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D.R.A.I.C.H- High Elf Tactica 
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This is still a work in progress but I thought I'd put up what I have so far so I could better find out what people find helpful and what they would like more of. I will also polish off the presentation substanially, but I dont have time today.

High Elves
High Elves are our most hated foe and consequently we are often engaged in bloody battles of civil war. It is of vital importance that we as powerful Druchii generals do not lose to these ***** Elves in skirts covered in love hearts and stars. In order to best achieve victory against our traitorous cousins I have compiled a short section of specific tactics to be used against them from advice and comments by other members of this forum.

Know your enemy
In order to achieve victory it is of vital importance to understand what you might find within a High Elf army and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Here is a brief mention of each unit of the High Elf army, their strengths weaknessess and how to best defeat them.

Army Wide

Fast with M5 and I5 they can easily keep pace with us plus their cavalry are considerably quicker as they still ride Horses. They also all have Always Strike First which is particularly bad as we Dark Elves rely heavily on getting the charge and striking our enemies dead in one blow before they can attack back.

Strong Magical Defence- With +1 to cast, drain magic and a host of magic items, High
Elves can if they choose shut down the magic phase completely

Elite Troops- High Elves have a lot of really tough Infantry choices which given the chance can easily hack through your lines. Although consequently they are more expensive than our own troops.

At 2000 points High Elves can take 6 Special Choices!

Star Dragons- Easily capable of destroying your entire army without difficulties

Low Armour, Similar to us most of their troops have a 5+ save in close combat

Low Toughnessess, at T3 they are easy to wound.

Vulnerable to Psycology- They have few fear causers and few units which are ITP and so are often in danger of running from slightly scary things such as 5 Zombies. However against us they can re roll panic tests.

Weak Core Troops- High Elf Spears and Archers aren’t particularly good although due to their special force organisation can take very minimal core troops.

Prince on Star Dragon

Easily the toughest and most dangerous thing in the entire army book and can wipe out your army without difficulty. This has happened to me twice. Fortunately there are ways to defeat him.
1) Shoot him. He may be T6 with 7 Wounds and a 3+ armour save but it is possible with enough shots. A couple of Bolt Throwers shooting single shot will bring him down after a couple of turns or force him to hide. Repeater Crossbows, Dark Riders, Charioteers and Shades can also all join in the fun as the Dragon is a large target. :)

2) Avoid him. This is difficult to do as he can fly but if you also have a very fast list you can dodge and weave around him, diverting him with small units of Harpies and preventing him from doing anything useful. However if your opponent is a good general this can be quite a challenge.

3) Direct Challenge. While our Dragon is not quite as good as a Star Dragon our Lord can get better items and we have Hatred in subsequent rounds of combat!!!
If you get the charge theres a good chance you can kill him.- Will work out the stats later.

4) Combat Resolution. This is also difficult unless your opponent isn't a very good player. Simply put a Lord on Dragon should lose if he charges into the front of a large block of Spears with Warbanner as they have a Static Combat resolution of 6. Over subsequent turns you should be able to break and him.

High Elf Spears
Fight in three ranks
Always Strike first is very beneficial on such a defensive unit

More expensive than our own warriors.
Slow, lightly armoured, t3 troops,
Will have trouble dealing with Fear and Panic

How to deal with them
Dark Elf Spears- Not a great idea as the High Elves will strike first with more attacks, however if you have an Assassin in the unit, greater numbers and a warbanner then this is a possibility.
Corsairs- A very bad plan, they will go first and wipe out most of your front rank and you wont get to attacks
Harpies- Never charge Harpies into a High Elf Spear unit, you simply are giving away kills
Dark Riders- If you can get a flank or rear charge preferably wth a combo charge to the front then they are fairly effective
Repeater Crossbows- are great at shooting warriors but Swordmasters and Dragon Princes are better targets
Cold One Knights- If you get a unit of Knights into their flank they are toast.
ASF Black Guard- Will mince them and only marginally more expensive
Witch Elves- Will all die horribly unless they have the banner of Hag Graef in witch case they can be reasonable
Executioners- Are useless against Spears, they are designed for attacking heavy armour which Spears do not have
Cold One Chariot- Will most likely need support but are a great way to slaughter several warriors before they can attack.
Shades- Should only ever shoot Spears
Reaper Bolt Thrower- Can find much better targets usually.
War Hydra- Is adept at flaming large numbers of Spears before going in for the kill.

