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Raging Heroes TGG2 pledge management now that WHFB is dead? 
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So, Raging Heroes Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2 Kickstarter is *finally* shipping miniatures - a kickstarter so gorgeous it convinced my wife she was actually interested in having some and possibly playing - and, lo and behold, WHFB is a dead game?

So... uh... >.<

What rules should i consider?
-I have WHFB 7th (I think) main rulebook + DE codex (me) + Brettonian codex (her) from when I almost convinced her to play before. (This army division lined up perfectly with the TGG2 KS models). Would I be able to find other people who still play 7th?
-WHFB 8th and try to track down codices and rulebooks? I assume this would be the easiest for finding other players besides the two of us.
-The 9th age material I see on this board? (How likely am I to find other players who use it?) Does 9th Age still have all the same unit types as WHFB DE did? Does it have a Brettonia analog?
-Just wait until Raging Heroes gets around to producing their own rules?

As I'm putting together models for my pledge, this is kind of important, as rules will dictate unit composition... Most importantly, ideal unit sizes and number of command squads needed. I was thinking about one large block each of halberds, spearmen, and greatswords (executioners), but sizes of those blocks and whether large blocks even make sense will depend strongly on the rules used. (7th featured a lot of MSU DE armies, iirc)

Will also need to decide if i need round or square bases...

So, thoughts? And would i be insane planning on possibly using 30-man halberds or greatswords?

Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:43 am
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Welcome squirrelloid to DNet!

I'm not one for gaming myself (prefer P&M) I'm sure there are plenty here that can help you with your questions.

9th Age is looking very good and I think they have a tool that lets you search for other players on their site.

Personally I would stick with square bases as that way you can have the best of both worlds with which ever system you decide to play.

I look forward to seeing your army in P&M.


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Fri Jul 08, 2016 4:42 am
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Welcome to Druchii.net

i think it might be tricky finding people who still 7th ed. 9th age is probably gaining ground on 8th
one of the big advantages is it being for free of course, you can get all the rules you need on their site!
They made some good changes as well compared to 8th.
You ll find quite the nice summary in the link below

if you never played 8th though forget it :)

There is talk of Avatar of War supporting 9th age, not quite sure how this will work out as the still haven t finnished their dwarven KS.

Im still playing 8th though, working on houserules with my mates. Having all ther books between us, from the lustria campaign to the Endtimes we have enough material to contend ourselves with the years to come.
I dont know where you live, but you can find some 8th edition players here:


If you're in the Netherlands, you are always welcome to come over for a game.

About the unit sizes: its always good to have 30 of each.
If you play 8th edition you want your units to be between 24 and 40 (i normaly run executioners or BG in a 7x4 unit)
When you play 7th, you can build 2 units of 14 or 15

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Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:26 am

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Nothing stopping you playing Age of Sigmar. Also, the 8th edition of WHFB is still being sold electronically on the Black Library website.

Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:52 am
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My local group still plays WFB8th, and I have a group in Brussels to play AoS.
Because of logistical reasons, I decided not to pick up 9th Age yet... But there are old-timers coming back just because of 9th Age.

With all editions of WFB, 9th Age and AoS available there are plenty of options!

If you want to stick with 8th edition, WFB 8th didn't have a new book for Brettonia. The only AB you'll need is the Dark Elf one.

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Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:07 am
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I was very sceptical about 9th age. But a few months in I got so wound up I started a model company to produce models for T9A. And other companies have joined. The scene is grown at an astonishing rate.

The books that come out are impressive. All the books are out, 2 of them in full colour, others are being made.
here is a link to their second releases, WE


This is something I provided

The thing is growing like wildfire.
This month I want to launch a Crowd funding for TK, next brets. Next year elves, VC and lizzies. So with the other companies working, we should have all the armies out with in a few years. Beating any GW schedule by light years. And no longer will you have to suffer of not getting your book published, or new models. As there are multiple companies working to get releases, and mine is one of the smaller ones.

