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Group 40 - Witch Hunt 
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At this point in the proceedings Valin had become quite bored. It seemed like none of the people he was actually allowed heal needed to be healed and he had went through all the trouble of drawing in his magic in the first place. Planting his staff in the ground he struck a mock dramatic pose, slightly ruined by the blow pipe sticking incongruously from his smiling mouth and wove a spell.

He had life magic, and, as with all areas of the world you could find some life to interact with. The trick was using healing and growth to kill something. Valin focused on the ground beneath the feet of one of the remaining marauders, targeting seeds and root to encourage them through massive growth to rise from the ground and wrap themselves around the target. Like a tree root taking down a wall, roots burrowing through skin and muscle to wrap around bone can be quite lethal, and that was what he intended.

Valin casts a spell to entangle and impale a marauder with fast growing plant life.

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Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:40 pm
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Like a dragons wing, the blood, limbs and armour of the chaos warrior was splayed across the barren earth. Khaela turned her attention behind her, noting the the fleeing marauders as she did so and, with a quick signal to the shades, ordered them to snipe the fleeing cowards as they ran for their lives. Three dead marauders later and the giantess signalled again to the black-clad shades who stopped firing altogether and stood to watch the ensuing melee just as Khaela herself did.

Now that Clavisson only had a single net to contend with his spell-casting was much more focussed. The net surrounding the lightly-armoured marauder shone with a pale luminescent light and as the web grew tighter and more condensed the glow grew incrementally brighter.

Taldeins strike was only partially successful. Despite the fact the chaos scum had a heavier weapon his strength was such that he was able to batter aside the khainites draich at the last instant, the very tip of it drawing a thin line of blood along his sweat-soaked ribs. The marauder swung with the same motion he had used to parry and Taldein would surely have been smashed to a pulp if the swing had hit home. Fortunately, he ducked under and side-stepped as the man over-stepped into his swing leaving his flank open to counter-attack. Seizing his opportunity, the khainite simply spun with his weapon held tight as he was unable to gather momentum for a more precisely aimed strike. The large back of the marauder was a big target, though, and Taldein saw the steel slice deep into the man's unprotected flesh before the man faltered to the ground screaming in agony.

Zarathi, quickly recovering from being battered to the ground, saw the two marauders closing in. Kneeling, she readied a couple of throwing knives to launch at the marauders vulnerable points. The first knife stuck deep in the leading marauder's bare stomach, though it slowed the marauder down for only a few moments as he angrily pulled the blade from his belly, it probably succeeded more in pissing him off than anything else. The shade's second knife was slightly more successful as it deftly imbedded itself into the second marauders neck. It was not an immediately fatal throw, but it would slow him down considerably and he would bleed out eventually. But marauders were generally not known for their meekness and he steadfastly continued bearing down upon Zarathi. Quickly assessing the situation, Zarathi realised she had not the time for another throw and resolutely picked up her sword to meet the charge of the first angry marauder.

Meanwhile, Valin had gathered magical energies so figured he may as well use them. The land was barren and almost lifeless - almost, but not quite. Just as there was enough light for Clavisson, there was enough life for Valin. A few strong roots erupted from the ground and quickly tangled themselves into a marauders legs, although they did not pierce his flesh or crush his bones, they were strong enough to practically root him to the spot. Cursing, the marauder began hacking at the roots with his hand-axe while protecting his body with his shield as best as he could.

Se'alara's difficult situation was alleviated slightly by the magical assistance of Clavisson, though the marauder was clearly struggling with his unnatural bonds he was also trying his best to ignore them in favour of killing the female khainite. She dived past him quickly - being careful to avoid the scars of light - and kicked his shield with her heel to unbalance him. Fluidly, as she moved around his flank, the acolyte stabbed out with both weapons, the marauders sword-arm was out of reach as the net slowed his reaction down, but her second weapon struck firmly in the eye and she felt the tip scrape the back of his skull.

Khaela and the shades are watching the fight.

Clavissons net was successful and crippled the marauder enough for Se'alara to deal with him.

Taldein has succeeded in slaying the marauder. Whilst distracted another two marauders have trounced upon him - the nearest is lunging at you shield-first with an axe held back for an overhead strike. The second one is right behind him but approaching as if to flank you but you still have a few seconds to think of him.

Zarathi hit both her targets. The first is upon you but you have recovered well and are prepared to meet him. He's armed with a pair of hand-axes. The second one is a few seconds behind him but is also slowed by his wound and will bleed out soon.

Valins spell was also successful and has trapped one of the four 'remaining' marauders in a sprout of roots. The victim is closest to Se'alara.

Se'alara has killed her marauder with the help of Clavisson. One of the marauders bearing on her is rooted in place but she has more immediate concerns as the last of the marauders is closing in, like his predecessor is he clad in light-armour but wields a bastard sword not unlike her friend Andaril's.