High Elf Archers
Can shoot 30”
Can fend of light attackers due to ASF.
At long range they will get - 10 Shots, 5 hits, 2.5 wounds, 1.67 kills ( Light armour + Shield) kills per turn

Can’t multi shoot which means they have trouble actually doing much damage.
Are again more expensive than our own archers.

How to deal with them
Dark Elf Spears- Too slow
Corsairs- If in a small unit are quite good at this due to their Cloaks. If armed with Repeater Handbows can let off a lot of shots which would be effective
Harpies- A bit chancy, due to ASF they are better off going for Bolt Throwers or even just standing in front of the archers and waiting to get shot to pieces.
Dark Riders- With a flank charge definitly, however charging to the front is not ideal, 7 S3 attacks could kill half the unit.
Repeater Crossbows- In a straight shootout, granted we are both in long range and not moving.
Dark Elves- 20 Shots, 6.67 hits, 3.33 Wounds, 3.33 Kills (Light Armour-irrelevant)
High Elves- 10 Shots, 5 hits, 2.5 wounds, 1.67 kills ( Light armour + Shield)
We clearly win and for a point cheaper per model too!
Cold One Knights- Will easily remove Archer units
Black Guard- Its not really worth their time to march across and kill archers
Witch Elves- will have difficulty even reaching a unit of High Elf Archers
Executioners- Can butcher archers if they get a chance to attack
Cold One Chariot- Brilliant for killing archers if it can reach them and is worth less points.
Shades- Are very successful at shooting down units of archers
At close range- 10 Shots, 6.67 hits, 3.33 Wounds, 3.33 Kills
Reaper Bolt Thrower- Usually has better targets but
At close range- 6 Shots, 4 hits, 2.67 Wounds, 2.67 Kills
War Hydra- Fantastic at killing them but has other priorities

Perhaps the most killy infantry in the game with 2 WS6 S5 attacks each.
A front of 7 with Champ will get 15 attacks, 10 hits, 8.33 wounds, 8.33 Kills against most of our troops

Little armour
Low Leadership and not Immune to Psych

How to deal with them
Dark Elf Spears- Will get butchered badly
Corsairs- Will get butchered badly
Harpies- Will get butchered badly
Dark Riders- Can successfully shoot them while running around in circles under no circumstances should you charge them.
Repeater Crossbows- If you can see them an evil smile should light across your face as you direct every single shot avilable into the unit. One unit of 10 Crossbows can remove about 3 Swordmasters a turn as they are often fielded in small units this is very effective
Cold One Knights- Can perhaps survive a flank charge but ideally should avoid the unit.
Black Guard- With ASF they will win without it they will die
Witch Elves- With ASF they will win without it they will die
Executioners- With ASF they might win without it they will die
Cold One Chariot- If you are lucky with Impact hits you can win but if you roll a 1 be prepared for your Chariots to be demolished.
Shades- Can successfully shoot them
Reaper Bolt Thrower- Can quickly and easily thin their ranks
War Hydra- Breathe Fire on them, if you must engage in combat the Hydra should win due to Regen, High Toughness and Many wounds however he could be badly hurt before he muches several Swordmasters

Phoenix Guard
Tough to kill 4+ Ward
Cause Fear

Only 1 Attack

How to deal with them
Dark Elf Spears- Depends on unit sizes, 25 Spears should beat 10 Phoenix Guard through sheer weight of numbers. A unit of 20 Phoenix Guard will beat off any spear unit though.
Corsairs- Not great as they cant attack in two ranks and are more expensive than warriors., with Frenzy can pull off a large number of attacks which would help though.
Harpies- Not worth it for negating ranks etc
Dark Riders- Should not be used in a flanking role due to the 4+ ward save
Repeater Crossbows- Will struggle to cause many wounds
Cold One Knights- Their High Strength is wasted on their Ward Save
Black Guard- Are very good especially with ASF and are cheaper, best if you outnumber them considerably though as you will take losses
Witch Elves- With ASF are actually pretty reasonable, PG are weak to high numbers of attacks not the strength of the attack. Without ASF they can’t be relied upon to actually get any attacks off.
7 Witches will get 21 attacks, 15.75 hits, 7.875 wounds, 5.25 wounds, 2.63 Dead Phoenix Guards, ignoring Poison. They might kill 2 Witches back and you could win by 1. However if you lose Hatred and Frenzy things get much worse so they can’t get involved in protracted combats.
Executioners- Their High Strength is wasted against the 4+ Ward Save
Cold one Chariot- Impact hits will be negated by the Ward and you will vastly lose by outnumbering and ranks. Is useful if supporting another unit, perhaps Black Guard.
Shades- Don’t have the numbers and will get quickly squashed
Reaper Bolt Thrower- Will struggle to inflict many casualties
War Hydra- If supported can slowly much through Phoenix Guards

