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A Death Night Story 
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Blasphemer and Heretic
Blasphemer and Heretic
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Here's another little one-off idea of mine that didn't quite make the cut for the story competition. It was just too short. Still, I thought it was entertaining and hope you all enjoy it.


The moon and stars did not reflect on the windows that night. Every shutter was closed and locked tightly. Every door was barred and every gate secured. No guards were at their posts. No midnight revelers walked the streets. One might have mistaken the fortress city to be deserted if it were not for the occasional echoing scream. The few figures that did slip through the labyrinth of narrow alleys and looming towers wore black robes and walked without fear. That night only the Brides of Khaine and fools walked the streets. It was Death Night. On that night everyone, noble or slave, was equal in the eyes of the Lord of Murder.

But one lonely window remained open with its drapes drawn, and three lithe shadows in black now approached it. The moonlight that streamed into the room was cut by the silhouettes of the figures that peered inside. A young elf-girl, barely two decades old, huddled against a far wall. Here eyes were wide and she clutched a little doll to her chest with one hand. A tiny knife was in her other hand, but she held it with the inexperience of her tender age. She raised the little sliver of steel in naïve defiance.

Shards of glass exploded into the room as the window was smashed out. A Witch Elf set one steel-tipped boot into the room. The black hood of her robe dropped back to reveal a venomous smile. Her blade rang out loudly in the enclosed room as she unsheathed it. Glass crunched under her heels as the Bride of Khaine advanced and beckoned silently to the little elf-girl. The child took a step back toward the wall, but still held her tiny knife pointed at the intruder.

Two ropes went tight as their loops closed around the steel boots of the Witch Elf. She was pulled off of her feet and landed face down in the glass shards. There was an audible huff as her breath was knocked out by the fall. Before she could recover, two adolescent Druchii boys leapt on her from the shadows. Their blades flashed again and again in the moonlight, piercing through the black robes. The little elf-girl stepped up and drove her tiny blade into the base of her helpless victim’s skull. She then looked up and raised her little knife in the same gesture of defiance at the other two Brides of Khaine.

Laughter filled the room as the two Witch Elves at the window drank in the scene. They daubed a rune of Khaine on the broken window before they turned away to continue stalking the streets. Their god would bless this house and its clever children until next year.

It was Death Night. On that night everyone was equal in the eyes of the Lord of Murder.

Because anyone vicious enough to shoot down her own battlecruiser because there might be a traitor at the helm deserves to have a Druchii namesake.

Mon Apr 11, 2005 10:06 pm
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I like the twist, nice Kala.
A very cunning plan of these young elves.
great to see, that bloodshed wasn't avenged, but rewarded.

Tue Apr 12, 2005 9:02 am
Lord General Of Khaine
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*Voodoomaster grins at the story*

nice one Kala, another nice piece of work there. very very cunning of those young elves, it seems that they have a long sucessful career ahead of them.

"For every victory there is a defeat, for every defeat there is a victory. My victory, my defeat are for all to see..."
Khael Vraneth, Lord-General of Khaine.

Tue Apr 12, 2005 9:12 am
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