Saint's Manticores (Pic heavy)
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Author:  Saintofm [ Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Saint's Manticores (Pic heavy)

Here are a couple of manticore models I made using spar parts, a couple of toys from Hobby Town USA, and clay.

I got the inspiration for this after seeing a kitbash on Cool Mini or Not of one ridden by a Warriors of Chaos charecter. So why not do one for the dark elves? We have to get a beastmaster esk character again sooner or later.


Manti One, I call Blood Claw.


Its a Large Tiger toy, and cut out a piece of balsa wood to roughly match the hydra base. The beastmaster comes from the current Hydra/K Beast kit.

The tail is largly green stuff. I used the tiger's actual tail for much of the base of it, then pinned a paperclipp to it to act as a skeleton the rest of the way. Tried to base it off of an actual scorpion tail but I think I could have tried a little better. Shaped it then trimmed it with a hobby knife when it dried to finish it off. The stinger is a metal orc sword. The store I got it from had a bag of pewter bits and this looked good. Kinda gives it a Scorpinok look from Beastwars


The wings are from a resin demon from the reaper bones line. The main demon I will use as a stature, with little birdies and plenty of white pan plattered on it to make it look like it as well loved by pigeons.


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