White Lions

Very Strong
Extra Armour vs Shooting
Against most of our units they will get 8 attacks, 5.33 hits, 4.44 Wounds, 4.44 Kills

Only 1 Attack

How to deal with them
Dark Elf Spears- If there are only 14 or less of them you should win through Ranks, Outnumber, plus the back rows may get a couple of kills
Corsairs- Not as great as Warriors but can still take a charge if they have full ranks, and a warbanner by a small unit.
Harpies- Could possibly support other units as half of them should survive and will be effective in killing White Lions.
Dark Riders- Not their best use but could support other units in a flank charge
Repeater Crossbows- Shouldn’t waste shots at them
Cold One Knights- Should avoid White Lions unless you have the Banner of Hag Graef as White Lions are good at killing Knights.
Black Guard- Will lose a lot of troops but should come out on top due to multiple attacks with rerolls to hit. With ASF will rip them to shreds
Witch Elves- without ASF can be effective due to their high number of attacks. With ASF can butcher them easily.
Executioners- without ASF will struggle as they have similar stats, 1 WS5 S6 attack each thus ASF is essential
Cold One Chariot- With enough impact hits can easily decimate a small unit, but in subsequent turns will get demolished easily.
Shades- Should avoid White Lions in both Combat and Shooting
Reaper Bolt Thrower- Due to their cloaks should be avoided
War Hydra- Will get chopped up by White Lions, although could be saved by its Regen. Breathing is less effective due to cloaks

Dragon Princes
Multiple High Strength attacks on the Charge
Fast with good armour
Will cause 11 attacks, 7.33 hits, 6.11 wounds, 6.11 Kills vs most of our troops on the charge

Very Expensive
May baulk at fear causing troops or run off after losing 2 Knights

How to deal with them
Dark Elf Spears- May have difficulty in holding a charge. If they get the charge though will have no trouble defeating them
Corsairs- Won’t hold a charge, but if they get the charge will be successful
Harpies- Can be used effectively as baiters, redirectors
Dark Riders- Can shoot them and redirect fairly well
Repeater Crossbows- Can cause some wounds. At best, 20 shots, 10 hits, 5 wounds, 1.67 kills. This may cause a panic test and will reduce their effectiveness
Cold One Knights- Cannot hold a charge but if they charge can win but only just.
Black Guard- Will take a charge due to Stubborn and in subsequent turns kll them but may lose substantial numbers, Note ASF wont help as Dragon Princes have I6.
Witch Elves- Will not take a charge and shouldn’t charge either as 11 S3 attacks will wipe out their front rank with ease.
Executioners- Even with ASF they aren’t much good as the Dragon Princes are I6 and will smash them aside with ease.
Cold One Chariot- Impact hits are unlikely to cause enough wounds, and getting the charge will be difficult. Best to avoid them entirely.
Shades- Can shoot them and will cause minimal but significant casualties
Reaper Bolt Thrower- If you can get a flank shot brilliant! Otherwise multishot is still the way to go. 6 shots, 4 hits, 2.67 Wounds, 1.33 Dead. Crossbows are better in this situation.
War Hydra- DP are immune to flaming attacks. On the charge they will make short work of the Hydra with many high strength attacks but if charged will be in trouble.

Shadow Warriors

Not Much- Compared to Shades they are much weaker for more points?

Only BS 4 and armed with Longbows even though they are Scouts and so should be fairly close to the enemy regardless
Ld 8 means they will flee
Almost no defence, a single magic missile can kill them all.

