SHow Us Your Bloodwrack Shrines!
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Author:  Saintofm [ Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:55 am ]
Post subject:  SHow Us Your Bloodwrack Shrines!

Been a While since I did one of these. Well, I am moving to Idaho soon, so I thought I finish this project before I pack it up.

Behold the Blood Wrack Shrine!

As With the others I have done, I will go over my the earliest edditions I am aware of, show you picks of mine, and stratagies. I will also go over the latterst eddition.

So the Shrine:

It came out in 8th eddition with the Dark elf book coming out at the tail end of it. It was an interesting unit. First it was a chariot that could be in units. Second it Aura of Agony feature allowed dark elves to gain +1 to their LD because they love seeing things suffer, while everything else freaked out. Then there was the medusa, who instead of turning you to stone as is the case with everything that has coppied woman with snakes for hair since the Greek Myth, but made your insides your outsides, and maybe even a little explody.

In the Age of Sigmar the Aura simply kills some random guy within a certain distance. It has a few more attacks, but I don't know.

Stratagies: Havn't used it yet, But I always wanted to put it in a unit of Bleakswords or Dread SPears. The Former because I have about 25 and would need the extra ranks, and the latter because I have 60 and want to keep the hurt train ah comming. :twisted:
Seriosuly up my LD, lower theirs, I'd most likly be more steadfast, have a sorceress that has lore of shadow in the mix, and call it a day.

Currently I will have to wait and see. I have everything but he executioners, a few heroes I use in Pathfinder, the reapers, and the crossbows packed up.

My Mini:

This is a mix of 3 units. The first is obviously the Lizardmen Bastiladon. The rules for it left it wanting compared to how cool it looked, so I used it.
Used some pinning to stick the mirror and the medusa from the Couldron of blood kit, and I just need one more feature...make that 2.

The Shrine maidens are now being played by the two dark elday prisoners. FYI it takes two coats of the Privateer Press orenge for the hair since this was a base coat of black.


Now tell us your stratagies, and show us your picks.

Author:  Imrillion [ Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SHow Us Your Bloodwrack Shrines!

That is such an interesting idea! and with Seraphon and Daughters of Khaine now both on the side of order, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to think this could happen! Also you have quite the striking color scheme! I'd like to see some infantry done in the same style :D

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