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Your Introduction to Druchii.net 
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When you awoke, you realized your limbs were tied. You were lying on a stone. An altar?
Images slowly filtered through your half-awake mind, and you remembered. You had been captured and taken as a slave. A slave on the altar, this is what you had become.
You were a prisoner in the City of the Dark Elves, a race known for their cruelty. They called themselves the Druchii.
How long remained for you to survive? Minutes? Hours?
You recalled being given a name. A new name. Why give you a name just before a quick death?

Someone entered. Was it a priest with his sacrificial dagger?
No. The newcomer was lightly protected with leather armour. The only weapon the Druchii was carrying was a whip, with a pointed metallic sphere trailing from the end. He was probably a Master of Slaves.
Behind him came some kind of scribe, with a heavy tome, dark coloured with silver adornments showing strange, barbed letters.


The Druchii examined you with a cruel grin. After long minutes, he broke the icy silence and made a couple of announcements. He also provided, in anticipation, the answers to the most frequent questions (FAQ) asked by new slaves. Apparently, you were not destined to be killed, not yet. At least, not as long as you respected all the harsh rules that were exposed to you. Probably with a few more unwritten ones, that you had to guess, or would soon discover.

After another moment of threatening silence, the Master of Slaves asked you: “Who are you? How did you arrive here? Do you have any skill that might prove your miserable life worth preserving for some time?”
The scribe raised his pen and listened to your introduction.

The answers seemed to be satisfactory. You were not killed. Better, the Master of Slaves released the ties and let you free.
“You are in Druchii.net.
You will never escape! Not alive, anyway.”
He pursued with cruel laughter.
“Now, your life has only one goal: to serve For Malekith’s sake, our righteous king. May He drown of the World in an Age of Blood and Agony.”

Now free, you wandered about the area, investigating your surroundings. You found other slaves like you, and many more former slaves and Druchii members of Druchii.net.
You found that you were allowed to discuss with them, in endless off topic discussions.
You noticed that there were some suggestions already made so that your stay would be less miserable.
All these discoveries gave you hope.


After a couple of days, you had proven your worth. You were no longer considered as a slave.
You took the opportunity of the freedom you had been given to roam Druchii.net.

The Druchii seemed to hate everything, with a single exception: war.
In the training grounds, you came to understand better what constituted the strengths of those who had enslaved you in the first place: the Armies of Naggaroth.
Their general strengths and weaknesses were investigated during Druchii army discussions.
You discovered how the Dark Elf armies were enrolled into Druchii Army Lists, with observers criticizing all aspects so that the army would behave successfully in battle.
Battles to come were prepared for with elaborated Druchii Tactics, of which the most interesting were compiled in tomes of knowledge named D.R.A.I.C.H.


Once ready for battle, the Druchii armies were sent towards A World to Enslave.
As to know yourself is never sufficient, there were also investigations into the capabilities of the enemies, during Other Races Discussions.
The battle results were analysed and discussed in Battle Reports, although often it was done for political gain rather than sharing of experience.
The mechanics of war were following rules, and Rules Questions were always examined with interest.
Sometimes, people would go to the Ideas Forum in order to discuss how to improve their odds.


Day after day, month after month, you became more familiar with the Land of the Witch King.
You discovered where Druchii exerted their Painting and Modelling skills, with various torture tools designed to reshape bodies at their will, some disgusting mixtures which would surprisingly result in giving stunning beauty to Hags and other top models, and the art and language of war painting which covered them all.
You found the Album where some Druchii kept the memory of their creations.
Following columns of slaves escorted by corsairs, you gained access to the Trading Forum, where all goods were exchanged, including foremost those goods walking on two legs.


As you became more and more familiar with Druchii.net, you came to learn some Legends of Darkness.
Filled with distrust, Druchii would never reveal their true appearance. They were all playing roles.
It would start with a Roleplay Discussion to define those roles, before entering the Role Playing Forum. That could last months, or years, it seemed never to cease.
As you would expect from such a cruel people, sometimes it would descend into utter carnage, where only a single participant would emerge victorious, while all others would be killed in the most atrocious manner. They called these the Quick Role Playing Games, oft only lasted as long as it took to gather a dozen severed heads. Survival of the fittest, elimination of the weakest, they seemed to love that.
You came to learn thrilling parts of The History of the Druchii, which were unheard of beyond the bounds of Druchii.net.