How to deal with them
Dark Elf Spears- Will have difficulty getting close but arent really in danger from them
Corsairs- Similar problems to Spears
Harpies- In enough numbers will kill them, beware of Stand and Shoot
Dark Riders- Will win but at significant losses
Repeater Crossbows- If they are hiding in a forest you will struggle to cause any casualties, don’t bother
Cold One Knights- If you can get the charge should have no difficulty killing them all, although shadow warriors will be cheaper
Black Guard- Shouldn’t waste their time chasing a small unit of skirmishers
Witch Elves- Not a good match up by the time you get to them they will kill a couple of witches then get squashed.
Executioners- Waste of their skills.
Cold One Chariot- will certainly deal with them however being scouting skirmishers may be hiding in terrain
Shades- Can outshoot the traitors but should avoid close combat due to ASF
Reaper Bolt Thrower- A waste you wll have trouble just hitting them
War Hydra- Probably the best way to do it, march into the forest and flame them alive.

Lion Chariot
Pretty much 6 WS5 S5/6 attacks per turn, nasty.

No scythes- not sure why not?
Only T4 with 4+ armour

How to deal with them
Dark Elf Spears- May have difficulty taking a charge, if you have a tough hero in the unit shouldn’t be a problem.
Corsairs- Will struggle to take a charge
Harpies- If you have a large unit, combo rear charge the chariot. But don’t really expect to do any wounds but give a +2 to combat Res.
Dark Riders- A Rear Charge will often be successful as the Chariot can only get combat Res of 2 and you will have a base of 3. (Outnumber, Rear)
Repeater Crossbows- Can destroy a Chariot with enough shots.
20 Shots, 10 hits, 3.33 Wounds, 2.22 Wounds not saved. Thus 2 units will destroy it in one turn.
Cold One Knights- If you charge especially with the Banner of Hag Graef will have no trouble. Avoid getting charged at all costs.
Black Guard- Can easily take a charge and then quickly destroy the Chariot.
Witch Elves- Will struggle unless they can get a flank charge in which case they will easily win.
Executioners- With ASF will do well if they get the charge but still struggle if charged due to impact hits. If low impact hits are rolled then they will make short work of it.
Cold One Chariot- If you charge laugh maniacally as you roll 7 for impact hits and they simply remove their chariot from the board. If you are charged then its all over.
Shades- With Great Weapons and a Rear Charge should win easily.
Reaper Bolt Thrower- Very Effective, 6 Shots, 4 hits, 2 Wounds, 1.67 Unsaved Wounds or 1 Shot, .67 hits, .56 D3 wounds. So half the time you will do 2 wounds.
War Hydra- Will destroy the Chariot on the charge but best to avoid getting charged.

Repeater Bolt Thrower
Small number of high strength shots
Long Range

Easy to defeat in Close Combat

How to deal with them
Dark Elf Spears- Will take a while to saunter over there, not really worth it considering they are usually more expensive
Corsairs- A small cheap unit can easily take and destroy Bolt Throwers
Harpies- A bit risky due to ASF but then they are about half the price.
Dark Riders- Should have no trouble removing them in short order however beware of return fire
Repeater Crossbows- Can take down Bolt Throwers but not very efficient
Cold One Knights- Avoid getting shot in the flank, probably better suited to other endeavours
Black Guard- Have better things to kill
Witch Elves- A small unit of 10 is actually pretty good at removing bolt throwers for a cheap price.
Ex ecutioners- Can win a combat with a Bolt Thrower! But this seems a waste
Cold one Chariot- Is too slow and may suffer significant injuries
Shades- Great either with Shooting or Combat, you may lose a shade or two but its worth the price.
Reaper Bolt Thrower- Best used elsewhere
War Hydra- Capable of taking out bolt throwers however High strength single shots can hurt

Great Eagle
Great Baiters/ Redirectors
Great War Machine killers

Not great in combat

How to deal with them
Dark Elf Spears- Can’t catch them
Corsairs- Cant catch them however if you have Handbows and they fly near you can turn and shoot them down
Harpies- A fairly even match up if you get the charge. 4 Harpies will get 8 attacks, 4 hits, 1.33 wounds. The Eagle will then get 2 attacks, 1.33 hits, .88 wounds leaving the Harpies victorious
Dark Riders- Combat or shooting are effective in dealing with them
Repeater Crossbows- Can shoot them down swiftly and easily. 20 Shots, 10 hits, 3.33 wounds-Dead Eagle
Cold One Knights- Don’t try to charge it will just flee and lure you out of position
Black Guard- Should ignore Eagles
Witch Elves- If in a small unit of 5 can charge eagles regardless of whether they flee. Larger units must be very careful not to get baited forwards.
Executioners- Should ignore Eagles
Cold One Chariot- Can charge Eagles if nothing else is in range as they can’t march anyway, however don’t let them lead you into heavy terrain
Shades- Can shoot eagles down but don’t really want to get charged by them although they should come out on top easily they may lose a Shade or two.
Reaper Bolt Thrower- Can take them down, 6 Shots, 4 hits, 2 Wounds but Crossbows are better.
War Hydra- Should probably ignore them although breathe fire if they are in range for some reason.