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Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:26 pm
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Welcome to D.net!

If you aim to get new playing partners through your local shop, the best would be to ask them what they play, not us...
Most likely, nobody plays WH7 anymore. Possibly they play WH8, in which case I would not be surprised they turned to T9A: better a balanced and supported game than a less balanced and no longer supported. But they also might have turned to AoS or KoW.

T9A provides rules for every WH8 and most WH7 units. WH Bretonnians are named Knights of Equitaine. MSU can be played, or large blocks.

Round bases are only useful for Age of Sigmar, which has no equivalent of Bretonnia. You definitively will need square bases.

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Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:30 pm
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Perhaps we're going a bit fast ;)

In case you're not familiar with the 9th age project, this is the homepage:
A bunch of WFB players, with support from the tournament team, decided to make a community-made new edition of Warhammer. It's entirely free, with all the rules and armybooks free to download. It enjoys an unprecedented support from the wargaming community, while trying to keep the spirit of the old WFB game.
All units and armies have been renamed for copyright issues, but there is an equivalent for every old unit and army in WFB. You could probably take your old army and plug it in 9th age as is.. with minor tweaks.

Games Workshop itself dropped Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and started Age of Sigmar. Although it's legal to still put units down in movement trays, the new models come with round bases and lose formations. The ranked units are "gone" ruleswise, and the ruleset is simplified. The core rules are simple (only 4 pages!) but every unit introduces its own rules and special abilities. It allows you to build an army like a deck-building game... Or just to pick whatever you want and roll with it.
The rules are free as well, and can be downloaded from the website. If you check the footer of the website, you'll see "Age of Sigmar Rules", where you also find free-to-download PDFs of the old armies.
GW gradually started updating the armies, replacing the old armies by more specialised subfactions, each with their own printed armybook. Still, you don't "need" the printed versions of the rules or armybooks, with all the rules for each unit free to download from the website.

WFB 8th is still played here and there. But indeed, you can no longer buy the books for it in the GW stores. There could be local independent stores that still have some material about. It's no longer actively supported, but in many ways the game is "almost complete". Aside from a few books (Bretts, Skaven, Beastmen) all armies have a hardcover book. There are a few campaign books, most notably the End Times series. "Triumph and Treachery" added a dynamic gameplay and opens up the game for multiple players.
There is so much material for this game that it might take 9th Age or AoS another year or two to reach the same level. But it's also dying and probably won't attract new players, unlike AoS or 9th Age.

If you have to get back into things, and go through the effort of (re)learning the game, then I'd recommend picking up "the new", either 9th Age or AoS. Since both are free, why not give both a go!

I love me a bowl of numbers to crunch for breakfast. If you need anything theoryhammered, I gladly take requests.

Furnace of Arcana, a warhammer blog with delusional grandeur.

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Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:12 pm
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I honestly don't know that I have a 'local' gaming store - but probably several that aren't exactly local but within plausible driving distance (south Chicago suburbs area). I haven't played anything in years at this point.

AoS/ I briefly looked through the rules and watched a couple AARs, and I'd rather start playing WH40k again than play that. The loose formations and domination of firing is more modern warfare than anything else. Also, neither of us have any interest in playing gunlines.

Also, measuring from the model rather than the base creates terrible incentives (modeling for advantage), and even without deliberate abuse, would lead to a lot of nitpicking during a game - something that won't play well with anyone other than competitive players. Certainly not with my wife!

Don't get me wrong, it's not the streamlining of the rules that bugs me. It's which rules. Facing and formations are sort of core concepts and not the things that should have gotten streamlined out. If they'd kept those and streamlined around them, I'd be far more interested.

9th/ Which means i'm probably looking at 9th Age.

How many Spear elves, tower guard, and executioners am i likely to use? 30 of each? More spears? Less executioners?

Edit: Does the 9th knights faction still use lance formation, or do i need to rethink knight numbers?

Fri Jul 08, 2016 6:54 pm
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