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1500 Druchii vs. Chaos Mortals 
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Ok ive been playing WHFB for about 6 months now and i have about 2250 of Dwarfs and 1500 of Dark Elves. My dad has Chaos Mortals so we decided to play a 1500 points battle. This is only my 2nd game with the Dark Elves btw.

My List
DE Noble-GW,SDC,Blood Armor,Heartseeker,RxB 135
Sorceress-HW,Lvl 2,Dark Steed,Darkstar Cloak,Lifetaker (1,6 spells goes w/ DR) 192
Sorceress-HW,Lvl 2,Tome of Furion,Dispell Scroll (1,2,3) 170

15 DE Warriors-Spear,Shield,LA,FC 145
20 Corsairs-2HW,LA,SDC,FC,WB 250
5 DR-Spear,LA,RxB,Mus 127

COC-Spear 99

20 BG-Halberd,HA,FC,WB 380


Dad's List
Ex champ khorne
chaos sorc
chaos sorc

12 chaos warrior FC HW,Shield
12 chosen warriors spell banner 2hw khorne
5 knights khorne
5 chosen knights khorne
5 hounds

Chaos from my left to my right Chosen Kni---Warrior--Chosen War--Krnigts---hound
Dark Elves from left to right DR---Cosair---Warrior---BG--COC

Turn 1: I go first and move everyone slowly foward except DR which go the full march. My COC goes stupid even using my Nobles LD. Magic i use Black Horror and it goes off and gets 1 wound on the chosen knights they run off the board. Shotting my DR and Sorc kill 2 warriors.
His turn everything goes up his sorc do 2-3 wounds on RnF np

Turn 2: My DR move to warriors flank. my COC charges his hounds and get a 1 on Impact hit.Magic i miscast on DS sorc and get 1 and 2 and casue a wound on herself and kills one DR
His turn does the same the whole game until turn 4

Turn 3: Pretty much the same as 1 and 2

Turn 4: my spear elves get killed by chosen (they were just bait for flank charge with BG) BG charge Flank of Chosen and Overrun the chosen and general in the group

End of Game: The old man had really bad luck with roll most of the game. But he is still learning how to play. He gave up after turn 4 because he was pretty pissed. But i was happy with my tactics with the Druchii im not very used to the movement and magic phase because i play Dwarfs, but i thought i did very well.

Hope u guys enjoyed it. Any feedback will be much appriciated

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Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:00 am
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Nice. Personally, I usually take 2 RBT to deal with the chaos knights (never want to fight with these terrible guys).
Sorry, but I don't understand how Black Horror can force knights to run? They are frenzy, so - immune to psychology... correct me if I wrong. And another thing - Noble with Hearthseeker (magical weapon) have to use it instead of GW - can't remember pages, but rulebook says that.
Congratulations in any case!

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Wed Jun 18, 2008 9:09 pm
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Good job, guess a change I would do is to reduce the Black Guard to maybe 10 or 12 models and get 1-2 more units.

Some more Xbow Dark Riders and a Shades unit maybe, at low point games it's nice to have more units to work with.

The Heartseeker is more of a fun toy than points well spent... just a GW or Halberd would be better. I keep my Nobles cheap, I usually stick him on a Dark Steed with a Lance or Halberd and hide him in a unit and then torpedo out to kill warmachines or help out your other units...

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Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:36 pm
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Also job well done.
It's a great feeling when you beat your dad at something. A bit lucky that his chosen knights ran. By the way they are chosen so they get +1 attack and chaos armour if I can remember. It is khorne which is frenzied which makes them immune to pyschology.
Back to the battle, agreeing to benmannen with the unit thing, but you might want to have a RBT, quite nice in a low points game.

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Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:25 pm
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Just like Lasthobbit I reacted to how you got the knights of the table, since Frensy grants them immunity to Psychology. Except for that, very good tactics with the BG and good luck in your future battles.

Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:20 pm
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