Magic Items
This is a quick list of all High Elf magic items. I have given a summary of what they do and how to counter them although for some there isn’t much you can do.

Magic Weapons
Blade of Leaping Gold
+3 Attacks. While more attacks are annoying it limits the character to S4 which isn’t too hard to shrug off

Bow of the Seafarer
Acts as a Bolt Thrower. When deployed on a mobile mount, i.e Dragon this iseffectively a moble Bolt Thrower. Initially that doesn’t sound too bad until he flies next to your unit of Knights and starts skewering them.

Sword of Hoeth
Auto Wounds. Wounding Dark Elves isn’t particualrly difficult anyway, you still get your normal armour save so this is a waste of 60 points.

Star Lance
Lance, +3 Strength, ignores Armour. This can give a High Elf hero strength 7 allowing them to destroy our chariots with ease.

Reaver Bow
3 S5 Shots This can be very dangerous for small expensive units like Dark Riders or Black Guard

The White Sword
Really just a Great Weapon with Killing Blow

Blade of Sea Gold
Ignores armour saves. Only dangerous against Cold One Knights

Foe Bane
Wounds on a 2+ against models with 2+ wounds. Potentially quite useful against our variety of Monsters, Dragons, Manticores, Hydras. Although they will still get an armour save or regeneration.

Magic Armour
Armour of Protection
4+ Ward .A fairly standard Ward Save

Golden Shield
Re roll to hit. This will simply be annoying as we get to re roll missess and now we must re roll hits as well.

Armour of Stars
Allows a hero to teleport when hurt. Not a particularly good way to save your hero as he could go anywhere

Armour of Heroes
Must pass Ld test to attack him. We have good leadership so this shouldn’t be a large problem

Temakador’s Gauntlets
5+ Ward vs S4 or greater. A cheaper ward save, however quite a lot of our troops can bypass it

Shadow Armour
Can Scout. Scouts can be prevented deploying anywhere useful fairly easily and our own shades can always mve in for the kill with ease.

Armour of Caledor
2+ Armour. Gives the hero a nice armour save and immune to flaming attacks. Can still be defeated by attacks that ignore armour such as Killing Blow or Soul Stealer.

Helm of Fortune
Combined with a 2+ save this will be very difficult to defeat with low strength which most of our units have. Time to roll in the Executioners or Knights.

Dragonscale Shield
6+ Ward Save. An even cheaper Ward Save, not much to worry about

Mask of the Merlord
Can move through marsh without penalty. Unless you are playing in a marsh this is not particularly inspiring especially as it is limited to models on foot and any self respecting model on foot will be in a unit which can’t benefit from its effects.

Vambraces of Defence
4+ Ward Save, Re rollable Armour Saves. A very strong defence for any hero, the combination of Ward and re rollable armour saves means most attacks will bounce off him /her. Best to avoid attacking a character with this and win via combat resolution

Golden Crown of Atrazar
Discount first wound. Useful but often not enough protection for the hero as this means they are forgoing most other magic items

Loremasters Cloak.
2+ Ward save vs Magic. If he has one deathstar unit and you took a supreme Sorceress nd 3 Lv 2’s than this is the rock to your scissors. Otherwise normally avoid that unit with magic and shoot it with arrows instead

Talisman of Saphery
Loss of Magical abilities. Note this only affects weapons and most of our commonly used magic weapons are fairly cheap anyway. If you have the Executioners axe though than avoid this character at all costs.

Sacred Incense
-1 to hit from shooting. Similar to the Loremasters cloak this is only really valid in a deathstar unit. Just shoot other units and its not a problem

Guardian Phoenix
5+ Ward Save

Amulet of Fire
Magic Resistance and immune to fire. Again best to concentrate any flaming attacks you do have on another unit

Magic Banners
Battle Banner
+D6 to Combat Res. An expensive way to give you extra combat resolution. However you could be very unlucky with or against this banner. This can give a high elf unit a ridiculous amount of static combat resolution so it is best to engage them with something that won’t break. i.e Black Guard.

