums or website, but I know the top 5ish guilds on my server just by how many times I see the name or high level players (or players already rolling alts who know what they are doing).

Also, is ANYONE playing republic? All my friends from forums or RL all seem to play empire...


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Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:08 am
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