OOC: I'm sure that's all the 'remaining' marauders accounted for, feel free to correct me if I am mistaken ;)

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Wed Dec 04, 2013 9:45 pm
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The magic flowed out of him in a rush as the spell was completed, channelled down his arm, down the staff and into the ground where it jumped forward like invisible subterranean lightening until it was directly under the marauder. Valin had no idea of what the marauder thought as he stood there and roots erupted from the ground to tangle his legs. Irritatingly they didn’t pierce his skin, a flaw in the spell Valin vowed to attempt to fix in later castings, though he was forced to admit it may have been due to the plant types available below ground.

His contemplations where drawn back as the marauder tried to hack the roots free with an axe, which frankly astonished Valin. Clearly this man was very much into chaos, or perhaps not much into thought, because if he succeeded he’d probably end up accidently cutting off his own leg when the root parted. Casting around he saw the others all having fun and not really needing his help so he turned back to the marauder he had stuck. A laugh burst from his lips as he reached for more magic. He wouldn’t expand the roots, nor would he constrict them, he’d simply force them to heal any damage the marauder managed to inflict on them. He imagined it might be a bit disheartening to the marauder.

Valin is going to heal the roots holding him in place to prevent him carefully cutting himself free. If he tries for big hacks Valin will laugh as he cuts himself. Blowpipe still at the ready, just to be safe.

Group 28- Name: Cananatra; Warrior; Follower of Slaanesh
WS:4 S:4 T:5 D:4 I:3
Equipment: MC Long sword, Throwing Axe, Dagger, Heavy Armour, Slaanesh Amulet, Dalvian Hunting Horn, Rations x 7, Null stone x 1, 525 Gold, Dark Steed, Blackpowder Pistol [18/18]
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Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:05 pm
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"Season's greetings!" told Clavisson to the marauder embroiled with a shining net of light,
as he was killed by Se'alara.
The dark line of pine trees in the horizon inspired him. How nice could be a garland of light around such a majestic tree?
But the battle was not over yet, and the detective turned back his attention to it.

He noticed that the giant warrior and her shades had finished their own killings and were now watching with curiosity to see how the rookies behaved with the remaining marauders.
"They want a show, they will get a show".
The mage sensed that the winds of magic were disturbed, and it was clearly around Valin. "The rat hunter must be casting some spell."
Fortunately, Valin was tapping a wind with more a greenish tone, not linked with Hysh, and Hysh was all what Clavisson needed.

The net of Amyntok was better in control when concentrated on a single victim. The Son of the Jail thought the oportunity was perfect to show those rustic forest dwellers how a fine city gentleman could capture a human warrior.
A quick glance around showed that Zarathi was facing two humans. The best help she could receive was to let her deal alone with the first one, under their Vaulkhar's scrutiny, while not being bothered by the second one.

The Light mage changed slightly the direction his staff was facing and concentrated the Hysh energy towards the second warrior who was closing Zarathi, the one who was wounded in the neck. As the net around the dead warrior faded out, new lines of light emerged from his staff's cristal and converged towards the wounded warrior. Clavisson concentrated the net on the marauder's legs, to slow him down, and on his neck, to make his breathing harder.
He also fancied to design a small reindeer of light dancing in the air and flying towards the marauder's eyes, but the result was not as nice looking as he wished.
Anyway, the target was saturated with lines of light surrounding him, that would surely slow him down and distract him from the female shade, possibly making him fumble and strangling him.

Redirecting the net of Light towards the second marauder charging Zarathi.

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Both marauders were hit, but both of them continued to run anyway. Around the farther one, sparkles of light emerged. Zarathi did not understand what this was, it hardly seemed as a Chaos blessing. It did not matter, however. The barbarian would not reach her before bleeding out.

The nearer one was far more dangerous. Despite he was hit in the belly, he just pulled the knife out and angrily threw himself at her. Zarathi moved slightly to the side so that the nearer barbarian was in the way of the farther one and concentrated on her immediate opponent. He was furious and determined, but still, blood was spilling from his injury.

Use every opportunity. Take advantage of every weakness, be it in a scrape with some dirty slave or in a clash with Chaos worshipers.

Zarathi stepped backwards to escape the first powerful blows of the barbarian's axes. Then she held his weapons in place, one with her sword, second with the buckler, stepped to the side and placed a powerful hit with her knee right into the barbarian's wound. She was far from hesitating to strike again and again, as long as her balance and control of her opponent allowed, ready to jump away quickly should the marauder prove too strong to be just held in place.

Zarathi kicks the marauder in his injured belly, hoping that it would be too painful even for him and that it worsens his bleeding. She maneuvers so that the second one cannot come to her soon.

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