Banner of the World Dragon
Immune to Magic. Grants complete protection from magic for a single unit. Again merely cast your magic elsewhere.

Banner of Sorcery
+D3 Power Dice. This is one of the most common items in the High Elf list and gives extra Power Dice and is usually found on Phoenix Guard who are very difficult to break or kill. Theres not a great deal you can do about it.

Standard of Balance
This is particualrly good against us as it means we lose Hatred and Frenzy. It is best to shoot or zap the unit to death if possible. If not go in with a unit of Black Guard as they will still get their re rolls due to the Warrior Elite rule.

Banner of Arcane Protection
Magic Resistance 2. More magic defence for a single unit.

Lion Standard
Immune to fear and terror, not a great problem as High Elves have good leadership anyway and our few fear and terror causers will rarely outnumber the enemy for autobreaking.

Banner of Ellyrion
This allows free movement through terrain and thus can be an issue on some boards. Remember though that our own skirmishers have free movement through terrain and thus a War Hydra is great for chasing this unit through forests.

Arcane Items
Book of Hoeth
Makes all spells cast with irresistable force. Can be nicely stopped by the Ring of Hotek. If you have the option don’t bother loading up on dispel items.

Vortex Shard
Cancels a magic phase, if your opponent hates magic he can really stop it with a lot of different items so Magic heavy isn’t really a great idea.

Annulian Crystal
Steals your Power Dice and can really boost their magic defence considerably.

Sigil of Asuryan
A dispel scroll which can destroy the spell. Can be a problem if you only have a couple of spells or are relying on one nasty spell.

Starwood staff
+1 to cast. Not a lot you can do about it.

Allows the wizard to choose their spells.

Trickster’s Pendant
Worsens the effect of your miscasts. Another reason not to go all out with magic. If you do have magic perhaps be a bit more careful with your rolling.

Gem of Sunfire
+2 to cast from lore of fire for one turn. Most likely used on a Dragon Mage for added potency.

Ring of Corin
Casts Vaul’s unmaking. This spell is designed to destroy expensive magic items with ease. Fortunately its one use only so set aside a dice for it each turn.

Staff of Solidity
Immune to Miscasts

Jewel of the Dusk
+1 Power Dice

Silver Wand
Extra Spell

Enchanted Items
Null Stone
A very expensive way to stop nearby magic. It is very limited by its short range and the fact that the hero with it can’t take any other magic items.

Healing Potion
Heals a hero of all wounds however there is a good chance he may die before he can use it. Make sure if you wound him once you put full effort into finishing him off in that phase.

Radiant Gem of Hoeth
Makes them a Lv 1 Wizard

Folariath’s Robe
Ethereal- Remember that any form of magic attack can hurt him normally. If he goes off by himself a simple chillwind can kill him. If he’s hiding in a unit take a hero with Sword of Might or similar and hack him to pieces.

Ring of Fury
Another very commonlly used and destructive item, does 2D6 S4 hits. Always set aside a dispel dice for this.

Cloak of Beards/ Pendant of Vengeance- Useless and irrelevent

Reroll failed tests for one turn

+1 to decide who goes first

Amulet of Light
Makes attacks magical- irrelevent vs us

Gem of Courage
A unit may make 1 Ld test on 3D6.

Talisman of Loec
Can re roll everything but takes a wound. Can be somewhat hilarious when the Elf hurts himself and does no damage.

Possible Lists to take on a High Elf Army
Dreadlord- Armour of eternel Servitude, Ring of Hotek, Crimson Death, Heavy Armour, Shield, Dark Steed, Sea Dragon Cloak- 258

Master- BSB, Pendant of Khaeleth, Soulrender, Sea Dragon Cloak, Heavy Armour- 163

Assassin- Extra Weapon, Rune of Khaine- 121

Assassin- Extra Weapon, Rune of Khaine- 121

25 Warriors- Full Command, Warbanner, Shields- 215
10 Repeater Crossbows- 100
10 Repeater Crossbows- 100
5 Dark Riders, Musician, Repeater Crossbows- 117
5 Harpies- 55
5 Harpies- 55

16 Black Guard- Full Command Standard of Hag Graef- 278
Cold One Chariot- 100
Cold One Chariot- 100
5 Shades- Great Weapons- 90

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers- 200
War Hydra- 175
2248 Points

This list isn’t particularly fast but is incredibly hard and can inflict lots of damage before the High Elves can attack. Preferably the Lord goes with the Warriors and the BSB in the Guard, each with an assassin for back up. A chariot then teams up with both units. Depending on how much shooting the High Elves have you can charge forward or wait for them to come to you. The shades, Dark Riders and Harpies should make short work of any annoying Bolt Throwers.