One day, you discovered old libraries where the Druchii kept their Legacy of Exile.
Ancient volumes and crumbling Grimoires locked away where they couldn’t be modified, only perused by devoted scholars.
The most interesting library was named The Druchii Herald.
Some material was dating from the time of the Exile! What a wealth of forgotten stories! It would take months, or years to study everything.


Sometimes, you would get scarce news of what was going on elsewhere. There was always more Slaughter in the World.
You found related the vibrant actions of Druchii Warbands.
The most disturbing, which had to involve the mightiest Druchii magic, was to have a glance into the far future.
You discovered unbelievable stories with strange names such as WH40k, or evenTabletop, RPG and CCG Games and Video Games.


Progressively, you had become more proficient with the weapons you had trained with. You had found the tools to communicate, and to gain control of your destiny.
You were eager to pursue your quest for power, like all Druchii.
Chat and Private Messages allowed you to plot with a secret group of other D.netters.
You refined your Profile and kept an eye on the rival Memberlist and Usergroups.
You knew how to Search for wealth of new knowledge, provided to those few who were mischievous enough to have the appropriate words to open the locks.
Occasionally, you were asked to contribute and Donate to a site that you had now started to consider your new home.


After spending a long time in Druchii.net, you had managed not only to survive but to gain ranks in the strict Druchii hierarchy.
You had learned how to avoid the cruel Draich-Masters, always ready to recall the rules to you in the bloodiest of ways.
You had discovered that some Dread Knights were patrolling unexpectedly all places you could visit, and would make you feel their cold presence.
You had heard that behind them, a group of Dreadlords were administrating the city and judging life and death matters. Here, death was considered the lenient penalty.
Even these powerful Elves had to abide by the Council of the Drachaus, whom nobody ever saw but seemed to have unlimited power.


After a couple of months, of years, you had eagerly participated in the development of Druchii.net.
You had made a name. You had gained a title. You had become a true Druchii amongst them.

You were no longer seeking your freedom.
Your goal now was the quest for power. Sooner or later, you would become one of those at the top.
Until that day, you would continue to cooperate openly, watching patiently for any sign of weakness.

But one day, in a gloomier mood than usual, you wondered:
all this time hooked in Druchii.net, when you managed to grow from slave on the altar to your present status, did you really achieve that alone, by your own sheer will, as you thought?
Or had "they" managed to manipulate you from the very beginning?
And who were "they", really?

Thanks Malus99 for the time taken to improve the text.

Welcome to Druchii.net, the world-wide online community for Dark Elves in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

We are exiles, driven from our true home by the treason of our own kin, who have denied to the first and bravest son of the Phoenix his rightful throne. We went across the icy storms of the western seas, to a desperate frozen place, Naggaroth, the Land of Chill. Anyone would have lost hope, but not Dark Elves. We came with our fortresses, the Black Arks, with our refined civilization, based on military prowess, and with our will, stronger than steel.
We managed to survive here, and to develop the tools of our revenge. Our legacy has been transmitted from generation to generation, with one goal in mind: to reclaim our homeland and the crown for our rightful King Malekith. We tamed the most dangerous creatures, now submitted to our will. The resources we did not have there, we brought them from abroad. From Naggaroth, we send forth our legions in the world, culling it from the weaker souls and lesser beings. We liberate crude beings from their fruitless lives by teaching them with whip and stick the fruits of hard labour and the meaning of life through the most refined rituals of death.

Druchii.net is the place where you can discuss the philosophy of our grand civilization, the intense beauty of life escaping its mortal shelter, the fascinating despair of souls losing their last hopes.

Winds never stop blowing, Oceans are borderless. Get a ship and a crew, so the World will be ours! Today the World, tomorrow Nagg! {--|oBrotherhood of the Coast!o|--}

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