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Best uses for SoS 
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Hi all

I recently got a good deal on a few boxes of witch elves, supplemented by some old metal ones bought for me as part of a present. I've been intrigued by the possibilities of a few SoS as a supporting unit and have made up 10. I wondering if I should make it 15 as 10 seem pretty easy to wipe out with shooting and magic, having been on the receiving end of true flight spam and infernal ***ing gateway a few times I've no illusions about that!

I was thinking about the sort of units that would be best served by removing enemy rank bonus and I think CoKs would benefit greatly but also maybe making them work in tandem with a CoC or hydra. Also I was thinking SoS could be the bane of tough elites like Chaos warriors or black orks.

All thoughts much appreciated!

Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:14 am

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Love the sisters I have recently started taking them as a unit of 15 with flaming standard but here is a good thread to look at for more info


And here


And here


And here


Personally I have found them to be amazing, at a recent 6 game tourney they twice held up a steam tank for 4+ turns, killed 4 out of 5 plague drones after killing 5 flamers, held up a inner circle knight bus for 2 turns, was the so.e focus of a dwarf players shooting for two turns (orgun gun iron drakes) they died but I'm glad he was shooting them and not my characters, he had met them before and didn't want them anywhere near his longbeards. And lastly took a charge from a chariot destroyed that and then went thru a archer bunker.

All for 265 points

Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:00 am
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You're right that they do die quickly against missile fire. However, they're the best tarpit unit in our army list, and they give Chaos and Undead armies (other than Khalida/Archer spam Tomb Kings) a real headache. Magic and meat-shields are probably your two best options to keep them alive until they reach combat. To improve their survivability, I'd recommend taking the Lore of Life or Lore of Shadow against Wood Elves (Flesh to Stone/Earth Blood and Miasma hurts Trueflight spam), or the Lore of Heavens or Lore of Light against Dwarfs (Iceshard Blizzard, Pha's Protection and Comet of Casandora can all knobble their shooting and reduce the threat from war machines)

Sangfroid's given some good links, which I recommend having a browse through. A unit of Sisters with the Banner of Eternal Flame and a Death Hag carrying Witchbrew will tear through most enemies that aren't heavily armoured. Having a Cold One Chariot, Hydra or Kharibdyss can go a long way towards evening up that equation, if it is held back as a support charger for the Sisters.

One other thing I'd suggest would be trying them with a Bloodwrack Shrine. I did this in my first few games with the new army book, and the Sisters have never let me down yet. However, I appreciate that this approach is not for everyone.

Good luck!

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Sun Apr 26, 2015 12:07 pm
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Awesome tips brothers, I thought they were worth taking anyway but all that good advice has whetted my appetite for throwing them into a fight and seeing what happens. 15 it is then! I'm going to have a go at a Hydra/CoK and sisters combination in a small game initially I think.

Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:55 pm
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Well an update on my Sisters, Played a small game vs Legions Of Chaos and a Unit of ten held up a bloodthirster for 2 turns and dealt 3 wounds leaving it easy meat for my bolt thrower, it was glorious. That 4++ was a godsend as was +1 to hit and wound. It meant I was hitting on 4s and wounding on 5s with 16 attacks which isn't too bad against 400 odd points worth of killing machine. 180 pts of sisters plus 70pts of RBT was a good use of points considering the bolt thrower also slaughtered 1 and a half skullcrushers with a big bolt but thats not really a SoS story, still its nice to tell it!

All in all it was a punishing victory for the Druchii and Chaos is starting to get less troublesome for the Legion of Murder.

I'll definitely take them again.

Tue May 12, 2015 7:24 pm
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