Can’t touch this- High Elves may strike first in combat, but what if there is no combat?
Supreme Sorceress- Black Dragon, Pendant of Khaeleth, Black Staff, Lv 4- 670
Sorceress- Dark Steed, Sacrificial Dagger, Pearl of Infinite Bleakness, Lv 2- 197
Assassin- Extra Weapon, Rune of Khaine, Rending Stars, Manbane- 171

25 Warriors- 150- aka “Power Dice”
10 Repeater Crossbows- 100
10 Repeater Crossbows- 100
10 Repeater Crossbows- 100
5 Dark Rider- Musician, Repeater Crossbows- 117
5 Dark Rider- Musician, Repeater Crossbows- 117
5 Harpies- 55
5 Harpies- 55
5 Harpies- 55

7 Shades- Great Weapons- 112
7 Shades- Great Weapons- 112

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers- 200
War Hydra- 175
2486 Points

Anti- Star Dragon- One of the main threats in the High Elf army is the Lord on Dragon. This list should be able to beat him.

Lord- Lance, Pair of Repeater Handbows, Heavy Armour, Shield. Sea Dragon Cloak, , Armour of Darkness, Potion of Strength, Pendant of Khaeleth, Dark Steed- 289

Master- BSB, Crimson Death, Armour of Darkness, Dark Steed- 167

Sorceress- Dark Pegasus, Focus Familiar, Lv 2- 172

Sorceress- Sacrificial Dagger, Pearl of Infinite Bleakness, Lv 2- 197

26 Warriors- Full Command, Shields, War Banner- 222
10 Repeater Crossbows- 100
10 Repeater Crossbows- 100
5 Harpies- 55
5 Harpies- 55

18 Black Guard- Full Command- Banner of Hag Graef- 304
Cold One Chariot- 100
5 Shades- Great Weapons- 90

4 Reaper Bolt Throwers- 400
2251 Points

First soften the Dragon with the Bolt Throwers and the crossbows and then solo charge the Lord in and he should make short work of him with 4 S9 attacks.

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Just a note to add in if your in a possition of spears against spears.
Allow him to charge. You'll strike last anyway but instead of him having triple your attacks you'll both have the same and hatred can help with those who can strike back a bit.

Group 28- Name: Cananatra; Warrior; Follower of Slaanesh
WS:4 S:4 T:5 D:4 I:3
Equipment: MC Long sword, Throwing Axe, Dagger, Heavy Armour, Slaanesh Amulet, Dalvian Hunting Horn, Rations x 7, Null stone x 1, 525 Gold, Dark Steed, Blackpowder Pistol [18/18]
Skills: Defensive Fighting, Ride, Endurance

Sun Oct 18, 2009 1:39 pm
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DE spears have a statistical advantage over their HE counte.rparts when receiving a charge.

6 wide with both units having champs the results work out as:

DE have a .6 casualty advantage when using spears

DE are evens when using HW and shield.

Dont get stuck in protracted combats though, after the first round it goes bad rapidly.

Sun Oct 18, 2009 1:47 pm

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Really useful, especially ahead of my HE match up later. :D

Sun Oct 18, 2009 3:32 pm
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I erased the threads about HE from the D.R.A.I.C.H.
However, as this antitactica is not completed yet (missing some paragraphs about HE characters and their magic), I'll leave for the moment the previous threads below.

........................................D.R.A.I.C.H. - knowing your enemy
........................................High level tactica against all races
*.....................................Asur vs. Druchii slaughter
........................................How do the new DE fare against HE?
........................................why does the high elf community call us druchii cheesey now
........................................1200 point list vs HE (need help)
........................................High Elf problem
........................................Mommy he took a star dragon in a 2000 point game
........................................How do I fight the HE Dragon army?
........................................How do you kill Tyrion?

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Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:27 pm
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High Elf characters and magic?
Whats there to say? Dragons are evil. BSB's are annoying.
Their magic is primarily defensive but as they have a choice of 9 lores can be difficult to predict.

I'll add in a paragraph about Star Dragons but I dont think there are many clear answers.

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Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:27 am
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