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Been playing 40k for 10+ years (mostly Necrons with some Space Marines too) but new to fantasy. I fell in love with the pirate aesthetic of the Druchii and got the Warhost of Naggaroth to kick start me :) The plan for the army is mostly sticking to being piratey though winning would be nice too :P I'm primarily going to be playing again two friends who have two lots of the IoB High Elves and Skaven respectively so plenty to kill with my pirates!

Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:03 pm
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If you play against skaven alot, flanking will be your best friend, the hydra will be your best friend, and anything esle noted for high number of attacks will be your best friend.

Sisters of Slaughter you will be also good as they deny perry saves (which is ok) and Rank Bonus points for battle Resolution (which the Scaken can add to their Leadership, so really good for you).

Witch Elves with The Eternal Flame banner has been a popular strategy in the past for dealing with the Hellpit Abomination, but a fire wizard will also help (at least flamming attack needs to wound to negate Regeneration for that turn).

My thoughts on other armies: Dwarves might be getting an update soon, but they are one of the few armies that are pretty much gone the longest without a update and for them its because they don't need one outside of minor updates. They specialize in staying back and blasting you with war machines, crassbows, and Gunners, and should you get into close combat, they have plenty of heavy hitting hammer units, and anvil unit that will slow you down. WHat they lack in speed they make up for in high Leadership (so never going to runaway most of the time), high toughness, above average weapons skill, and lots of armor. What they lack in magic they make up for with the hands down best magic item selection as they can mix and match abilites so long as they fit within the rule restriction and points. That and some of the best anti magic in the game still.

Empire: A wel rownded an manuverable army. For the most part a jack of all trades army as they have nearly every unit type in the game (crossbows, hand weapon and sheild combo guys, heavy cavalry, ect.). That said, the Steam Tank, Hll Blaster, and the knights are well worth their points. Modrate LD, and a moderate and low armor everything not a knight or a tank, would be their main draw backs, as well as average human stats. Other then that they can come in mass as a horde army, or as a fine tuned power army with a few troops but lot of hitting power to them.

High Elves: Really Good Magic, really good eleite troops, and fame phoenixes are a must to deal with horde armies. Everyone fights in at least 3 ranks normal formation, withincludes shooting, so spearmen and bowmen can be a legitimate threat. They can do an all cavalry army or an all infantry one. White Lion Chariot on par with Cold one Chariot. Otherwise, their biggest weakness is an army that is largly lightyl to moderatly armored so a good amount of repeater crossbow shots will mope them up nicely. All heavy cavalry do not do well if they do not drive the unit off on a charge, or charge them first (this also denies them the use of lances).

Warriors of Chaos: Lore of Metal is going to help. What they lack in a diversity of range attacking options they more then make up for in close combat "Oh this is going to hurt" kind. The Warriors of Chaos unit themselves would be eleite units in any other army, and if you added a wound to the champion, a hero as well. They can go all moster heavy, Valkia is a unit killing charecter in her own right, and I still say Archon the Everchosen is not expensive enough for the hurt he does. Add alot of monsters and monsterous units, and rather potent Tzeetchen wizards having some of the best magic in the game, you will loose alot at first. Once you figure out the chinks in their armor, things will go your way. At least they will never outnumber you.

Demons of Chaos: till need to look them up in greater detail, but basicly you want to deny them rank bonuses and always carry your banners. They may not be able to runaway, they will crumble if you beat them in combat in lue of breaking from combat. THat said a double 1 instant heals anything, charecters included if I read that right in their book, and a double 6 wipes the unit out for good.

Daemons of Khorn are hard hitting with high attack strength, with the Blood Thrister being the rage of war itself, and they have some decent anti magic. They also tend to be lightly to moderatly armroed, so trye not to get into clsoe combat but if you do you'll definitly hit first.

Slannesh type demons are made for speed, so high initiatve, a good amount of attacks, and armor peircing. Chances are you won't be rerolling your failed hits with Always Strike First.

Tzeetchne demons tend to be magic heavy, but flammers can be heavy hitter range troops in their own right, and their flying Screamers can be lots of fun agaisnt shooting and war machine units.

Furries like wise, regardless of mark.

Nurgle will be having lots of poison and very hard to wound. If Khorn is a Hammer that brings on the pain, Nurgle is the Anvil going tiss but a flesh wound.

So yeah, out kill them and make sure your general and battle standard bearer are nearby.

Ogres: An army where fast movment, lots of hard hitting attacks, fear, lots of wounds, a good toughness, and stomp are all standard. They won't outnumber you and cances are they wount hit first in combat, but then they don't need to. Every ogre nfantrymen have impact hits that tend to be very high strenght. Add 3 wounds and Toughness four, you need your own high strength attacks to really hurt them. As for hurting back; fear, 3 S4 attacks standard and stomp will do that nicely.

Do not let them charge you. They are average weapon skill, so you will be getting lots of hits in.

They don't have much in armor, so shooting has always been a bane to them. Finaly your own high strenght troops like Executioners and Black Guard, or your glass cannon the Witch Elves as Poison attacks will make short work out of a tribe of ogres.

Lizardmen: Don't know too much about the updated army, but from past experiance, hit and run teradactals are nbiot fun to feal with, Their Triceratops is an army in and of it self, and Sourus Warriors are well worth their points. Skinks tend not to have much staying power, more for average troops or harrassing. Surus warriors would be eleits in any other arrmy with their stats and armor.

Thankfully most of their hard hitting troops have low initiate (my hydra has a higher initiative then a sourus warrior). That said, monster heavy and eleite heavy armies will be full of oh crap moments.

All I can think of for right this second.

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Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:02 am
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Welcome to the site mate! New bodies are always welcome.

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